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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  June 22, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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>> talking about the syrian conflict and the highlight of the fallout of the conflict in syria, talking about the number of civilians suffering during the conflict, the millions of refugees as well as the number of casualties, he made an urgent call for the conflict to end. he said the serious regime is being supported by regional allies. he has called for an immediate theunited act to end catastrophe going on in syria at the moment. he also went on to rebuke countries who were waiting on the u.n.'s decision to act on the conflict. he said a balance is needed on
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the ground. he also went on to talk about her abiding arms as a way to provide peace in. he also mentioned that the friends of syria group is not against diplomatic dialogue. in fact, they do support the geneva peace process. cross over now to our diplomatic editor who is at the meeting at the moment. what do you make of qatar's ?oreign minister's words >> a very strong call to arms, very strong words, laying out his country's position. he was not, though, laying out an agreement of these 11 ministers who are around the table, these 11 foreign ministers. he did not say, "we have agreed on a new strategy and a new policy." we know those 11 foreign ministers have been meeting on their own, without their aids -- trying to agree
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on a common position. it's not clear yet what they have managed to agree on because there are great divisions within this group. these may be the 11 countries that are closest to the syrian opposition, but not all countries agree on the idea of arming the opposition. you heard the qatari foreign minister say that in the past, western nations have ignored places. i'm thinking particularly of germany and italy who believe the conflict will probably get worse if there are mormons arm -- more arms brought into syria. they do not agree with the idea of military action outside the security council. still not clear what those ministers have agreed on if they have agreed on anything because there is division here. qatari prime
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minister and foreign minister and the saudi's and uae on one side of the argument. they are already providing arms going into syria. you have other nations like britain and france who think it might be necessary to provide arms in the future. they are already providing assistance -- they say not lethal assistance. you have the americans whose position has been changing, looking like president obama is going more to the side of the british and french, providing more assistance to the opposition. you have other nations -- jordan, which is so close to all of this suffering with so many .efugees the italians and germans really think that more weapons will just make things worse. >> thanks. so many divisions to overcome. what do you think are the chances of the meeting coming to some sort of consensus? >> we really do not know at this stage. i think it is clear that the
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qatari foreign minister and prime minister, when he spoke, spoke about his country's position. he did not talk about an agreement, so it looks like they have not got a new unified agreement and a new unified strategy. at this stage, i want to hear what all the countries are saying, and i want to read the communiqué they come up with if they are able to come up with a joint communiqué at the end of this meeting. this was a hastily convened meeting. the inability to find a position between the western nations and the russians -- they agree with the idea of face-to-face talks. but they believe those talks are not really possible unless the u.s. and russia are on the same page and forcing both sides to sit on the table and negotiate properly. many western nations say negotiating properly means the
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assad side has to be able to compromise, possibly to agree to stepping- assad down from power. >> thank you for speaking to us doha from the friends of summit. demonstrations began over transport fare rises in são paulo, but they quickly grew into a much larger movement against corruption, government spending, and other issues. the march began in rio de janeiro in numbers much smaller than the day before when one million people in more than 100 cities and towns took to the streets. held signsstrators calling for change. the president promised she would deliver as she addressed the nation. >> first, we will draw up a
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national plan for urban .obility second, one hundred percent of the oil resources will go toward education. third, immediately, we will bring thousands of doctors from abroad to help improve the health system. i will receive the leaders of the peaceful demonstration, the representatives of the youth, the unions, and the workers. we need a contribution and experience. >> it was a response to the protests that swept across the country on thursday night. most were peaceful with tens of thousands calling for more spending on schools, healthcare, and transportation. >> truthfully, the president might have shifted away from the general public a bit, but i think she did a really nice job with her address today. >> the people are demanding better conditions for education, better conditions for the country. i think it's perfectly valid.
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i think it's the way things have to be democratically, but this does not get us anywhere. >> in the hours leading to the those in riopeech, looted shops and rioted. there were reports of minor riots across the country. >> the demonstrators have the right and freedom to question and to criticize everything. however, they must do it in a peaceful and orderly way. we cannot accept that a small minority destroy the private and public good. >> several protests are planned in coming days, but it's unclear if these protests will attract as many people as before and if they will be as peaceful as the president would like them to be. >> india's military says rescue teams are running out of time as they attempt to reach thousands of people stranded by flash floods. official figures put the death 560, but it could rise above 1000.
