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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  October 6, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is the "journal." our headlines. protest in cairo turned violent. authorities say dozens of people are dead. yemeni security officials say that gunmen have shot dead at german embassy employee. victory in korea. sebastian continue to strive for a fourth formula one championship. in egypt where there
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has been deadly clashes between supporters of ousted president securitymorsi and his forces. authorities say 34 people have been killed. earlier police in cairo fought to stop protesters from entering tahrir square. police used tear gas against supporters of the deposed egyptian president morsi. they deployed tanks to block the protesters. 's military rulers were determined to prevent muslim brotherhood backers for reaching tahrir square. thousands of pro-government demonstrators had come to the square to rally behind the new government. are fighting against international terrorism now, and the man leading us to victory in that fight is the commander al- sisi. >> sunday is the national holiday, and usually a day of celebration, but the country is polarized. pro-morsi were banned from
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festivities and member rating the 1973 war. here to begin return to legitimacy because all of us went out to vote. el sisi says he is not bound by elections. >> the egyptian government is determined to quash the muslim brotherhood. all of its leaders are in jail and its funds confiscated, and the protests across egypt suggest the muslim brotherhood is not going down without a fight. >> for more on this, let's talk to a financial times correspondent in cairo. egypt has been relatively calm for the past few things. why have things escalate? >> there have been small protests, clashes on campuses am a in neighborhoods almost constantly. this was the culmination of those efforts by supporters of the deposed government to build
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momentum and bring ouot as many numbers as they could. >> how much support to these protesters have? are people losing patience with the military government? >> today they brought out a lot of people. it was quite impressive but they managed to do in terms of the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands or more supporters that came out. but for now at least, the old of people in egypt are giving the interim government the benefit of the doubt. cairo. u.n. disarmament inspectors have begun destroying syria's chemical weapons. it is an operation that will see more than 1000 tons of toxic gas obliterated. inspectors also began disabling facilities fornt chemical weapons production and used heavy machinery to put missile warheads and mixing units out of use.
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the arsenal is due to be completely destroyed by the middle of next year under the terms of the u.n. resolution. moving to yemen, where local officials say gunmen have shot dead an employee of the german embassy in the capital. the german government has yet to confirm the attack. authorities believe the al qaeda network was behind the shooting. >> this was the scene of the shooting -- just outside a supermarket in the diplomatic quarter. details are still emerging, but it is clear the victim was an employee of the german embassy. men were following him as he came out of the supermarket and they opened fire on him. local media said german ambassador kemper had been the target of an attempted kidnapping by the assailants, but the foreign ministry said she was not in the country. believedn embassy is
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to be among a number of al qaeda targets in the city. it was one of several western missions closed in august after warnings of a possible attack. yemen facess challenges as it tries to tackle extremist and maintain the rule of law. al qaeda and other terror groups have taken advantage of the political chaos to recruit new members. footage shows just how fragile the situation is in the country. only last month, blasts went off in the heart of the capital. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says that two raids in north africa send the message that terrorists can run but not high. bya's prime minister says that he was in nation after special porces smashed -- snatched a to
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al qaeda suspect from the streets of tripoli. >> a senior al qaeda operative was one of the world's most wanted terrorist. washington was offering a $5 million reward for information leading to his arrest. on saturday, special forces captured him near tripoli and took him to an undisclosed location outside the country. at the sidelines of the apec theit, john kerry said raid set a message to al qaeda. clear thatthis makes the united states of america will never stop in its effort to hold those accountable who conduct act of terror. expected of coordinating the twin attacks in 200ania in 1998 that killed people. a court charged him in connection with the attacks. he has been on the most wanted list ever since. the libya operation came hours
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abab militants were attacked. concerned that their forces were involved against the terrorists, but offered no further details. agencies are reporting that u.s. forces were not able to achieve their objective. ab militants claimed responsibility for last month's attack on a shopping mall in nairobi. the hostage drama left 70 people that. haveicide bombers in iraq killed dozens of people in attacks that targeted schoolchildren, the police, and shiite programs. the blasts came as iraqis were still burying the dead from numerous bombings. one has programs passing through a sunni neighborhood, while another targeted a café north of baghdad. thousands of people have been killed so far this year.
