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tv   Journal  LINKTV  January 11, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PST

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>> welcome to the "journal" here on "d.w.." our headlines. british soldiers are accused of torturing prisoners in iraq. the u.n. is appealing to the warring parties in south sudan to stop fighting and start negotiating. and the world of winter sports is shocked by the training bsent of a ski jumper.
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a german n.g.o. and a british law firm are asking the international criminal court in the hague to investigate possible war crimes between 2003 and 2008. their complaint calls for investigation into the actions of senior british officials who they say did nothing to stop the alleged abuse. >> hundreds of iraqis have complaint offense grave mistreatments in british detention between 2003 and 2008. they accuse soldiers of subjecting them to constant physical and psychological intimidation they forced me to kneel down and push my head down. they hit me in the face, in the stomach and on my back and then they whacked me in the mouth. irfelt them give me electric shocks on my back. in a 250-page report, the berlin-based european concludes civilian and military officials
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must have known about the abuse. >> they could have stopped it and they should have stopped it. and because they didn't, they are liable for prosecution because they held a responsibility because of being superiors. this is not yet been followed up seriously in britain. >> the most notorious case is one who died after 36 hours in detention. his body was badly bruised and lacerated. britain's ministry of defense told the german papers that there had been isolated case of abuse by british soldiers in iraq but denied anything systematic. it said compensation had been paid out to victims. campaigners have called in vain for a public inquiry for the practices in iraq. > in thai, -- thai thirkse several gunmen opened fire in a rally in bangkok.
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one this critical can be. most were anti-government protestors seeking to block an election. for weeks, they've been calling for yingluck sinawatra to resign, accusing her of corruption and nepotism. authorities fear more violence as the opposition has vowed to completely shut down the capital next week. ukraine's former interior minister is in the hospital after being injured in a fresh wave of clashes between police and anti-government protestors. he suffered head injuries after trying to intervene in a confrontation between riot police wielding club and opposition activists. it erupted outside a court afterim posed long press is terms on three activists the incident is likely further fuel anger against the government. in south sudan, loyalist forces are battling to win the last major town held by rebels.
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a day after recapturing the country's main oil hub. the united nations have urged the president to release political detainees to kick-start stalled peace talks in ethiopia. south sudan has been are vantaged and the u.s. secretary general warned evidence of widespread atrocities would be investigated. >> a quarter of a million people have now fled their homes in south sudan. conditions like this one are often grim. u.n. compounds across the country are struggling to deal with ten's of thousands of new arrivals. fighting between forces loyal to prisons here and former deputy broke out in mid december. so far, there's been little sign of breakthrough and talks taking place in neighboring ethiopia. rebel forces are demand the release of 11 political
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detainees, a call that's been echoed by the united nations. >> i call the president yesterday again and urged him to demonstrate leadership by immediate ply releasing political prisoners. this crisis can be revolved only at the negotiation table and i urge the two sides to negotiate in honest. >> meanwhile, the government ordered troops to continue their advanced torts the last rebel held town. as international appeals to lay down arms go unheated. >> i'm joined on the line by a reporter in juba. tell us more about the situation there. >> well, one of the first things you notice when you enter the camp of a long line offense people waiting for water and food and there's a terrible smell almost everywhere you go.
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there are around 17,000 people in the camp. hundreds of new arrivals every day. the camp is really is at its limits, if not beyond. they feel safe here. so the people feel safe at the moment here. >> what stories are you hearing from the refugees? what have they been going through? >> well, they really have horrible stories to tell. they said that after the first outbreak of violence a few weeks ago, people started to ask them what ethnic group they belong to and some took language tests to prove it and almost all of the people in the camp here, they belong to the ethnic group which is the same group that rebel leader belongs to. in the past weeks, there's been several reports that civilians have been killed even inside their home. the people in the camp, they say that they witnessed these killings and many of them are traumatized and their biggest
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fear is to leave the camp. >> the u.n. appeal for peace talks seem to be falling on deaf ears. there is any chance for a negotiated settlement? >> well, most observers and most people on the streets here, they say they do not really believe that the current peace talks will be able to solve the conflict. both parties have been negotiating for six days now and there are in signs that they're willing to compromise. at the moment, their situation here in the capital is calm but only 100 kilometers north of here, the battle continues and people are still fleeing their homes and the people in the camp, they're also not very optimistic that the fight will be over any time soon. the people are getting prepared for a long stay at the camp. >> thank you. the european union is to send some 600 troops to central african republic.
