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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  April 28, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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[captioning made possible by democracy now!] ♪ >> from pacifica this is democracy now! stand inonored to solidarity with the cowboy and indian alliance. the keystone pipeline and all those affected, both human beings and others who will be affected -- >> reject and protect. daryl hannah joins thousands and called on president obama to say no to the keystone pipeline.
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we will speak with hannah and two members of the cowboy and indian alliance. nader onph "unstoppable." the alliance to dismantle the state. >> it is our job to turn things around. whether poverty, tax reform, electoral reform. stop thinking we are powerless. we start with our constitution. we the people. not we the corporation. why are corporations ruling us? >> all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the death toll from a string of
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tornadoes has reached at least 17. almost all in arkansas. dozens of homes were destroyed and thousands have lost power. in an arkansas town, the residents described the flattening of an entire neighborhood. >> streets were turned upside down. the houses were picked up and sit on top of things. garages are literally in the yard. >> the deaths are the first of this year's storm season. the u.s. has signed a deal to increase its military presidents in the philippines after being forced to leave its basis. under the 10 year agreement, warships and fighter jets will be stationed on filipino territory for training and exercises. the philippines was a colony from 1898 to 1946. the u.s. maintains bases until popular protest forced their ouster in 1992. in a signing ceremony, the u.s.
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ambassador says the u.s. does not intend to reestablish permanent bases. in accordance with democratic governments, it will mutually benefit both nations. respect for philippines sovereignty, covered under the agreement. and the understanding that the united states does not intend to establish a permanent military presence in the philippines. >> the deal is being unveiled today and submitted by president obama. in new york times where, a filipino activist criticized the accord. >> we are definitely against more u.s. involvement in the philippines and in asia. it means that the presence of your military in the asia-pacific region is not beneficial to the social, political, and economic development of asian countries.
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is in thent obama philippines as he considers -- continues his to her. -- tour. the secretive pact would establish a free trade zone among pacific rim countries. it encompasses nearly 40% of the global economy. obama spoke at a town hall event in a group of demonstrators stood up and held placards in silent protest. in a egyptian judge has sentenced hundreds of people to death as part of a continued crackdown of the muslim brotherhood. the 680 three defendants were accused of violent acts. they have been deemed a terrorist group. the defendants in crude -- inclu de many. the judge sentenced others to death and a trial last month.
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in today's hearings, 37 death sentences were upheld while the rest were changed to 25 years in prison. a government panel in afghanistan says it has uncovered to previously under -- undiscovered prisons. they are said to be on the nato coalition basis of kandahar and camp bastion. they have not declined the cla im. the u.s. has announced new sanctions on russia and the continued standoff over the crisis in ukraine. speaking today in manila, president obama said he would expand the list targeting russian individuals and firms with financial and diplomatic penalties. >> russia has not yet chosen to move forward. the sanctions represent the next stage in a calibrated effort to change their behavior. we do not yet know whether it will work. ift is why the next phase,
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we saw further russian aggression toward ukraine -- could be sectoral sanctions. targeted and addressing sectors like banking or the defense industries. >> tensions in ukraine remain high with continued violence. pro-russian separatist seized a group of monitors for the security and cooperation group. want toratists say they trade the monitors for a group of their jailed activists. meanwhile, the mayor of ukraine's second-largest city has been seriously wounded in a shooting. doctors say the mayor is fighting for his life. about 200 girls remain missing nearly two weeks after they were kidnapped from their boarding school. the islamist militant group is
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suspected of conducting 200 schoolgirls are a night raid on april 15. some have managed to escaped. initially reported that most of them had been freed. a federal judge has ruled that the government can force internet companies to hand over customer private data, even when overseas.eipt -- e-mail accounts for stored on a server in ireland. they say that the u.s. does not have jurisdiction over a foreign sir for -- server and plans to appeal. there was bold collection of records earlier this year. ruling thated a found the bulk collection was unconstitutional and orwellian. they denied the request. and the national basketball
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association is facing one of its biggest controversies in years after a team owner was recorded making racist remarks. donald sterling is heard telling a woman identified as his girlfriend, not to spend time with african-americans. call you until you that i have black people in my instagram. >> if you want them broadcasted to your associated -- you have to -- previous faced allegations of racial discrimination. he paid over two point $9 million after being accused of driving out people of color from apartment buildings he owned. a former clippers general manager has also sued for racial bias. the players reacted sunday with a silent protest against his remarks. they were their warm-up jerseys inside out, then
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stack them in the middle of the floor. adam silver says the league is investigating. >> we said earlier today -- the audio recording posted by tmz is truly offensive and disturbing. we intend to get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible. >> i think our track record is stellar. i understand the anger that would be naturally expressed over hearing a tape like this. i also believe that ultimately, the players and the rest of the nba family has confidence we will deal with that appropriately. >> several current and former stars, including lebron james and magic johnson, have condemned the remarks. james said there is no room for donald sterling and our league. those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now! i am amy goodman.
