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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  June 27, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> songs and prayers for nelson mandela as friends and family members visit him in hospital. >> hello, and welcome. i mendenhall with the top stories from the world -- i am in doha with the top stories from around the world. and u.s. president obama troubles too cynical -- senecal -- senegal.
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he is three years after kicked out of office by his own party, kevin rudd is sworn in as australia's prime minister. but first, relatives of former south african president nelson mandela said he is in stable condition after they visited the 94-year-old former president in hospital. they spoke to what -- hundreds of well-wishers and the media gathered outside a hospital in pretoria. his condition has worsened in the past couple of days. members of the family to give people a run the world for their support. people around the world for their support. >> we are anxious, but we thank everyone for their efforts.
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for the international support, the local support. if >> is he stable? >> he is stable? -- >> he is stable. we appreciate all the support. we are truly thankful. people love hampshire and they support him -- and people love him and they support him. >> what is the latest prognosis? anxiety,is a lot of simply because there has not been an update in the last couple of hours. people are quite concerned. one of the daughters of nelson mandela was speaking on national radio just a few minutes ago. she said, basically, i do not want to lie, he does not look good.
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but he is opening his eyes. is something to will dajah. you can see the crowds coming to the hospital, trying to give support. whoe are also people understand he is 94 years old. they want this to be a celebration of his life. is how people want him to be remembered. we're waiting for an official of date from the presidency. very than expected announcement to come, perhaps later -- there is an expected announcement to come, perhaps later in the day. he is obviously very ill and we are hearing is on life support. have they given any indication
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how long he will be kept on life support? spoke andis daughters said on the radio, listen, -- >> know, his daughter spoke and said on the radio, listen, he is bad, please pray for him. president obama is supposed to come to south africa on friday. to meet with nelson mandela? all of those things are on everyone's mind. in the meantime, people are coming your to pretoria and leaving cards and flowers as a way to feel connected to the father of the nation. >> thank you. u.s. president obama has arrived for a week-long journey to south
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africa, tanzania, and his first -- and he is giving a news conference in the capital, dhaka. he says he wants to highlight economic opportunities being created by the african growing middle class. what is on his schedule? >> this afternoon, president obama will go to a former slave trading post, a prison where apparently millions of slaves were imprisoned and shipped off from africa to america in the 18th and 19th centuries. he is not the first u.s. president to visit. clinton visited there. that may have gone down well at home, but the residents of the
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island were not very happy because they were not able to move around for the day. they did not feel they got anything out of the visit. and this time, also among the island once a complete shutdown. no one has able to go there for the last day. for the residents there, it might not be a good thing for them -- as good a thing for them. >> the freedom and justice party in shakira was ransacked, contents sat -- set on fire. it gave -- it was after a speech the president gave about unrest in the country. >> i have made a lot of mistakes and a lot of successes at the same time. this is a mere fact. economic growth has been delayed and we must have a barrier that requires political stability and economic stability. in order to achieve our goals and targets, we have to reform of the country's institutions.
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>> 1 mohammad morsi became egypt's first democratically elected president, he followed independent of america. we look at his first year of rule. morsi's visit was since the twost countries broke ties in 1980, it also signaled a breaking of subservience to washington. >> it is our moral duty to stand with the syrian people against an oppressive regime that has lost its legitimacy. >> he has yet to turn that symbolic as it into something concrete. syria,d to join iran,
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turkey, and egypt into a quartet of powers and to help resolve the crisis, but with minimal success. could you can try very hard, hard, >> you can try very and you can feel that someone is trying very hard to say, here i am. egypt is an important state in the region and in the world at large. >> he was given credit for securing a cease-fire between israel and hamas after renewed fighting late last year. but he has been criticized for ignoring anti-government .rotests in bahrain and he is suspected of subservience to syria. his government has not exactly displayed exemplary management skills over the construction of a hydro power power dam that could threaten egypt's water supply.