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european commission president barroso is planning to visit the sa onan island of lampedu wednesday, following the shipwreck that left 300 migrants dead. 180 survivors. 150 more are still missing. the search had because of high winds and choppy waters. , italy's integration minister called for an overhaul of the country's immigration laws. the german military has handed over it a sin northern afghanistan to local security forces. troops spent a decade in the province as part of an effort to fight the taliban. concludes the complete withdrawal of western forces slated for the end of next year. waserman defense minister
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joined by the foreign minister for the ceremony. the handover of the camp is a milestone in the withdrawal from afghanistan. it has posed some security missions greatest challenges. he described it as a place where the german armed forces learn to fight. he said events here have also left their mark on german society. the province lies in the north of afghanistan. it is one of the most dangerous areas in the country. sunday saw further violence between police and the taliban. more than 20,000 german soldiers have been stationed here during the decade-long deployment. 54 of them lost their lives in afghanistan. one of many tragedies came on good friday in 2010, when three soldiers were killed after they were ambushed by insurgents.
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about 4000 german soldiers remain in afghanistan, including 900 here. the camp will be used as a base by afghan security forces. the remaining combat troops are due to leave afghanistan by the end of next year. now for some sports, and german bundesliga soccer, some bad news for nuremberg fans. losing 5-0 at home. man of theurg's match. he fired in a hat trick. later in the day, he managed to rescue a point against frankfurt. they made life difficult for rtemselves, giving frankfu the lead. an equalizer in the 85th minute. there was no change at the top of the table whereby munich
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could celebrate being top of the league on sunday at the city's famous oktoberfest. club was allowed to capitalize on a defeat for their archrival. >> when the final whistle blew, they could only stare ain disbelief. how could his team not have one? it looks like only a matter of time before they would juschargo the fore. his concentration slipped only once, and immediately they pounced. they equalized for them 90 seconds after the strike. forward and poured dominated the rest of the game. rear guard action. byan had 27 attempts at goal,
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and only one went on the score sheet. stille the draw, he can celebrate. on sunday he makes his first visit to munich's oktoberfest. >> the rest of the weekend's results look like this -- trashed nuremberg. they stormed with a 2-0 win. they won for the first time this season, 2-0. and they drew 2-2. on friday, handover finished 1- 1. let's have a look at how those results affected the table. the top perch despite only drawing in the gamatch. they moved up to fourth after inflicting the first loss of the season. the top flight win in 28 years
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was not enough to keep them from the foot of the table. leapfrog their opponents on sunday to finish the weekend out of the bottom three. in formulatest man one came out on top again in south korea. sebastian is now closing in on his fourth world title. thatbastian has winning feeling once again. touchingakes it within distance of another title. the champion dominated from start to finish. another german also produced a strong performance to come in fourth, but their countrymen's race was hampered by a front ring failure after his overtaking. car had to be called out after mark webber's' car
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caught fire. he kept his cool and cross the finish line ahead. >> fortunately, we had enough though left a gap, even they were pretty competitive. so i think they did a little bit better job, looking after their tires. all in all, yeah, fantastic. >> it is the first time a driver has one in korea after starting from pole position. another record for him to add to his collection. means he takes an even bigger league at the top of the overall standings. he is now 77 points clear of his onzsest challenger al who could only manage a sixth place finish. a win for him in next weekend's japanese grand prix could be enough to clinch the
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temperature. that is this for us. tune in at the top of the hour for more news and information. >> at the start of the week, the turkish prime minister air drawn announced political reform. the measures included a reversal of the ban on headscarves for women in public service. >> we are lifting the ban on headscarves. on appearances are a violation of the freedom of religion and conscience. >> the headscarf issue has long been contentious. supporters of turkey's secular constitution see lifting the ban as a step towards islamization. the ban will remain in place for
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uniformed women in the courts and military. the reforms include more rights minorities.ish erdogan proposed relaxing the law under which only parties with 10% of the national vote get seats in parliament. h groups say the changes do not go far enough. in the southeast of the country, thousands protested after the announcement. they want their rights to be entered in the constitution. have a right-o leaning two-party minority government. the conservative leader announced after coalition talks with two smaller centrist parties broke down and that she would team up with the populist progress party. it's the first time the anti- immigration party will have a place in the norwegian government. twist in thenew
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trial surrounding the neo-nazi terror group known as the national socialist underground. a witness told the court she has seen the main defendant in a yard. she said he was in the company of two alleged members and a local man shortly before a turkish shopkeeper was killed there by in 2006. the witness came forward only after the trial began. >> she saisd sh did not want to draw attention to herself or be a busybody. she was not even sure that her observations were at all obsetic and
