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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  March 28, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> a major shift in the hunt for the missing malaysia airlines plane. the search has been redirected to an area 1000 kilometers northeast of the current location. the move is made -- based on new data that shows the plane traveled faster and would have run out of fuel quicker than originally thought. floatingrs now say the objects previously thought to be possible wreckage were not from the plane after all.
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>> a fresh lead in the search for the missing jetliner. australian authorities say the operation has moved to a new area following new data analysis. northeast ofeters the existing search area is now the most credible lead us to where debris may be located. >> the new search zone is closer to the australian coast. weather conditions are generally better there and could make search efforts easier. investigators believe after changing course several times before it disappeared from radar, the missing jet headed at a steadythe sea speed until it ran out of fuel and crashed. the new area was calculated by combining radar data and fuel performance. >> the new analysis indicates the plane was traveling faster than previously indicated
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resulting in increased fuel usage and reducing the possible distance traveled south into the indian ocean. >> the ocean movement which would have drifted the wreckage in the weeks since it disappeared has also been taken into account. the new search zone is still wide, 320,000 square kilometers. to get even bigger with time given the ocean movement -- it gets even bigger with time given the ocean movement. they said the search is still expected to take a long time. >> that u.n. has condemned russia's annexation of crimea. the general assembly voted in favor of ukraine-sponsored resolution that declares it invalid and illegal. it was largely symbolic to discourage moscow from further action on ukrainian soil. >> the results of the vote is as follows. in favor, 100.
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11 abstentions, 58. >> the jealous only passes are a musician -- a resolution that declares the annexation illegal. the move was widely condemned by the west. >> the resolution before us is about one issue only. that is affirming our commitment to the sovereignty, political independence, unity, and territorial integrity of ukraine. >> russia claims the results of 97% oferendum, over crimeans say they are in favor of breaking away from ukraine, is about writing a wrong. >> it means to put into question the resolution that already played a key historic role.
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it will be counterproductive to challenge the. >> ukraine's foreign minister said it was proof of russia's increasing isolation. >> we are pleased this support comes from around the world, which shows the issue of ukraine and crimea is not the original one, but a global one. >> the decision is not legally binding. itertheless, ukraine hopes will scare rush into retreating and de-escalate the crisis. far right's nationalists have been protesting against the government in kiev. the rallies are in response to a shooting death of a leader earlier this week. leader wassay the deliberately targeted and murdered by the government. nationalists gather
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on independence square in kiev after one of the leaders was shot dead during a police raid in western ukraine on monday. marched to parliament smashing windows and demanding the resignation of the interior minister, who they blame for his death. here to make the ukrainian parliament resign and the interior minister plead guilty of killing him and your prescient -- repression against ukrainian patriots. >> he was the leader of a hard-line nationalist group that played a major role in toppling the president. wanted for hooliganism and organized crime, officials say he fired at special forces police as he tried to escape arrest and died during the
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shootout. supporters say he was tied up and murdered. he was also wanted in russia for allegedly fighting with rebels in chechnya during the bloody conflict there in the 1990's. russia calls it a neo-nazi organization. president vladimir putin cited this group as one of the reasons to intervene in crimea to protect russian citizens. >> this friday, ukraine's deposed president is speaking to russian media. he has called for each of the regions to hold a referendum on its status within ukraine. the oscar pistorius murder trial postponed. a judge has delayed proceedings until april 7 because of the illness of one of her legal advisers. the defense was due to begin its case this friday. the south african track star is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend. pistorius says he shot reeva
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steenkamp by accident, mistaking her for an intruder. prosecutors say he killed her after an argument. after days of uncertainty, health officials have confirmed the deadly ebola virus has reached the capital of new guinea. four people have been infected. there is no known cure for the disease which has a 90% death rate. it is being called a threat to regional security. four cases of ebola have been identified in the capital. it was confirmed on friday by the health minister. it started with the shopkeeper who died on march 18. his relatives were designated to take the body back to his home village for burial. one developed the symptoms of a bullet -- ebola.