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morsi attended the united nations general assembly, but did not meet barack obama in washington and he skipped a regional tour in march. >> morsi wants to be seen as an appendage of the united states, but in severing ties with syria recently, he allied himself with washington, it kind of turbulence that has been affecting democratic transition in egypt. cut -- >> kevin read has returned as the australian prime minister, forcing juliette out of -- julia gillard
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her crew. >> of the former australian prime minister as leader once more. , the truththe smiles is the australian politics is brutal. kevin read toppled julia girouard from leadership on wednesday, largely seen as revenge for what happened three years ago. gillard was gracious, but said her tenure was never easy, especially because she was australia's first female prime minister. >> it will be easier for the next woman and a woman after that and the woman after that, and i'm proud of that. >> she will retire at the next election in a few months. at least five ministers will follow suit. back in parliament, the new prime minister was putting internal divisions aside. >> let us all remember, particularly on days like this that in this parliament, in this place we are all human beings.
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we all have families and the motions. so let us try, just try, to build a kinder and gentler with each other in a further deliberations of this parliament. >> polls show a greater threat to opposition leader tony abbott when voters to take to the polls. the election was set for september, but could be brought forward. >> the australian people have dealt for long time with the bickering and fighting. they will be looking for to electing their own leader. ofmr. rudd have any chance leading his own people, he will have to prove he can lead a unified party. >> the mongolian president has been reelected by a narrow margin. vote.bout 50% of the
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he campaigned on building mongolian wealth from foreign investment and mining. the german chancellor says she welcomes talks with turkey about joining the european union. but angela merkel said turkey's application will depend on its human-rights record and reform. it has been criticized for its recent crackdown on protesters. about 1 million portuguese workers have called for a 24 hour strike against austerity measures. the second time since 2011 that the two largest trade unions have been acting together in protest of the government's measures. portugal received a $100 billion bailout to avoid bankruptcy. and thousands of brazilians have kept up pressure on the government, rallying outside a football stadium.
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>> taking no chances, thousands of police in the capital started early, mounting an operation of 4000 officers to counter tens of thousands of protestors expected that the anti- government rally. the area where congress and the ministries are located is essentially on lockdown. hundreds of football's symbolized growing unrest of the money spent on the world cup reparations, estimated at $15 billion. when the first protesters arrived in the afternoon, they kicked the ball at the riot police as a sign of frustration. >> if we fight for our rights, we can succeed. if we succeeded once, then we can succeed again. >> there's too much corruption. we need health, education, and brazil only spend money oncidiums when actually the brazilian government needs to look out for us.
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>> everybody here is fighting for a better brazil with less corruption. >> an estimated 50,000 protesters fought with police outside a football match between brazil and or glide. uruguay. newh new laws will make laws that are tougher on protesters. there were hoping to quell the protestors, but it did not work. >> it was mostly teenagers and those in their early 20s streaming down the government buildings to the national congress to make their voices heard. >> about one protester for every police officer standing by. the turnout was far weaker than expected, but still enough to cripple the capital and it was not broken up until police fired
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tear gas in a country where marches against the government have become the norm. >> the world's weather is coming up next. why asylum for edward snowdon is a thorny issue for ecuador. and revisit this house in london. -- we visit this house in london. wereality can be whatever wanted to be. >> the top stories here on aljazeera, relatives of former south african president nelson mandela said he is in stable condition after he visited with well-wishers. he is thought to be so on my support. >> it is very hard for all of us. we appreciate the support.
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and we just appreciate that he is loved and that people support him. >> president obama has been holding a press conference with the senegalese president. he said that it is one of the most stable countries in africa. has returned to the austrian parliament as prime minister a day after deposing julia cotillard. the united states supreme court has ruled in favor of same-sex couples, granting them benefits. it paves the way for gay marriages in california. we are in new york where the modern gay-rights movement all began. >> this is greenwich village, manhattan, the home of a global back gay pride movement. in the 1960's, it was illegal to serve them alcohol and they
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could not be seen dancing together in clubs like this. rates frequently happens with the backing of the city -- and frequently happened with the backing of the city. in the 1960's, there was writing for several days. what a place to come for the hearing of the decision on gay- rights. equal rights for all! >> inside, there was celebration that the defense of marriage act was dropped down. -- struck down. >> we have a victory of human rights for all people, and that is what the speech that, equality for all. this speakss what of, equality for all. was saying yes,
