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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  August 1, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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oustedorters of egypt's president mohamed morsi remained defiant in the face of a new warning to and their protests. end their protest. al jazeera live from our headquarters in delhi. coming up in this half-hour, washington disappointed as moscow gives u.s. whistleblower edward snowden temporary asylum. early voting results in zimbabwe e's party in the lead as his rivals call the elections a huge farce. >> i am at the uk national
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archives where top-secret documents are top secret no more. find out why the relationship may not be as close as previously thought. >> diplomatic efforts to resolve egypt's political crisis are gathering pace. it comes as egypt's rulers issued a new warning to supporters of the deposed president to leave their road test camps quickly. -- their protest camps quickly. we do west are well is urging members of the interim government -- guido westerwelle is urging members of the interim government not to use violence. those loyal to mohamed morsi have been told if they leave their sit in protest without a fight, they will be given safe passage and protection. the government has not said at that -- the deadline for the -- has not set a deadline for the
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clear-out. >> the interior minister calls on those gathered listen to the voice of reason, give precedence to the national interest, and act for the greater good by swiftly leaving from the two areas, clearing them completely to ensure the safety of all citizens, with a firm assurance and total protection to all those leaving. >> disbursing the crowds of protesters by force would be a rep is -- recipe for disaster. reports,e tadros increasing support for the police has fueled concerns of a violent crackdown. >> on the streets and apparently back in favor. despite the protection of an increased police presents since mohamed morsi was deposed -- wasence since mohamed morsi deposed, the only change, they say, is in rhetoric.
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morsi, he was talking about his ability to be in power and crackdown on -- now he perceives, very cunningly, that the new enemy of the people is the -- >> since morsi's removal , many have welcomed the policepresn -- police p -- removal, many have welcomed the police presence. there is the return of controversial police units. the january revolution, some departments of the interior ministry underwent restructuring, but it was done without any real strategy. on department that we depend heavily was disbanded. that had an adverse effect on national security. they are not just reinstating these departments, but rebuilding them. to a person who worked with the morsi government
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as well as the new interim one, these units were never dismantled. >> there has not been any semblance of structured reform in the last year. name here tothe state security was quite functional. these units in particular were also functional. >> it is not a police state, but practice -- o this alliance may well be short- lived. -- were nose now fans of the president's present sisters -- president assessed -- that assessors -- the president's predecessors. the interior minister has warned pro-morsi protesters to end their sit in -- sit-ins for everyone's safety.
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rights groups are worried more violence is inevitable. tadros, al jazeera, cairo. >> thousands of protesters are defying the demands by continuing their sid -- sit-in. willis security warning not achieve any progress in solving this issue caused by the bloody coup. bloodshed will only lead to tension and all of egypt will turn into a marathon of protest camps, not just this camp. >> in nasr city, pro-morsi supporters are gathered. describe what the mood is like where you are, in light of the warning to disburse. disperse. >> the large crowd behind me is partaking in the nighttime prayers. the prayer itself is very much
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symbolic of the atmosphere and sentiment. it is a mixture of one that is defiant towards these continued threats from the interior ministry. but also one of seeking some help, because they believe that they do not match the military might of the security services. they believe that they do not have the same weight as the interim government or the coup leaders. therefore, they have little more than their ability to mobilize, and they are turning to the divine or the almighty to help them. the overriding feeling between them all. there have been political developments over the past couple of hours. the african union delegation met with leaders of the anti-coup movement.
