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tv   Journal  LINKTV  January 1, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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coming to you live from dw in berlin. good to have you with us. rex thank you for joining us. coming up in the show, -- >> around the world, people have been marking the first day of 2014 with some hair-raising feats and chili visions. >> the euro is the new coin as lot feehan's introducing new cash for the year. >> a big win for austria in ski jumping.
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>> with the world solidly into the new year, many people are reviewing their plans for 2013 and hoping it will be filled with plenty of health matters. >> and they have been marking the first day observing traditions that range from special meals to perilous plunges. >> we will have a look at some of that after this round up of the nights more famous parties. >> 2014 arrived to confetti in new york. party fever took over. around a million revelers packed iconic times square defying the frosty temperatures. >> peace in the world. >> happy and joy to everyone. >> have fun, everybody.
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>> in rio de janeiro, summer rhythms filled the streets. fireworks lit up the sky. millions hailed brazil's big year ahead from the copacabana beach. it's not long now until the soccer kicks off in the summer. the german capital welcomed the new year with a bang. 6000 fireworks shot into the sky above the brandenburg date. -- the brandenburg gate. hundreds of thousands of partygoers from all over the world turned up to watch the spectacle. just a few hours later, thousands of people in holland braved the freezing waters of the north sea to take a traditional new year's gift. -- traditional new year's dip.
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across the globe, thousands gathered in tokyo to pray for the new year. >> i would like to see some improvement in my job. it would be wonderful if my salary went up and the economy continued to improve. >> in italy, handful of rave rome residence leapt into the dirty waters of the river tiber. some elegant and daring jumps welcomed in 2014. happy new year. >> in some other news, and prague, the palestinian ambassador to the czech republic died as a -- died as a result of an explosion at his apartment. check police say there's no evidence it was a terrorist attack. >> that went off at the ambassadors residence. emergency personnel rushed the ambassador to the hospital where he later died.
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the palestinian foreign ministry says it occurred when a diplomat opened an old safe that had recently been moved. at least two car bombs have exploded outside a hotel in the somali capital mogadishu, killing and injuring an unknown number of people. the blasts were about an hour apart and struck close to the international airport and u.n. offices. >> the second blast went off after rescuers went to the scene. no one has claimed responsibility, but the al- shabaab has frequently attacked locations run mogadishu. >> negotiators from the south sudan's wording side other for pease call -- for peace talks. the u.n. is urging the them to bring the country back from the brink. rex the gateway city to the capital is the center of the ethnic really -- ethnically based violence.
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>> the new year brought little reason for celebrations. local people, many displaced, hope the talks will produce a cease-fire. the united nations says it is extremely concerned about the growing violence and is calling for reconciliation. >> we have seen terrible acts of violence in the past two weeks. there have been killings, brutality, and human rights violations committed. we are seeing evidence of apparent targeting of the south sudanese people on ethnic grounds. this can lead to a perpetual cycle of violence that can destroy the fabric of a new nation. >> both sides remain at loggerheads. one member of a tribe is refusing to share power with a former vice president. another has warned rebels will take more cities. nearly 70,000 people have sought
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refugee status have sought refuge in south sudan. if the peace talks succeed, many could head home and start rebuilding their lives. >> there has been another update on michael schumacher's condition from his manager. he says the formula one star is currently stable. >> he suffered brain injury in a skiing accident over the weekend and has been in an artificially induced coma since then. >> michael schumacher is still fighting for his life at a hospital. the most successful formula one driver ever remains in critical condition after being injured in a skiing accident on sunday. his manager gave a press conference at the hospital. >> michael' condition has been supervised all my long very carefully and his condition remains stable last night, this afternoon and this morning. this is good for the moment and
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i repeat for the moment because he remains in an artificial, and the says all i can say. i don't want to go into any speculation. >> that means his life is still in danger. he is suffering from severe brain trauma. doctors have performed several operations to try to improve his condition. fans have traveled to the hospital to express support for their idol, but only his friends and family have been allowed to visit his bedside. such as the former ferrari team boss. the motorsports world is rallying behind one of its greatest stars ever. >> coming up, we will have a closer look at edwards noted, the man who broke the nsa spy scandal that dominated the in 2013. >> first, this news in brief. >> the apprentice runner-up says he's sending reinforcements to the anbar province after fighting killed more than a dozen people there.
