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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 29, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> thousands threatened to march on security buildings in egypt in a show of force against the interim government. from our headquarters, we have your top stories from around the world. the fbi rescue's more than 100 teenagers and a crackdown in the united states. negotiators come together in washington to lay the groundwork for future talks. pope francis signals a shift in the positions on thomas
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sexuality. supporters of the deposed egyptian president are back on the streets threatening to march on the interior ministry. it is part of a strategy to avoid their anger at police who they blame for the death of 120 protesters. protesters have been camped out for more than a week and are calling for an end to military rule. some are taking place in cities across the country. does it seem like the protesters are changing their strategy from sit-ins' to marching towards these buildings? and >> it is more like a bit of both.
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the one outside cairo university has been going on for over one month and will remain. these are still the nerve centers, the epicenter of the movements. they are organizing marches to the security services across cairo and across the country. the reason behind it is because they announced the security services of the over 120 protesters, also because they realized it is what they are trying to direct the opposition toward those the undertook the crew. militaryn to the leaders and the institution which they still hold, and they want to make it clear that they are not against the army, but
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against leaders that are essentially cracking down on egyptians freedoms. >> interesting to see that there have been warnings issued by the military cannot get close. >> as far as the protesters are concerned, bears are a completely peaceful march. they point to the fact that they are civilians from the women and children. they will only go as far as they are physically allowed it to get close to. they will not remain in any of these places but they will essentially indicate the focus of their opposition and their anger.
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there have been a lot of accusations particularly from those supporting the egyptian leader that has been very much putting its weight behind the general. they have accused the protesters, and in a meeting late just a few hours ago, the the foreign with affairs person. the environment dole and human rights show what is approved or to dispel the accusations. they are insisting that their protests are peaceful and they are not trying to antagonize anyone. reporting in cairo. meanwhile, the foreign policy
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chief is in cairo and is holding talks with political leaders on all sides, the first foreign envoy to visit egypt. she says they will do everything in their power to prevent more bloodshed. they are, of course, well- documented. the armythose backing on the other. what about the people in the middle? and the egyptians struggling to be heard in the current climate. is down from almost every lamppost. appearances can be deceptive. not everyone is a brotherhood supporter. they said they have no affiliation with the movement,
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they want the army out of politics. that lots oftion people like me are not secular is. we have foundation and justice. >> i have been living outside of egypt for a long time. i have seen the good life, how it works. that they live in such a mass. tothey are sympathetic political as long. them are opposed to military rule. there are religious fascism, the and the regime.
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>> of the massacres and the military [indiscernible] we're between a rock and hard place. >> we click on the spotlight page and find analysis. the palestinian negotiators have arrived for a dinner host.
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the possibilities of relaunch in the peace process, we report. years, they have tried to broker peace between israel and its neighbors. they have made one push for peace with the palestinians. he publicly called for negotiations, and for that, he was chastised in the oval office. >> these lines are indefensible.
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>> the president responded by traveling to israel. the administration will try again at the insistence of the new secretary of state john kerry. what forcefullish demands will not. >> there is something quite tempting to engage and that which it still has maintaining a lot of credibility and the potential to be able to make something work where it is not well-placed. isthey believe what different now is time. his chance to be the one to stop the clock, stop the suffering, it starts now.
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>> let's take a look at the background. between 1995 and 1997, and again between 2000 and 2001. the diplomat emigrated to the u.s. 30 years ago and joined the powerful lobby group. two years later, they became the founding director of the policy and has recently been working as head of foreign policy at the brookings institute. we have the latest from the u.s. state department. >> on monday, the obama administration said the former ambassador would be the point person on this latest round of palestinian peace talks. he used to be the ambassador to israel and is going to reprocess that has faced a lot of challenges the last few years.
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amid ongoing concerns about palestinian borders and whether they would respect the pre-1967 lines and the ongoing concerns on both sides. he said he was trying to find a way to help to people actually achieve a longtime goal of theirs. to you deeply grateful and president obama entrusting me with helping you take this a breakthrough at turn it into a full fledged israeli-palestinian peace agreement. it is a daunting and humbling challenge that i can not desist from. i look forward to great excitement working with you and thedreams to achieve state's living side by side in peace and security.