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head of this delegation likened ousted resident mohamed morsi to nelson mandela -- president mohammed morsi -- mohamed morsi to nelson mandela. there are those who have said that it is a threat to national security. them to hear from african leaders that those -- it is something they will use to try and propagate throughout the coming days. on the other, they do understand that there is a very real threat that there could be a violent response. say, they have nothing much in the way of the actual, tangible elements to try and repel such a force. they say they will stay here. it is important to remember the amount of women and children would makep -- that it practically impossible for a
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forceful removal of them to take place without widescale bloodshed. they remain adamant that they believe they have -- on their side. another day goes by with no solution. >> indeed that is so. thank you. speaking to us from nasr city. the u.s. says it is disappointed by the russian decision to grant temporary asylum to whistleblower edward snowden. this could allow the former intelligence contractor to seek permanent refuge in another country. snowden is wanted by the u.s. for leaking surveillance data to the media. >> for five weeks, he has been saying it. today was no different. jay carney urging the russians to send edward snowden back to the u.s. to face trial. >> there is absolutely goal justification for mr. snowden to be returned to the united states. he is not a dissident or whistleblower. he has been charged with a
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crime. >> in moscow, edward snowden's lawyer has confirmed his client is now free to look for accommodations outside of the main airport. >> concerning his place of residence, he will choose it himself. he can live in a hotel or an apartment. as he is one of the most wanted people on earth, he will be making sure his place of residence is absolutely safe. >> snowden arrived in moscow in the 23rd -- on the 23rd of june. he has been stuck since the united states revoked his passport. he initially planned to fly onto latin america. later, appearing alongside human rights activist, he admitted fears of being detained on the way were keeping him in moscow. snowden, a former systems analyst at the nsa, faces felony charges after leaking details of vast u.s. government surveillance programs. generalt week, attorney eric holder wrote to moscow,
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saying that edward snowden would not face the death penalty if he was extradited back to the u.s.. the decision being taken to you him asylum -- several meetings puts give him asylum several meetings between the u.s. and russia in coming months in doubt. summit inf the g 20 st. petersburg -- g-20 summit in st. petersburg. at the state department, they are stressing if any of those occasions wind up being canceled , the u.s. and russia will still have much to talk about. >> we are not going to stop engaging with them on syria, on the way forward, on missile defense, on any of these issues, because one meeting does or does not happen. >> on sunday, edward snowden's father said he would be happy for his son to stay in russia permanently. >> i believe that russthe safest place m wish
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is coming true, at least for the next 12 months. have killed eight people in an attack targeting teachers and clerics. nigeria believes more attacks by the boko haram group are likely, focusing on the town of maiduguri. the attacks are designed to coincide with the last week of the muslim holy month of ramadan. zimbabwe and president mugabe -- president mugabe is leading in the polls. m morgan anger i -- tsvangirai disputes the results. >> they have come back to the polling station where they voted in wednesday's general election.
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early results have been posted outside. zimbabwe's electoral commission will announce the presidential results. officials from mugabe's party say they expect a landslide win. people in this neighborhood are just glad the voting process is over. >> even after election, we can see people moving around, doing their business peacefully. when i look at it, i say this is wonderful.>> but mugabe a's rival said the's polls were not free and fair. >> our conclusion is that this has been a huge farce. the credibility of this election has been marred by illegal violations which affect the legitimacy of its outcome. >> outside of the headquarters in harare, there were police in riot gear across the road, but no incidents were reported. a special result will only be announced by the electoral commission. anyone who announces results on websites or social media will be arrested.
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an independent election observers says that hundreds of thousands were turned away from polling stations. protests went smoothly. until the final results are announced, there will likely be a lot of speculation and accusation. >> welcome back. the top stories on al jazeera. resolveefforts to egypt's political crisis are gaining ground. the u.s. says it is extremely disappointed by russia's decision to grant temporary asylum to whistleblower edward snowden. the former nsa contractor is wanted by the u.s. for leaking secret surveillance data to the media.
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's party is leading in the parliamentary vote as some initial results have been announced. his rival and prime minister angirai have called the elections a huge farce. earlier this week, doing peacekeepers put on an ultimatum on any militia in the city of goma to disarm by thursday or be disarmed by force. some expected it to be the start of a u.n. taking a tougher stance against the and 23 rebels who hold positions outside of that city. this report from the village -- fighting seen a lot of over the 50 years he has been alive. he says the most terrifying moment was when government helicopter gunships bombarded his village last week. he thinks they were trying to hit the rebel base next door. >> three helicopters came over. they started dropping bombs.