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the troops will provide support to french and african force who is are trying to restore calm there. foreign ministers will finalize plans but say securing the airport and the capital is a priority. at least three people died in overnight fighting which broke out after the country's first muslim president re-signed resigned on friday. the european union says very good progress has been made with iran on kirk its nuclear program. negotiators have been meeting in geneva to discuss implementing a deal which will remove international sanctions on teheran. u.s. states department pokes person says reports that deal had been finalized were inaccurate. that contradicts iran's deputy foreign minister who shade said all disagreements have been olved. a fire has raised parts of the
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ancient tibetan tan -- tibetan a carter quarter of the wooden buildings were destroyed and more than 200 people battled to stop the flames. it took firefighters and volunteers more than nine hours to contain the blaze. authorities are investigating the cause. no reports of casualties. french president says he's considering suing the magazine that published allegations that he's carrying out a secret affair with a pop particular -- popular french actress. and on friday, the magazine took the story off its website after the actress threatened legal action but it's still for sale on newsstands. >> the president's secret love. these images show him at the apartment of his actress lover. his face is obscured but in this
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seven-page spread, the magazine claims to have spotted the president's bodyguard at the same place where the helmetted figure arrived. this is the actor at the center of the investigation. she appeared in an election commercial for the president. she has threatened legal action but hadn't commented. as has the president whose lashed out the media for invading privacy. he isn't married but his partner -- he has a partner. despite his response, he hasn't denied the reports. this isn't the first time a french president has been accused of an affair and appreciations are very toll ran of the alleged infidelities. >> it's his private life. at the same time, i think it distracts us a bit from focusing the problems french people have. if he's not married, he can do
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whatever he wants. >> the president, politician have sex appeal, charisma. so they use it. >> francois's popularity is at an-time low. it could have one positive image. haking off his >> two spectators were killed following a rally after a vehicle crashed into a ravine. and a belgian motorcycle was found dead on friday. ric palannt did not make it. he ethe cause of death hasn't been established. three-time olympic ski jump champion remains in stable can be a day after he suffered skull injuries and a bruised lung during a training accident.
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it was too early to judge whether he would still compete at the upcoming olympics in sochi. >> he is being cared for at a clinic. doctors say he came through the night well and his can be remains stable. >> we are monitoring him constantly. his can be is not life-threatening and unlikely -- she is conscious. the accident occurred during training. he lost his balance in the air and fell heavily. the crash seems to have been brought by an error during the initial jump. he was treated immediately out on the slope and then airlifted to hospital. his coaches and the olympic team are in shock. doctors say he is lucky not to have been left paralyzed. he finished runner-up in the tournament last week, making an impressive comeback after a bad fall in december. but this accident is more
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serious. he will remain in intensive care until monday, at least. german champs are doing their winter training in qatar for the fourth time in a row. fans there are thrilled to be playing host. >> many soccer fans in qatar can hardly believe their luck. fewer expected to get this close to their favorite players. just a few years ago, fans here were more interested in stars from real madrid or barcelona but now many see this one as the number one club. this man says he wants to be photographed with the best layers in the world.
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he's looking capitalize on their choig league victory last year and expand their reputation as a global brand. a journalist has been reporting on them in arabic for years and says he observes a definite trend. >> it's not for sporting reasons but it's part of their marking strategy. there are representatives here which is shareholders. so of course, they're keen to take advantage of that. >> conditions for training here are also perfect. the coach is working the squad hard. known as a perfectionist, he's expected to lead them to further title this year, ensuring the bran's name. they remain top in international club soccer. >> and for more of the latest, you can always visit our website. that does it for us.
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we'll be right back again at the top of the hour with more news and updates. [captioned by the national captioning institute] many of these people living close to the center of johannesburg haven't been home to their home countries in a long time. they are immigrants some legal, some illegal. communal prayer gives them feeling of security and helps them deal with living a foreign country. over six million people have my fwrated to south africa in the ast two decades. the late nelson mandela once spoke of south africa as a
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rainbow nation. is that still true if i'm here to find out the answer to that question and the fastest way to do it is to take a taxi. many taxi drivers are immigrants and the first taxi i called is driven by one. what kind of flag is that? >> zimbabwe flag. when i came here, things are not as good as it is now. , rything was to the right just looking for greener pastures. >> he blauth his family here a long time ago. he says he feels comfortable living in south africa but in recent years, he mood has turned sharnly against -- sharply against immigrants. >> a lot of people standing in the middle of the road with iron bars and rocks and swords.
