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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  August 7, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> it gives military led government says foreign diplomats have failed, placing the blame squarely on the muslim brotherhood. breakssive fire in kenya out, forcing the airport closed. tens of thousands of tunisian take to the streets since the murder of a top opposition leader two weeks ago. france 24.hing the military-backed government
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in egypt is reportedly furious over comments of two u.s. centers there that the removal of mohammad morsi was a coup. have we learned more about the circumstances in this foreign international remediation ended? >> the two that you are referring to run the u.s. -- deputy secretary of state as well as william byrnes. william burns has left the country. morsi is to says blame -- the muslim brotherhood this failure.r what we do know is that on the
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substance, all of these international mediators, both the eu, the u.s., the gulf states, and the u.s. centers -- senators who were in egypt as for the were working queue to be reversed and that morsi be reinstated. reversede coup to be and that morsi be reinstated. and the muslim brotherhood senior officials would be released from jail. the islamist media shot down by the army would resume, and that the future of their participation of the muslim brotherhood in the egyptian politics and be guaranteed. those first order of the four main points.
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to happenplan was without mohammad morsi. that was the big snag. the point man, a deputy of the muslim brotherhood, he kept insisting that they should be talking to president mohamed morsi. there was no backing down on the essential of keeping morsi in power. whereas the foreigners basically envisioned this transition happening without morsi. all of this set the stage for a, perhaps in part two of a potentially bloody situation where there -- where the military is clearing out the muslim of brotherhood citizens. israeli soldiers were wounded a blast along the israeli border overnight. they were actually inside lebanese territory when it
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happened. the explosion might have been caused by a landmine. for more on what happened, i'm joined by abigail in beirut. give us the details of what happened. >> there is not much more information than what you just said. israel has just said that four of their soldiers were wounded. lebanese security establishments are claiming that it happened on the lebanese side, on the blue line between the two countries. case sos seem to be the far is that neither side is making too much of a desire to flare this into something. people are proceeding very carefully. >> i know we're just dealing with speculation, but if these
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israeli soldiers were inside lebanese territory, what might they have been doing there? >> it is hard to say without knowing more about the circumstances. and therery sensitive was an incident a few years ago were there was some cross border activity that -- that resulted in an exchange of bullets. picture at the moment is that both sides are keen to avoid a confrontation. so far, no evidence of anyone trying to with this up into something. abigail from debris. tens of thousands took to the streets in the largest anti- .overnment protests in tunisia the country has been rocked by
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the murder of an opposition leader, mohammed bromley, two weeks ago. clear, a call was for tunisia because the -- a call for to me shows government to step down. deathere angered by the of two opposition leaders. >> i really wanted this regime to fall, because we are being suffocated by the government. >> i think that the tunisian people know what have to be -- has to be done. government has to stop, of all its members and those who follow them. theemand the dissolution of
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assembly. that is why i'm here. >> the protests came as the head of the assembly is only weeks away from drafting a constitution. the government has proposed elections for the end of the year, but the opposition is refusing any negotiations unless it resigned immediately. hitenya's main airport is by a massive fire. it destroyed the arrival hall. flames lit up the early morning sky, but no immediate reports of casualties or injuries. >> early wednesday morning, black smoke billowing out of nairobi's international airport. the immigration sections are totally damaged, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded outside. >> we did hear a blast and noises, and we quickly rushed out. that is what we saw the fire. >> because is not yet known.
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the firefighters took four hours to stem the kit -- the raging flames. the firefighters were running dangerously low on water. all roads in the area have been closed. >> at the moment we have closed the international airport. there is no departure no rivals. .- and no arrivals >> it serves as a hub for east africa with over 1 million passengers every year. tens of thousands of travelers are expected to be affected. of attacks in iraq have left over 50 dead and one hurt. the car bombs spread across of baghdad in busy markets and shopping streets.
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in julyple were killed alone. it is the highest monthly death toll since 2008. yemen have in increased security across the capitol and its strategic locations around the country to better prepare for a better -- to better prepare for an al qaeda attack. non-essential staff have been evacuated. it is a move that left local authorities in yemen feeling like they cannot be trusted. on the groundty as foreigners fly away from imminent threat. the u.s., along with several other european countries have evacuated most of their diplomatic staff from sanaa. yemen has criticized the evacuation, saying that they were capable of protected -- protecting foreign diplomats as well as their own.
