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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  July 15, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> first, just over a week has passed since israel began operation protective edge in gaza, which has so far claimed the lives of more than 190 palestinians. this evening, authorities in israel announced the first israeli civilian casualty of that conflict who was killed by a rocket fired from the gaza strip. the hamas militant group has claimed responsibility for that attack, which comes after a truce plan brokered by egypt, rejected by hamas. yle brown has all the details. >> israelis run for cover in
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tel aviv as syrians alert them to more rockets being fired from gaza. the military said that since the cease-fire was mooted for tuesday morning, hamas had fired dozens of rockets at israel. in response the israeli air force has resumed strikes over the strip. prime minister netanyahu warned at air strikes would now intense fly. >> the air force bombed many terror targets in gaza, and these strikes will continue. hamas chooses to continue fighting and will pay the price for that decision. israel will strike whoever tries to harm us when there is no cease-fire, our answer is fire. >> according to the egyptian cease-fire proposal, israel and hamas would have stopped their
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attacks, and israel would have gradually reopened its crossings with the stripe. but hamas rejected the strip. >> the idea of a cease-fire before we obtained what we are demanding is unacceptable. we fight to end injustice against the people of gaza. >> hamas said it would only sign a deal if the long-standing israeli blockade of gaza is lifted and palestinian prisoners are released. the west is pushing for an end to the fighting, sending several envoys to the region to ry and mediate an agreement. >> that is our report from jerusalem. she explains that all homes of peace have evaporated. >> the day began with a truce for nine areas. often there are rockets, 2001 or two, three four or five
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after a truce begins. but after 60 rockets in six hours all over the country, many intercepted by the iron dome missile system, there was a decision within the israeli cabinet -- the cabinet voted in favor of the cease-fire and then the cabinet voted to end it and to respond. they didn't feel they could keep bearing all those rockets. it is a very controversial decision within zroil both in the beginning of this conflict and stopping it. so many complex reasons why we are at the end of day eight where we were at the end of day seven with no hope of a cease-fire at the moment. >> you mentioned that security cabinet meeting this morning and the vote in favor of a cease-fire. but it wasn't a unanimous vote, was it? and that begs the question, just how united is that cabinet at this moment? >> well, that cabinet is meeting again to decide how
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israel will escalate its response in the gaza strip tonight, and it isn't a united cabinet, because it is a cabinet made up of netanyahu's, the prime minister's party, and some rivals in it, and two right wing parties, and the leaders of both parties, including israel's farmar had been criticizing the -- detail foreign minister, had been criticizing the prime minister. the foreign minister held a press conference this morning criticizing the prime minister for his actions. it is extraordinary for that to happen so it is a divided cabinet and divided nation about whether there should be a ground offensive now, even a limited ground offensive just to tack the tunnels that hamas has been building up to the gaza border. those things are now really searsly being considered, and i think there is support of the
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populous for those moves. >> thank you for that report from jerusalem. we can cross now to our report from gaza city. you have been speaking to civilians and hamas militants during the course of today. what is the feeling there on what is now day eight of this operation, operation protective edge? >> well, there are some mixed reactions. i spoke, offense, to people who had fled the united nations facility in downtown gaza after being told by the israeli army to evacuate because the army was threatening to intensify its operations, especially in the north where what could be described as carpet bombing was very much expected. that didn't happen, but these people fled nonetheless. and now with these talks of a truce, they were -- or they are headed back home in the north. and upon learning that this truce did not hold, they still
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decided to go back. these people were very much frustrated and quite desperate, telling me that at this point there has been too much destruction, destruction of life, of houses, homes, . uipment, here is destruction so not quite openly critical of hamas, but certainly very exhausted and just wanted the situation to be appeased. on the other hand you have the hamas militants and its supporters, and many palestinians as well who want a continuation of this. not because they enjoy war, but because they want their situation to get better, and that is not happening, and that is not, according to them, what was being proposed in this proposition, the truce proposal by the egyptians. >> and you mentioned that proposal. hamas of course rejected it. what reason specifically did
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they give for not accepting it? >> well, the very first reason or spokes fficials people for the israeli government -- people have disappeared. you see them appearing at hospitals or places where they feel relatively safe to come out in the open and talk to the media, is they are saying they were completely central bank snubbed by the egyptian authorities who didn't even send them the documents. lations are tense from the egyptian leaders and those in gaza. absolutely no communication, the egyptians giving hamas the cold shoulder. that is the first reason. the second one when they did learn about the documents in the media and ended up getting a copy of it, they found