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people rallied in washington dc calling on president obama to reject the keystone of our pipeline. the rally came four days after on earth day when a group of ranchers, farmers and tribal communities from along the pipeline route rode into washington dc and set up the reject and protect encampment near the white house. the group called themselves the cowboy indian alliance. during saturday's procession members of the alliance presented a hand-painted teepee to the smithsonian national museum of the american indian as a gift to president obama. the teepee represented the cowboy and indian alliance's hopes for protected land and clean water. legendary musician neil young joined the protesters who rallied on the national mall and then marched past the capitol building. >> we are all children of mother earth. that is why i am here. i feel we are all threatened. by what is happening, we are
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threatened as a planet. the fossil fuel age is ending -- it is having its first death gasp. we need to keep pushing. we need to stop this pipeline that is bringing bad fuel from canada, from the tail of the snake, all the way down to the head of the snake. after rally came a week the obama administration announced it had again delayed a decision on approval or rejection. oilould carry tar sands from alberta to the gulf coast. they will await the results of challenges. that means a final move would not likely come until after the midterm elections. to talk more about the protests, we are joined by three guests. gary is with us from washington, d.c. he is the coordinator for the rosebud sioux tribes.
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a nation that of organized the reject and protect encampment. joining us in new york is actress daryl hannah. she participated in the reject and protect protests in dc over the weekend. she has been arrested three times for protests against the keystone xl pipeline. also here with us is art tanderup. he is a nebraska farmer who was in washington, d.c. last week for the reject and protect protests. he is also a member of the cowboy indian alliance. welcome to democracy now! why is this issue so important to you? >> good morning. this issue is important to me for the rosebud sioux tribe. it threatens the aquifer, which provides drinking water for millions of people. it also threatens the missouri river. we're talking about 5 million
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american citizens, who have thei r water supply threatened. this water supply also provides crops. water for our crops, for irrigation. we're talking about millions of people who could be affected. this could be an economic bust for the midwest. >> you are a nebraska farmer, part of the cowboy and indian alliance. explain how this came together and why you feel so strongly? this could bring business to nebraska. >> yes, it could. but it is the wrong type of business. it is the business that would bring temporary jobs for the construction period. then there would only be approximately 35 jobs for the duration after that for maintenance. the cowboy and indian alliance was formed a couple of years
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ago, because of common interest between farmers, ranchers, and native americans in northern nebraska and southern south dakota. we have come together as brothers and sisters to fight this keystone xl pipeline. because of the risks to the aquifer, to the lands, to the help of people. >> explained with the aquifer is. >> like the united states water -- it is a clean water, underground aquifer. it starts in south dakota and covers nebraska, down into kansas. parts of oklahoma as well. it is not necessarily a big lake, sledge of of a huge sand and gravel.
