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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  June 30, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> this is "al jazeera." >> welcome to the news hour. i'm darren jordan from doha. these are the main stories. protest across cairo as manufacture ohamed morrisy marks his first year in office. police fire tear gas outside the confederations cup. >> a bomb in pakistan leaves hundreds of people dead. >> and croatia becomes the 28th ember of the european union.
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>> wrem back to "al jazeera." mouhammad morrisy wants to open a real and serious national dialogue. the announcement came as hundred dress of thousands of supporters and pones have held nationwide rallies. at least five people died. and earlier they threw fire bombs at the building of the muslim brotherhood for the first anniversary of morrisy's presidency. -- morsi's presidency. >> it was a supposed to be a day of celebration. instead hundreds of thousands of egyptians went down to the street calling for the fall of president morsi. a year ago many protestors cheered him as the first democratically elected president of egypt. the protestors have grievances but they all share one goal.
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>> i need him to leave. i know that it's not easy to remove him. that is why we will stay here until we force him to step down. protests were called by the rebellion movement which claims to have gathered 22 million signatures. they demand a caretaker government and early presidential elections to be held within six months. their call was met with an precedented turnout across the country. they are s a proposal refused so far. they say he has a constitutional egitimacy that cannot be prosecuted. >> we have freedom now. >> morsi granted health insurance for all people. he's increasing our salaries and
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pensions. things are getting better. >> throughout the day army helicopters have circled in the sky. and as the evening set in, they flew lower, a clear message that the military stands by the egyptian people. >> it was well received by the protestor who is only 12 months ago had celebrated the end of 50 years of military rule. >> the presidency has renewed its offer for national dialogue and for the first time hinted that the change of government was possible. but the opposition says it will keep street pressure under the president's resign after months of political wrangling. distrust is so deep it's difficult to see how they could each a compromise. >> hundreds of thousands of egyptians across the country have held rallies both for and
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against president mohamed morsi. across the country five people were killed and more than 170 people were injured. now the rebellion, the initiative that really started the demonstrations against president morsi their founder is calling on people to continue their sit-in and to continue demonstrations with a very large protest plan for tuesday. president mouhammad morsi supporters say they will continue to rally in his support. the real question is will both sides be able to keep up the momentum and get these kind of large numbers back on the streets over the next few days. >> violence has marked brazils 3-0 win in the confederations final. around 9,000 troops and officers have been called to control the
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protest. demonstrators are hungry that they're hosting the world cup. our correspondent joins us from the mara cana. >> what sort of turnout was there on the streets? >> well, interestingly there were more security forces on the street here inner protest than there were protestors. we don't know if that's a sign that the movement is shrinking or losing momentum. what we do know is that brzail wasn't going to take any risk in keeping this game safe and protected. they have a huge security perimeter around the maracana stadium which you can still see in the background. only a small group of the 5,000 or so protestors ended up having a violent cop front tation with police. about 1,000 less made it close to the stay yum about three blocks away. it got really rough when
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protestors sponned to police. they smoked protestors down several streets until they cleared this area. the smoke was so strong that some people in the stadium had to cover their faces with some napkins or towels because the tear gas was so strong in the air here. >> adam, you've been covering these protests for some time now. are they gaining traction across the country. is it likely to continue? >> i don't think they're going to stop any time soon necessarily. we're seeing plans for perhaps a strike in some cities in brazil on monday. hearing plans of a major strike plan on july 11th and future protests but we don't have the same platform for these protests to be seen on a national and international level. the confederations cup that ebbed on sunday was this perfect stage for the protestors to air their grievances.
