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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  August 2, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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morsilice fire tear gas at protesters in cairo. partyent robert mugabe's has a huge lead in zimbabwe's parliamentary poll. the opposition threatens to take to the streets. a thriving black market in so-called abortion pills has health experts worried.
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>> tensions are running high in egypt's capital as supporters of mohamed morsi clash with police. tear gas was fired at loyalists, who rallied in front of a media complex in southern cairo. this is a scene where thousands of demonstrators have been camped out for weeks. defying the government's call to disburse. they say they will continue until morsi is reinstated. picking up, are thousands of people have been gathering and at least 15 cities across the country. human rights watch is warning that any attempts to clear the city could end in a bloodbath. >> the crowd may be smaller than
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-- but the resolve is just as strong. people telling us this is no longer about reinstating mohamed morsi, it is about protecting revolutionn -- the that began in january of 2011. that is what they believe is at stake. they're are also trying to protect the square. this area was attacked a week people described by local residents. that is when they started putting barricades around the perimeter of the square. in thes been fortified last few hours. people say that despite the repeated warnings by the interior ministry and other they will officials, not go anywhere and they will andinue their sit in
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support of the deposed president. morsi protesters are camped out. >> those calling for his return called on egyptians to take the streets in a show of force to show how much opposition there was to the military coup and how many supported the return of mohamed morsi. turnout.en a massive at one point, there were over 30 marches taking place in cairo. by the end of friday, protests in 15 cities across egypt. turnout,m that massive those gathered here have tried to shed the light on several other messages. they continue to say that -- insists they will stand firm in the face of intimidation, not only by security services, but also by injection figures who have been bashed injection
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figures who have invited the forces to come and steamroll. we saw a large and angry crowd gathered outside the media production center in cairo, which led to clashes over there. there are other messages coming out. the continued attempt to show this is a broad alliance of people, not just islamists or the muslim brotherhood. there are liberals and others who are gathered here. in largest we have seen several weeks. andill spur them on encourage them as the standoff continues and goes into its fifth week. >> we have the latest on the political elements from central cairo. security forces are
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continuously assessing the situation surrounding the citizens -- sitins to make an informed decision as to how to proceed forward in a way that maximum success and preserve lives. it was another indication that the government was putting forward a gradual approach after the cabinet ordered the interior ministry to take all necessary steps to break up the sit in. many voices within the government are pushing for a peaceful settlement. international and local concern about the potential backlash. the large number of localities that could occur if the government chooses to forcefully crack down on the sit in. made veryresident
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important to remarks in an interview to the washington post in which he said he had been pushing and for a negotiated settlement. he hopes the brotherhood would realize that time is not on its side and he is trying to hold the fort, but he is not sure he can continue to do so. >> egypt is seeing a flurry of diplomatic act dimity. -- activity. our correspondent in cairo reports. >> supporters of deposed president, and morsi were on the move on friday. opponents of the military interim government gave voice to their frustrations and anger. trouble flared in the capital where police used tear gas against demonstrators outside a complex housing many of egypt's private television channels. a succession of foreign politicians and diplomats have been marching through government
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offices. deputy secretary of state has flown in for his second visit in a month. he is due to meet the interim president and muslim brotherhood leaders. the foreign affairs chief catherine ashton c or this week. -- (earlier this week. -- left earlier this week. encourage theo regime to allow for that rehabilitation to take place without any use of violence. union is also here. the delegation urged the feuding factions to sit down and talk. >> reconciliation can only take place if everybody is involved. including those who have the .ost viewpoints
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everybody must be committed to peace and to working one with the other. >> so far, such exhortation's have made little progress. the language of political discourse is the chanting in the streets. main opposition party in zimbabwe has threatened to take to the streets to challenge election results. has a hugelready lead in the parliamentary polls. say theobserver elections were free and fair. zimbabweans are waiting for a president to be announced. early results predict robert mugabe's party is leaving. in the capital, most people said they wanted to improve their lives. >> to thrive like in other
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countries. >> we want leaders who can perform. and somee problems people being turned away from voting stations, the african .nion says it is satisfied >> the election itself was free. andybody wanted to campaign was able to campaign anywhere. anyone is free to go to the constitutional court and challenge the results when it is announced. >> the constitution gives seven
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days from the announcement of the results in which to do that. them to pleasee avail himself of these --visions so that >> urging the candidates, but the prime minister's party says it could take to the streets if robert mugabe is declared the winner. will be heading back to the polls later this month with none of the president shall candidates getting enough votes to win out right. the former prime minister will face x finance minister. >> for almost a year and a half, mali has been in crisis.
