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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  June 26, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> australia's former prime minister kevin ride reclaims the -- kevinf his party rudd reclaims the top job of his party. welcome, and steven cole in doha. also ahead, brazil braces for massive protests ahead of the cup final. and an attack on the presidential compound. and we are in mongolia on presidential election day wersh shrek -- sharing the mining
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theare -- where sharing mining wealth may decide the outcome of the election. everything old is new again with the former prime minister kevin return to the top job. the defeated the current prime .inister and he would reports. >> it is said that revenge is sweet, and there is no doubt this is a remarkable turnaround for kevin rudd, the former australian prime minister winning in leadership contest against julia beelard -- gillard, who pushed him out just three years ago. >> kevin read, 57 votes, julia
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gillard, 45 votes. >> the relationship between the two was never comfortable. instead, it was based on rivalry and accusations of backstabbing. their relationship has hardly been a comfortable one. instead, it was based on rivalry and accusations of backstabbing. became australia's first female prime minister in 2010, but it has never been a regular right -- an easy ride. aggregator claims that she had been subjected to sex's some sense 2010 -- with regular claims that she has been subjected to sexism since 2010. some have never forgiven her for the way she got her job. not consulted by his colleagues, he was asked by his colleagues and had to hold it leadership
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contest and eventually resigned. on wednesday, it became public, ard's tion agill leadership was circulating. gillard said you ever confidence should not run in the next election. the polls suggest the party is poised to lose the next section. -- the next election. and austrian news website to about the chances with rudd election. the next >> aloft in labor do not believe
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that notrudd can wincome ma'at -- dinapoli that kevin -- do not believe that kevin rudd can win. but they do believe that he will get them into a competitive takeson, meaning whoever over as leader of labor after the election will be in a much more competitive position that would be the case if they were trying to pick up the bits and pieces after julia gillard. >> thousand in brazil are protesting against plans to build a cable car system. they want the vendor million dollar funding to go to health and sanitation. expressed fore nine people were shot during a battle with gangsters and police. and authorities said the
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shooting happened because a criminal gang was taking advantage of the mass rallies to steal. police lost one of their own in the overnight gunfight, and now more than 1000 officers have been deployed to the area. there in pursuit of a robbery suspects. according to the police, the gain was robbing people in the cars stuck in street protests. they arrested several suspects. but they left crime scenes like this one unguarded for several hours. the one whoy that died in this house was only 15 years old. killinghave to stop everything around here. we are not dogs here, you know. we are civilized. our country, brazil, has to get better. >> for days now, protesters iraq been calling for more spending on transportation and health care -- protesters have been
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calling on more spending for health care and sanitation. innocent people often get caught in crossfire between the gangs and police. 50,000 people every year killed in brazil. trex they want peace and policemen that come in to protect the community, but not be so many dead. >> it has been hours since investigators showed up on the scene. people live here say that crimes happen, people are killed, and investors -- investigations come hours later or maybe even weeks. in that amount of time, and it could be planted or just disappear. over the recent years, police have been trying to reform their ways, but this is an area where the residents fear police more than they respect them. >> there is a level of confusion
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over whether the afghan president hamid karzai is willing tool talks with the taliban. president obama held a video conference saying both leaders had committed themselves to the process, but later the afghan government said only rangers -- a range of issues had been discussed. the afghan army is moving forces into a valley that is a longstanding taliban stronghold. and a force has been rising across the country. >> these afghan police spotted taliban fighters on a hillside. the commander. doud the front line. isthis area at here controlled by the taliban, and this area as well, and that area. >> the police the city have made progress in the valley, a to a
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half-hour drive from kabul. a year ago, they were intimidating villagers and planting roadside bombs. >> we became local police to stand against the taliban, against the uneducated pakistan is with no culture. they burned vehicles and do not let girls go to school. >> girls are back in school and the main road is open, but the trouble is not open. >> the commander says the 300 local policeman are keeping the taliban out of the region. the number of taliban has doubled since last year and they're expecting more attacks. >> the commander is coordinating with in the police and the villagers. he trusts his man, but he says there are some police in the area that he does not. but there's concern that they have had contact with the taliban and are also supported by some high-ranking authorities, and it is not in my authority to fire them. >> the afghan police have had a mixed record across afghanistan.
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some members have been accused of harassment, objection, and murder. the commander here says the key to success is working with local people. twice a month to allow the elders discussed villagers concerns. >> we are satisfied with the local police. they are the sons of the people of this area. they are the true defenders of this area. >> the policeman sitting need better training and ammunition. the pakistani trout -- taliban has claimed responsibility for a bombing against a senior judge in pakistan that killed seven policemen. explosion in karachi injured the judge, but he is said to be in a stable condition. at least 15 were hurt. it also damage nearby shops. the chinese media says 27 have been killed during riots in the divided western region.
