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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  June 24, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> the mystery of the whistle blower. snowden believed to have escaped to russia. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. on this program, $25 billion and a referendum, new promises from the brazilian president to stop weeks of protest. former prime minister silvio berlusconi is charged of covering up a sex scandal. and they're apologizing for the
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film that covered singapore and make lishe yeah. > so there is confusion of the whereabouts of the man who revealed secrets in the united states. he was expected to catch a flight from moscow, heading to cuba and ultimately ecuador to seek asylum. he wasn't on the flight and the u.s. says will use all legal means to arrest him. we now have a report. >> the one time intelligence analyst edward snowden is on the run from u.s. law enforcement. officials believe he is still in moscow after wikileaks arranged for his flight from hong kong sunday. they want him sent back to the u.s. for prosecution. >> we're following all the appropriate legal channels and with various countries to make sure the rule of law are conformed. >> hong kong nor beijing heeded
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the demands to hand him over. >> it was against the government to release the fugitive despite a arrest warrant and that unquestionably has an impact on the u.s.-china relationship. >> snowden made a formal application for asylum in ecuador. his application was read. >> isn't likely i'll get a fair trial and humane treatment prior to my sentencing and run the risk of being jailed for life or executed. >> on monday the administration will frustration with the situation was clear. >> evidently he places himself above the law, having betrayed his country. >> the anti-secrecy group we canny election admitted -- wikileaks helping him avoid the u.s. government. >> we are aware of where mr. snowden is. e is in a safe place and his spirits are high. >> the u.s. revoked snowden's passport and traveling on a
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refugee document of passage issued by ecuador. in the meantime, the man who says the public has a right to know u.s. government secrets is keeping his own whereabouts a secret. in jordan, al jazeera, the state department. >> earlier we spoke to a former c.i.a. intelligence govern who said snoweden is not a traitor. >> what snowden has revealed is that if you apply probable cause to what the n.s.a. is doing, all 300 million of us americans are suspected terrorists. that is ridiculous on its face. snowden has the courage and conscious to put himself at risk to adhere to his pledge, his oath, to defend and support the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. no, he's not endangering anyone. the american people are the only ones not knowing they were being monitored.
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he had the courage and conscience to say i'm going to risk everything to make sure that people in the united states know, not the people abroad. the people in the united states know how much intrusive surveillance is dominating their lives and how i was a participant in this architecture of suppression. >> in iraq, at least 39 people have been killed by a series of explosions. several injured. the attacks took place in the capital of baghdad. police say car bombs were used to target shi'ia muslim areas. brazil's president has promised to put aside $25 billion for president transport as more protests break out on the streets. politicians have been trying to stop unrest which broke out over a week ago over transport fare hike. people are protesting about the cost of staging the world cup and the olympics in the coming years. in meetings with regional leaders and protesters, dilma
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rousseff proposed a referendum on reform. >> the people are in the streets now saying they want the change to continue, that they want it to expand and happen even faster. they're saying they want more citizenry, complete citizenry. the streets are telling us the country wants quality public services. they want more efficient mechanisms to fight corruption and ensure the good use of public funds. >> gabriel alexander has been at the meetings in the capital. >> i think there is a real admission by dilma rousseff she needed to do something big and bold to try to contain the growing social unrest in the country. the political reforms in this ferendum are meant to make corruption, political corruption in brazil a serious crime and a more cornerstone of what she announced, also this national pack where she says she's going to talk about a $25 billion in public
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transportation funding, health reform. she talks about wanting to accelerate funding for hospitals and doctors, education. she reaffirms 100% of oil royalties should go to education and something urgently being taken up in congress right now and also economic reform. she talked about wanting some sort of reforms on the economic level that would help stabilize the country to help promote more growth. now, these are clearly big, bold ideas. she's hoping that this will sort of satisfy some of the protesters and sort of move the country forward. that's now remains to be seen. >> a gold mine collapsed in central africa republic killing at least 37 people. t happened in a villeage 440 kilometers of the capital bangi. it collapsed after heavy rains and many workers are injured and unaccounted for. italy's former prime minister