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, so, the body count rises too, does the frustration. the nights are cold, the roads have been cut off, and vital supplies are running short. >> we denounce the government en masse. the people are struck here, standing in queues, and there's no water or food. and there is no plan for getting people out of this place. >> some 60,000 people have been stranded by flooding. hundreds of others have died trying to reach safety. tothe mountain route we took come out still has some 200 or 300 dead bodies lying there. there were so many people who just fell from the hilltops into the river. >> the situation has been made
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worse by the numbers of pilgrims peddling in the highlands when the rain struck. rescue crews found at least 40 bodies in the debris. but where help has come, people have expressed gratitude to their rescuers. >> it was very difficult to survive that. we would have died if the army did not rescue us. personnel helped us a lot. they have saved our lives. >> some more accessible areas had been reached by rescue crews. the more remote mountain regions are harder to get to. the army says it will be trying to reach those people in the coming days. hasanada's prime minister been touring flood-damaged regions. at least three people have been killed in the province of .lberta
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heavy flooding has forced as many as 100,000 from their homes. the city of calgary has become a .o go area -- a no-go area still ahead on the program, forest fires burned in , affecting air quality in singapore. satire in sri lanka. we look at the stage show that has become a hot ticket. >> hello. we may well see some heavy rain making its way toward sydney over the next few days, and that could lead to some flash flooding. down to the southeast of australia, a little circulation across a good
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part of the southeastern corner of australia. coastal areas of new south wales see some very heavy rain as we go on through sunday. and on into monday, 14 cells -- 14 celsius is the top aperture -- the top temperature. things starting to improve and quiet down. temperatures of 20 degrees in australia. it is looking dry and sunny. looking dry and sunny as well across northwestern parts of india. new delhi, temperatures up to 41 celsius, so not particularly pleasant, but at least the rain is staying away for the time being. rain increasing over the next few days. any rain, meanwhile, across the arabian peninsula. hot and dusty in doha with a
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high of 41. .> hello again the top stories on al jazeera -- u.s. secretary of state john kerry has said iran and hezbollah are not helping the people of serious by intervening in the conflict in their -- not helping the people of serious -- syria by intervening in the conflict there. india's military says rescue teams are running out of time as they attempt to reach thousands of people stranded by flash floods. the army is helping the elderly and the ill to leave the worst affected areas. -- u.n. justice department the u.s. justice department has charged whistleblower edward eyeing. with he fled to hong kong in may after releasing the data.
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qwest -- >> the request for edward snowden posta tension was made in the u.s. state of virginia a week ago but only made public on friday -- the request for edward snowden's detention. this comes after leaking state secrets he obtained while working for u.s. spy agency, the nsa, the main one being a secret or brand that gathered asked amounts of phone and internet data. the system targeted u.s. citizens both at home and abroad s inell as foreign interest countries like china. the revelation has seriously damaged the reputation of the nsa and u.s. government. the hong kong government is refusing to comment on whether it will help the united states arrest edward snowden. rests with hong
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kong's chief executive, but even if they decide to begin proceedings, the process could take months. be givenays he cannot a favorable trial and may seek safe haven in iceland, a country internet harboring s, but it could be risky. >> iceland has become known as safe harbor for any whistleblower in the world. this is not the case. there has not been legislation that would protect those abroad. >> a representative from the wikileaks website says a private jet is standing by in the negotiations are ongoing with the icelandic government. he willnt to make sure be safe when he comes. for now,ow, mr. -- >> whereabouts
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remain unknown. >> let's go to our top story about the meeting in doha in qatar. early on, we had qatar's prime minister giving a press conference. u.s. secretary of state jim carrey -- u.s. secretary of state john kerry was there, and so was our correspondent. give us an indication as to said in the meeting. >> i think it's interesting you heard from these two key ,igures, making statements here both of them mentioning increased assistance to the opposition, both of them mentioning the idea of talks of geneva, but the difference in tone was very striking indeed. we had the qatari prime minister and foreign minister saying that the western ignored theve
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united nations security council. he said was time for them to step up to their responsibility. he said force might be needed to solve the problem. he said that military action, providing arms to the opposition is the way they now should be looking. on the u.s. side, yes, they talked about extra support for the opposition, but they said it was only in order to try to get closer to face-to-face talks in was a means to an end. i think a very great difference in the approach of these two. worth noting john kerry also spoke about iran and hezbollah as well. he said that has made the situation on the ground in syria so much worse. u.s. officials i've spoken to were deeply concerned i the fall of that he strategic town -- concerned by the fall of that key strategic town knew the
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border of lebanon. [inaudible] as being part of trying to get both sides around the table at geneva, while the qatari prime minister and foreign minister said they are not ruling out geneva, but they think there may be a scenario where force and might might be needed, ignoring the united nations security council, going it alone trying to solve the security council in serious -- syria. [inaudible] still have deep divisions have come up with a unified position. we were, i'm told, expecting some sort of communiqué. the ministers have been on their own for a long time without their close advisers. it's not clear, i'm being told, by people here, if there will be e, whether they have
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been able to come out with a .nified position >> thank you very much for that report. the number of wildfires in sumatra has increased over the past week, though with little wonder the cloud of smoke choking singapore and malaysia shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon. this map shows the extent of the fires across indonesia. the largest concentration of hotspots is centered here, but there are large numbers of smaller fires, and that's what's creating the ex mob being blown into singapore -- that is what is creating the thick smog being blown into singapore. >> you can see it and smell it, .ut you cannot quite touch it the haze in singapore reaches into a very unhealthy level for another day.