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americans are ready for full equality. the justices are plenty on proposition 8 in california, a move that means the ban goes away and complete dismantling of the defense of marriage act. the fight for equal rights will continue. in the meantime, an example of why the fight must continue. >> it could be a few weeks yet is -- edward snowden before the whereabouts of edward stone are known. ecuador said it may decide on his application for asylum in september. many talents -- channels of dialogue and so much
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we have to work on. --ding u.s.-hong kong terms, but in the u.s.-hongkong terms, it is a bigger struggle because people do not usually what wake up thinking about hong kong, and now they do in a negative sense. >> trade between the two countries will be jeopardized if the government offered sanctuary to snowden. businesses will be hit in the pocket. are amongst roses the most beautiful in the world. the country rose millions of them. arepeople like this worried. she fears that if political asylum is granted to snowden, its business with its biggest trees -- trading partner, the united states, could be affected. >> we need to harvest roses every day and we need to export
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500 boxes of everyday -- of roses every day. without this, we would go out of business. 50% of. is almost ecuador's exports flowers and oil and vegetable oil come from this country. if barack obama wanted to pressure ecuador to hand over edward snowden, he could suspend those tradecancele benefits. it would cost them 1 cent of a dollar on each one of their flowers. >> another problem is cash supply. people here rely on exports to the u.s., just to make sure there is enough money in the bank. supports the centralist
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government. his social policies -- policies have benefited her, but here is u.s. nsequence of the >> it is typical to find work as a woman. i cannot afford to lose my job -- it is difficult to find work as a woman. i cannot afford to lose my job. >> the government is weighing the consequences of granting asylum to snowden. >> there are many things to consider, although there are some indications that ecuador was going to lose the benefits of trade already before this happened. the u.s. reprisals could affect ecuador because the economic stability. the -- >> and that is why government said it could take months to grant snowden's request. for some, these flowers and what they represent could be some of
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the answers why. >> the south korean president has arrived in beijing for talks with the new chinese administration. china backped to get into talks over the nuclear program. afterre un sanctions north korea carried out a third nuclear test. a human rights group says they must stop china from driving more tibetans from their homes. human rights watch says an increasing number of tibetans have set themselves on fire because of the rehousing effort. they have been forced to relocate since 2006, as the government is trying to stop the free to that movement. >> the impact on the lives of tibetans has been huge, or to give the four nomads. the nomads have been taken off
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of the land they have room for generations and forced to settle down, in many cases, a new village, and they have no income and are basically living on government subsidy at the moment. >> an american businessman who was held captive by a chinese employees has been freed. a deal was reached with dozens of workers at his beijing factory. a staff feared they were about to lose their jobs and wanted severance payment. he treated that he lost 4 kilos in the ordeal. people andf eight their guide in pakistan has damaged the tourism business in the region. people living in the remote valleys they have lost their livelihoods. their they have lost livelihoods. >> today, everything around here is designed to cater -- cater to the hundreds of mountaineers who
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come here every year, wanted the thrill of conquering the peaks. even the names suggest adventure. hotels are usually packed and st. busy with tourists. that is not so. all foreigners have been asked by the government to go back to the capital. the killing of the foreigners on sunday morning has also killed the industry. night, the eight checked into the hotel. there were about to try to climb one of the most of the " peaks in the world. -- most difficult peaks in the world. >> beaver such lovely people. it gave me such hope to see them -- they were such lovely people. it gave me such hope to see them. i thought it would be good for tourism, but that has not been the case. person spends at least $100 during a trip and the amount quickly adds up.
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now, nothing. with no customers, the owners are worried about their future. >> this was my livelihood. one.uld drive to base camp they would climb. without them, i will make nothing. bluenose if they will ever come? >> mcginty the gym -- who knows if they will ever come? >> you can just see the himalayan mountains over those peaks. gives the is also appeal, but makes it also impossible to secure. more violence has been threatened, and no one in authority wants to see more bloodshed. no foreign tourists is a victory for the taliban. these mountain ranges where a -- were a big now they are associated with terror.
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>> another story that is quite opaque, artwork in london is giving people the chance to climb walls and hang from windows without the chance of having an accident. at no. 3 crash would street, something is happening that is odd. things are not quite as they appear. it is all an illusion, smoke and mirrors. well, mirrors anyway. installation art created by an argentinean artist on behalf of the london center. >> it was important to display this particular work in a very urban context, for to be seen as part of the tapestry of everyday life. it it becomes real as situates them in this very location.
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>> in the end, you don't want to take the pictures. you just want to look at yourself. >> with this most ordinary london house, the artist has set out to deceive, to show how easily perception can defy reality. how reality can be whatever we want it to be. for-year-old alfie morrison knows that. aljazeera, london.
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