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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  January 30, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> coming up are you this hour, paris gets a closer look at who might be the city's next mayor. the two candidates have faced off in their first televised debate. still no real from runner. spring will bext the first woman to run the city of light. is famous for wine, romance, and comic books? strange but true. you will find out more from the
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40th annual comic book festival in a western frenchtown. the ukraine where viktor yanukovych is on sick leave. war protests on the way. ukraine has been rocked by two months of major demonstrations to push the president from power. let's bring in our correspondent. tell us about the announcement of the president taking sick leave during the time of crisis. is that a surprise? >> a came as a surprise this morning. according to the press service, he suffers from acute respiratory disease, company with fever. journalist says that it is just stress.
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in any case, this is the first time in four years that he has communicated his health condition. it came as a surprise and it is kind of strange. yesterday, he made an extra effort to convince the majority to vote for a lawn amnesty. -- a law on amnesty. many comments emphasize that this is probably just -- that the president has tried to pull. he is trying to resent himself as a man of the people. he may be trying to get the simcity -- the sympathy of the voters. what kind of affect mikey president's sick leave have on be -- kind of effect might president's sick leave have? no really official reaction
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from the opposition leaders have come out yet. has --sident negotiations in the past few days. it is hard to say how the negotiations will go on without his residence. -- without his presence. they expected their outrage at the vote on the amnesty law. the condition is that the barricades would have to be dismantled before anyone can benefit from amnesty. that is not acceptable. the crisis is far from being over. >> thank you. , would be jihadist are going on trial in paris. they were arrested as they were on their way to syria to join
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extremist fighters. the mainvering that at courthouse in paris. what are these men accused of? [indiscernible] going and joined the jihad to islamistsly war along in the north of syria. they were arrested in 2012, before they could get that far. they are six vested -- they are suspected of being linked to a terrorist enterprise. telephones based on interceptions and looking at their use of the internet. investigators say's men were linked to jihadist groups. they started buying equipment such as gun holsters.
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they were trying to get into serious via turkey when they were stopped. tried on this evidence alone, according to their lawyer. >> there has been concern of from alladist coming over europe. tell us about some the other cases that have come to light. >> there have been a lot of buzz and concern in france. this case comes a few days after two very young, would be jihadist were brought back to france. .hey were from toulouse they came back from turkey, accused of trying to draw in the jihad -- brought up a lot of concern. a lot of reports of fighters traveling from france and all over europe.
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biggestgoing to be the danger france could face in the coming years. >> thanks. this story from iraq --at least 18 people killed. security forces regained control of the building after six suicide bombers stormed it, taking several hostages. for those hostages -- four of those hostages were killed. the fighting is still on in central africa, despite the election of a new interim president. troops are on their way to help the french and african forces who are already on the ground. we have more now from the second-largest city in the
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country. republicntral african 's second-largest city, the french army has deployed soldiers to reinforce the african troops on the ground. the city has been divided in two. the french ambassador is there to assess the situation. 30,000 christians live in this camp. the children have not attended school for a while. accompanied by the head of the french forces, ambassador met with the religious leaders side-by-side. the two men have been trying to build bridges between their communities. some people have become -- begun returning to the neighborhoods. >> with most of the houses
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burned down, it is like a ghost town. since the arrival of french troops, violence between christians and muslims has decreased significantly. >> we have 1600 troops here. we have what we need to carry out our mission. >> the central african republic is much bigger than france. just over 4 million inhabitants. more than 100,000 people fleeing the violence have taken refuge in the airport. french troops are touring one of the neighborhoods. has asked me french troops to patrol the most dangerous areas. outside, tensions are rising. many of the muslims feel the troops are siding with the christians. there -- the army says there are mission is to remain neutral and keep the peace. -- the cease-fire and
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south sudan is still temporarily in place. the fragile truce was signed last week. the humanitarian crisis in the newest nation is devastating. >> the convoy on the streets of the local market -- ransacked and looted. a situation is so dire. >> we have lost enough food to people for a,000 month so far. >> the local hospital is suffering from a lack of medicine. forfacility is now a camp internally displaced people. >> many of the people you see in
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the hospital are here because of the war. they came here and they will not leave. we told them to return home. they say they are afraid. it iser intense fighting, controlled by government forces. residence say insecurity remains. >> they have no commodities, no markets. all of the houses have been destroyed and looted. people are wondering what they will do if they stay at home. there is no solution. if you stay at the hospital, there is no solution. people are really confused. >> the cease-fire was signed last week. sporadic fighting has prompted many people to return -- to remain in u.n. camps. >> the fighting and south sudan and the central african republic will be key points at the african union summit today. several heads of state are there for that two-day summit.
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we have the latest for you on controversial french comedian. his tour was banned over accusations of anti-semitism. investigation for fraud and money-laundering. they came to a head on wednesday when police seized 650,000 euros in cash from his home. charlotte hawkins reports. >> investigators rummaged through his house. they discovered around 650,000 euros and $15,000 in cash. it is the latest headache for the controversial french comedian. his standup act was banned earlier this month for being anti-symantec. -- anti-semitic. his lawyer says the money came from to get sales and is all above board. nothing there's stopping him from keeping such a
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sum in cash. it poses difficult questions. french court suspects them of having fraudulently injuring bankruptcy. he owes fines for convictions including inciting racial hatred. he appealed online for fans to send donations. >> if you want to loan me the money, that can be arranged. i will repay you after the tour. takingral inquiries are place. they should determine exactly where the money came from and if it is been declared. >> paris got a closer look at who might be the next mayor. the two candidates faced off in their first televised debate. there is still no real front runner. whoever wins the race next spring will be the first woman to run the city of light. charlotte hawkins has more. together, the two front runners competing to become the first woman to run paris.
