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tv   Journal  LINKTV  December 14, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PST

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>> hello, and a warm welcome to the journal. these are the top stories. underway byg is social democrats. that will determine whether the country gets the grand coalition. in the ukraine, antigovernment protesters gather for another day. and members of south africa's governing african national congress bid febrile to nelson mandela. -- bid farewell to nelson mandela.
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there is one more horrible to go -- one more hurdle to go. members of the party have voted and agreed with the vision democrats. votes, they enough will be sworn in next week. a no vote will beg the question of who will be in power. but these mail trucks contain the answer as to whether germany's biggest party will contain the government, or go back to square one. -- 300,000 postal ballots have been delivered to headquarters.
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if the coalition is approved, set to becomes the energy minister. general would take the helm of the labor ministry thehendrix could become cabinet minister. >> we won't comment on that or except congratulations either, thank you. conservative side, he looks set to keep his job. minister mayabor get the unpopular health video -- health vote.
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party leaders are confident that voters will agree to a, -- to a coalition. >> we have traveled all over germany. people told me things like, six weeks ago i was against this coalition, but now i want to vote for it. we all got the same feedback. >> much is riding on the outcomes. it spd voters come back with a no, it is likely to mean a fresh election. >> the result is expected in about an hour. stay tuned for that. there are no signs of an end to the crisis in ukraine after talks between the president and opposition leaders. kievsters remain in central square to fight the talks. they have failed to break the standoff. the protests started as a pro eu movement after the president
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hold out of a trade deal with brussels. it has now turned into something much bigger and the opposition says only fresh elections will do. >> thousands of demonstrators headed right back to independent square after it ended without a resolution. people are clearly disappointed that the president's unwillingness to compromise. anger and impatience are growing. with theations government have not solve anything and they won't in the future either. i have one thing to say to europe, don't believe anything the president says. after students and journals have been beaten up, and he has no right to be our president. concession at friday's crisis meeting was proposing amnesty for detained protesters. some mistakes have been made by activists and security alike. >> i am upset by the radical events that took lace on independent square.
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were to blame,s but the law-enforcement bodies behaved inadequately. >> the opposition continues to demand the president resign and only overcomen the economic and political crisis with a new pro-european government. >> we demand that everyone involved in the crackdown on peaceful demonstrators be punished. prisoners must be released and the government must resign. >> a call echoed by the thousands of demonstrators on independent square. they say they will stick it out day and night until the president is gone. but thousands of south africans have filed past the coffin of nelson mandela in the past three days. more got their chance to
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bid farewell. the coffin has been flown to his ancestral home ahead of the funeral on sunday. let's take a look at other stories making headlines. leaders in tokyo have called for freedom of the air and sea. this statement follows china's announcement of an expanded air defense in the east china sea. they narrowly avoided a collision in the region. three fellowot students in a high school in colorado before killing himself. it happened a day before the anniversary of the newtown massacre, in which a gun man killed 26 people in connecticut. at least six have been killed after a fire broke out in a high rise residential building in mumbai.
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officials said a gas line exploded on the 12th floor of a 26 story building, causing panic among residents. has embarked on the final leg of his exceptional 95 year journey. his term ain't have been flown to his home village where he will be -- his remains have been flown to his home village where he will be buried. there have been many tributes for the former president to lead his country out of apartheid. south for the man africans call the father of the nation. nelson mandela's family, friends the africanbers of national congress attended a ceremony at the air force base outside pretoria. among those paying tribute were south african president jacob zuma. >> so many things have been said
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a the cutsca -- madib he has done so many things. he has distinguished himself so many times. he was a man of action. >> mandela's body was brought to the air base from pretoria before heading to its final resting place. the past few days, tens of thousands of south africans have paid their last respects to the anti-apartheid icon. they have been filing past his cost it -- his casket as his body lays in state. he will be buried in his hometown in the eastern province on sunday in a private ceremony. to land is attempting
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on the moon today, carrying the first lunar rover. it will be a major breakthrough for the chinese space program. touchdown 12 days after he blasted off. china is aiming to become the third country to land a rover on the moon, following the u.s. and the former soviet union 37 years ago. two sports now. -- on two sports now. hammeringphic 7-0 last weekend. once again, they came out on the losing end. affairas a hard-fought and in the end, it was the home side the did the fellow -- celebrating. neil peterson opened the score after 15 minutes with a long- range effort. they struck back immediately. later, ramos was on
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target again. it was the colombians tend goal of the season. -- 10th goal of the season. but they were not giving up without a fight. with just 32 minutes on the clock, aaron hunt made a break and the sides were levels again. more confusion in the defense. raymond did have a last chance for the equalizer. they secured the victory for the home side. of ad munich is assured top spot going into the winter break. the wolves are up against stuttgart later today and a win would give them chances for european football a real boost.
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one young player has been instrumental in turning around their fortunes this season. maximilian has shown himself to be a key late maker -- play maker. he is a 19-year-old midfielder. >> he is at the right place at the right time. his natural game makes him dangerous in front of goals anyway, but it is great to have a player who has been developed here to play such a crucial role. >> his young talent is balanced by the experience lineup of veterans. this 34-year-old has already scored seven times this season. >> we are using this stage to
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latch onto the top four. it is a great situation. but we know we face a tough challenge against stuttgart on monday -- sunday. hopefully we can continue our winning. last encounter with stuttgart, the wolves came away with a victory. it is something they would like to repeat on saturday. >> in the second division, cologne solidify their place at the top of the table with a 3-1 victory. cologne were in control with an early start. after the break, cologne put the game out of reach. mohammed managed to get one back former drift, but it was not enough.
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team haserman soccer been scouring brazil for a hotel to stay in during the world cup next year. but it seems nothing fits the bill. now the squad is planning to move into a luxurious new resort that is still being built by a german developer. >> it is a paradise under the palm trees. on the atlantic coast, it covers 1.5 hectares. it will have a pool and training facilities. it is not being built specifically for germany, but they will be the first guest and have influence over the finishing touches on the complex. >> we have certain requirements relating to our group and the amount of travel involved. we found the conditions here perfect. good flighthere are .onfections -- connections
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that is a big plus in a country as large as brazil. you cannot have players getting cabin fever during a tournament. you have to have good vibes, and of course, the accommodation has a lot to do with that. accepted -- fifa has accepted the camp as germany's base. now it has to be finished. >> onto the second event of the snow world -- snowboard half pipe competition. based scored the athletes on difficulty and execution of their jumps. thea was the winner in women's event. and finally, vote counting is underway in germany. social democrats will determine
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whether it gets the grand coalition. stay tuned for that.
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