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that reverses a previous decision to withdraw troops and hand over security operations to local police. it isn't the majority sunni and many residents feel marginalized by the shia led government. >> there's a new mayor for the first time in a z├╝rich. -- in new york city. bill de blasio is the first democrat to occupy city hall at nearly two decades. he takes over from billionaire is this man, michael bloomberg. >> about 900 campers have fled a large bushfire that has rooted out a popular vacation spot in australia. the lays is burning out of control about 50 kilometers from australia's third-largest city, brisbane. the nsa scandal was big news in 2013 and at the beginning of the new year, the story is not going away. >> it has taken a new and disconcerting twist as well
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trade tech giant apple has denied it helped u.s. spy agencies hack into iphones. >> earlier this week, a german news magazine reported the nsa developed a bug to allow american agents to access and control iphones around the world. these spyware allows the agency to divert text messages, intercept voicemail, and operate the phone's microphone and camera to intercept activity. >> apple says it did not help the nsa access products and is not aware of any backdoors allowing access. >> 2014 is beginning with an international push to get the u.s. to and the nsa spying activities. that includes some of the planet's most well-known rights groups like the american civil liberties union. >> now spurred on by those revelations of edward snowden, the aclu has filed a lawsuit seeking to force the u.s. government to disclose details
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of its foreign electronics surveillance program that has targeted millions of everyday people. >> let's take a look at the man who exposed the spying program that wants operated in darkness. >> edward snowden became one of the most well-known faces of 2013 by leaking classified material from the united states. he unmasked the extent of surveillance i the u.s. and british secret services. he told the world about the u.s. data mining program. >> recently, we learned our governments working in concert have created a system of worldwide mass surveillance, watching everything we do. >> snowden was part of that system. as a computer expert and contractor to the national security agency, he said his criticism fell on deaf ears. >> over time, that awareness of wrongdoing builds up that you feel compelled to talk about it. the more you talk about it, the more you are ignored and told it's not troubled.
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>> but snowden did see it as a problem and decided to come forward. >> edward snowden has done is a very great service. we must be grateful to him. the issue is the right to privacy and the individual's right to control the dissemination of personal information. >> a german green party member may be grateful. many other politicians are not. in october, he visited edwards snowden in moscow or he has been given exile by the russian government. >> he indicated he knows a lot more about the documents that have been in his possession, though he no longer has them. and that he could say a lot about them. he has an endless supply of knowledge that should be available to us as we shed light on these matters. we can't expect any help from the nsa.
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>> the bugging of angela merkel's cell phone, the existence of a secret listening post at the u.s. embassy in berlin, the collecting of metadata on billions of calls and the extensive mining of the internet for data. snowden was behind those revelations and more. >> people all over the world are realizing this one -- this row gram does not make us more safe. they hurt our economy and hurt our country and limit our ability to speak and think and live and be creative. >> edwards noted has changed the debate on government snooping and its limits the extent to which government actually control the activities of their security agencies and spies and the value of by the sea. snowden has colonized many citizens around the world into questioning authority and demanding their rights. >> north korea's leader, kim jong-un, says his country is entering
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2014 stronger thanks to the elimination of what he calls faction was filled. that refers to his uncle who was executed last month. in his new year's address, he described the decision to kill his uncle as resolute. >> kim called for north and south korea to improve relations. only weeks ago, he threatened to strike its southern neighbor without warning. winter sports is in full swing as 2014 gets underway with the last big ski jumping competition before the sochi olympics. >> new year's day saw stage two in the germantown. austria was the big winner, scoring 82, 1, to finish. >> thomas jeter was the surprise winner, but the newcomer fully deserved his degree after jumps of 141 and 140 meters.
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the austrian a registered the longest jump in both rounds, giving him enough wind to secure victory and take an overall lead in the tournament. and other austrian finished second. thomas morgenstern jumped well but a bad landing cost of vital points. the leader going into the stage in bavaria could only finish in third place, but that keeps him in the running for the first title in one of ski jumping's was pristine just competitions. it was also a memorable day for martin schmidt. he made his final term in appearance and house out of the score after the trainer didn't nominate him for the next stage. >> now to cross-country skiing. >> he was the quickest in the swiss resort town.
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>> we are going to a short break. when we come back, dozens arrested as russia cracks down on islamist terrorists. don't go away. interested in studying in germany. >> thank you for staying with us. flutter putin made a predawn as it to a city reeling from two suicide bombings this week. the russian president is bringing gestures of sympathy for the victims and questions for officials. >> there was also a rate -- a wave of arrests. some 150 people were detained for questioning in the attack, mainly from the north caucasus. >> putin vowed he would bring those responsible to justice and the nation would be safe for the olympics next month. please stand by. onor of the victims of the suicide bombings. 34 people were killed in two
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separate attacks on sunday and monday. he then visited some of those injured in the blast. 65 people had to be hospitalized. his trip had not been announced in advance. he went with officials from the interior ministry and the federal security service area -- security service. >> the meanness of the crimes committed here needs no additional commentary. whatever the motives of the criminals, there is no excuse for crimes against civilians. especially women and children. >> earlier in his new year's address, putin vowed the fight against terrorist would continue until their destruction is complete. new year's celebrations were called off. >> it is hard to talk. i just can't. we were born here and grew up
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here and there's never been anything like it. >> in moscow, security has been stepped up in response to the latest attacks. no group has claimed responsibility, but they suspect islamic militants from the caucuses. >> the new year has wrought a new member for the euro club -- latvia. >> after a number of tough years for the eurozone, not everyone in latvia is enthusiastic about the new currency. we explain why in this report. >> the acting premise written lazio was the first to withdraw euros from a latvian atm after midnight. >> 2014 is a historic year for latvia. we take the next important step, becoming the