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says he will fight the seven-year jail term given to him for sex with an underaged prostitute. he also was convicted of abuse of office and given a lifetime ban from politics. but as charlie reports from milan. he never actually will go to prison. >> guilty. a judgment silvio berlusconi is hearing quite often these days. outside the court there was celebrations and prosecutors had pushed for a lifetime ban from politics but the prime minister -- the former prime minister and six years in jail and the judge gave him seven. berlusconi responded with a written statement saying i intend to resist against the prosecution because i'm absolutely innocent and don't want in any way to abandon my battle to make italy a country that is truly free and just. he's at his villa outside of milan, the scene of the alleged bunga bunga sex parties, the details of which captivated you
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italy. karima el-mahroug who is accused of having sex with her when she was under 18 said she would attend the parties. he said his opponents are trying to push him out of politics. right now berlusconi is protected from the sentence handed down. under the italian justice's system he is entitled to two appeals and could be years before we see a final conviction. but whatever the outcome, berlusconi never will serve time in prison because at his age of 76 years old, he could only serve under house arrest. but silvio berlusconi is spending more time in the courtroom than the senate these days, facing two other trials that could also ban him from office and force him to pay $700 million to a rival. these cases are now having repercussions for the government. >> for sure, there are people
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that are trying to manage a solution. at the moment, i find it very unlikely this will happen because the other major part in the parliament is absolutely against such a solution. so i think probably it may be over for berlusconi this time. >> berlusconi's ability to survive scandal has amazed outsiders for years, but now without the protection of the premiereship, he's finally appearing vulnerable. al jazeera, milan. hamad bin chic khalifa al thani said he'll and over power to his son. tamin bin hamad al-thani bull succeed him and has seen growth in the country. the lebanese army obtained control over the port of sidon. soldiers were killed in fighting between supporters at
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a mosque -- supporters at a mosque of the sunni muslim al-assir. d ed meanwhile, the former minister of syria criticized the recent decision taken by the friend of syria group in doha to arm the opposition. speaking in damascus, he repeated his country's willingness to take part in the upcoming geneva talks but nour samaha said giving help to the rebels will prolong the crisis. we now have a report. >> the syrian government, heavy weapons in action. in a town near the capital has seen regular fighting since the uprising began. the president bashar al-assad says actions like these are necessary to rid his country of the rebels that he calls terrorists. but publicly at least his ministers remain committed to
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the second round of peace talks in geneva. what is in their mind is the decision to arm the rebels by the friend of syria at the weekend in the capital. >> what's been decided in doha is grave, as it will prolong the crisis to extend bloodshed and encourage terrorism. they claim it's for success of the geneva conference. arming the opposition will undermine the geneva conference. it will kill more of our people arming the opposition. that's why we insist the geneva conference take place. violence and terrorism need to stop. >> for that to happen, both sides need to show a willingness to abandon their armed struggles. but it seems like these show the rebels are far from making that sort of decision. they say they need heavy weapons and regular resupply to fight assad's army. and as here in aleppo, they're
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using whatever they can seize from the government to do that. nd so the violence rages on. and makes evermore syrians become casualties. dominik cain, al jazeera. >> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. a reminder of our main stories, there's confusion over the whereabouts of u.s. whistle blower edward snowden and was due to board a flight to moscow but didn't show up. the u.s. wants to arrest him for revealing a secret program. brazil earmarked $25 billion in a system in order to stamp out street protests, the president dilma rousseff wants to stop the unrest. silvio berlusconi said he will appeal against his seven heave-year sentence and has been convicted of paying for sex with an underaged prostitute and found guilty of abuse of office and faces a lifetime ban from politics.
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thousands of people in india are still waiting to be rescued after devastating floods. the military carried out a desperate mission to reach survivors in the northern state. 1,000 people have already died in heavy rains and landslides. the floods in india also are causing devastation in neighboring nepal where almost 40 people have been killed and many say the government isn't doing enough to help those in the affected areas. we now have a report from western nepal. >> from the air, the river appears to be calm now but huge chunks of the highway to the forest have been washed away. the only access now is through india. last week when the river swelled up, it cut across half the district headquarters. over 100 houses were sucked away, displacing thousands. luckily it was day time and people could escape. only one person from the area died. many lost their life savings.