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they would form large protests sometimes ending at the stadium often in violent confrontation with police and that was on the air every night here in brazil in the past couple of weeks. that doesn't mean to say that they're going lose momentum but many of the protestors were complaining on the infrastructure for the world cup and the 2016 rio olympics. now that they don't have the representations of these football matches at these gleaming football stadiums, it's unclear where will be gathering. supreme been protesting for weeks. but these matches have gain sod much attention in this movement that it will be interesting to see where this movement goes. we don't think it's going stop necessarily but it's going change in its nature by the fact that this international football tournament is no longer taking place. >> adam, thank you. >> we'll have details about what happened on the pitch in the sport a little later in the news
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hour. now bomb attacks in pakistan have left more than 40 people left. a suicide bomber targeted the shiah community. more than two dozen people were killed including women and children. a con voif troops passed through outskirts. 17 people died in that attack. >> a pair was shot by soldiers in the early hours of sunday morning sparking angry proper test. the military chief offered his condolences at the news conference. they were killed during a search operation and has launched an investigation. >> 12 people have been killed while playing football east of the iraqi capital baghdad. a bomb exploded. 24 hours were wounded. it's a latest of a series of attacks since the start of the year. >> after a decade of
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negotiations, croatia has become the 28th member of the european union. across the country tens of thousands joined in the celebrations, that's almost 20 aars since croatia emerged in brutal war. >> as celebrations went on into the night, people prepare to forget their economic difficulties for the moment and enjoy being part of the european club. it's been a tough process for croatia. e.u. member has demanded reform on rilets an stamp -- rights and corruption. there's still some way to go but for now the speeches are of triumph and congratulations. >> whatever anyone is saying about it, you should know that we are a country of rational people who are realistic about themselves ps and their country
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in the role of the world. crow say sha is not going away from where it is. we are staying where we are but with a new responsibility, the responsibility to help the country in the region to achieve the criteria for the e.u. as soon as possible. >> friends, welcome to the european union. thank you. >> croatia has been in recession for several years and unemployment is high. it presents the country's biggest challenge. >> well, this is a key moment in croatia's sometimes turbulent history. what everyone hopes for now is an improved economy that nothing is certain. >> some warn that e.u. membership will only make things worse. >> we are a small nation of 4.3 million people. and we will lose our
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independence. we have dreamed of independence for 1,000 years. and we've only been independent for 20. we have a terrible war in order to achieve independence. and now we're giving it way, way to join a very suspect union that is shaky and has an uncertain future. >> as the celebrations continue and the e.u.'s border expanded again, the real work to insure croatia's success now begins. fran, "al jazeera." >> and the e.u. with accusations of espionage from the u.s. >> months after the french intervention here in northern malley, an moral milestone of a u.n. mission takes over. brazil stunned the world in the final of the confederations cup. that's also to come.
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>> ecuador's president says the fate of the u.s. whistleblower is in russia's hands. snowden has been trapped in a moscow airport for more than a week. an asylum request will be considered when he's on ecuadorian territory. >> citizen snowden is not located on ecuadorian territory. question not process his asylum request. we would have to process hi asipe sigh william request and we would take into consideration he u.s. framework, the international framework and also what's been described with mr. snowden.
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>> snowden has been in the airport without a passport. it's going to be very difficult for him to make it to ecuadorian territory. are you going to help him? >> what can we do since he is in a foreign country, a foreign citizen. he's out of our hands, i insist. f he gets into an ecuadorian embassy, we can help him but this case is not an ecuadorian case. >> secret n.s.a. dock ys show the u.s. accessed its commuter networks. >> in the murky world of cyber espionage the distinguish between allies and enemies can be a thin one. nonetheless reports that the united states has been actively targeting the european union have sparked genuine outrage.
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speigel claims a document describes how america's national security agency planted microphone bugsen infiltrated commuters at the e.u. office. similar surveillance was carried out at the united nations in new york. martin schultz, president of the european parliament has responded. >> i'm shocked if this case is true. i've been treated as a european, in the european institution like the representative. >> the foreman spies and secure nsul tans say even if "the spiegel's" report is true, the n.s.a. is doing their job. >> we should recognize the fact that they're going to collect that information. they're going to collect information of things that are of interest to the host country. this case e.u. conversations about whatever they were going to talk about was certainly of interest to the united states.
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>> for a long time we've spied on each other. we've competed economically and politically. so there's always attention there. i think special relationship is -- is more for p.r. than for reality. >> the scope and scale of america's international espionage program has come under intense scrutiny since the former n.s.a. contacted edward snowden leaked e-mails. but it has the potential for long-term diplomatic damage. >> the u.s. president barack obama has announced a $7 billion plan to improve energy production in africa. speaking towards the end of his speech, he said a scheme would more than double access to electricity. his trip has been overshadowed by the health of nelson mandela. >> as a sight considered sacred to the story of south africa,
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the u.s. president took a moment to reflect. cell. s nelson mandela's it was his home for the 27 years. mandela's prison here just as palpable as the shadow he's cast over obama's historic visit. one fights for his life in a hospital bed, the other acknowledged the debt owed. >> and like billions all over the american nd people have drawn strength from the example of this extraordinary leader and the nation that he changed. nelson mandela showed us that one man's courage can move the world. >> members of the ethiopian commaunities have among those who have made a pilgrimage to the hospital where he remains in a critical but stable condition.
