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tv   Journal  LINKTV  December 27, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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we have extremist components on both sides who do not want it to go ahead. talks of a new cabinet are being floated, but it's very difficult for both sides to get together and form a cabinet when this is where sectarian killing is going on? >> thank you very much for that update. >> officials say a bomber detonated his vehicle near a base in the city, a spokesman for the taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for the attack. the identities or nationalities of the three soldiers have not yet been released.
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kenya's president has urged leaders of south sudan to resolve their political differences peacefully and stop the violence. >> the south sudanese president, seen here in pictures from thursday, did not traveled to nairobi to take hardened talks. kenya and ethiopia are backing the president, saying they would not accept any attempt to overthrow him and his democratically elected government. one of the band members of russian punk group pussy riot says she would like president vladimir putin out of power. >> they had been jailed for singing an anti-putin song in the moscow main cathedral. they were released under an amnesty by putin. >> 20 months of imprisonment appear to have done little to tame the two pussy riot band
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members, who say they have much to catch up on, including spending time with their children. at their first joint press conference since being released earlier this week, they said they regarded the release as a cynical act of propaganda. considering they were due for release in a few months anyway, she would have preferred others to go free instead. due to want their human rights organization to provide a voice for prisoners. >> our final goal is solidarity, a developed civil society, and the ability to help one another. >> we witnessed all that while we were in prison, and it was a real miracle. we are very grateful to all the people who supported us. >> the two were arrested in february 20 12 after staging a protest against president vladimir putin in moscow's main cathedral. they were convicted for hooliganism and sentenced to two years in a penal colony.
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>> the pump prayer in the christ the savior cathedral is not so important to us anymore -- the punk prayer. we are different now. we survived a long spell in prison. we had a totally different reality. this common experience unites us much more than our participation in the punk prayer. >> they are also very much united by their common desire to drive putin out of office. they say he just wants to improve russia's image before the winter olympics in sochi but warned there could be a crackdown afterwards. >> staying in the country, a further six greenpeace activists held in russia since september have now left the country. five britons and a canadian boarded a plane from st. petersburg airport. >> they were among 30 activists rescued by the russian coast guard after attempting to board an oil platform to protest
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against exploration in the arctic ocean. they face up to seven years in jail on charges of hooliganism but were released under a kremlin amnesty. >> in washington, u.s. president barack obama has signed a budget agreement that secures government funding for the next two years and ends a long- running budget dispute. >> the deal raises government expenditures without raising taxes or cutting social entitlement programs. a 63 billion u.s. dollar increase in spending will be funded through a combination of reforms and new nontax revenue. under the bill, federal spending for 2014 is set at just $one trillion. a gas explosion in china has killed at least four and injured dozens. the blast took place at a shopping mall. >> hundreds of firefighters were called to the scene to put out the blaze and rescue people trapped in the building.
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media reports said a gas leak in the building was to blame. >> germany is a leading export nation, and latest figures show the country's exports will continue to boom. >> not so for germany's competitors. >> another product made in germany being packed for exports. this crate will travel by truck and then by ship to north africa. exports represent a huge part of germany's economy. many engineering companies make most of their sales to foreign customers, and that is set to increase even further next year. the german chambers of commerce and industry forecast germany will export about 1.40 5 trillion euros worth of goods in 2014. that would be over 4% more than germany's 2013 exports. a big reason for the expected growth is the gradual recovery of euro zone economies, which means new investments and new
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orders for machinery from germany. while that's good news for german companies, many foreign countries crumble -- grumble that germany is not returning the favor by spending more money overseas. >> let's go to the frankfurt stock exchange. great to have you back. strong german exports -- how has that on down? >> it has gone down well. there are so many companies here on the stock market list on the dax, the 30 biggest companies in germany, about 2/numeral 3 -- 2/3 that are very export heavy. it helped propel the dax upwards. of course, it is not a given thing that this continues in 2014 as the chambers of commerce say, who make this prediction, but people here are ready to believe in at the moment, barring external shocks like perhaps, new escalations in the euro crisis. >> it is the second last day of
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trading of the year. to you expect us going out with a bang? >> yes, i do, but my opinion, of course, is not the main one here. traders certainly do. when i listen to them, they sound confident. the dax today at a new record high. lots of people at the beginning of the year did not expect that, but the situation has been improving in germany, in the eurozone, in the united date. china continues strongly. when we look at share prices, the market barometers are going% strong. the euro going strong as well. >> thank you. now, dangerous sea ice has trapped a research team ship off the coast of antarctica. before people are stuck on board, and the price get denser by the hour and threatens to crack the hall of the ship -- 74 people are stuck on board.