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a rebel advance in the north. aftere at the invitation a military coup in march last year. the power vacuum that was created enabled armed troops to take control. , which is said to be affiliated with al qaeda, and fighters seize the opportunities to assert independence in the north and impose islamic rule. but they were beaten back. open away for this vote. -- opening a way for this vote. people here are looking for stability. dominatedn a position by two men.
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ibk secured 39% of the vote. won almost 19% of all of the ballots cast. neither have enough to win out right, which is why people return to the polling booth on august 11. her first expecting round victory we are disappointed that it did not happen. so that malley can move ahead and develop. mali can move ahead and develop. election observers have urged everyone to respect the results. >> egyptian police have fired
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where mediaan area production companies are staged. oppositionmain parties have threatened to head to the streets to challenge election results if robert mugabe declared the winner of the presidential vote. voters in mai will be headed back to the polls later this month with none of the presidential candidates getting enough votes to win out right in the former prime minister will face ex-finance minister. the u.n. is investigating allegations that syrian rebels executed dozens of captured government soldiers in a town near aleppo. opposition activists say nine civilians have been killed or in shelley and then -- in shelling
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in the northwestern province. this video is said to show a makeshift hospital where the injured are being treated. al jazeera cannot independently verify the footage. the war in syria continues to take its toll on children. say many are suffering from trauma and mental illnesses. say many arekers suffering from trauma and mental illnesses. >> this 13-year-old is this. refugee living in jordan -- is a . refugee living in jordan. he has a case of ptsd. now we have to intend -- a tent and eventual counseling sessions. confidentiality, we cannot show his face. his father was shot in front of him and died at hospital. his mother suffers from cancer. >> i used to get so angry.
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the psychologist taught me how to deep -- breathe deeply. she taught me a lot of things. cases go tore support groups with a psychologist. these teenaged girls are talking through their negative feelings and learning to tap to what could be an unsafe camp -- adapt to what could be an unsafe camp. >> the sessions keep us avoid getting upset inside and to withstand tough times. i feel like i am talking with my sisters. psychologists say it is crucial for children to express their feelings in order to get better. some of the kids painted this mural to illustrate what they went through. ofy showed sequence violence, killing, fleeing, and the struggle and a refugee camp. armed conflicts often called
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trauma for children and change the way they perceive themselves and the world. all of the children receiving services here have been clinically diagnosed and found to suffer from anger, depression, or aggressive behavior. anxiety is another disorder, but now -- but not all illnesses are easy to spot. some mental illnesses have less notable symptoms than others. the counseling is helping control his temper and aggressive behavior. this mental health clinic waiting area is filled with adults, an indication that the war has harmed syrians of all ages. iran's president elect is due
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inaugurated on sunday. he has promised a different approach. he faces in norma's challenges, including a crumbling economy and crippling sanctions -- enormous challenges, including a and cripplingomy sanctions. president has undone the social reforms of the previous government and reintroduced a harder line on foreign policy and personal freedom. he promised a different approach, but he is facing enormous challenges. one is improving relations with the rest of the world, including britain and the united states. >> the differences between the two countries are very deep. there is u.s. animosity toward iran. if direct talks start, they will
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be very challenging. >> the disagreement over iran's nuclear program is his major international obstacle. the u.s. said it -- the u.s. accuses iran of trying to make nuclear bombs. iran says its program is peaceful. militarys threatened strikes and the u.s. says all options are on the table. exports, central bank and currency trading hit the economy hard. unemployment,high high inflation, and a devalued currency. fixing the economy is his first priority, he says, but he campaigned on a promise to ease press restrictions and allow more personal freedoms. that is a challenge, too. iswe experience this form
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government. -- reformist government. the judiciary and other organizations, the government can make the atmosphere little bit more open. >> pushing for domestic reform i be harder than anything else. -- might be harder than anything else. liners.e donated by hard- it was this the situation that blocked the former president attempts at reform. does not want to see that happen again. situation for some of our great directors did not improve. some of them do not make movies anymore. considering the way they were treated, they preferred not to work.