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it provides clean drinking water and water for livestock, wildlilfe. for human consumption, your tatian. it is the livelihood of the heartland. >> explain why your community is threatened. where you live? >> we live north of neely, nebraska. we are right on the pipeline route. part of our farm is on the trail of tears, back in the 1870's. chief sandy baer and his people were driven to oklahoma. cindy.nted to go to she is a senior manager of the refining and oil sands program. she defends the program. she was on her show earlier this year. >> we spent five years reviewing the impact time and time again.
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despite the investment, which is transparent and thorough -- we have seen the same conclusions. minimal impact, negligible impact. the climate answer, the environmental answer and concerns have been addressed. this is one factor among several. it is time to determine that the project is in the nation's interest. >> what is your response? >> i would like to say that we cannot fall asleep on this one. a delay is not a rejection. so many people came together to show continuing solidarity and support for rejection of the keystone pipeline. there is a lot of misinformation out there. a good amount of american citizens still believe that keystone has something to do
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with reducing our dependence on foreign oil. or will reduce the gas prices. that is a complete fallacy. the lions share of the oil that will be refined is intended for the global market. we would still have to be the highest bidder. >> this pipeline would go from alberta canada to the gulf of mexico. it would not provide oil to the united states? >> no. this is a landlocked resource and they need to get it to a coastline. they can refine it and make it available to the global market. there are many proposals on the table. if you look at a map, you can see that the closest route is one of the canadian coasts. none of those proposals have succeeded. >> why? >> first nations communities in canada have the treaty rights. they have been successful in blocking those proposals. the united states --
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money tends to rule our political systems. they have had a little more success getting the proposal through. you see, all the way through every state, there has been pushed back from the citizens. and, it is just like what you said in the opening of the show -- this country was built for the citizens, not corporations. we would still have to be the highest bidder. about howou think much natural gas we have produced in the last several years. still, natural gas prices were exorbitant. natural gas is inaccessible in parts of the country. this is a similar situation. this pipeline would threaten our awkward first. -- aquifers.
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water is not a liberal or conservative issue. it concerns all. >> why did you get involved in this? you have gotten arrested a number of times around this. why is this so critical free out? == -- for you? >> i have seen some of the impacts of the processes we have resorted to. people in the appalachians who are affected. i have seen communities that have been affected. the water supply is poisoned by fracking. the gulf coast was just recently declared clean. there is still some sludge at the bottom of the gulf that is affecting the food chain. bp just issued new permits to drill again. these extreme forms of extraction should be against the law.
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we should be starting to build some resilience and some self-sufficiency by developing renewable energy. we have the technology. what word do you have on this delay? you talk about it not being a victory. it is astounding that it has been delayed repeatedly. what do you think is going on right now? >> i have no idea. i have a suspicion that they do not want to lose constituents before the elections. so, the delay will probably be put off until after that election. nevertheless, the keystone pipeline is in conflict to the expansion. that is what is at the bottom of this proposal. dorr, the kind of
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alliance that is taking place -- you have this cowboy and indian alliance. the native nations on both sides of border -- can you talk about the type of organizing that is going on from canada to the united states? a they have been down here, couple of people -- george, robert george -- we have had visits with them. they have visited our communities. some have visited the nations in idaho. they brought light. those things that -- there were some mistruths. i think the american petroleum institute needs to --
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before, there was a negligible cancer rate. now, the cancer rate is 400 times the national canadian per capita average. guessis all sorts of i truths that are coming out from our alliances with these people. these people come out and speak. , they were saying that every single person up there -- every family has cancer and their family now. >> because of -- >> because of the tar sands mining. the minimum refining process going on. ask art about what happened earlier this month. they unveiled a massive crop art opposing the pipeline, using
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tractors. they dug into their cornfields, the image of a rancher. said to be the size of 80 football fields. how did this come about? >> and aerial artist, john quigley. , was so concerned. he wanted to make a statement. he thought the best place to do that would be in the heartland, on the proposed route. we came together on this. a half-mileeld, long. quarter-mile wide. we created a magnificent piece of art. statement.s such a
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we have drawn a line in the sand. it is a very sandy soil. highly. variable. -- highly permeable. you see the image there. the native american image there -- image is that of a rancher. underneathes signify the water and how important it is. hassun around the outside seven rays for the seven generations. >> explain the governor's position on the pipeline. >> nebraska's governor, when this was first proposed, it was further west.