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many people went to their gardens. but some children were still here. three of them were killed. >> one of the bombs landed on this house. they have been blasted apart. the villages -- villagers say over 20 bombs landed during the attack. another one hit this house. half of it has been burned. if civilians keep getting caught up in the conflict again and again -- the civilians keep getting caught up in the conflict again and again, in spite of congo being home to the world's largest peace force. the u.n. says these men will make a difference. it is part of a new intervention brigade with a stronger mandate that -- but they have not started operating at. earlier this week, the u.n. issued an ultimatum and said it would forcibly disarm any militia in the city of goma. there are no rebels in goma. but some thought it might be the start of a tougher approach. the and 23 rebels outside the city were clear -- the m23
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rebels outside the city were clear. if the u.n. attacks, they will fight back. >> we are not a negative force. we are congolese fighting for a cause. we will fight to the very end. command backedce away from any talks of forced disarmament. there were objections in new york. ours, itperiod of 48 h is an opportunity for any persons or groups to drop the weapons. >> there are numerous rebel groups still at large, and no imminent peace deals, and still no firm action from the u.n.. the civilian population are wondering if they will ever be left in peace. al jazeera in the democratic republic of congo. >> syrian president bashar al- assad says he is sure of victory
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in the country possible war. he made the comments while touring the former rebel-held area near the capital, damascus. it is also just days after the military said it had taken control of a strategic area in the city of palms. dozens of people have reportedly been killed after a huge blast at a weapons depot -- city of homs. dozens of people have reportedly been killed after huge blast at a weapons depot. some of these images may be disturbing. >> the fireball filled the sky. but the syrian army say they are close to retaking -- the city that the syrian army say they are close to retaking from rebels. it is the city of homs. an attack like this shows how rebels can strike at the heart of the regime's fighting force. the army say they are now targeting the few fighters who remain in other neighborhoods in homs. earlier, president assad released this statement to used morale amongst his troops -- to boost morale amongst his troops. >> if we were not assured of victory, we would not have had the will to persist in the face
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-- to resist, nor been able to persevere in the face of more than two years of aggression. his announcement comes on serious annual army day -- syria's annual army day. syrian state tv has been airing pictures of soldiers training, the government showing off its military prowess. officers have been speaking about how victory is being achieved against those the weime calls terrorists.then -- >> [inaudible] which are interrelated and complex. this includes the speed of deployment and movement, which came as a surprise to the whole world.>> pro-assad forces have made significant gains recently.with the help of hezbollah fighters, the army took control of the city ofto stare 00 -- qusayr in june. the battle for complete control of homs may not be quite over yet, but the military says its forces have surrounded the city and cut the rebels' supply lines.
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some analysts say the fights for cities and areas away from the western border with lebanon will be far harder for the military and pro-assad forces. >> any progress the syrian regime's troops achieved over the past two months was fully attributed to hezbollah's contribution, hezbollah's troops going and making the difference on the ground. and the areas where -- that are far away from the lebanese borders lie in the north, idlib in the south, deraa, and in the eastern side, we have-- inside of damascus, we have seen the rebels continue to maintain steady progress. >> fighting around the capital, damascus, has intensified in recent weeks. this video appears to show the aftermath of a rocket attack on a home that killed three children and their mother. pictures like these make one thing certain. as both sides make statements of victory, it is civilians who continue to die.
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>> italy's highest court has upheld silvio berlusconi's conviction for tax fraud on his final appeal. he was given a four-year sentence. he says he is the victim of persecution. barnaby phillips reports. >> or once, a definitive sentence against berlusconi, but he could have been worse. he is unlikely to go to jail, and the ban on public office will be re-examined by a lower court. mr. berlusconi's supporters had gathered outside his mansion in rome. they will hope he can continue to play an active role in italian politics. for all the anticipation here at the supreme court in rome, the outcome won't change the point of view of many italians about silvio berlusconi. his supporters will continue to believe that he is being persecuted by the judiciary that is biased against him. his many opponents will feel vindicated in their belief that he has been an embarrassment to this country for far too long.
