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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  August 23, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> a second day in court for former chinese politician bo xilai, lashing of they call his arrogance. pressure on basher al-assad. allied russia urges the syrian government to allow you when investigators to investigate the alleged michael attack. and mohamed morsi loyalists take to the streets again heard in support now winning? those are the news headlines. the whiteford turning into it we will start with the news just coming in on the channel. there have been two explosions the middle of the lebanese city
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of tripoli this friday. one blast with outside a mosque as the prayers and appeared the other hit central tripoli according to witnesses. there are casualties. we will bring you more on this story as we get it. chinese politician bo xilai, this is the second day of his corruption trial. said he was framed in the bribery charges against him and admitted to them only under psychological pressure during interrogation. on thursday, he called one witness a mad dog and set this money from his wife was laughable. joining me from paging is our correspondent rebecca hume. just a mind is come up rebecca, what has been said in court today? >> bo xilai has come out saying that -- he calls his wife insane. she said she often tells lies and that she has changed. he claims that she gave her testimony under pressure for the
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hope of a reduced sentence. we have to remember his wife is actually serving a lifetime in death on a suspended sentence for the murder of a businessman among neil heywood. she is under duress there. much speculation has been talked about, that she was put under pressure to testify against bo xilai in the hope that she could have some protection for her son , who has also been implicated in the bribery scandal. quite an interesting day in court. none of the court proceedings have focused on the ring charges against him. this all centers around his wife and the murder investigation l'st happened around nei
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death in chongqing back in 2011. it has been quite an interesting day. it is not quite finished. we are seeing the charts continue tomorrow as well. >> chinese media has been calling bo ever get than a liar. what prompted that reaction in the press? defense --een his yesterday, that is probably where the arrogance comes from. he denies the bribery actions made against him. the media isn't disagreeing with that. there are several -- there were several witnesses bright yesterday, including his wife, to try to prove that he was involved in these bribery allegations. we are hearing all of this are the official court microblog. we cannot verify how true all of this is pure we are only seeing court writeups and pictures. we have not actually seen any live shots of bo xilai.
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that is the questionable thing here. >> ok, rebecca, we will leave it there for now. thank you very much. areand weapons inspectors running out of time to investigate the site of the alleged indymac is -- alleged damascus typical attack last week. some lame more than 1000 people were killed. they are now try to the inspectors who are staying in a hotel a few kilometers away. so far have been am unable to leave. >> international opinion remains divided as to the authenticity of the alleged chemical weapons attack. one thing is clear -- time is running out to gather the conclusive proof. >> we've had 36 hours since the attacks were first announced. -- they have really another 12 hours to get onto the scene intake light and beod or hair samples and able to store those in handle those correctly and get them
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into a government lab as soon as possible. weaponshe u.n. inspectors have been in damascus on sunday and have been holed up in a four season ever censored all eyes are on them now as only they can confirm or deny whether chemical weapons were indeed used in the militia-held damascus suburbs. pressure is mounting. .> it is real crucial the international community is looking for their judgment upon which to base their actions. what is critically and valuable about the u.n. inspectors as they are seen as credible, that is also a plague on them because everyone is looking to them for their reports in their advice. that is a lot of pressure to be under. >> however, they have a limited mandate, which means they're powerless to travel the few minutes, drive to the scene of the alleged attack. you and secretary general ban ki-moon confirmed that the u.n.
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has submitted a formal request for access. efforts are hindered for a swift and devices investigation. >> allied russia has urged the syrian government to cooperate with the u.n. experts and allows the group to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons. a rookie league and u.n. -- arab league and u.n. says they should speak up toward an international peace conference. meanwhile, u.s. president barack obama has said there is a more abbreviated timeframe now to deal with the crisis. childer of registered refugees fleeing the violence in syria has now topped the one million mark. the head of the un's children's agency unicef has warned that this marker is not as a number of, but it is real children being ripped from their homes. jennifer lutz reports. ,> these children seem happy perhaps because they are safer
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here than they would be at home. the children are attending school in the refugee camps in neighboring jordan, home to 130,000 syrians. they are led in exercise games and it games to keep them entertained. here, days before we came the principal told us the army was planning to occupy our school. in those days, we would see the rockets flying directly above us , and we were trying to hide from them. that is my uncle suggested that we leave. u.n.,ording to the children make up half of all refugees and the syrian complex. one million children have been forced to leave their country, and over 2 million displaced within syrian borders. >> we see this as a children's crisis first and foremost because they are the ones that feel the violence most readily.
