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tv   Journal  LINKTV  December 7, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PST

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>> after 12 years of negotiations, there's the first trade agreement south africans pay tribute to nelson mandela and celebrate his life and a cheevement. and the draw for the world cup finals, the teams now know who them be facing next year in brazil.
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>> the world trade organization has reached its first-ever trade reform deal, and there was a roar of approval from nearly 160 ministers who had gathered on the indonesian island of bali when an agreement was finally announced. global trade talks have faced years of deadlock with many countries shifting their focus to regional deals. the w.t.o. says the bali deal could add $1 trillion to the global economy. >> it is so agreed. >> the agreement is a milestone for the w.t.o.t. marks the organization's first global trade deal since the creation in 1995. >> for the first time in our history, the w.t.o. has truly delivered. >> the deal will lower trade barriers and speed up the passage of goods through customs. most importantly, the term is applying not just to rich, industrialized states, it also for poorer developing countries.
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analysts estimate it could boost the global economy by hundreds of billions of dollars. >> we have achievement something very significant. people all around the world will benefit from the pack annal who have delivered here today. but some critics say the agreement could prevent poorer countries from setting their own priorities in areas like environmental protection, workers' right, and securities. negotiations dragged into an extra day after last-minute veto threats from individual countries. cuba objected to the removal of the trade embargo, and india objected to provisions that might stop its stockpiling grains. compromised word was was found in the final document, allowing the agreement to go ahead. >> a nation is in mourning. vigils are continuing across south africa over the death of nelson mandela, one of the greatest political leaders of our time.
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south africans have been remembering his legacy, singing and dancing in front of nelson mandela's home. madiba, as he was known to the nation, died on thursday at the age of 95. the government is preparing for a memorial service in the so we go owe stadium in jow hansburg next thursday, which will be followed by a smaller funeral in mandela's an restly is hometown on december 15. >> a sea of flowers, just one signing of the mourning and the sense of departure among south africans. thousands are making the pilgrimage to the sub nush northern johannesburg where mandela spent his last year. >> this is a very, very .ifficult -- nelson mandela a legend and an icon, very much powerful in our lives.
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>> we'll see what happens, but i don't think things will ever be the same again, like when he was still alive. few politicians have personified reconciliation. and now, after his death, black, white, and colored south africans, rich and poor, are ourning their former leader. books of condolence have been opened across the country, giving south africans a chance to say goodbye. >> we have lost a great deal. we had hoped there was another chance for him to do great things for the country. we trust god to bring forth another hero to lead, but we hope others will learn from him. mandela was admired both here and around the globe. a host of world leaders is expected to attend his state
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uneral next tuesday. >> and joining me now from johannesburg is a correspondent for the mali and guardian newspaper. south africa is having 10 days of mourning for nelson mandela. what is the mood like there? >> well, it's a very quiet and calm saturday in south africa. it's almost as if we are collectively taking a break. we now found ourselves in the eye of the storm. we've had a day and a half to absolve the news of nelson mandela's death. a lot of the mourning begins tomorrow with the national day of mourning, and then throughout the week, there are various events. but while government is working furiously in the background around the logistics of what will be some very large events indeed, the rest of us are really taking this time to reflect and prepare for what it has become. >> can you tell us a bit more about that? of course, there is a huge task of preparing for mandela's
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funeral. >> well, absolutely. the memorial service in particular, we know that very many world leaders will be there. we know that very many south africans will want to be there. and, of course, there is limited capacity, and a lot of the preparations now are centering around things such as transportation and security arrangements. we received confirmation yesterday that the united states president barack obama will be in the country, possibly at that memorial service. you know, he moves in a vast cordon of security, and that complicates things tremendously. we have to prepare for what's expected to be very large crowds when nelson mandela's body will be flying state. and there is so much preparation to be done ahead that have. we're not sure we have ever seen an event of this magnitude in south africa, up to and including the recent world cup, and we are still concerned somewhat in our ability to
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manage this in a way that would be fitting to the memory of the man. >> our correspondent for the "mail" and "guard unanimous" newspaper. thanks very much. moving on to other news now -- hundreds of french soldiers have set up quarters in the central african republic capital. they are part of a u.n. mission to restore law and order in a country torn apart by interreligious violence. almost half a million people have fled their home in fear. people are finding refuge wherever they can. >> thousands of christians have sought refuge just outside the capital. they say muslim militants attacked their homes. >> we fled our homes in fear of more attacks from muslim militias. they came to our area in search of anti-muslims, and then they started shooting people. >> after months of violence,