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he came out very strongly and said we will not have this go through the sand hills. we will not have a go over the aquifer. the row must be changed. used that putwas the area i live out of the sand hills. forgot about the aquifer issue. they moved it a few miles. we are still on the bottom part of the sand hills. still very much over the aquifer. he has forgotten about the people of nebraska and what this could do to them. >> in a moment we will speak to ralph nader. he feels there is a right and left alliance. at the grassroots level.
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i wanted to ask you, daryl annah, the former energy decision said that the on whether the construction should happen is a political one, not scientific. that is very interesting. >> in this country, it seems that this has always been the bottom line. the mighty dollars the bottom line. it has been very encouraging to see all of these different forces come together, despite all the polarizing going on in the media. people are uniting. we will end with neil young. the famous musician was in washington at a rally on
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saturday, speaking against keystone. >> i stand with you. we are with you, the farmers, the ranchers, the indians. we are with the first nation of people. honoronor the treaties, our agreement, honor your word. my mother always said to me, keep your word and clean up your mess, neil. this is what we want the people of canada to do. keep your word, do not let this happen. they have the right to stop it. let them speak. do not crawl over them like they were not there. they are there. there will be hell to pay -- [applause]
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there is an ancient story. they threaten the first nation -- this is it. it stretches through the tar sands of alberta to the gulf of mexico. this poison -- it will do incredible damage. o2 in times as much c this oil as any other oil on the planet. happens.hat for who? for what? not for you. it goes to a tax-free zone, so it can be shipped somewhere else in the world. we cannot have any more pollution. it has to stop. [applause]
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that is why i stand with my friends. they're the people of the earth. we love the earth. we do not want to see this happen to her grandchildren. , the wholeng so hard we are digging right now, over the last few years -- the fossil fuel age and move into something better. say to president obama, this is your defining moment. make your statement. make a statement that is good for all kind. why not give it
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a push? why not put america on the right side of history? >> neil young speaking at saturday's rally against the pipeline. thank you to our three guests. speaking to us from washington -- hannah, art, and gary. back, we will talk about "unstoppable." stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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>> neil young's " mother earth." for the rest of the hour, we're joined by ralph nader, consumer advocate, corporate critic, attorney, author, activist and former presidential candidate. for well over four decades, ralph has helped us drive safer cars, eat healthier food, breathe better air, drink cleaner water and work in safer environments. his devotion to political reform and citizens' activism has fueled a number of critical policy victories and the creation of generations of watchdogs and activists to carry
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them forward. in recent years, ralph nader's name has become synonymous with challenging the nation's two-party political system. he ran for president in 1996 and 2000 as a candidate on the green party ticket, again in 2004 and 2008 as an independent. now, he's out with a new book called, "unstoppable: the emerging left-right alliance to dismantle the corporate state". it highlights the common concerns shared by a wide swath of the american public, regardless of political orientation. these concerns include resisting mass surveillance; opposing nebulous free trade agreements; and, punishing criminal behavior on wall street. throughout, nader argues in favor of transcending divisive partisan labels and instead working in concert to pursue shared interests -- all the while, he offers practical solutions rooted in collective organizing. well, we go now to washington, d.c., where we're joined by ralph nader. welcome back to democracy now!
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talk about what gives you hope. they are blaring out that there is a complete shift in washington. you say the alliance between the whole political spectrum is actually something -- >> you have to think of politics in america. on the top, dominating the alliance are the political allies in congress. what we are seeing is a longstanding corporate strategy that fears a left-right convergence. they like the idea of left-right fighting on social issues. opinion-right public
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and representatives. so far, they have been dominant. they're beginning to lose. we have enough historical evidence to show that the tide is running against them. in the minimum wage fight, that comes to 70% or 80%. a lot of walmart workers think they should get a restored minimum wage, at least to what it was 46 years ago. that would be almost $11 per hour. liance isright al coming through on juvenile justice reform, addressing the whole problem of prisons in our country. newt gingrich and others have started a group called right on crime. they are working with left and right state legislatures. they have gone to some bills and over a dozen legislatures.