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he went to hospital and they took him straight in. three others came in. they were all taken care of and tested. their results also came back positive. the courtroom in -- the four men are now under observation. >> others are showing signs of the disease. they have been placed under quarantine. as of wednesday, the death toll of suspected cases stood at 63. symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting. earlier in the week, the health minister said the situation was under control. the capital is a major embarrassment. the west african states have appealed for international assistance. others have died of symptoms in sierra leone and liberia. >> first twitter and now
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youtube. turkey is trying to block access to the opulent websites. the videoomes after was posted on the site. to spite that, people were still able to access the site. >> yesterday afternoon, the telecommunications director banned youtube. on one hand, one has to sympathize with the government. couldeign minister tolerate a breach of confidentiality like that. on the other hand, the turkish government could have asked you to -- youtube to remove the posting and pursued the people who breached the foreign ministry office. instead, the government decided to ban the whole of youtube. however, the ban has not been
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effective. one can still connect to youtube. as for the ban on twitter last week, the government has found trying to close down a part of the internet is a very difficult thing to do. >> stay tuned to "france 24." >> ♪ >> rafa nadal reached the semifinals of the miami masters. he used his powerful serves to take the first set 6-4. nadal dropping surfer the first time in the tournament. that was the last break point the spaniard faced. faulted on break point twice in the second. nadal closed it out 6-4. berdych will face nadal in the
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semifinals. broke the 22nd seed three times. gopolog forster tie-break before berdych took it. nadal will be a tougher nut to crack. from the kickoff, he deservedly took the lead in 34 minutes. break, he went on the attack. they will fear they should have done better.
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lastay, they reached the four. the semifinal is in all lead affair -- all-league affair. the men have won six straight games keeping a clean sheet in their last courtroom -- four. league andhe premier could make changes for the game next wednesday. think you should protect players so they don't get hurt. what i have been telling my forers and what i believe preparation is to play and win in nice. it is physics. i'm glad we're playing friday
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because we have one more day to rest. no illusionsr about the task they are facing. >> we don't underestimate chelsea. if you underestimate them, that is your problem. chelsea are not better or worse than they were before the draw. chelsea are one of the big teams in the last eight. the game last week won't make me say anything different. they unanimously voted to introduce a new competition in 2018. successful sides will be able to at the 2020 the exact format is yet to be finalized.
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there will be places for those who may not advance through the usual route. >> it is an international is to tuition -- institution that decided to create one competition. it took time. there were lots of meetings. we're trying to create a competition that others like. 54 nations gave it the green light. they want to elevate the status of international football. it is going to replace friendly matches, which nobody is interested in, not spectators, journalists, not the players. nobody is interested in that. national federations realized that and asked us to create this competition. it is a competition that will replace friendlies.