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>> finally, we will be mentioned for something positive abroad. until now, it has been difficult for people outside italy to understand how we could allow such a situation in our country. >> as an italian citizen, i am happy that berlusconi has been condemned in a final appeal.-- in this final appeal. >> mr.irrevocable. berlusconi is damaged, but probably not fatally. his party will remain an important part of italy's coalition government. if the past 20 years have taught italians anything, it is that this man should never be written off. barnaby phillips, al jazeera, rome. >> jamaat-e-islami has been barred from contesting next year's election. the high court ruled that the party's regulations violate the country's secular constitution. jamaat-e-islami says it will appeal the verdict.
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after india's government agreed to back the creation of a andstate, other ethnic linguistic groups have demanded the same. we have this report from the city of hyderabad. >> for three years, she and her family have survived in this makeshift hut. they left the house and a farm in the countryside to move to the city and find jobs. >> in our village, we have land but no water for our crops, so we don't have any work. we have come here to work so at least we can meet. -- eat. >> there are millions of people like her in this southern state rf utter prick -- -- utta pradesh. , offering tos up pay $4 per day, but the migrants want more. as we leave, she is still waiting for work. but we see announcements that her village will be part of the
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new state. she is at least hopeful. >> if it is created, we will get jobs. we can even go home because things will improve. >> on tuesday, india's ruling congress party started the process of creating a new state. 10 of the 23 districts, including hyderabad, will be divided. at this factory that produces iron castings in the outskirts of hyderabad, the creation of a new state is also cause for hope . this is dirty work, but these components will power the pumps and engines that drive the state's growth. the owner's optimism is tempered by experience. there are still regular power outages in hyderabad, which impact his productivity. power.t now, we have 60% we are producing about 250 tons.
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us, power was delivered to we could make over 300 to 400 tons per month. hi techis hyderabad's city a symbol of just how far tech city, a high- symbol of just how far the state has come. everyone is looking for reassurance that a new state means better government. will take months for politicians to work out the details of how telangana will be run. whoever takes over will have to ensure that the economy grows and helps the people. i dare about maybe one of india's fastest cities -- i dare may be one ofabad india's fastest-growing cities, but it's poor continue to -- andhra pradesh. put it on aum, wall, play it, and become faces.
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that is what one thai musician did. he says his performance took a lot of practice and help from a video director to pull it off. the clip is up to more than 200,000 hits on youtube. top files released by the uk show that margaret thatcher and ronald reagan did not always get along as well as we were led to believe. this report -- smiles as queen elizabeth met ronald reagan in the early 1980's. but away from the cameras, her ministers were preparing for this. .he cold war was at its height nuclear war was a real possibility. to classified as of thursday, along other top-secret documents reveals what elizabeth would have said to her subjects had world war iii actually broken out.
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this madness of war is once more spreading through the world, and our brave country must again prepare itself to survive against great odds. >> fighting the cold war, a warm friendship in the west. question of the soviet union being able to divide the united kingdom from the united states. >> ronald reagan and margaret thatcher's names became synonymous with each other in the 1980's. they danced to the same tune on many issues. these top-secret files reveal what many already suspected, that the leaders of the uk and u.s. were out of step on others. like a military strike on lebanon. reagan wanted to retaliate after a truck bomb on you at -- on trucks.itary the iron lady won the day. what these documents show is the internal workings of a political marriage.
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it is absolutely clear there was a real personal fondness between thatcher and reagan, but also that business and pleasure were two entirely separate entities. on the rare occasions where both of them were more than prepared to say no to each other -- there is a clear disagreement. the documents have been released under a 30-year rule, after which they are open for all to see. in a period where much of the world was on the brink of war, we can now visualize firsthand just how serious those fears were. al jazeera, london.
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