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>> he's like a father for us sees e no one -- no one him dying, wants him to leave. >> there was one great hope for africa. but while china had poured billions of dollars, the u.s. has been lagged behind. and obama has been criticized for not paying much attention. >> he's announced a $7 billion project aimed at doubling the number of people in africa with access to electricity. >> the announcement was made during his keynote speech in the same university hall in which senator robert kennedy spoke out against white racist roles in 1956. >> i didn't like so it much. and i can see the focus now is to helping out africans in
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materials of partnership. >> insisting on a message of taking ours seriously and begin to do things for ours before we ask anyone else to do things for us. >> obama toured an h.i.v. clinic with desmond tutu. a funding initiative of previous u.s. presidents helped save millions of lives. obama's legacy may be the power africa project. it's welcomed news for millions of people are happy to be temporarily distracted over the anguish over mandela's house. >> israeli-palestinians negotiations could be within reach with more work. john kerry's four-day middle resulted as been -- in no agreement. >> we started out with very wide
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gaps. and we have narrowed those considerably. we have some specific details and work to pursue, but i am absolutely confident that we are on the right track and that all of the parties are working in very good faith in order to get to the right place. >> syrian troops are continuing a major offensive in the city of hons. forces loyal to assad have made gains across the pro-since. charles stratford reports. >> an injured child is carried from the building of his family were sheltering left. the man asked -- who is left? the mother and the boys are still inside comes the reply. >> the government defensive on the city of homs intense active. "al jazeera" cannot verify these pictures but they were reports
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rom activists in the city. fire jets began pounding rebel-filled areas. were sheltered in their homes. >> air strikes. >> the military is building on its victory earlier this month lose to the lebanese border. there are two areas that are important for the assad regime. the capital damascus an an area along the mediterranean coast that's the president's sect. it's the country's third largest city. comes one of the first to support the revolution. after government forces reach the neighborhood last year, president assad walked through the streets a show of how vital
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government conoms is for the syrian regime. some areas of the city have been under siege by the army for more than a year. >> we are in a critical stage inside of this district of homs. and if there is no movement from outside homes to break this siege, i think that we will get more than ever. >> the offensive has provoked the national coalition to call for free syrian army reinforcements to join the fight for homs. the syrian army says it has had great success in killing what it describes as terrorists. >> the united states nations is launching one of its largest peacekeeping missions in africa. 12,000 troops are being deployed in mali. they're taking over from french forces who have been fighting since january. james reports from timbuktu. >> these troops are becoming part of the newest u.s. mission
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in the world. months after the french intervention in mali, peacekeepers, the majority provided by african countries are taking over. when you arrive in the capital, it's not immediately obvious that this country's been facing its worse crisis since independence. it is bustling and vibrant, a country full of culture, a place that should be for the potential. when you take a plane north across the desert plane you see the scale of the problems. mali is vast an it's divided on ethnic and tribal lines. divisions that have only increased because of the fighting. of e in the fabled city timbuktu, used to make money in the tourist trade. now like in the rest of mali people are poor. many of the and i chell artifacts including the museum were destroyed and ransacked.