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singapore's iconic skylines barely visible through the murk.-- and other military prepare for national date parade rehearsals, this year, with an additional piece of facemask.the n95 saturday is normally a big shopping day and singapore, but crowds that normally pack the city's shopping streets were strangely absent. the retailers association reports a drop in sales of about 10%, and that's despite rate singapore sale, but the bigger concern was the long-term impact on health and daily life. >> right now, the whole of my family are all indoors at home. we've been shutting off all our
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-- shutting all our windows and .losing all our doors we had to do some prevention. >> we took a vacation here, so we did not actually have a choice. we tried to be indoors as much as possible. >> the east coast parkway, usually popular with joggers and cyclists, was also an deep. shoppers would afford of customers. the sole diner here was an .mployee -- shops were devoid of customers. beach isekends, this normally packed with families and couples enjoying themselves, but as you can see, because of the haze, it's completely deserted, and even being here for half an hour makes you feel quite lightheaded.
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>> the government will begin onuing masks to the poor sunday, but the economic costs are mounting, and the fires are still burning. >> thousands of protesters have gathered in malaysia's capital to rally against alleged fraud .n last month's election they say the current election system is flawed and may's results are invalid. tens of thousands of workers have been marching in rome against the government's austerity measures. they are demanding job protection and labor reform. they also want protection for workers forced to retire early without a pension. lastly, the the government adopted several measures aimed .t used in the economy saudi arabia has announced .nother death
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and 81-year-old man died in the eastern province. six of the new cases have been registered. experts are nearing the end of a four-day meeting to discuss ways to tackle the virus. 70 cases have been confirmed worldwide. 39 people have died, 33 of them in saudi arabia. a humorous but hard-hitting political satire has become a box office hit on the sri lankan state. it's so popular, even the president came to watch. >> poking fun at politicians, it's brought hundreds of people, some as early as 6:00 in the morning, to queue for tickets. >> last time, i missed the tickets. i was there for about two hours, and when it came to my chance, they were sold out. >> seats for the first day of the show sold out and half an hour. 10 more were scheduled with some live assaults.
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>> i only go with the headline. editor has full freedom to decide. >> the show was created six years ago. it emerged after the title featured title role in another play drew the loudest laughs. ,his show has a loyal following although admittedly, it's a minority. popularity has grown at a time the government frowns on dissent and criticism. the show provides a chance to let off steam about frustration caused by development on the political scene. >> i think it is clever, current.
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>> it deals with the current situation taking place within the country. >> the director says a society that can laugh at itself rises above the rest, and with the humor comes an important message. >> the institution is much more important than the individual holding it, and individuals who hold institutions need to understand that. , government politicians are not >> only ones targeted -- government politicians are not the only ones targeted, with the opposition leader also ridiculed. it may not cause major political ripples, but it is carving a niche as a hard-
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hitting forum for political commentary in sri lanka. >> the japanese mountain is climbed by almost 3000 people annually, and it is regarded as a national history symbol. >> the u.s. secretary of state john kerry says iran and hezbollah are not helping the people of serious by intervening in the conflict -- the people of syrias -- the people of by intervening in the conflict. qatar's prime minister says sending weapons to syria's rebels is the only way to further and the conflict.
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force and might may benefit to restore the right. providing arms and the use of arms may be the only means to achieve peace in the case of syria. therefore, the moral support of the syrian people is not sufficient. it is important to provide all forms of assistance to the coalition, the opposition, and the chief military command, and also to confront the violence of the regime and the regional countries supporting them. >> brazil's president has unveiled a series of reforms in an attempt to end ways of nationwide protests. demonstrations began in protest , but they quickly expanded to cover other issues.
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>> my government is listening to the democratic voices, asking for change, and i want to tell you -- for those who went to the streets in a peaceful manner, i am listening to you, and i will not accept violence. it will be through dialogue, peace, and democracy that we will continue together. >> rescue teams are running out of time as they attempt to reach thousands of people stranded by flash floods in india. the army is helping the elderly and the ill to leave the worst affected areas in the north before more rain is forecast .or monday almost 600 people have died. u.s. federal prosecutors have filed criminal charges against snowden, the man behind a huge leak of surveillance secrets. lead toer nsa analyst hong kong in may after releasing the data.
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