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the third area where it is breaking through is to block the expansion of the use globalized trade agreements. the pacific trade agreement is being negotiated by president obama. it will be blocked under an opposition to fast track. in other words, republicans and democrats have a majority of the house. ership.fying their lead boehner and close he -- pelosi. they have enough votes to block rade agreement. a little over a year ago, there was almost a majority vote in the house to block the nsa from dragnet surveillance. that was bubbling up of public opinion, going from the
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grassroots all the way to the house of representatives in defiance of speaker boehner and nancy pelosi. we're seeing this emerged. if we want to get things done, long-overdue re-directions, we better pay attention to this emerging left-right alliance that i described in detail. there are 25 areas in this country. they represent a majority. that is why i called the book " unstoppable." we need to start the conversation level locally and have a bubble up into the media. the media likes this idea of unlikely allies, especially at the local level. how to move into the political stream and put it on the table. all of these issues for the campaign that are coming up. >> i want to go to this global issue. president obama spoke to young leaders during this town hall
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style meeting. it was at the university in kuala lumpur. his talk was briefly disrupted by peaceful protesters, holding up signs denouncing age sweeping trade deal. as ppp is often referred to nafta on steroids. a free trade zone from malaysia to chile. obama defended the ppp. >> the trade agreement we are trying to create -- what we are trying to do is create higher standards for labor protection, higher standards for environmental protection. more consistent protection of intellectual property. increasingly, that is the next phase of wealth. require morethings transparency and more accountability and more rule of law.
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i think that it is entirely consistent with malaysia moving into the next phase. >> that is president obama in malaysia. who is advising president obama on ppp? the unions, environmental organizations? back throught get the secrecy of these negotiations. as we have pointed out repeatedly, even members of congress could not a draft negotiations from the ppp. the corporate lobbies have access to these drafts. it is quite clear that the ppp is nothing more than a extension steroids.n here is where we have an alliance. on the left, they are opposed to these agreements.
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they are bad for workers, they're bad for the price of medicines being affordable. they are bad for open gov ernment. they bad for the environment. do not like, they these because they shred our sovereignty. treatiesnational reduce sovereignties by definition. these trade agreements are the greatest usurpers of local, state, and national sovereignty. we have this growing alliance. it goes back to documents like the 2002 texas republican state platform. it was dead set against these trade agreements on sovereignty issues. think president obama as his campaign assurances in 2008 when he said he would work to revise nafta and wto for
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better environmental labor and consumer protections. he has not done that for wto or nafta. and he is not doing it for the us. asking al motors is court to shield it from legal liability for all conduct predating its 2009 bankruptcy. a motion filed earlier this month seeks recognition of the split from "old gm," into the post-bankruptcy "new gm." if approved, gm's request could protect it from claims over the defective ignition switch linked to at least 13 and possibly hundreds of deaths. general motors knew of the defect for over a decade but only issued a recall earlier this year. the company's request was disclosed in a federal lawsuit filed in texas over the defect. in its court motion, gm says, "just like the other 'ignition switch actions' that other plaintiffs have filed in the wake of public reports regarding the outstanding recall, this case relates to a vehicle designed, manufactured, originally sold and advertised
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by old gm." meanwhile, gm chief executive mary barra said the automaker will create a global organization that will focus on product safety and quality. this is barra speaking in new york earlier this month. >> this new way of developing vehicles will provide the highest level of safety, quality, and customer service. it ensures that a situation like the ignition switch recall does not happen again. the newis mary barra, ceo of gm. what does this mean? >> as a long, unpaid consultant barra i would advise mary to reopen all of these products liability suits by the bereaved families before the bankruptcy and after the bankruptcy. you have people who want their
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day in court. they won a trial by jury. they want to bring general motors to compensate them for their losses. before a jury of their peers. gm is resisting reopening these prebankruptcy cases. here is another example of convergence. when it comes to having your day in court -- if your loved one was killed or seriously injured, it does not matter if you call yourself a republican or democrat chris you want your day in court. when we get down to where people live and work in research altering, these manipulated ideologies are controlled by the talker see, both from wall street to washington. they tend to dissipate as people focus on fair play, simple golden rule, simple justice. i better realize that this mbruglia will only get them into a that place.