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expected to feature informal conversations about the peace process. the hard work began on tuesday when they sit down in the same room and start trying to figure out which issue they should tackle first. 100 teenagers have been rescued in a crackdown on sex trafficking rings. the youngest victim was just 13 years old. careful planning, detailed surveillance, and 76 cities. a national center for missing and exploited children. 105 children have been freed it from child sex rings and 150 people suspected of being involved with them have been arrested. those whog to justice
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violently manipulate these children and sell them for sex. >> they were as young as 13. they have been involved in prostitution since the age of 011. traffickers have low self-esteem and a minimal social support. >> she started working as a prostitute exploited by a woman and her family. >> you are at the bottom. i wanted to give her a hug. 2007 hundred children have been identified and recovered. the fbi says is getting better at capturing those responsible. success appeared to be
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markedly more significant than operation occ6. part of that is because of the intelligence that has been shared among law enforcement and the national center so that the efforts are targeted. it appears we are 30%-40% more successful in identifying this operation. with child now services across the country as they try to identify them and help them recover. >> of the top stories, supporters of the deposed the egyptian president are threatening to march on the interior ministry as part of a strategy to voice their anger at
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police that they blame for the deaths of dozens of protesters. negotiators have arrived for a dinner hosted by john kerry in washington. they have been appointed as the and talksiator haven't taken place since 2010. >> a series of raids by the fbi, the agency's largest ever action against child trafficking, just 13 years old. >> not in a position to judge gay people. they may be candid remarks on the way back from the first foreign trip. richard martin has the story. visit from brazil, it is
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through one of their most dangerous slums. was attended by about 3 million worshipers. when of the biggest in recent memory. some of his most candid comments came much later. speaking directly to journalists on board. they answered questions on a series of controversial issues including the role of women and gay rights. >> everyone writes about the gay lovely. >> all lobbies are not good. if a person is gay and seeks god and has good will, who am i to judge them? >> he upheld the ban on women priests. thanry was more important the apostates and priests. women in the church are more
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important than bishops and priests. we have to do better at getting this message across. >> it was his first foreign trip as pope. have answers on the flight home. >> more than 100 gunmen attacked the prison, two dozen explosions heard inside the facility. the heavily armed men attacked the prison in an attempt to free the inmates. haspakistani taliban claimed responsibility. the brink comes after 60 people were killed in coordinated bomb attacks on monday morning. as charges were in baghdad well as in the south. 3000 have been killed with 800
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in july alone. ofy announced three days mourning after nine soldiers were killed near the border about urea. it follows a similar attack in april which is blamed on rebel fighters. it hasernment says completely fallen and now in their control. that is in the city considered in the heart of the uprising. only to withdrawing prepare for another assault. >> syrian state tv has been beaming live pictures. this, they say, is a big victory for them. it has been a key battleground in the war. but now, forces have managed to enter and are taking control of
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the strategic area in the center of the city that disrupts the ability to communicate and travel between rebel-held areas. >> today, the heroes added another victory that we had a. theying from this morning, have totally cleared the district. retreating inmply preparation for further battle. one journalist said -- >> alongside the violent tactical withdrawal of the area, the army controls 85% of the district. the fighting has been ongoing for months now. area has been
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pounded into rubble. is seen as a symbol of the uprising and links them to the crucial coast line. the battle is symbolic as well as tactical. toh side wanting and willing shed more blood for control. >> a court ruling could change the face of politics and columbia. of thefounded by members armed rebel group that are now holding peace talks with the government. a report from the capital of bogota. homecoming for the survivors. the party born during an earlier attempt at peace between the government and the rebels. the leftist politicians chose a political path but many met a violent end.
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>> we have registered the killing of more than 3000 members. it was political genocide. deputies, council members, presidential candidates at all levels. politics failed, the rebels went back to the jungle. the party was declared illegal until now. that youthe council see behind me, more than 10 years of rule that most people would agree that the party has a right to exist and was illegally pushed out of the system by violence. >> they say the ruling as an important step towards national reconciliation. >> it is important because it brings justice. judges recognize the patriotic union was systematically targeted with the support of government.
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>> but others say the party was responsible for its own demise. ofborn out of the promise politics. it when you have a political party, these combinations , the wrong incentive incentives for many from the extreme right, drug traffickers. the survivorsade, had the chance to run for office again. >> i know this will be the first of many encounters for our community. away from the funerals were we usually meet. >> at least 15 people have been
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killed in nigeria after multiple explosions. the neighborhood has been targeted by an armed group in the past. observers have said there is no major electoral fraud in the presidential election. observers are encouraged by the large turnout of the vote. a couple of trains have collided head-on in western switzerland, 35 people have been injured. one train was heading south while another was traveling north. the driver of one of the trains is still unaccounted for. the special memorial mass has been held to honor the victims of the high-speed rail crash.
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>> they mourn the victims of last wednesday's train crash. traditionally, the imposing cathedral is the site of celebrations. this day when relatives of the deceased gathered and the family paid homage to lives lost in the tragic accident. is also on one of the key figures. why he was not able to prevent the crash from taking place. >> during questioning, he the colleagues were responsible driver. terrible and a catastrophe.
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he must be having an awful time, as you imagine. if that happens to someone, they will drown for the rest of their life. >> morning the investigators and turning their attention to the black box. answersssibly lie the but there was a mechanical fault that played the part in the disaster. >> south korea has found a cheap way to combat problems on its roads. the scheme is only available in the capital at the moment and will be rolled out across the montreal -- the country for next year. >> 180 of the electric cars reducing air pollution. one of these cars is simple.
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>> i just needed to register online and download an application on my smart phone. it took time to download the system for payment, but not too long. >> to open the car door for the same mobile application. it can be cheaper than hiring regular card. means you always have to keep an eye on the gauge. there are fewer battery charging stations and that is a minor inconvenience. >> the system needs to become more common. >> there are plans to put more
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cars on the road. >> nationwide service will become available and we will have at least 500 rapid recharging stations. >> officials are confident it will take off, especially in times of economic uncertainty when it makes more sense than anyone.
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