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they are the ones who can rectify the violence. >> the trauma experienced by so many children account for just part of the human crisis. agencies are keen to highlight the threat of child labor, potential sexual exultation, and trafficking that refugee children face. too many of the children, life is better here than at home, however one thing they all have in common -- they want to go home. wish is that syria could become peaceful again. that is all i want. for the trouble to stop. this time next year, i hope everything goes back to normal, to the way it used to be. >> egypt's muslim brotherhood have called for another day of protests, dubbed the 'friday of martyrs.' after week in which 900 people were killed in demonstrations around the country, enthusiasm to take to the street may now be waning. nicholas reports.
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morsi's students, pro supporters, protested at an education ministry building thursday shouting down with military rule. we demand the release of our imprisoned colleagues, and that the rights of market students are respected. >> the program or see cap is calling for a 'friday of martyrs thatnst the military coup cost morsi from power on the third of july. the muslim brotherhood is trying to maintain momentum for its cause amid a wave of arrests of its leaders, including its up guide. it's a supreme quite the rest of the muslim brotherhood leaders will create more violence because this is an organized group. they will not give up easily. if they arrest the first line of leaders, there is a second, a third, and ia fourth. this group has been going for eight years. >> nearly eight members were taken into custody on thursday.
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at least 900 people, including dozens of soldiers and police, have been killed in a crackdown on morsi supporters in the past week. and since and now focuses on whether the military clothing might has weakened the brother could or galvanize it -- present thealvanized occurred >> -- brotherhood or galvanized it correct >> -- it. mass protest especially following recent developers and egypt. saidharatiya janata party it was ready for dialogue in principle, but a move forward has been rejected. mexican authorities say they discovered mass graves near the m ago city. tests are now underway to determine whether the corpses are those of 12 people who vanished from a bar back in may. >> heavy police presence aurrounds the rancho la mess
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ecological park near mexico city. here, officer say they found to grace and have recovered several bodies during their identities -- several bodies. their identities are yet unknown. >> we are waiting, we are working jointly with the attorney general of the republic to carry out the dna tests that will be performed on the bodies that have been found. >> no names yet, but some investigators fear the corpses could be those of 12 young people kidnapped from the capital three months ago. relatives of some of those objected -- abducted joint police. the kidnapping at a nightclub in an upmarket neighborhood of the capital caused widespread shock. city had lastly been spared the drug violence in the space of six years, mainly in the country both the north. still, investigators say the abductions could be linked to
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rivalry between opposing narcotics gains -- gangs operating in a city. the dallas on, who represented himself, chose not to make a closing -- nidal hassan chose not to make a closing statement. he faces numerous count of premeditated murder and attempted premeditated murder for the attack in november 2009 that killed 13 people and wounded more than 30 others at fort hood in texas. a conviction would allow prosecutors to seek the death penalty. pakistan says two of its soldiers were killed by fire from indian troops on thursday. the incident allegedly took place along the borders along the disputed territory of kashmir. weeks,ed in recent jeopardizing a decade-old truths. >> the first soldier was killed here close to the border with
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indian kashmir, the second 45 kilometers further south. pakistan accuses indian troops of opening fire, but the indian argues it was they who are shot at first. according to islamabad, the indian military also killed a pakistani officer on tuesday along the so-called line of control. residents complain cross-border clashes have become more frequent in recent weeks. >> the indians and start firing whenever they feel like it. an incident will occur in one sector, and they start firing another one. they turn any small incident into an excuse to pressure pakistan to crack the two countries -- to pakistan. countries -- the indian government warns that reprisals could not be warned out. -- be rolled out. >> [indiscernible]
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>> on monday, new pakistani prime minister sharif spoke of strengthening ties. some pakistani analysts say the recent events have started blow to peace overtures. >> we are prepared to go a step forward. it would have meant putting it on the back one or for the time being. >> india and pakistan fought the two major wars over the disputed kashmir region and 9047 and 1965. in igniting icon the tensions boiled over again, sparking a blocky -- a bloody three-month border conflict. >> if you have not seen the leaning tower of pisa in italy, now be the -- now maybe the the time to go because the iconic tilting structure is actually strengthening --straightening itself. quite the leaning tower of these days straightening out. 10 years after the structure was reinforced, the the famous
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tilting monument has recovered 2.5 centimeters of its new vertical incline all by itself. back in 1992, the tower reached a dangerous angle, threatening to collapse. the earth beneath the foundation was excavated, forcing the tower lower and reducing its incline. had999, the tort of pisa recovered its original a lower. extra tabs unveiled an uncommon phenomenon. it seemed like the tower is now pursuing a it's a slow but steady path toward straightening without the intervention of scientists. what happened the leaning tower of pisa became straight as a pole? one 4 million people a year come visit it as an attraction? tourists can rest assured. scientists say the tower should soon stop its progression of and find a comfortable inclination. first playoffs -- it was a finite for english clubs