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>> the u.s. government shutdown. democrats and republicans are at loggerheads over the president's efforts to reform the health care system. in 17utdown, the first years, sent half a million government employees home on unpaid leave. tourist attractions, including museums, and parks, were closed to visitors, even the statue of liberty remained shut. the president called on republicans in congress to resolve the stalemate. house republicans to reopen the government, restart the services americans depend on, and allow the public service who have been sent home to return to work. to happen going when republicans realize they do not get to hold the entire economy hostage. >> but conservative republicans
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continue to press for the president to delay implementing his signature health care reform. a meeting of democratic and republican leaders at the white house later in the week ended without results. are asking for here is a discussion and fairness for the american people under obamacare. i wish, i hope that the president and my democrat colleagues in the senate will listen to the american people and sit down and have a serious discussion. president obama has postponed part of the trip to asia to deal with the situation at home. international chemical weapons experts arrived in the syrian capital on tuesday. their task with implementing the destruction of syria's chemical arsenal. a day earlier, it emerged to the german government has continued to approve supplies to syria of chemicals used to make nerve gas for longer than previously claimed. the economics ministry said german firms exporter the
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chemicals until 2011. >> three miners were killed by a carbon dioxide blowout in eastern germany on tuesday. four people were rescued. it is believed that a controlled underground explosion caused the sbc in gas to flood the mine and shoot a bloom of dust up the mineshaft. the american best-selling author tom clancy died on tuesday after a short illness. he was 66. rillers inspired blockbuster films. his novels were praised for their realism and grasp of detail. government'sthe prime minister survived a vote of confidence in both chambers of parliament. surprise u-turn in the
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senate, former prime minister berlusconi dropped his threat to withdraw his party's cabinet ministers from the fragile coalition. >> today is an historic day for our democracy. have clear conditions in which to do our job and to look to the future. >> as for berlusconi, the confidence vote may mark the end of his political career. just towo days later, a senate panel recommended stripping the media tycoon of his senate seat for tax fraud. on wednesday, russian authorities charged a group of detained dream peace activist with piracy. the environmentalists from 18 nations were on a greenpeace ship protesting against oil
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drilling in the arctic when the coast guard detained them as they try to scale a gas form. if convicted, they face 15 years in jail. iranians could soon have access to blocked internet sites. a tweet sent from the president's account said that all it rainy and citizens have a right to access all information globally, and that would include his own messages on the social media site. hundreds of people were fr eared drowned near the italian boatd of lampadusa when a cap size. it is the worst tragedy in recent years, and there were calls for concerted action to help italy deal with the growing numbers of refugees crossing the mediterranean to reach europe. >> this is a catastrophe.
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the attribution of responsibility is necessary. we cannot leave one or two countries alone with the problem. this is a european problem, and i once again repeat my call to all members of the european union to accept responsibility for this refugee tragedy. focusedisaster has renewed attention on the plight of asylum seekers at europe's outer borders. human rights groups are calling for reform of the asylum and refugee policies. >> in greece, the leader of the far right golden dawn party was remanded in jail pending trial. he has been charged with running a criminal organization. authorities cracked down on the extreme right group, which is represented in parliament after the murder of a leftist rap decision last month. -- musician last month. >> thursday was a national
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holiday in germany, as the country celebrated the anniversary of the reunification of east and west germany on october 3, 1990. speaking at this years's festivities in steep guard, the atman president looked back the country's achievements over the past 23 years. unique, and we are on this day, as we look around, we see what we have obtained, despite many difficulties, and we are grateful for what has grown up. >> in his address, he also called on germany to play a stronger role in international affairs. agreedchancellor merkel the country had come along way, but added that germany should not rest on its laurels. still work to be done
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in the former east german states and unemployment is higher in wages are lower. the leaders also attended an ecumenical's church service. bishopd of the conference said reunification was a gift. the national park in the amazon may be opened for oil drilling. ecuador's parliament gave the controversial project the go- ahead on thursday. the park is noted for its unique biodiversity and is home to several indigenous tribes. but the government says only .1% of the park will be open to drilling. main politicalo parties held exploratory talks on forming a new coalition government. chancellor merkel's party and the spd discussed issues like
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the crisis, labor market policies, and tax hikes. after the session, both parties expressed optimism. >> in football, you would say this was just a warm-up. the real game has not started yet. we had a friendly and constructive session. >> i had the impression there was a desire to honor the will of the voters and of all europeans by forming a stable government. that influence the attitudes of everyone involved. >> the spd should be back for another round of talks in mid- october. first, the cdu will meet with the greens. francis made a pilgrimage to the town of assisi ion friday. mass for alebrated crowd of 50000 and prayed for peace and visited sick and poor residents of the town. visit came after three days
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of meetings with a group of 8 cardinals. advising the pontiff on reforming the vatican government, known as the cure a.
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