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>> we can handle any security threats in sanaa or elsewhere. we have been able to protect -- prevent this attack and can further plots anywhere else in the country. >> the u.s. has shut down 19 embassies and consulates in 16 the region.ross this could be in retaliation for the u.s.-backed military offensive and drawn strikes in the arabian peninsula against what is known as aqap. >> what we have seen time and again is killing a top leadership is not actually in a strategy -- not actually a strategy against al qaeda. meanwhile, tribal sources in
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yemen say u.s. drones strike killed seven al qaeda suspects earlier today. that is the fifth of its kind in 10 days. officials said they foiled a plot by al qaeda to attack and will facility and an eastern capital in yemen. an industry ministry officials as water contaminated with radiation has been leaking into the pacific ocean for the past two years. 300 tons of contaminated water is leaking into the ocean every day. japanese prime minister shinzo abe as promised -- as promised streese that up the efforts to stem the leaks. it has taken four years and cost $11 billion. and the chinese have reported
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the by the kate -- the purse like the case of the first human to human transmission of the new bird flew. a woman was infected after carrying her father for over a week. both later died in hospital. meants stress it does not the virus had developed the ability to spread easily between humans. arein thailand, lawmakers debating a controversial bill on amnesty that has provoked anti-government protests as they say could help and exiled -- it could help and exiled government official to return home a free man. about 1500 protestors to the prompt -- parliament building were stopped by riot police. sessionparliament is in
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and they are skirting around the issues. to the pointuite of physical contact or fighting. but it really is quite tense in the parliament. the leaderre against that was ousted in 2006, they say this is paving the way for his return. it is a long process, but it might happen. there really shouting and the atmosphere contributing to the parliament building itself. >> the u.s. government has filed two separate lawsuits against one of the country's top lenders. it is accusing bank of america have deliberately having tricked customers into loans it knew would fail. >> in two separate lawsuits, u.s. authorities accused bankamerica of committing fraud in 2008.
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worth about $850 million when it was issued in 2008, the security collapsed later that year and led to investor losses of about $100 million. bankamerica said its investors understood the risks involved. >> these were prime mortgages with sophisticated investors ready essential access to the underlying data. we are not responsible for the housing collapse that caused mortgage rates to default at surprising rates. obamais the administration's latest attempt to crack down on errant business practices. and companies like fannie mae and freddie mac, liz lending policies are viewed as instrumental to the -- whose lending policies are viewed as instrumental to the collapse of the housing market. >> for too long they were allowed to give loans knowing that if things went bad, the taxpayers would be left holding
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the bag. >> goldman sachs and others were found bible -- a libeled in a similar scheme that cost investors $1 million. >> and american escape artist, you can see there, was changed and locked inside a wooden casket. it was then dragged out of an airplane at almost 1,500 feet. the escape artist inside, anthony martin, picked the locks while free falling, finally landing on a farm just outside chicago. crazy stuff. the weekand welcome to in the middle east. coming up in the show coming back to writing staff, closing embassies, sounding the alarm, the u.s. and other countries act on a tax -- on the intelligence
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of al qaeda attacks. hundreds of people, many of them ex military leaders, were convicted of plotting to overthrow the government. the government in egypt. and hoping to kickoff a more friendly atmosphere for dialogue. the united states shut the doors of diplomatic missions this week after the state department identified what it called an extremely high security threat level. it focused particularly on yemen, after u.s. intelligence interceptedarently a message from the head of oksana -- of al qaeda to his deputy in the arabian peninsula. >> the united states says it is under threat 12 years on from 911 -- from 9/11, washington is taking no chances.