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the report says writers have attacked a police station before police had to fire and should get 10 others. dead 10 others. an indian air force helicopter crashed, killing at least nine including the pilot. it was part of a rescue operation in a flooded state. government officials say the number of people killed by the floods and mudslides could rise by about 1000. some people think they know where he is, but nobody seems to have seen him. the russian president says edward snowden is in the transit zone of the airport in moscow. he also says that he has not crossed the russian border. journalists could not find him, nor in the hotel where he was thought to be saying. atbehind me is terminal f
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the airport, and this is where the transit zone is at this airport outside moscow. snowden'seen edward reported a home for the last three days and it could be for much longer, too. canrussians say that he leave any time you want. that does not appear to be true. the american state department has revoked his passport and according to media birthworts, for is making it impossible him to get out. without that ticket, he is going nowhere. >> the voting has started in mongolia to elect the next president. his second term, he is up against the country's first female candidates and a wrestler.
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economy has dominated the campaign. opened.s have how is it going? to latest official figures, about half the people in the village have already cast their ballots. many people are trying to have their say in new is going to be the next president. for more analysis, i'm joined by an associate professor at british columbia, canada. he has been an observer at previous elections in mongolia. you have seen quite a few elections here in mongolia. the government has said this is going to be one of the most transparent this has ever been. from what you have noticed so far in the campaigning in up to
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this. the rise this something you can say is true? >> absolutely, if you look at the last four elections here in mongolia, they have worked hard to add transparency through technology and to give more regulation into the election law to make them more transparent. briefly mentioned voter turnout. -- >> i briefly mentioned voter turnout appeared what have you seen? >> all day today there is an ally of energy on the streets. it is a public holiday. and you see more people around that on a regular weekday. there is more energy, too. it seems like big numbers. it will be interesting to see whether it is a strong turnout.
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there's a lot of international interest. given idea why these elections will resonate internationally. >> things are a lot more interesting in mongolia than before. part of that has to you with two or three years of being one of the world's fastest-growing economies. that leads to general public interest. also, mongolia joined the osc moreyear, so there is interested in observing these elections than before. as far as you can see, what is it that people are looking for? what kind of changes are they motivated by the to come to the polls and these elections? these are presidential elections
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and are not as prominent as parliamentary elections. what can they expect? .> there are a few areas foreign policy, military policy, and the judiciary. the current incumbent running for reelection has been quite active in these areas. he has been saying essentially, look, i've been doing this for four years and i've been doing well. nothing bad has happened. give me a chance to do more. on either side, the main challenger is running a campaign on, well, the democratic party is the prime minister, the mayor, the head of parliament. we need a balance and check on his party. that is their main argument. let's get some checks and balances in here. and the people's party would provide that. >> thank you very much.
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as he said, there's been quite a lot of turnout and there seems to be much enthusiasm for these presidential elections. >> many thanks to you. gillard, the outgoing prime minister and a former leader of the australian party are having a press conference. >> earlier today, i announced that i will not contest at the forthcoming federal election. i will be back home in my electorate in the coming weeks to say hello and goodbye to the community than i've had the absolute privilege of representing in this parliament since 1998. about -- i comments will not take comments about my electorate until that time -- i will take comments about my electric until that time. it has been an honor to be
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elected deputy leader and deputy prime minister polley the 2000 election. this privilege was truly humbling. i thank the labor party for that privilege and i thank the australian people for their support. when i first put myself forward for consideration as labor leader in 2010, i had the overwhelming support of my colleagues to do so. i thank them for that. and i thank them for giving me the opportunity not only to serve the nation, but to serve as the first female prime minister of this country. in the years in which i have served as prime minister, predominantly i have faced a minority parliament and i have also faced internal division within my political party. it has not been an easy environment to work in. but i am pleased that in this environment, which was not easy, i have prevailed to ensure that this country has been made stronger and smarter and more fair for the future.