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on the left, the current first deputy mayor and next to her, the former spokesperson to nicholas sarkozy. they went head to head in a televised debate. socialist parties want to invest in better public services and create more social -- more housing. build about 1500 newmont in the areas available and i want to turn offices into housing. th sheng off against her, sees herself as a champion of the middle class. toi will be a mayor to build allow the middle classes to stay living in paris. isrent polls shows that she coming out ahead. she is widely viewed as a continuation of current mayor, still popular after 13 years in the job.
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trailing behind in the race are three other candidates. the vote will take place at the end of march. france's political parties will be watching closely. it is a campaign that covers issues relevant to the whole country. >> formula one star, michael schumacher is in the process of waking up from his induced,. his sedation is being lowered to begin the waking up process. the legendary driver has been in beinduced coma following tragic ski accident in the outs. -- the alps. let's look at the headlines now. ukraine possibility toured ukraine'sis on -- resident is on sick leave. the conflicts in central african
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republic and south sudan are top of the agenda at the african union summit. three french would be jihadist go on trial. they are accused of trying to travel to syria. sports is up next. finally, some good news for maria sharapova. tennis news on the way. confirmation of the french footballer finally coming home. he signed a three and a half year deal from english premier league newcastle. he is reported to have cost around 24 million euros. >> i am very happy. i feel very happy. it has not been easy in the last
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few days. i am now here. despite everything, i am very happy. i think the decision of coming here as soon as i knew that psg wanted me, we had to negotiate a lot with new kia -- newcastle. i really wanted to come here. he scored seven goals in 19 premier league matches. >> i also play football for winning trophies. that is one of my objectives. i hope to work well and integrate myself into the team and with my teammates. i know there will be a lot of synchronicity between us, but that is big in every european club. that is not a problem. i am not afraid of that. the team is amazing. i will make a big effort to be one of them. he could play against bordeaux on friday, but the coach has
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said the midfielder is not guaranteed lane time with them -- playing time with the leaders. -- the league. the psg, awell in starting place for france at the world cup could await him in brazil. a victory at home. the second half when secured the win. they snatch the last win over stuttgart.
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14 minutes left on the clock. time, pointsury grab with a sensational scissor kick. crushing -- sunderland moved out for the regularization -- regulation zone. them i think it is very important to be at the top. we adjust what we do in every match. had anythink we important advantage.
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they all have chances to fight for the title. barcelona cruised into the semifinals of the king's cup. madrid will face their rivals. maria sharapova is bouncing back from our surprise fourth-round exit at the australian open. she dropped one game as she breezed past heard opponent. as her opponent. -- her opponent.
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a wildcard in her first action was to knock out number 16. the players have done well in australia. this contest was close until the first tie-break. and the match to just two from remaining opponent. 7-6, 6-4. the former lotus team principal has been up pointed -- appointed racing director at mclaren. there has been no mention of former team member. he has not worked since jr 16. we're going to the african union summit in ethiopia. it is taken over by the growing conflict in the central african republic and south sudan. joining me is duncan.
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thank you for taking some time to talk to us on today's inside look. with the central african republic. the crisis is high on the agenda. what is the diplomatic response from the au to that crisis? >> very much dominating the agenda. it was a meeting yesterday of the peace and security council oneh was addressed by president. he said the situation continues to spiral out of control. he has requested that the international community do more to assist that effort. >> tell us more about the donor
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meeting. what does it hope to achieve? saturdayng convened on to draw support and funding from multiple sources. importantly, from the european union's, the united states, and other major world powers. that is in the context of where there are limited financial resources available from african nations. we saw that here. a similar accident -- a similar tract is for molly. mawli.tice from >> it does seem that there is a limit to what exactly africa can do to help african problems, especially in respect to the central african republic. >> there are these massive funding constraints, but also,
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it is a case of there being european boots on the ground. is the african led force around 5000 troops of the moment. there are also 1600 french troops there. the un security council approved the deployment of a 600 strong european union force. european powers are being embroiled in the conference -- conflict in africa. this has led france to say that there are limits to which it can be expected to operate a policeman of african affairs. >> and not the only major conflict going on. major worry.s a is there anything new to report on that front? is aroundflict there
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six or 7, 8 weeks old. it has been going on since early to mid december. it has been a severe conflict. tens of thousands of people displaced. killed,eople have been estimated. that is significantly higher than the u.n. estimates. this is a massive issue. ofis causing a number consultations in terms of mediation efforts. there was a cease-fire signed last week by the government and the rebel forces. negotiations or the attempts to broker proper negotiations, that has moved to nairobi. there was a breakthrough yesterday. as much as the government released for political prisoners to kenya to partake in negotiations. there's is a glimmer of hope there. the situation is dire and south sudan at present. >> is conflicts have really gone to the forefront, what else is
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on the agenda? what are the other pressing concerns? are thether key things situation with regards to the spreading influence of al qaeda affiliates. we sell the west gate bombings in kenya -- the west gate tehieves in kenya last year. there is representation from the u.s. here. u.s. under secretary of state is here to represent u.s. interests and to talk to the various powers who have gathered here. that is ahead of the meeting which will take place later this year in washington. that will be between african powers and the u.s. government. african troops have been crucial to the ongoing fight against
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al-shabaab in molly a. -- in somalia. powers are keen to ÷g99ñwça7guc f v vúúú
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