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chatter's plenty of going on. it is reminiscent of what happened. -9/11. we did not take ki'yauhn 9/11 dewitt we should. -- what happened. -9/11. we did not take heed on 9/11 the way that we should. >> what appears to be known is that there was some sort of correspondence between zabul and and -- al-zawahiri deputy about the attack, but we do not know the specific locations. revealed thes potential for a guy to hit a large swath of territory. >> washington close 19 u.s. embassies across the middle east and africa. after the attack in
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libya in which the u.s. ambassador there was killed. >> the americans carried out and ordered worldwide -- and order worldwide at their embassy. security issues. they wanted closures to beef up security to take place at the time that there was a specific threat. >> the rest chief of staff, general martin dempsey, said the other interests were threatened, not so the american. several other countries also bend down the hatches in yemen. al qaeda isbelieve capable of operating in several countries in a coordinated fashion against western interests. >> attention focuses largely on yemen. yemeni officials suggest
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multiple threats against targets in the country. jailbreaks in nine countries in the past month in which hundreds of terrorists were freed. next friday was a showdown in turkeys -- between turkey's government and military zakia their opponents. a huger trial with several figures sentenced to prison. ofres were found guilty carrying out attacks and overthrowing the government. >> life in prison for plotting against the turkish government. a former military chief was the most prominent figure convicted among the two entered 75 defendants on trial. -- 275 defendants on trial. >> it is not acceptable. if you are trying someone who has been the commander of the turkish armed forces for being a member of the terrorist
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organization, that means you're targeting and trying the army of the republic of turkey. this country will not accept it. >> more than a dozen other defendants were sentenced to life in prison, including 10 high-ranking military officials and a prominent journalist. many of their opposition lawmakers for had it long sentences, what 20 work with it. that's what -- the defendants were accused of being part of a secular group that plotted to destabilize the country through political violence to pave the way for a military coup, according to the government. according to the opposition, this is a political trial. it capped off a five-year drought that has increased tensions between the secular elite and the ruling party. road around the courthouse were shut and pert's
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buses were prevented from reaching the high-security complex -- protest buses were reaching them high-security complex. they used tear gas and rubber bullets to push them away, injuring several protesters. >> she may have won the nobel peace prize, but international recognition was not enough to let this yemeni activist into egypt. she had been hoping to join protests in support of ousted president mohamed morsi, but was turned away at cairo airport and put on a plane back home. she had been placed on an airport stop was without detailing why. she has urged protesters to continue peaceful demonstrations. next, speaking out in his first news conference as president, he said he is sears they determined to resolve the dispute with the west over iran's nuclear program. he said he is ready to engage in
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negotiations after being sworn in earlier in the week. >> taking to the podium for the first time in his new role, it iran's president addressed foreign ministers and iran's leaders and state media. uber is there -- he was there in a less belligerent approach that many see is the reason for his victory in june. there's been an ongoing standoff with the west. now he wants to tackle that issue head on. people of iran cannot be made to surrender three sanctions or threat of war. contrary, the only way for interaction with iran is dialogue on an equal footing and mutual respect. this is how we will end the
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hostilities. >> yet the white house has said that iran must first meet international obligations and address the nuclear question. many believe that a meaningful dialogue is a long way off. >> when we see the u.s. congress vote through such harsh sanctions than they did -- that they did just a few days ago, much stricter than even for north korea, you wonder if they're ready to negotiate. >> it negotiations with the west are scheduled to start up again with the west in the august. if they will go back to the talks of 2003 when iran suspended uranium enrichment. >> they changed the game in their own way.
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the players visited israel and the palestinian territories, carrying out training sessions and trying to bring a positive message to the region. sunday, and inon chevron'sank town that -- on saturday, they may not be playing at home, but the spanish champions had no shortage of fans. >> it is an indescribable feeling. it is a wonderful thing to see one of the world's biggest football clubs. >> i have been idolizing these players for a long time and to see the nowlin person is unbelievable. in person isow unbelievable. skills clinics for aspiring footballers and -- they ran skills clinics for a fight andspiring footballers
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even spoke to shimon peres. useful things, not war. gregg's -- >> and mahmoud abbas also toward the church of nativity in bethlehem. playerssunday, the return to jerusalem. the centerpiece was meant to be the company against the israeli side. that was blocked by the but association. they said it was impossible so long as the israeli boss -- the tenzin --cupation
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continued. but nevertheless thanked them for the making the trip. reporters, barr sona president hailed the restart of
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