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they are looking for media prizes. more is going to spill out from the bureaucratic bungling of gm with other models. they are recalling vehicles for the faulty vehicle switch situation. barra has already suspended to project engineers with pay. she is conducting an internal investigation. the only way that this will be prevented in the future is not only tougher regulations and stronger regulations, better budgets for the department of transportation, stronger safety standard, stronger reporting standard -- requiredcompanies are to report immediately, evidence of vehicle defects. there will also require protection of whistleblowers inside gm.
8:45 am
will establish that was dragged contacts to their ceo office. the engineer who wants to bring reportscious to work and a covered up defect that might later kill people on the highway can go there to get protection. they lose their job and can go directly to the ceo. that is the internal requirement to get people in gm to be able to freely bring their conscience to work. >> before we go to break, on this issue, a ghost to where grassroots movements are. you are the leading champion of car safety. you took on general motors in the 1960's. they put a tail on you and try to bring you down by compromising you.
8:46 am
they send women to you and tracks your every move. you exposed them in congress. you had a big settlement to start your organization. it is half a century ago. do you think progress has been made? >> motor vehicles are safer and more fuel efficient. they're more controlled and their pollution. far more than 50 years ago. however, there is a whole new wave of innovation. that can move our motor vehicle crashtoward even greater safety, greater operational safety in terms of brakes and handling. them into transforms non-emitting vehicles. you can have hydrogen powered cars, electric cars. the technology is here. it will become less and less expensive to the consumer to purchase. head of theeman, tennessee valley authority, has
8:47 am
oured, we can transform entire economy into an all electric economy powered by solar energy and driven by energy efficiencies that are already on the table. they practical in terms of their application. within 30 or 40 years. replace them almost entirely with fossil fuels and nuclear power. this is the vision that the motor vehicle industry and tesla is leading the way -- we would like to see this on the horizon. arkansasak to you as is devastated from a string of tornadoes. at least 17 people have died. almost all in arkansas. you have congress, the house, boating --this will not be passed by the senate. the national atmospheric and oceanic administration cannot talk about the causes of climate
8:48 am
change, only about extreme weather. you have tennessee passing legislation that would outlaw some public transit? >> this is the corporatist pressure. against what i can see around the country as an emerging left-rigtha l alliance. not just on climate change, but the effect it has on agriculture, the effect on disasters. the effect it has on the need for fuel efficiency. good for motorists pocket books. this is a great opportunity for an alliance here. we defeated the river reactor in 1983, supported by big business and ronald reagan. we beat them in the house with a left-right alliance.