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>> a chinese vessel with icebreaking capabilities is headed to the distressed ship. >> these researchers have no choice but to sit and wait. the ice surrounding their ship is getting more dense by the hour. it is over 20 kilometers to open sea. their vessel was on its way home after a five-we tour of antarctica, when a sudden change in weather blue eyes into its path on christmas eve -- blew ice into its path on christmas eve. help is on the way -- three ships with icebreaking capabilities are trying to reach the stranded research ship. the expedition leader believes a chinese icebreaker will arrive first. >> we have just seen the chinese icebreaker on the horizon. it is making steady progress.
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a huge sense of relief at the moment. it's not quite here yet, but at least, we can see it now, which is a huge improvement in prospect from a few hours ago. >> all passengers on board welcome the good news. they hope they can head home to friends and family soon. p>> while christmas has come and gone, and some of you probably received some unwanted gifts. >> do not despair because you can cash in by read it in your unused presence. here is how. >> locals lined up for the market of long faces option well before it opened up. they were all too keen to get rid of their unwanted christmas gifts and maybe make a bargain, too. >> i don't like the color or the style. i usually only wear black swimsuits. >> who gave it to you? >> my ex.
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>> the only condition is that a gift has to be new and in its original packaging before it goes under the hammer. >> originally, the idea was to avoid trash so unwanted gifts should not end up in the rubbish. the organizers, the city of nuremberg's waste department. we just wanted to bring two people things that otherwise might have been thrown away. >> there were 200 presence on offer. plenty of presents for people with a good eye. this set of knives worth almost 700 euros went for 30 euros. and even the unwanted bathing suit found a new owner. a steal at only 15 euros. and it's all for a good cause. the entire proceedings go to charity. >> what a wonderful idea. one person's trash is another person's treasure. >> still ahead, corruption scandal in turkey deepens, and
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the prime minister struggles to reassert his authority. we'll have some analysis for you. >> plus, cash-strapped greece prepares for a spartan eu presidency. >> stay with us. >> stay with us. >> welcome back to the "journal ." protests are growing against the turkish prime minister amid a deepening corruption scandal. >> since mid-december, his allies are being investigated for alleged bribery and illegal money transfers. >> the prosecutor in the probe and on thursday he was removed from his job due to official pressure. >> this has prompted renewed calls for the prime minister's resignation. >> another night of protest in istanbul. turkey's ongoing corruption scandal is fueling anger. hundreds of demonstrators called on the government to step down. >> we no longer believe any institution in this country is
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run and a healthy way. there's corruption everywhere. the police do not even follow the prosecutor's orders. >> many were reacting to statements made on thursday by a prosecutor who claims he was removed from the case after complaining that police and other members of the judiciary had obstructed his investigation. it's just one of dozens of accusations against the government in recent days. after three top ministers resigned, the prime minister reacted to the deepening crisis by appointing 10 new ministers to his 26-member cabinet. the new interior minister says the reshuffle is the result of turkey's rapid progress. >> it's no when sentence that after a phase of great progress and developments in turkey, certain incidents are happening, and political stability is under threat.
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>> something the prime minister's former ally triggered the probe. the influential muslim cleric is based in the u.s. but has supporters and turkey's police and judiciary and owns banks, television stations, and newspapers in the country. a presidential election is due to be held next year. he has denied any involvement in the investigations. >> now for some analysis, we are joined in the studio by a middle east expert. the prime minister claims this whole thing is a conspiracy against him. how influential is this movement and its influence on the state department, how strong is that? >> it is very strong, and it is exerting quite some pressure on the government. there is no similar comparable movement in europe or the united states. it is a phenomenon in the sense that the preacher of this movement is very influential and that he has many followers, but at the same time, he is not
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really striving to go for a political office, so he is pulling the strings from the back, you might say. he used to be a close associate of the prime minister of turkey, but then, these two people got into turmoil with each other. the main reason being that he has many followers in the state and among the economic circuit in the country, but these followers feel that the government is taking all the cake for themselves, for their own followers, and for this reason, there is a struggle going on for power and influence, and that is really the that core of this conflict we see evil thing in turkey. >> do we know what the names are of the movement? >> a very good question. it all depends on the perspective you want to take. in europe, people are skeptical of movement, claiming that it is trying to influence people in a
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negative sense. in the united dates, however, it is judged as being one of the most important reformist movements within islam. the leader of the movement, who has been living in exile in pennsylvania for a number of years, has been received both by president obama and by his predecessor, president bush, so he is very much appreciated also because he is considered to be a moderate, and he has really quite some influence, mainly in turkey. yet, he is really unknown in europe because there are millions of turks living here, but the public is not really aware about him and thinks maybe he is a dangerous personality. so far, there is no proof to this accusation. he has his own reformist agenda that many people do not understand, and also, he has been criticized. >> many are saying this is the government's worst political crisis since the prime minister
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came to power 11 years ago. will he survive? >> difficult to say. he is not really able to claim that the movement is just a bunch of lazy people not wishing to work. this is what he said about the protests organized half a year ago in istanbul are the secular movement, so to speak. these followers are very powerful, and they might bring his government to a fall unless his own party does not think about dropping him. nobody knows what will happen in turkey within the next two weeks, within the next two or three months. it is really an open question. >> thank you very much for that analysis. >> now we move on to egypt, where one person has been killed in clashes between supporters of the muslim brotherhood that clashed with security forces. >> reports are coming in that police have arrested dozens more of former president mohamed morsi's all the worse. tensions flared in the capital, cairo, and in several other cities after prayers.