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nothing to their satisfaction. none of their conditions were met. they want palestinian prisoners out of joel:, the open -- out of jail, the opening of the crossing into egypt, and other conditions such as the ones they obtained following the truce after israel's last operation back in november of 2012. those are some of the reasons for which hamas and gaza and its arm wing have completely rejected the egyptian document so far. >> thank you very much indeed. that is our report from gaza city. thank you again for that update. a brief check of other stories we are following here on "france 24." a st, the iraqi army makes push to bring a city back under control. e militants had seized
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zambrano hussein's house. a deadly attack in eastern afghanistan. at least 89 people are killed as a suicide car blast strikes close to a shopping area and mosquera-perea. 40 other people injured in it. one of the most deadliest attacks twins the 2001 u.s. invision. one haas claimed -- has claimed. two days of deadly clashes have resulted with libya's main airport. tripoli interpret airport came under rocket fire, which left a security guard dead and a number of others informationed. the control tower and aircraft damaged in the attack. a deadly day in mali. a french soldier has been killed and seven others injured in an apparent suicide bombing
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1900 kilometers from the city of gao. brings up the total of those killed in that action. 21 people have been killed and more than 130 others injured in moscow. that is after a subway train came off the track during the morning rush hour. a massive rescue operation continued late in the afternoon as a number of people were trapped in the wreckage. it is unclear what caused that train to derail. here is our report. >> rescue workers inspect the mangled wreckage of this moscow commuter train after several carriages went off the tracks between two stations during morning rush hour. >> i was inside the train wagon, and there was a sudden sharp impact which threw me off my feet. the lights went out. >> smoke was in the air.
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people could not leave for a long time. we were stuck. >> the crush left -- the crash left several people dead and scores injured. more than 1,000 passengers were evacuated. those hurt were carried out on stretchers, the most serious cases airlifted to hospitals. while yet to be confirmed, a power surge is said to have triggered an alarm, causing the train to come to an abrupt stop. >> many things are invest gated. the main one safety regulations. >> the moscow subway system is one of the world's busiest. tuesday's derailment, one of the worst incidents the city metro has seen. >> now the european parliament gave the former prime minister of luxembourg its backing to become president of the european commission. today's vote secures
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jean-claude juncker a five-year term. pretty an and hungary objected to his candidacy, but the other embers gave him their full support. young is vowing to breathe new life into the european economy. meanwhile, the british prime minister, david cameron announced his more sweeping cap net shake up since he took over. in an unexpected development, william hagan has been replaced by the former defense minister, hilip hammond. analysts say this movement will help counter the influence of the anti-e.u. party. we are joined by a professor of application, who joins us from birmingham in the u.k. thank you for speaking to us. the opposition labor party is calling this a massacre of the moderate. what sort of signal does this
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reshuffle, in particular with the appointment of philip hammond send to us here in europe? >> well, in your report you touched upon several of the things that are most important. there are three. the first is that we are 10 months from the next general elections. so the new cabinet is the cabinet that will go into the election. that is why it it has been changed. that is why there have been more women appointed to reflect modern pretty an, to try and make the cabinet and government generally appear to be more in tune with society. but the third thing, and perhaps the most important thing for europeans, it reflects the developments with hagan hammond, is that this cabinet has moved significantly to the right. that is how they will move into the election because of the threats and because this cabinet will now reflect the views of many people in the
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current conservative government. so the question of haig is that he had become much less of a euro skeptic, and this is what happens to foreign secretaries once they realize that europe is in fact arguably the way forward rather than the way backwards. but philip whom and is a significant euro skeptic, and therefore he will reflect a kind of a general ant european mood. he has in the past actually said that britain should be prepared to leave the european union if it didn't get the renegotiation that it wanted. there are also personal reasons. haig was never really of the inner circle. he was very loyal to david cameron, but he was a bit of a loner. that is the significant thing,
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that this cabinets reflects a significant move to the right. >> the general election is going to be held in may of next year. does this cameron a 2015 winning team? after all, he has other things on his side, looking at it from this side of the channel. the economy appears to be improving, and some people are saying his rival doesn't look perhaps as electricityable even as his brother david. >> well, that is certainly true. of the band, leader labor party is going through a bad period at the moment. that may not be the thing that swings it. the labor party is more popular. the question is whether ed can turn it around. he certainly doesn't have the charm and the international connections that david had like with hillary clinton and so on. the economy is recovering, and therefore the conservative party are kind of feeling much more positive. but whether this swing to the right is the answer is very