8:49 am
it was a stunning defeat. howard baker one this boondoggle reactor bill. 1986,ny years later, there is a left-right a lliance. howard berman, democrat from california, past the false claims act. they spent tens of billions of dollars protecting government whistleblowers. we just got through, a little over a year ago, a further protection for whistleblowers, overwhelmingly in the house and senate. you see bubbling up from the grassroots. it is a good idea to protect government employees who blow the whistle on corporate fraud, corruption, policing, medicare abuses, etc. it comes up from the bottom. that is what we have to do. we can start with the
8:50 am
pre-revolutionary committees and correspondence. way back when they got together in massachusetts and elsewhere. that is what started the drive. they can start again with conversations and these alliances. where you live, throughout the united states. they bubble up into the media and to members of congress. pretty soon, it is a political issue. then it is back on the table. you have to get all of these issues which i described in my book. we get them all, but corporate welfare and the bloated defense budget. >> we will talk about militarism in a moment. we're speaking with ralph nader, a longtime consumer advocate. new book is called "unstoppable." back in a minute. ♪ [music break]
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>> we are here on democracy now! we continue our conversation now with ralph nader, longtime consumer advocate, corporate critic and former presidential candidate. his latest book is called, "unstoppable: the emerging left-right alliance to dismantle the corporate state" the front page of the new york times today has a page on chernobyl. there is a piece by matthew walt that says environmentalists are beginning a push to preserve nuclear reactors whose viability
8:53 am
is threatened by cheap natural gas. they argue that while natural gas and wind are helpful sources of electricity, the climate goals will be unreachable if zero nuclear reactors are phased out. they talked about some of the people involved with this like carol browner, the former administrator of the epa. in over 30 years, no it ministration has succeeded in pushing forward building nuclear power plants until president obama. now to our being pushed forward in georgia. the is in the aftermath of disaster in japan. thoughts on nuclear power and where we stand on climate change and these being put forward as green alternatives? >> wall street will not finance
8:54 am
a new plant because they are so on economic. not without a full government karen t by the taxpayers. nuclear power is a long-range troubled construction project. we have not had a new one ordered and opened since 1973. powerird is that nuclear represents a national security problem. it not only is uninsurable in the private market, but as a spentl security project, fuel rods and transportation vehicles carrying radioactive waste to who knows where -- we still do not have a permanent storage facility in america. those are all vulnerable points for sabotage. nuclear power is extremely costly. right now, the bulk of new
8:55 am
electric generating capacity, installed as well, in the last year, was solar. arer power, wind power, going down in price. especially solar powers that are being put on roofs all over the country, especially in california. alsoal gas is coming in, tanking the nuclear power. nuclear power barons know that. why are we messing around with another potential disaster? aging plants, even hillary clinton and attorney general cuomo said they need to be shut down. they are near asked if -- active earthquake fault. people can hardly get out of
8:56 am
town in rush hour. >> you talk about the left-right alliance. i am nothing left here. and therepublicans, former chief of staff for obama, started this lobbying agency. you might give it to the point of militarism? >> a lot of these coalitions are funded by the nuclear industry themselves. corporate, liberal convergence with conservative for years. that is what has driven this country into the ground. corporate liberals like the clintons and conservatives like john boehner, etc. the militarism part is another invitation for an emerging left-rigth alliance. barney frank, left, and ron libertarian, got together
8:57 am
to develop a caucus against aborted military budget and the militarism that comes with it. that is an example of a far larger number of left-right convergence is being repressed by their leadership. it has other corporate campaign cash incentives in mind. what we are seeing here -- even after 9/11, there is a public opinion poll saying that we should not do war on afghanistan. we should pursue the backers of 9/11 and bring them to justice, but not this massive invasion. opinions, left-right polls have said we should get out of afghanistan. there is a large emerging left-right alliance against militarism. it was against the invasion of
8:58 am
iraq by bush and cheney. you had over 300 retired generals and national security leaders speaking out against it before the invasion in march 2003. they were republicans and democrats. there is this huge, potential here to turn this country around. i do not sugarcoat the obstacles in this book. i go into them one after the other, how we can overcome them, and how we can establish a new political realignement. we have enough historical precedent. we have a breakthrough to the political and electoral sphere here. we can turn the country around. >> nader, thank you very much for being with us. a longtime consumer advocate, presidential candidate.
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>> coming up on "california country," meet some of the folks responsible for adding a little zest to our lives. then, what a chef wants, this man will find. tag along with us as we go on a produce pursuit in northern california. then, meet a farmer who is surrounded by his favorite things--his berries and his brothers. finally, think starting a vegetable garden is hard? our expert has advice to get you started and on your way to a homegrown meal in no time. it's all ahead, and it starts now. [captioning made possible by california farm bureau federation]


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