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they voted to send troops to the african republic to restore law and order. the peacekeeping mission has set up headquarters inside the airport. this is france's second peacekeeping mission in africa this year. back in january, the french government sent thousands of soldiers to mali to stamp out a military insurgency there. at an african summit in paris on friday, french president hollywood hollywood hollywood said in the future he wants africa to look after its own ecurity. they will discuss the arrival of interpret troops, which has calmed fighting for the time being. >> the draw has been next year's world cup has been made in brazil. germany will face his old boss, jurgen klinsmann, now in charge of the u.s. team. >> it was all smiles as this
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team was drawn against u.s.a. in group h. >> u.s.a. >> that puts him head to head with jurgen klinsmann, former germany coach and mentor. portugal and ghana round out the group. >> now we can get to work and get moving forward. we'll be ok. >> spain's coach had the honor of handing over the world cup trophy. the defending champions will face a rematch in group b. >> the world champion. >> with fellow 2010 world cup finalists, the netherlands. they're also up against chile and australia. former brazilian captain kafu drew for the host nation. they'll play the opening match against croatia. mexico and cameroon will be their other opponents. group d is wide open, with four-time world champions italy
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up against uruguay, england, and costa rica. in group c, colombia are the favorites to make it through to the knockout stage. they take on greece, ivory coast, and japan. group e will feature two european sides, france and switzerland, and two from latin america, ecuador and honduras. in group f, south american powers argentina will face bosnia-herzegovina, as well as iran and nigeria. and finally, in group h, belgium faces algeria, russia and south korea. now that the draw is over, teams can begin their preparations in earnest. >> despite the storm lashing parts of germany, there was no topping their match. >> the heavy, wet snow couldn't dampen the election. in the fifth minute, they
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headed in to make it 1-0. his effort aided by a slippery ball that got away from the keeper. minds just couldn't come into its own and squandered the few chances they managed to create. nuremberg was clearly in control, but failed to put the game out of reach. after the break, he found his footing. he captured a long pass, equalizer in the 75th minute. and then the chipper had the golden opportunity to put them in the lead. they were happy to leave town with a point, and in your he will berle will have to do better after the winter break. >> and bayern munich are threatening to paul way. that makes saturday's clash etween all the more crucial. a win will go a long way to cementing their place as title
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challenger. >> winter has arrived, but despite the chilly temperatures, the team and its fans are basking in the warm glow of success. now the coach faces a major challenge. defending second place in the standings. >> there's alza lot of spirit. >> our job will be to quiet the fans down a bit. we have to believe in ourselves. >> the coach has to be feeling a bit more confident these days. a long list of injured players is slowly returning to the lineup. they'll see action, the overriding goal is clear -- reclaim second place and take them down a notch. >> the arrange of playing at home, forget the talk about the standings, i've repeated this time and again. we have major ambitions.
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we dropped some points, and looking back, it has hurt a lot. we can't give away anything else, and really need to prove ourselves. >> they also have the reputation of playing cautiously. now they want to prove they can take on the big boys and come out on top. >> there is a treat in store for movie lovers here in berlin. the 26th annual european film prize will be awarded in the germany capital on saturday. the prize is europe's answer to the oscars. let's take a look at some of the front-runners. >> powerful stories and charismatic actors. by all accounts it's been a good year for european film makers and movie-goers. six titles have been nominated for best european film. one of them is a german
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independent project called "oh, boy." filmed in black and white, it stars tom schilling as a young man drifting aimlessly through life. it's also been nominated for best debut award and people's choice award. tom schilling is a contender or best actor. you know the feeling you get sometimes when you notice the people around you are sort of weird? and in it's 26th year, the germany is a showcase for european cinema's many faces. the director helped found the event. >> europe is composed of a weave of stories. those stories are spun even farther. european film making is finding its own voice. there's a film about the great jewish philosopher.
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he's been nominate for best actress. >> and we'll have more news at the want to hour. please stay with us. >> this is the roma ghetto. many of the houses are run down, some don't have running water. they grew up here. the three friends returned to their former neighborhood a few weeks ago when right-wing extremists tried to storm the area. hundreds of residents gathered to stop them. if it weren't for the police, it could have been much worse.
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they were really threatening, he says. at one point they came so close to us, i was scared. they tried to break through the police chain to grab me. we were really angry. we wanted to fight them. they're home to many roma, and the animosity is high. city officials even tried to wall off the roma settlement, but international outcry forced them to shelf the plans. they reside in this apartment block. more and more roma families are moving out of the ghetto, and their new neighbors often react with hostility. both in their early 20's, they still live with their parents.