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i think it is a good decision. i repeat, nobody wants friendly games anymore. >> he claims he is the only man who can beat him for fifa president. his first eight in europe since 2009. they cleared the pack in the last kilometer. the american had more in his tank and sprinted to victory. welcome to today's web news where we'll be taking a look at the stories making online headlines. anti-worldbrazil's
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cup anthem. a canadian man being held in a psychiatric ward for giving away cash. rial dancer performing in the colorado desert. >> ♪ >> i am sorry, but i won't be cheering for you at this world cup, the course says on this youtube film released by the brazilian musician. his country is ready to host the world cup in a few weeks. he describes the disappointment felt by fans and announces the corruption -- denounces the corruption to a melancholy melody. protesters took to the streets
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last year. they say it would have been better to have invested the money in improving public services like transport, education, and health. they are notr -- the only ones putting their grievances to music. "happy."their twist to the video highlights and condemns the numerous holding sites around the city and problems facing residents like escalating living costs, insecurity, and racial discrimination. you ♪ffense to ♪ >> ♪ i am happy mentalas no history of health problems and yet he is being detained in a psychiatric unit. wrotes what his daughter
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on facebook making an online appeal for help for her dad who was arrested and held against his will, all for handing out free money. as the news article reported a few days earlier, residents in eastern canada were giving $50 and $100 bills by a complete stranger. the so-called modern-day robin hood turned out to be richard wright, who was giving money to those in need. web users have hailed his act of kindness and set up a facebook group a few days ago. messages began pouring in. the social network is saying how unfair it is to be locked up for doing a good deed. supporters have also started an online petition urging the mental health authorities to let
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him go. they say he's not sick, he's just generous and does not belong in a psychiatric ward. "star wars" fans have launched a facebook campaign to save the town used as the filming location in the epic space opera. the campaign hopes to draw attention to the fragility of the cultural heritage that is in danger of being buried in the desert. they hope to raise enough money to save the town. this article claims a woman had been shipwrecked on a desert island for seven years and was
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rescued after teenagers spotted her using google earth. web users have been fascinated by the story which turns out to be a total hoax. it is from a satellite image international in a report on kurdistan -- kyrgyzstan. this chinese street vendor is the spitting image of north korean dictator kim jong un. a striking resemblance has not gone unnoticed on chinese social networks. photos are being widely shared ey comments.ok they say his newfound fame has done wonders for business. the aerial fabric dancer
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performed suspended midair from the overhanging monolith in colorado. this incredible feat completed without a harness or protection. it is part of an artistic project which you can see more of on the video platform. >> ♪ >> it was not just humans wandering the aisles at the
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trade fair in march. ande were giant spiders even screens people could pilate to visit from home -. humanoid robot developed in france. >> it is designed to help people living on their own. instead of putting them into a care facility where there are not necessarily enough people to look after them, they have a robot to keep them company. you can interact and bring them medication. you can call for help if need be -- it can call for help if need be. >> those who developed the prototype say it should be operational in two years time. 6000 models have been distributed across the globe. it does heart of its fame to the
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choreographer who put together a synchronized dance show. to help boost the promising market, the government has announced plans to invest 100 million euros in the french robot industry. >> france is a global leader in robotics. robots are technologically advanced, but most of us still see them as a thing of science fiction. it is possible to build your own domestic robot. he invented the first humanoid robot you can make with your own 3-d printer. >> he's getting agitated. >> drop it. perfect. >> did you say perfect? >> yes. >> he knew very little about robotics two years ago. he began by putting together a
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hand online as an open source canect, which means anyone access the design and assembly instructions. >> it was just a hand with a 3-d printer and assembled. but it created a community. people became interested in the project. i started designing the rest of the arm so i could incorporate motors inside the form. >> the robot started to take shape. it has now become a collaborative project. every day, thousands participate in the development. >> once we have shown the robot an object in 3-d using the camera, it can recognize the color and shape. the information is included in the computer. robots will be able to recognize the glass. we won't need to tell them. after we input the information, it will already know it is a glass. >> it only cost a few hundred
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euros to make. you can build your own and use it. there have been astonishing adaptations to his invention. >> it has been used as a prosthesis. they print them out in mass in brazil for people who have lost a hand. >> the robots are designed to replace humans when it comes to carrying out thankless tasks and dirty jobs. it may revolutionize the farming profession. for the past year, they have been producing high-tech milk at their farm in brittany. they have a robotic milking stool. there are no gates in the building so the cal can decide when it wants to be milked. she's able to share precise figures because the robot records and analyzes all the s in from the 55 cow real time. >> the robot helps us to see it
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on this -- see illness before ws show symptoms. >> the robots also save a tremendous amount of time. >> we save up to four hours a day. >> to make the workday even easier, the feed pressure makes sure the animals are fed. >> it comes by every two hours so they get out more often. it also makes a ringing sound. andght, the cows hear it get up to feed. >> it is a profitable system that leads to an extra leader of milkgg99ññwççñmws4ç!
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