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enjoying heavy winds. not such a good evening for french side. suffering to feed on new road. another had a shocker, suffering defeat. the season got off to a difficult start. don't have to do without a star player due to injury. the spanish international was hurt during a training session. could be out for an estimated three months due to the knock. the stabilization and compression of the factor, but the recovery period of two months. >> alonso used social media to review the news of his injury. the start of his first season. league, alish premier
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new player was unveiled. the 32-year-old swedish international joins the canaries . he is excited about returning to premier league football. elaborate positive -- >> i am very positive. i am very glad to be here. i was for a happy because i got a good feeling. it is nice to be here. i had my first ring today. -- training today. hopefully i'm starting to get a little bit older, and i am in a situation before, so hopefully i can bring some to the young guys in the team and hopefully some goals and good play. >> he will be hoping to benefit with his experience. the women's u.s. open door was made in new york on thursday. the united states association
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chairman got the ceremony underway. serena williams, the world number one and defending go upon, is set to against fellow american sloan stephens in the fourth round, who beat her in the australian open quarterfinals. the grand slam champion is glad to be back where she won her first title way back in 1990 nine. >> being american, the tournament is so important for me. it means a lot. growing up, it is the wonderment that i fill my dad, i want to win the u.s. open when i grow up. i want to be able to win the title. it is also the first time, the first place i ever won a grand slam was here. it just has so many great members -- memories. >> williams will the top seed. winning a fifth major on home soil. this is how the women line up. williams will be hosted at
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wimbledon. she takes on francesca --, the 2010 french champion in the first round. then a runner-up kicks off her campaign. 2009 finalist caroline of denmark is a qualifier. andy murray has hasn't u.s. open against michelle altra. thomas burdick, a potential quarterfinal for murray, faces lindsay. thisly on the doll opened campaign against -- rafael nidal opened his campaign against frederick. in a cycling, tom boone has been forced to bring his tour to a
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premature end, offering a , the belgian2 had a bit of straightening. he won him is the world championship in florence next month. -- he will now miss the world championship in florence next month. a colombian has taken to the pro challenge. creek,eamboat to beaver including the grueling climb in the final 20 kilometers. struggling to give up with the breakaway on the climb. 14 kilometers from the line, and tj's group caught up with the leaders. , they thenshing down pulled away. stageld battle took the -- the winner took the stage.
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>> today, on the next bo xilai trial opens in china. thailand stepped up its online surveillance campaign. likehat the sky would look if the moon was replaced by some of our planets. the trial of bo xilai, the disgraced former chinese communist party official, is facing charges of corruption and abuse of power began thursday in china. an account of the proceedings was posted online in real-time with photographs to keep journalists and members of the public informed on this highly anticipated trial.
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what is of have been scrutinizing the pictures, bo xilai hand gesture in the photo sparks speculation by what he can be trying to tell the world. if he was in fact trying to convey a message to his loved ones. although the trial is a sensitive subject on the social network, authorities do want to exert some control over the content of discussion. this trial and subsequent ruling could well serve as an example to other officials in china. according to hong kong daily, post, ah china morning lot has been edited before publication. to avoid using the foreign officials name, relax about his time in office, before his fall from grace. have been writing on social networks outside of china, highly critical of china's justice system.
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he adopted this photo, editing him in as a police officer. thailand government announced recently it will be stepping up its online surveillance campaign. the measures will enable the authorities to control the contents of comments on social networks like facebook or youtube and also smart phone apps like the highly popular instant messaging service from japan, line. the government says the needs to remove comments that pose a threat to national security, but he does have been met with lively reactions. many phil at these tightened controls are nothing more than a violation of their rights. in its communication, the thai network campaign for a free and open internet states that the alarming measures violates an individual's right to privacy and freedom of expression. many have taken to the web voicing similar fears. this blogger said not only does
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the act and french on individual freedom, it is also clearly unconstitutional. the author of this post also says tyler the supposed be a democratic country, but this level of online monitoring is really a tyrannical government. the measure has been met with widespread condemnation. a recent poll shows overwhelming opposition. some 17 -- 74% of respondents disagree with the increased control on the web saying the government is censoring free speech. a new law that will come into force next month in china prompted much mirth among chinese netizens. public toilet users will be yuen if they fail to urinate accurately in public the phillies are social networks and china have been posting some of the measures, wondering how they will be enforced. authorities will have to employee toilet inspectors across the city.
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there are a lot of holiday -- online featuring tan legs on a lookor beach, but that like a hotdog. sony posted hotdogs. shots with staged hotdogs. it is often very difficult to tell the difference between someone's lens and a package to me product. limbs and a packaged meat product. what would the sky look like if the moon was from -- was replaced by planets? with the earth's natural satellite replaced by neptune, uranus, jupiter, and others. fascinating viewing indeed.
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>> hello. welcome to the health show. you the mosting important health stories from around the world an. >> with their


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