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communities have been damaged beyond repair, some that have fled too frightened to return. >> they try to come back and people here they don't trust them because all the time they can change faces. there are people with many faces. >> the u.n.'s head of peacekeeping is here to assess the situation. >> we're making progress and i'm sure that before long there will be a significant improvement in the loikly hood of the people. >> these troops from faso so far have no u.n. markings at all. but soon they are become part of what's supposed to be the third largest peacekeeping operation in the word. -- world. it still lacks vital equipment. and so far they're only about 12,600 peacekeepers actually in the country. they will be issued their u.n. badges and blue be res in the coming hours. but they face a major challenge in just weeks as part of an
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ambitious some would say unrealistic timetable. elections are supposed to be held at the end of july. these will be testing times. james bays, "al jazeera," timbuktu. >> at least 30 people have been killed in a fire after a car crashed into a fuel tanker in the uganda capital of kampala. 20 others are in crit tall condition. many of the dead were thought to ave rushed to the trailer. >> accused of killing thousands of opponents during his rule in the 1980's. humbrek denies the charges. >> after he says being imprisoned in a small, hot room along with 40 people for six months is the worse thing he ever experienced. he toll us he flew to chad but was arrested on arrival and
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accused of being a spy. he said he was held there with hardly any food or water and saw his cell mates die every day. >> all nigh, two or three people die -- all night, two or three people die. sometimes excellent people go to kill. >> he's campaigned for justice for years an he's clear in his mind about who is responsible. >> only him is fine. you leave, you leave. you sign, you kill, you kill. >> he killed, imprisoned and tortured tens of thousands of people. he was overthrown in 1990 and went to dakar. police arrested him urn the orders of a propertyor of a special court purposely to try him. it's called the it will happen
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here as the building that houses the high court. u.s. president barack obama pledged funding if the trial when he was here in jack ar last week. and if it goes right, he will be the first lead tore be tried on african soil. but his lawyer said the court is illegitimate an he is a victim of conspiracy by the west. >> it is false. what they say about habra is false. if killings and torture did take place, the blame should be laid on the current president who was in charge of all the security forces at the time. >> after a man was a successful diamond trader, he says his attention on the habre nearly killed him and left him ruined. his family has lived in poverty ever since. many more in chad and around the world have been calling for the same. after 23 years, now they may
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finally get the trial they've been waiting for. malcolm webb, dakar. >> 16 years old, campaigners in hong kong prepare to mark over to china with the rights to vote. >> the mediterranean's rise in jelly fish. >> the double olympic champion gets the better of the opposition. more on that. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. a quick reminer of the top -- "al here on alga jazeera." >> mouhammad morsi says he wants to open a real and serious national dialogue. protestors in brazil have fired tear gas near the maracan stadium. >> billions of dollars being spent on hosting the 2014 world cup is what they protest. >> the government hopes the reception will encourage investment and boost the economy in croatia. let's return to the main story, the day of rival protests in egypt to mark the first anniversary of mouhammad morsi becoming president. we're joined by jason brownlee.
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many of the opposition protestors say president morsi has broken his promises. so what next for the opposition? is there strategy working, do you think? >> i think what's next for them is they keep the pressure up. this is really make or break for them. if morsi does not step down this week, then the protest will subside and you'll have a continuation of morsi and the brotherhood taking over the egyptian state. it's really up to the opposition to keep up the pressure. and in essence they're banking on military opposition that's the only way that morsi will step down. it could play out like the 2011 uprising. we'll come back to the military in just a second, jason. but morsi says he's invited opposition groups to enter into what they call a national dialogue. where does this the lead whole
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promise of a national dialogue that morsi's pushing for? >> yes, i think the moment for a serious national dialogue has probably passed. if you look at the actions that morsi has taken while president during these past 12 months the constitutional declaration and then the constitution itself as well as the opponent of governors who are from muslim brotherhood or affiliated groups, you a picture of a president who has been the opposite of what he promised. he promised to be a president for all egyptian. he's been the president for a very small segment of egyptians cons sen traited in the muslim brotherhood. >> let's go back to that point of the military. how is the option army viewing this? they said we won't allow the country to slide into what they call uncontrolled chaos. >> right. well, i think the -- the senior
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officers take a conservative stance to this kind of thing if the situation settled down on its own, i don't think they would be inclined to intervene. but the situation starts to threaten the country as a whole and even threaten the military's interest and their pe rug actives. then they might have an interest in easing morsi aside and facilitating early elections. that's what the opposition at this point is banking on. that is the only exit that i see in terms of getting morsi to step down. i don't expect that morsi and the muslim brotherhood are going to relinquish power momentarily. >> apart from carrying broader political representations which a point you're making, i mean, fuel, the addressing economy, security, etc.? >> in that area in terms of the economy which is is in shambles,
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morsi inherited a debt burden. and that situation has not improved under his presidency. but yeah, absolutely. he could -- he could be doing more to try to alleviate the problems that ordinary egyptians re facing rather than embraces -- embracing what is hard a neo liberal approach to the nick situation. >> let me get a final thought from you. are these protests likely to give us any indication at this stage if morsi can survive this politically? >> well, i'll tell you that you already have analysts who are basically riding morsi's political obituary. a lot of people expecting that he's not going to be able to complete his four-year term. >> jason brownlee. thank you for take talking to "al jazeera." >> michelle bachelet has won the
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first president sh primary election. she will represent the center left coalition in november. the race to the candidate who will lead the center right aslines for chile is still too close for call. >> the national team scored 3-0 against spain to win the confederations cup final. celebrations in the stadium contrasted with a protest outside. demonstrators protest the millions of dollars for the world cup. >> it started out with about 1,000 protestors, something happened where there was some oment thrown towards the police, follow me and what's going on now is there are running street battles between riot police and the protestors on the side reet outside of maracana stadium, full of fans watching the match right now.