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he squares a 65-square-meter apartment with his mother, father, and one of his sisters. one of them have a steady job. at the moment, he has an income. black market work that pays two uros 50 an hour. i tried to find a formal job when i finished school, he said. i went to the job center and filled out applications. i wanted to become a shelf, but i never found more than part-time work. his mother tells me the job center always says there's nothing available. it's because of our dark skin. he's sailing, there's never ork for us roma. under the table, he rolls a joint.
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memories linger of the hate campaign against the roma late this summer. neo nazis organized rallies across the czech republic. they were joined by many average citizens, chanting slogans like jeopardy success out. many of them were normal eople. normal people like those who live in the same high-rise apartment block as mira and andro. this neighbor didn't join the neo nazi marches, but the pensioner did start a pension against the roma, collect approximating hundred signatures. we the undersigned object to the behavior of the roma community, he reads. we demand the police do something about it.
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the roma don't respect the local populace. they are noisy, they steal, and hey frighten us. he wants nothing to do with the right-wing extremists. he adds that some roma even signed his petition. i just want them to behave like normal people, he says. that's not racism. he's been hit hard by the global financial crisis. the industrial city is suffering falling wages and high unemployment. the frustration is adding to the anti-roma sentiment. 100,000 people live in the city, 1/10 of them roma.
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there are some roma who are ok, says this man. we have no problem with them when they behave, adds his companion. i hate the roma, says this woman. this woman also has strong feelings. violence is not a solution, but we should throw the ones that don't work out of our country. they're czech citizens, so the idea of deporting them is absurd. the pair pay a visit to his sister. andrea finished school and worked part-time as a cleaner until she had her first child when she was 17. she now has three kids, and her husband is on the hunt for work. the family of five live in a one-room apartment. family and friends are
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constantly dropping by. the home is a constant hive of activity. almost all of them survive on elfare benefits. people complain that we live off their tax money, says andro, but if they could give us work, we could earn our own money. his sister chimes in the czechs think we're lazy, that's not true. e would like to work, but how? the apartment is not just small, it's also expensive. his sister wants to move, but she says their chances of finding a new place are slim because of their name. their appearance, and their accent. this apartment belongs to another roma. he's profitting from their desperation. his sister shows us the bathroom.
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it's the only place we can tore anything, she says. the washing machine is also broken, she laughs. that's all the family needs. >> this is the school nearest to the roma neighborhood. miro used to go here. it's a special school. the principal has work here for over 20 years. an above average number of roma children end up here because this school is so close to their home, and because other schools don't consider the disadvantages they face in their entrance tests. but they aren't stupid. it's just that roma children
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receive far less support from their families. it's not easy for roma children in the czech education system. according to martina, it's not just because their parents don't always look after them roperly. she tls me the state must do more to promote integration. the principal tells me that recently czech education authorities asked them to count the roma children. they want to us judge which children were roma and which were not on the basis of their physical appearance. i didn't react and haven't heard anything since then. education authorities put the scheme on ice because of the criticism it received from many eachers. e year ago, police started a
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pilot project. roma like elena and carl are being trained as special police officers in an attempt to combat rising crime. the city's ombudsman for minorities helped initiate the project. he believes there will be less friction if the crime rate mong the roma falls. we wanted to defuse the hatred. the roma police officers are helping us. they should get close to the people in their community and help implement law and order. the idea gives the impression that the roma themselves is to blame for the discrimination gainst them. the patrols have proved useful though. officers often mediate and help
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iron out arguments, but they can't address the core problems. this officer sums it up. we often face racism when we look for work. if you have dark skin, you're rejected, whether you're a good set zn or not. we also face racism in local businesses and in the schools. every sunday, he plays sock we are his mates. it's an all-rma team started by a policeman. this team captain explains it should team the young men ocial skills and discipline. >> he says many have problems with unemployment and criminality. he says we're trying to awaken their sporting ambition. we hope it makes them more
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reliable. he's a defensive midfielder. he could also play for a regular club, but he fears he would have to deal with iscrimination. back in the high-rise apartment block, miro has no interest in soccer. his biggest passion is making usic with his friends. he'd like to take part in a reality tv show and be discovered as a singer. e dreams of becoming a star. it's a dream shared by many
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others like him, otherwise have little chance of escaping poverty.
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>> thank you very much. thank you. thank you. [applause wanes] thank you very much... and thank the commonwealth club and everybody here who has come to listen to a different kind of message. and the message starts out, "it's a lot easier than we think to turn our country around" and a whole series of long-overdue redirections that are supported by a majority of the american people now and that will raise the promise and the


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