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these are the first large protests since the government declared the brotherhood a terrorist organization on wednesday. >> thousands of computer experts and internet activists descended upon the german port city of hamburg for a four-day meeting of computer hackers. >> the event is organized by a group that calls itself the kiosk computer club and has been around for more than three decades. from its inception, the chaos club has drawn attention to data security risks. >> with revelations of widespread monitoring of government agents including by the nsa, the group sets out to navigate the future of the internet. >> this year, attendance is expected to reach new record levels. >> the hackers of the annual chaos communication congress are not taking any changes. they resorted to analog methods to make their point about surveillance in the digital era. a key topic this year and hamburg is the nsa spying scandal.
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>> since edward snowden's revelations, we now know what the surveillance system that is listening in on citizens all over the world looks like. we now have a chance to talk about that system and whether we want it or not. we did not have this before. it's time to talk about how important our civil liberties are to us. >> hackers from the chaos computer club believed public data should be accessible to all and that private data should be protected. this has been their motto since the first congress 30 years ago. since then, cryptography has become increasingly important. >> mathematics and re-software mean we do not have to depend on the government to protect our data from the nsa or from our own government's growing desires to gain access to our data. >> and he has one tip -- many websites automatically encrypt transmitted data.
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that makes it substantially more difficult for third parties to see what you're doing. >> finally, preparations are under way for one of the most spectacular events in the winter sports calendar. >> >> it brings together the world's toughest and best in difficult sports, but ski jumping is not for the faint hearted, as we see in our next report. >> a huge jump and perfect telemark landing are still a distant dream. they are taking part in the beginners ski jumping course. the instructor shows how to push with their legs and extend them. >> posture is almost everything
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in ski jumping, and it has to be practiced. a combination of core strength, balance, timing, and body control learned through hours of station area exercises under the stern eyes of professionals. it is something unusual for beginners. >> it's tiring -- really tiring. i'm not the youngest anymore. >> physical fitness is part of it. especially leg muscles. >> the next challenge -- the jumpsuit. more suited to the smaller frame. and the 2.5-meter-long skis that weigh three kilos and come without a blazing steel edges. try to brake and you end up on the map. ronnie quickly gets the hang of it. >> i feel like i've gone back to my childhood. >> next, the junior ski jump. >> i have a lot of respect for this one. we will see what happens.
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>> it's a 10-meter approach, and with every attempt, the distances grow. posture is no longer so important. the main aim is just to get down the slope safely. >> it gets you warm. we really start to sweat. then you have to make your way back up here. >> at the end of the day, the beginners have their first competition. ron makes a good start. stephan just wants to get down the jump still standing, and he does not quite manage. >> it really takes concentration
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and stamina. >> i have imagined it the more difficult, so for me, it has been easier than i expect it. -- than i expected. >> it looks as if ski jumping is there new hobby. it will still be a wild before they actually make the ski jumping championships, which start on sunday. the events held in germany and austria bring the worlds toughest and best ski jumpers in the world. these guys are not going to be there in a hurry. >> certainly not for the faint hearted. that does it for now. thank you for watching. >> you can always see the stories and more on our website, \ thanks for being with us. captioned by the national captioning institute
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news. bomb blast this morning. doing the former minister and five other people. a vocal critic of the regime and its has a lot allies are the -- is the ninth anti-syrian figure to be assassinated. the last siteff as emergency workers transfer the debt and would lead to hospital. after a car bomb ripped through the business district of beirut durine


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