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>> this house was my investment of 23 years. the river has taken it all. what can i say? >> the house is structurally too weak to live now. where i'm standing there used to be multiple roads. you can see the other side, that is india. the big rock over there, that's where the river used to flow. people over here are quite angry with the nepal government but saying the indian side protected their land by building those enbankments whereas nepal was left vulnerable. people are saying the forest as a whole has been neglected for too long. >> when the other side gets millions, we're expected to build embanksments with $20,000. if the government releases money this area will survive. >> the helicopters were flying regularly on the indian side and the nepal people were left to look. they say they released too much water by the dams. a claim the indian government
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denies. >> i was on the other side and saw the district magistrate warning people of the danger. we here are certain the water released from the dam caused the flood. the monsoon has not started here. >> but the nepalian administrators say their intervention saved people's lives. >> the army and police rescued people and made sure there were no human casualties. we're doing what we can immediately and also giving suggestions to the center and what they can do to prevent a loss in the long term and within the constraints of the government and will do what they can. >> after one week, the landslides claimed dozens of life and millions are missing. vast stretches of land appear to be ready. last week he went for an aerial inspection but did not land for a closer look. those who lost their land to the floods keep saying the nepal government has forgotten them.
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al jazeera, far western nepal. >> eight soldiers have been killed in an attack in kashmir. fighters attacked a military convoy on the outskirts of the state capital. it happened on the eve of a visit by prime minister singh, scheduled for tuesday. pakistan's new prime minister wants the country's former ruler pervez musharraf to go on trial to high treason. he told parliament he should face justice for overthrowing the government in 1999, musharraf removed shareef 14 years ago, cutting short his second term as prime minister. the indonesian president apologized for the haze smothering parts of malaysia and singapore. the smoke caused by forest and plantation fires on the indonesian island of sumatra. the indonesian government caused a state of emergency where air pollution breached safety levels. we now have a report. kwal lumpur.
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the smoke reached the capital. the smell of burning wood hangs thick in the air. the city's twin towers barely visible from across the park. people are wearing masks to avoid breathing from the smoke. >> i have asthma. but my house mates don't have asthma. but they're all wearing masks today because it's really bad. >> schools were ordered to close late on sunday because wind had pushed the smoke north from singapore. parents have been advised to keep their children indoors or make them wear facemasks. indonesia is investigating eight companies for causing the fires and the haze. including one of malaysia's largest plantation firms sign dabi. the company says it is not responsible and has a no-burn
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policy on its plantations. the haze in this part of southeast asia is an annual event but this year's smoke is the worst since 1997. and moat malaysia and singapore caused for a meeting on regional air quality to be urgently brought forward to next week. al jazeera, malaysia. >> the british prime minister has called for an investigation into claims that police spied on the family of a black teenager murdered 20 years ago. steven lawrence was stabbed to death after a bus stop in london in 1993, an inquiry exposed institutional racism on the police force. an undercover police officer was asked to infiltrate the lawrence family's campaign for justice in the years following the murder. >> they wanted any intelligence that could have smeared the campaign. es, there is this general thing that had i through my
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circles come up with something along the lines they, the family, were political activists, someone in the family was involved in demonstrations, drug dealers, anything. what they would have done, i can't call it. but that is not just for them but always our mission when we're out there, we find our intelligence and if needed it will be used. >> while british home secretary teresa may has expressed her sympathy to the lawrence family. >> they experienced an unspeakable tragedy. their pain was compounded by the many years in which justice was not done. and these latest allegations till coming 20 years after stephen's murder only adds to their awfulering -- suffering. >> i know the house will agree with me the allegations of police corruption and wrongdoing and we must be ruthless from purging such behavior from its ranks. >> british police arrested a
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man in connection with the murder of four people in the french alps last year. the older brother of one of the victims was arrested easterly i in the morning at his home in london. we now have a report in suri. >> on this narrow alpine road, a british iraqi family was brutally attacked, the brother, wife and mother-in-law shot dead in their car and a 7-year-old daughter badly wounded but still alive. a 4-year-old daughter, terrified, found eight hours later, hiding under her mother's body. also shot dead was a french cyclist who happened to be passing by. why have such ferocious violence be leashed on the family? the joint british police investigation came to their home in the english county of suri and the search there recovered little of use. the possibility of the murders being the work of a random psychopath or a robbery were considered but so, too, were the family's iraqi ties and suggestions of an inherentance
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feud between saad and his brother saied who was arrested at his home earlier on monday. we felt there were enough reasons to take him into custody said the french prosecutor and we need to ask him about his schedule and the relationship with his brother and family inheritance. this binational police team clearly thinks the answer to the riddle may lie close to home. al jazeera, chestington, suri. >> the social opposition called on the prime minister to concede defeat in sunday's election. a final result is not expected until later but with a vote counted, the electoral commission said the socialists had 52% of the vote. german chancellor age la merkel is promising big public spending on her platform and three months before merkel stands for re-election but the christian democrats are the last of the major parties to publish their election plans.