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eight team member of the eurozone. it is a path that started about 10 years ago. >> european leaders prepared video messages to congratulate latvia, but many are wary of the new currency and angry about the fierce charity measures their government imposed in response to the debt crisis of 2008 and in order to qualify to join the euro. he finance minister is optimistic. >> i think the momentum is quite right. the latest figures show some kind of development. >> latvia expects growth of over 4% this year. >> concerning the new year, it was cheerful and happy. people know how to celebrate in streets in the old town, it was packed with people but this did not have much to do with the euro. the outgoing prime minister was maybe not alone but he was
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withdrawing the first euro notes from the bank machine here, people are maybe not reluctant but are very much critical about the euro. one has to understand this country was going through a very harsh economic crisis after the financial crisis of 2008 followed by strong austerity measures. some got the feeling people have it in their bones and field is hard time and they are critical about politics like this and in general about the government's way of doing economic and all attacks. >> now to rome, where pope francis has celebrated a new year's mass in st. peter's basilica in vatican city. >> for the catholic church, january 1 is dedicated to promoting world peace. in his homily, the pope said there was a hunger and search
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for justice, peace and god. he has called for a poor church that cares. that agenda has captured many people's imagination grade believers and nonbelievers alike. since he took over last march, francis has made it clear he intends to change the catholic church, perhaps quite profoundly. >> to do so, he has appointed eight cardinals to develop a set of reforms. our next report on the faces of the new year, you will meet one of those men, the archbishop of munich in southern germany. >> the cardinal is deeply concerned about the fate of refugees around the world. and the german catholic church has called for germany to take in more people fleeing the war in syria. here, in an unused church building, they're turning it into a hostel for young refugees. >> you cannot spread the gospel
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by teaching catechism alone. you have to spread it by attending to people, especially the poor and weak. that is what jesus did. he cared for people. >> easy arch ship of munich and was made cardinal but oh that addict in 2010. he's one of the leaders of the catholic church in germany. he is also a member of the council of cardinal member advisors set up last april by pope francis. the task of these eight cardinals is to help the pope reform the catholic church worldwide and bring it close to ordinary people. >> the agenda of the pope has said is a very important one. as a church that has great resources, including material resources, we must do more on the fringes of society, at the periphery. >> for the roman catholic church home of this is a major
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initiative, to reform the administration and be more responsive to the needs of catholics around the globe. still, many catholics are calling for more, a greater role for women in the church and a reform of its sexual ethics. >> it will be a long road grade the church is and take company, it's a vast community with many traditions. it can't all be changed within a couple of months and that would not be desirable. the pope does not want to reinvent the church. we must approach the task in a sober fashion. >> he's always been concerned about social justice. he borrowed the title from his namesake, karl marx. he says the church must foster justice, freedom, and solidarity in a world where the power of money appears to be boundless.
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>> it's not against the market economy, it's a call to place people, not money or capital at the center of all institutions, including the economy. it's not a new idea, but i'm grateful the pope reminded us of all of this again in a fresh way with clear and powerful words. >> in comparison to this clear critique of capitalism, the plans to reform the church are rather vague. but that might change soon. a third meeting of the council of cardinal advisors is to be held at the vatican in february. >> the dawn of 2014 brings us a little closer to the biggest sporting event of the year, the world cup soccer tournament in brazil. >> this year, for the first time, organizers will use technology to try to make every goal as legitimate as possible, at least in the eyes of the referees. >> there will be a lot of fans looking forward to that trade we will pay a visit to the company
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that developed this new system. >> it was the most controversial goal in the bundesliga -- it clearly went wide of the post but through a hole in the netting. the referee awarded the goal and the match was lost. it was a case for goal control -- a system that's able to monitor every centimeter around the soccer goal. >> the system is exact to a tolerance of five millimeters. i don't think anyone can do it or. >> seven special cameras follow the ball at 500 frames per second. if a goal -- if it goes over the goal line, it sends a signal to the referees watch. the technology is said to be deployed at the world cup for the first time this summer. that's the response to a bad call at the last world cup in south africa. this shot from england fairly
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crossed germany's goal line, but the referee did not allow the goal. in brazil, goal control's system will be installed on all 12 stadiums. goal control is testing its technology. it sells for about 200,000 euros and consists of 14 high-speed cameras and a central processing unit. about 20 employees install the system in brazil, but the world cup is just the beginning. he hopes that the company will be able to sign a lucrative contract with the bundesliga. >> that is our home league. as a german company, we would be very, very pleased if we reached an agreement with the bundesliga to install our system in the first and second divisions. that would be a big deal for us. >> fans will also be pleased to
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read during the first game, the club suffered another bad call. the goal did not count even though the ball clearly went over the line. >> we do have to say that technology is controversial here in germany. >> they don't want to bring the professional game too far away from the recreational game, but that bird has already funded to great >> the human element being reduced and technology taking that role. think you for joining us on the first day of the new year, with many people marking a number of jolly traditions. >> if you want more, check out our website. thank you for watching.
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>> hello and welcome to "france
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24." violence continues in south sudan. had sent aeader delegation to the summit. government troops have lost control of the city. situation is getting worse for civilians by the hour. >> as fighting continues in south sudan, the united nations says both sides have been involved in atrocities. the un's special representative for the country says that economic-


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