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they tried to flag me down just to pull me over. and i just try to drive and get away from them but they throw rocks at me and i realize if i drive and just traveling over the rocks, then i will have a problem. so i stopped the car and then i just ran away. they couldn't catch up with me. >> he takes me to a slum. in 2008, over 6,000 people were killed in an attack against migrants the killings started here. bess is afraid to be here. >> i'm going to drop you here. i'm not going to go in this. if i go there, they are going to kill me. i'm not going anywhere close to here. sorry. >> that's ok. thanks. >> ok, man. see you. bye. >> see you. >> as i'm walking into the slum, bess drives off as fast as he can.
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the ground is littered with gar back. - garbage. this is home to thousands of south africans. the only safe time to come here is during the day. hardly anyone as electricity. there's no running water. a few of the lucky ones have occasional work. there's a lot of animosity about migrants. people say they're the ones getting work. >> there's no job here because there's too much foreigners here. they take our job. and when we want a job, we can't find a job. >> i quickly begin to attract attention. the subject of migrant workers is a touchy one. >> what about food? i'm buying food.
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and this food is too expensive, too. >> it's $50. that money, you can't afford. >> you don't have the money to go home because we are not rich. but this is our land, but we don't -- >> so what do you think the government should do? >> if possible, -- there's no government here. we are living so bad. there's violence here. >> one of the men shows me where e's living after pot made of corrugated and planks of wood. >> this is my house here. we share everything here.
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when we're cooking, we use this thing to cook. this is my stove. this is my cooking stuff. >> cramped conditions and no hope, an explosive mixture. >> if we are together, means,ty, we can -- that for example, for example from the first visit, we get together and you make a meeting. as south africans and then we re working together. >> since the attack, migrants rarely venture into the slums. meet a man from
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johannesburg. he said other new arrivals have a hard time when they arrive in south africa. they have been squatting der -- >> this is one of the building actually where you find a lot of migrants living on this bad conditions so they get sick. a lot of things happen in this building. people get badly sick because of this can be. very bad. my grans don't get the jobs. >> he takes me into one of the occupied houses in the city. it's risky because outsiders are not welcome. there seems to be little value placed on life here. these men are from malawi and
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have been living here for several years. >> tell me about the living conditions in johannesburg. >> not so good. you see, you come here to look for a living, they can't employ e. >> most of the people living here can tell the same story. they're all at the bottom of the social ladder. there is almost no chance to break out of the situation. >> so we live like a soldier. no toilet no, water. >> we want a better life. now with the problem, the problem is we don't -- i've been here for 10 years. no jobs. good can be. a
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>> most survive by thievery but naturally enough, few will talk about it. they portray themselves as innocent traitors, victims of south africa's injustice system. >> we have to survive. >> shortly after this interview, we have to stop recording. we're told a group of people living in the houses planning to rob us. we managed to leave the building nharmed. there is another side to immigration in south africa, the story of success. a bergeronning society of migrant has developed in the district of yoville. this man lived higher for a long time. he tells me about how it was when he arrived.
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>> 1998, it was four years after democratics so they didn't get used to seeing a lot of migrants in the country. o it was very tough. and since then, you know, it's been getting better and better for migrants, actually, living in the country. so we have facilities of getting papers but getting back to that staff for migrants in the country. >> he continues to support new arrivals. they profit from his experience. only a tiny proportion of millions of my franls manage to rise out of poverty, find a job or start a business. he helps set up the forum giving immigrants a voice. politicians have failed in their duties as political scientists.
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>> i think there are two main problems the one is we don't have a regional migration setup. we don't have a imdepration policy that allows people to come to south africa legally. the second thing is that we've got populist government that -- and immigration is a huge political issue. one which is led out of fear, fear that immigrants are going to come and take jobs, take people's wives and not one that looks at the contribution that immigrants make to south africa's economy. >> he is a good example of someone making a contribution. we meet up in front of his restaurant. a trendy district in johannesburg's center. he began as a street hawker. now he runs his own business he employs south africans as well as other immigrants. he says immigrants are more usiness savvy than locals.
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>> they came from a country that as a background of business. 7% of business are very prominent >> it's only a short distant but the differences are huge. he says it takes courage to start your own business up here. >> we've been thinking of coming here. i'm not talking about opening a business here, you know. only coming here, it was really hard. so for me, there is more positive change in a country than negative change. that's what i say. we don't have a choice.
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it's a fact. >> he has seen his dreams come true. his house of restaurant is a popular spot where peoplea7guc
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