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>> they have been firing lobs an lobs of tear gas back at fairs you groups of protestors that have been on the backstreets of rio. and right they're just firing some more. >> one to protest leaders has come up with one of the police officers an they're trying to figure out some sort of negotiation right now. but the scene is very, very, very tense. >> more than 45 people have been killed in two separate attacks. the shiite came urn attack in the south. and a military convoy had been attacked in the north. >> another attack on shiah's in southern pakistan. a suicide bomber blew himself nauf a crowded street. dozens were taken to nearby hospitals. women and children were among the victims. >> wouldn'ted, lying here and there. we were unable to count how many
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were wounded. we don't know where he was and from which side he was. >> we have previous second tarian attacks that have killed hundreds. no one claimed responsibility but previous attacks have been carried by a radical sunni group which takes responsibility for i canning shiahs. >> incidents like these will not be allowed. but people who provide security is fast running out. >> in the north, this was the aftermath of a car bomb which struck a conway of paramilitary soldiers. the victims were targeted as they crossed the police station. but in this attack as well most of the dead were civilians. >> a lot of people were killed in i. i saw 10 dead bodies and there were many wounded too.
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>> a mark and many other cars were also destroyed in the blast. there have been multiple attacks on security forces and prevention leaders in the province. the new government in charge says it's doing all it can but clearly that is not enough. >> the attacks happen as david ameron was concluding his trip to pakistan. cameron promised more economic to tackle explosive devices and improve the security of its infrastructure, much needed help against the fight against a grew some cycle of violence which has killed thousands of pakistani. >> hong kong -- organizing rallies to mark the 16th anniversary. they're demanding the right to vote for the tetory's leadership. scott has more.
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>> he was just 8 years old during the tiananmen square crackdown. he looks at what happened in 1989 and what's going on right now in hong kong. >> we compare two generations, young people fighting for the democratic development in two countries. one is in china. one is in hong kong. >> the social movement for the right to vote has been growing steadily over the last year. right now only a select group of hong kong's choose leaderboard. now campaigns for product demon si and greatest distance from china's sensual government. >> we see blatant interference from the liaison office. they do not see it as their responsibility to be protect our
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rights an freedoms. -- and freedoms. >> a the people's liberation display in hong kong, some welcome close relationships. >> the democratic party has been resisting the chinese government. their goal is to take control. we don't agree. we who love hong kong and love the moreland will stand up to them. >> the plan has the people of hong kong voting for their chief executive by 2017. but 20/20, their entire government. some people think there should be big changes. we have a direct hand in drebbing their relationship. >> not until some of these areas can be overcome, would we have the discussions in hong kong, which after all as a local government of china, would we have the conditions to implement
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real university surge in hong kong. and by that he means the people handing a role. not just hand-picked. >> he hopes that when his plate opens at the owned of the month .here but also to inspire people. >> four years after his capture by the taliban in afghanistan, the campaign to release the u.s. soldier continues. t turner traveled to bow's town. >> population almost 8,000. it's a world away from the front line of the war in afghanistan. but the two places i deeply connected. this man. home of
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he used to work that coffee shot before he joined the earp. >> i like the way that he was quyeth but he was always paying attention. he engaged so well with the three customers, really just very great we the customers. and so many people got to know him. >> it's become a comfortable play for locals to come and talk about their loss soldier. many people had no idea who he was. that's all changed now. these days everyone talks about him like he's one of the family. >> a huge extended family that keeps growing. a mark since their capture, attracted more than 15,000 people. showing their support. >> a father does not leave his son alone on the battlefield. >> the ones that we saw for beau were all for the community. one for each year that i planted. they're not planning to plan a
11:42 pm
fifth. >> i done think it's a cautious hope. think this commune city filled with hope. i done there's a doubt in our mind the he will come back to haily. he left his military base in afghanistan in late june, 2009. pan.s captured by the tall >> it is very unnerving to be a president. >> his parents were overjoined when they received a letter to if international red cross. now he is is once again in a deadline. >> with the news potential discussions between the taliban in the united states and government. they were extremely encourages. >> i slemly refuse to let him go. >> croatia has become the 28th . mber of the european
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>> the party went on into the night after the stroke of midnight when croatia officially became the fewest and 28th member of the european union. there was celebrations government and for the moment people were prepared to forget some of the difficulties facing this nation. and those difficultment are economic ones. they have suffered rescissions here. this high unploim. an i think if you had to express the hopes at this stage, it would be that you have this new project within the e.u. will be an economic social
11:44 pm
survival. they're simply going to be more us asterity that kind of all discouraging. in greece and spain. sor so there are two sides for government. of course croatians call, wake up. kratz will wake up with that challenge now of tackling the difficults. their national difficults but within the european union. time for a shore break. when you come back he'll have a blowout special. of the bush's grand prix. tay with us.