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as we get a report from berlin, not everyone is happy with her promises of a $40 billion handout. >> santa claus handing out gifts. that's how the german public tv presented angela merkel's platform announcement on monday, keeping germany bound to europe was put forward as the big priority of her christian democratic union and bavarian parties but so, too, it would seem is keeping voters bound to her party. angela merkel is promising money for families, growth and bridges, higher pensions and a minimum wage. >> in the next four years we want germany to remain a strong and successful country, a country that is not just aware of opportunities but also uses them. we want to be a country that secures its prosperity and why people like to stick together. we want the best for germany. >> merkel's party platform is at odds with the spending cuts she's pushed for in other european countries where she's often targeted in demonstrations.
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but her party's new platform says the spending won't increase the deficit or debt or raise taxes. not everyone thinks that can add up. outside of the meeting center, members of the green party opposition sing an old drinking song, asking, who's going to pick up the tab after all the fun has been had? and across from them, young socialists who think angela merkel makes a far more convincing pinocchio than santa claus. >> we're not believing what she's telling us today. we're she's saying exactly the same things she said four years ago and did not make it real in four years and we don't believe she would make it real in the next four years, so we're saying that is a lie. >> whatever role they're really playing, merkel and her party are far ahead of the opposition, winning about 40% of popular support. much of that comes from a high opinion people have of the chancellor, her popularity ratings are over 60%.
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nick switzer, al jazeera, berlin. >> the greek prime minister antonio samaras has reshuffled his coalition government. the head of the socialist path was promoted to deputy prime minister and foreign minister. the reshuffle is a reaction to the departure of the democratic left party from the coalition last week. the move left samaris' government with a tiny three-vote majority. now, millions more people around the world will soon get high-speed internet. in fact, according to the developers of a news network of satellites due to be launched from french guianna in southern america. the launch was delayed tuesday because of bad weather. we tell you how it will work in operation? >> in almost three years the capital has been linked by fiber-optic cables to south
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africa for the internet. the band for it makes for slow and patchy internet surfing and in high supply. >> it was kind of slow. >> wanted to play youtube videos. >> frustrating for customers, hard, too, for those trying to turn a profit relying on i.s.p.'s or internet service providers that deliver less than they promise. >> you see, the clients are there and using internet, suddenly it drops down and the ..s.p. will tell you no [inaudible] >> they'll tell you there is nothing they can do. >> the fiber-optic cables form the basis of the network. they're relatively easy and cheap to lay beneath the sea but harder and more expensive to lay over land. which means landlocked areas have often missed out on
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broadband internet. that's why satellites like this can fill the gaps and are positioned in a way to allow them to target areas missed out on fiber, remote areas like the amazon basin, for example, or sparsely populated regions where communications are poor. the satellites are in a low orbit and means data can travel faster up and down. and with large volumes possible, the whole thing can be done much cheaper than before. >> you give someone the opportunity to trade over the internet or learn over the internet and meet over the internet and to do business over the internet and the ability for them to simply develop economically is tremendous. >> internet connectivity may be a ticket to economic development but the job of actually developing -- deliver cheaper services will fall to the service providers. >> many of the operators are making large amounts of money. and the question is raised, are they really pushing their network out to people who can
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really benefit from it in the world environment, or are they just really chasing the low-hanging fruit, as they say, the easy customers where they're going to make the most customers? >> until the services are rolled out and their affordability is known, internet uses will have to wait and hope that fast and cheap broadband will put an end to their frustratingingly low downloads.
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