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thisvery proud of what government has achieved, which will endure for the long term. i'm very proud of the way in which we read -- we achieved health reform. very pleased that we pushed through and put a price on carbon, and historic reform that will serve this nation well, and which required us to have the guts and tenacity to stare down one of the most reckless campaigns in this nation's history. what we have achieved through disability care, to launch on the first of july this year, apparently, an obvious reform to everyone now but something that it took this labor government to get done. i'm very proud of it. i'm very proud, too, of the work we have done in australian schools. today, we have passed legislation, which named 60% of the the -- means 60% of school
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children are covered by reforms. but it must be concluded, not only in the days that remain until the 30th of june, but in the days beyond by winning the federal lection. gillard, theulia active leader of the labor party giving a speech. she lost against sherudd. we might have time -- she lost against kevin rudd. many believe he will perform better in the election, due to begin in september. and what you have just seen is the outgoing australian prime minister. she has been saying farewell to spend more time with her family. the labor party has replaced her with the man she ousted three
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years ago. police are on the streets of rio after a gunbattle. nine people were shot dead by police. the gangsters were taking advantage of the street protests to rob people. and vladimir putin has confirmed that edward snowden is in the transit zone of the moscow airport. the russian leader said it -- said he can leave the country and has ruled out his extradition to the united states. snowden's next destination is unknown. it could be ecuador, where he has applied for asylum. say behind its global rhetoric, ecuador has a questionable record on press freedom. >> already on trial twice for writing a book that linked ecuador's president to make corruption scandal.
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he says what is happening to in is an example of serious threats that journalists face there. i understand assange and .nowden are requesting asylum the fact that he is trying to come here is a good thing because it will of the spotlight for the government is doing here. is consideringnt granting asylum to edward snowden. it has already granted protection to the wiki-leaks person, julia and assange. that the government is using both cases as an example inthe labor influence ecuador these days. >> their two different things.
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one is the internal politics and the other is international relations and how koran -- with the dealing united states. victory forn as a the president and his six-year battle with the media. he has sued several media outlets that have criticized his government. >> the media has been a divisive issue in this country. some say it is an attack against freedom of speech and that it will increase government control over media outlets. but those who defend it say it is a very important step toward a more balanced media. one says the accusations are unfair, that the new law will give journalists' rights they never had before. >> the new law brings to light the fight that has been going on for over 30 years here. it guarantees labor rights to
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journalists. it guarantees local production, for example, that has been nonexistent. >> media law that is good for some, but dangerous for others. in the country that offers refuge here, a guarantee that they will not be handed in to the united states. >> the u.s. ambassador to the un says a failure to take action in the war in syria is a moral disgrace that history will judge harshly. in theeisch is talking press, it is -- before starting a new job as the u.s. security advisor. >> that repeated failure of the security council to unify on the crucial issue of syria is a stain on his body and something i will for ever -- on this body and something i will forever regret. i do not believe that outcome is the product of the action of the
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united states or its closest partners. >> the number of people who have died in the civil war has now reached more than 100,000. of the dead, around 36,000 are civilians. 18,000 are rebels, and 40,000 are government soldiers and militiamen. after a ruger has set down to his son has already appointed new people in his cabinet. abdallah is expected to become the new prime minister. meanwhile, he will be foreign minister. he took over as leader overqatar when his -- over as when his father stepped down. asked for ala has
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prayer for the end of a peaceful life. are singing outside the hospital. he is in critical condition in hospital with a long infection. a bill that could outlaw couldons after 20 weeks fail. correct the alleged bill is to -- >> pilich bill is to -- the alleged bill is to enhance the safety -- lun >> that is when .he davis she was trying to speak until the deadline had passed. siegele active substances appear to be made in southeast asian countries. pharmacies is a new maritime routes are opening through pakistan and iran to the ports
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in east and west africa. pakistan authorities have said tons of prohibited drugs on fire to mark the international date against drug abuse and illicit marketing. the drugs included here wincome canada's, and opium, and were collected in the last few months. -- the drugs included here cannabis, andin, opium and were collected in the last few months. >> every southern hemisphere summer in the seas around the antarctic, the hunted -- the hunters become the hunted. are harasseders by environmentalists.
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and this is about to play out in court. australia will say japan is violating an-- is international ban. is a fraud.ay it >> we have a willing program that has been run since the moratorium commence in the 1990's. and as a result of the japanese whaling program, more than two dozen whales have been killed -- 2000 whales have been killed. we say it should stop. is whether the japanese whaling program is genuinely for research. do they have to be killed to be studied? >> we do not need to kill whales for science. can collect all of the invasion we need through other metrics.
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forects a decision australia will affect all wailing through the atlantic. goecision for japan could the other way. but there are other legal possibilities. >> the court could say you butdn't catch 1000 whales, maybe 100. there needs to be some proportionality or reasonableness of around the numbers. >> that outcome would not please austria. it was a complete ban. betop lawyer will before the court. >> the hope is that they will hand down their judgment before the end -- the end of the year, before the next winning season is due to begin.
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-- wailing season is due to begin.
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