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challengesist of grow, so do the expectations. change will not come sing, what he is asking iranians to continue to have faith in him as they did at the ballot boxes. issuedunited states worldwide travel alerts to its citizens saying terrorists may be planning an attack. it has prompted the state department to close 21 and the seas on sunday. they said al qaeda linked groups may target the period up until the end of august. u.s. travelers are being warned to take extra precautions. there are concerns the new ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and the u.s. state of texas could put women's lives at risk. officials fear that a black market in abortion pills could fill the gap if clinics are forced to close.
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this is where we do the procedure. here on the table. >> he has performed thousands of abortions over the past 30 years. it has not been without consequences. >> there was a time when i got more death threats than christmas cards. legislation requires abortion providers to upgrade their facilities. it could force clinics to close their doors for good. >> i see a lot of girls down here desperate. they will try every conceivable method two aboard. things like the use of bleach and soap. i have had a variety of ghastly details. the clinic, the ever
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present protesters are delighted that texas has introduced a new legislation. it is about the unborn children. but the major thing is they are forgetting the innocent child. they should have a right. we are born with rights in the united states of america. our right to life. >> there is already a thriving black market in so-called abortion pills. but alsovailable extremely dangerous. experts fear that if the clinics are forced to close, women will turn to risky ways of ending their pregnancies. one increasingly popular method is to take something designed to treat ulcers. women --great for the we see a lot of women where it does not work. like in any medication that you take, if you are taking it
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without medical supervision, you do not know what the side effect is. >> the new laws that should into force by october that are likely to face multiple legal challenges. every woman has the right to seek a safe legal abortion. it does not stop states getting involved in such an emotional and complex legal issue. days collapsed in bangladesh. gathering ate been the site. arevists accuse the police preventing them from building a memorial. an indonesian state owned oil and gas company says it has managed to contain an oil spill. one of its tankers crashed on wednesday into a jetty. it is not clear how much oil leaked.
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you reach for a can of your favorite soft drink, you might want to think about this. to 180,000rinks lead deaths worldwide every year. australia, consumption of these beverages has risen by 30% in the past decade. showcasing the quintessential aussie. or are they? australia is one of the fattest nations in the developed world. >> i did not wake up one morning 40 kilos heavier. quit sugar and he says he changed his life. he calls it sweet poison. he writes it is not just unhealthy, it is deadly.
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>> one in seven hospitalizations are because of a disease that is caused directly by sugar consumption. >> sugar is killing us? >> killing us. >> this family is one of thousands following his lead, finding healthy alternatives to sugar packed snacks. >> we have porridge for breakfast. >> it has not always been that easy. -- sweet treats are marketed to kids. would go through the supermarket and the kittens had a little bit of a challenge -- and the kids had a little bit of a challenge.
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>> the children's hospital works with dozens of obese and overweight children every single year. the nutritionist get to see this firsthand. sugar is one of their biggest vices. shirley alexander takes a holistic approach. she does not think cutting sugar will solve all their problems. >> it is one of several things that needs to be cut back on. increase activity. we need to spend more time moving around. >> the family does plenty of that. their great leap forward. >> we will easily live five years longer. >> that is a sweet deal. exactly a picnic
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for one hungry diner. this black bear was captured on security cameras rating the leftovers of a german restaurant in colorado. he made off with some discarded sausages. the bear was back the following night. so keen onant is not its new customer.
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