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>> welcome back. the temperatures have rizz on the highs. death valley in the mohave desert is known as the hottest place on earth. on july 1913, it reached 56 degrees celsius. time now for sports. >> brazil has successfully defended the confederations cup title. they beat world and european champion spain 3-0 in the final n rio de janeiro. david luis khaliing the ball off the line. nameoff fighting the host second just before half time and fred doubled his tally. the second half just got worse as sergei ra moms missed the
11:47 pm
penalty. 3-0, the final score. > italy beat urguay. it was extra time. hey saved three penalties as one in the shootout. >> they have been protesting against the two-year ban in football. they were involved in match fixing. the third qualifying right now as a champion. the f.i.a. will beat managers, pirella on wednesday after they had four major trailers. ended up winning the race as richard spa reports. >> a mercedes winner but not the ones your fans hope for.
11:48 pm
>> after age lapse is tied first to give sebastian the lead. hamilton wasn't the only one to get a puncture. masso is next. and an exploding tire ended the race for john eric verne. was a different problem for vaso. his red bull grounded to a haul. the safety car came out. sergei paris was the third one to get out. back five for kimmy. >> he was overtaken by mark weber and fernando alonso for a place on the podium
11:49 pm
>> even the recoverying hamilton took fourth place. the second victory of the seasonal >> definitely i feel sorry for all the british fans. that's all, a massive disappoint yfment. that's racing sometimes. when sebastian stopped, i mean, be honest, i won't lie, i wasn't disappointed fri that one. it was a great race. the fallout will be about the ire but link to rosburg. belgium's young for the tour de france. he 56 kilometer race from back dsi. . won the stage by one second
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new zealand have become the undisputed champions after winning the seventh world up with in moscow. 33-0. it means new zealand have champions in rugby league and w the shortest porm of the league. 2019. mean, several olympic cold medalists for beaten on sunday. one of the ex-appingses the stayed off the challenge. the men's fy thousands meters. seconds.s, 4.2
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to finish on 14 under. it's his first win in two and a alf. >> i'm ecstatic. areally am. 267 is for the weekend in tough conditions. i'm over the moon. that's what really made me unhappy. struggled through a couple of shots which is a little bit silly for me. a nice big celebration fist pump. it's not off you go get do that. >> mathis with a ground slm sommer view over this san diego padres and the ml b. he has three,000 in that 20-year
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history. miley still has the report record in major league baseball in season. well, he's been placed in chicago's trophy cap at the and i've already crub for next season. >> colve after lack are pro-to uspect nathan mckinen. canadian 17 year-old nathan mcken anyone their choice. their been nova scotia. >> two -- more on the sport. >> there are more jelly fish in the mediterranean water. the night nerms and a collection to collect them for food isn't going down too well. >> they've been swinging gracefully through the scenes for millions of the years but
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the new scientific report says thats the ballooning into the group off the coast of spain, this team of researchers have taken away. the natural enemies. researcher veronica pew wenta, they don't fish small. making it even more difficult for the fish popular. we are seeing in an increase on diversity. they appear every year. there are pieces that are local. they seem to be increasing popelation. so year by year. it's the experts say that won't quake to review the jelly fish population is to make them more man. del or simply eaten as a
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cal si. if you can't beat them, eat them. > experts on the valley of fisherman. it'sy -- no, i don't think a good idea. they've sting. i could imagine they took nice. >> you have to go straight to the doctor. this problem only started three years ago. before that there was no jelly fish here. ow we get some which are huge. >> research on the impact of overfishing and the boosts jelly fish number. but in order to get a clearer
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