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debatable. this cabinet, thatcher's children, but this government is significantly more to the right than margaret thatcher was. she managed to keep within her am what she called the centralists, and the one nation people and so on. there aren't many of those left standing. whether that is -- i mean this is done because of the fear of the party that got 27% in the european elections. that is the argument. that is the rationale. whether it is the right can't to do is debatable. >> thank you very much for speaking to us professor john gaffney in the u.k. >> thank you. >> let's move on to business news. kate moody joins me. >> thank you. >> we are going to start with news in a shake up of the
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global finance order. emerging nations joining to compete with the i.f.m. and world back. they have confirmed they plan to create a new development bank. the bank will be based in hang high, but the first presidency will go to india. t will have initial captain of $100 billion. the idea is to provide a counterbalance with banks like the e.m.s. brazilian president said the banks should work on reforms to better represent countries like her own, but the new bank may be a better representation of the world's order. >> we find that the main global and political institutions have lost their power to represent and their effectiveness because
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they have not adapted to the new political and economic eality of today's world. >> thaddeus young has been elected head of the european commission, and he has already set out ambitious investment program to revive the economy. he has committed 300 billion euros to boost industry and broadband networks. he is trying to convince two groups with opposing ideas on how best to boost growth. >> applause for the new president elect of the european commission, the most powerful job in brussels. thaddeus young will over-see national budget and negotiate international trade deals. delivering a speech in french, english and german, his economic policies aim to appeal to a wide spectrum. as the i.m.f. drops its growth forecast for the year from 1.1%
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to 1%. he wins support from socialists. >> i would like over the next few years, over the next three years, to have 300 billion euros in terms of public and private investment raised and mobilized. >> music to the ears of italy's prime minister and others, who gave support to young. struggling with a debt of more than 130% of g.d.p., they want to move away from austerity measures. >> rules in europe have to deal with stability as well as growth. without stability there can be no growth. but without growth there can be no stability. when we are concerned only with stability, we are destroying a piece of the future. >> on the other side of the eck truck, despite remaining fixed on austerity, germany was on board, too. it won't block rules on
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deficits. chancellor merkel gave into demands to reduce the minimum wage, something the commissioner plans to extend to all e.u. countries. >> switching focus to washington, the central bank has warpped that while the revere is advancing, it is not yet complete. yen-hsun lu said the markets -- yell ensaid the markets remained weaker than she would like. the central bank has been tapering back stimulus measures and plans to stop purchasing bonds in october. interest rates could be raised from record lowe's sooner than expected if conditions improve, but she said they are not there yet. yell en's comments had an immediate effect on the markets. we saw wall street sliding in the aftermath. the dow has recovered a bit. this as washes optimism sings in. the tech-heavy nasdaq deck
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sinks on a separate report that yell ensubmitted in which they suggested that shares of tech media and bio tech firms may be over-valued. markets in europe closed down. they fluctuated, but ended in the red. the dax is down about .6%. new data showed investor confidence is sliding. we are going to end with what could be the largest ever merger in the u.s. tobacco industry. the second largest cigarette manufacturer, reynolds america, ich produces camel and pall-mall, will acquire the maker of new port. they look to challenge market leader marlboro. they hope to sell off smaller brands. i will be back with more business headlines later on. back to you, tom. >> thank you for that business
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news update. up next here on "france 24" is web news. >> hello there. welcome to the web news with our pick of the stories making the online headlines. coming up on "france 24," germany celebrates their world cup win with self-ies. criticism, showing the other pakistan. and a behind the scenes look at the digital magic. >> germany's 1-0 victory over argentina in the 2014 world cup futbol final has set the web abuzz with pictures of the ecstatic team at the stadium doing the rounds on social media. the players have been celebrating their world cup win with selfies. lucas said the ball rolling with that snap posted to twitter just after the final
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whistle where he is posing next o swine swine are -- swine stayinger. >> followed it up. >> a number of his teammates have also taken to twitter with their own celebration selfies. and the chancellor of germany joined in the festivities, visiting the national squad in their locker room after the match to congratulate them and celebrate a fourth world cup win for germany. the players celebrated with rihanna, who came to watch the final dressed in germany colors. she got self-ies with germany goetze. , gu they have taken to the web by the passive posting under the germany are the world cup hampions, and posing for their
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own self-ies as they watched the final at home and on the giant screen set up in berlin. with the fate, algerian photographer wanted to challenge typical media narratives of the country and the way it is perceived by the rest of the world. her features show women taking part in all sorts of activities, practicing all sorts of professions, empowered and well to do. that set up short criticism among pakistani user. twitter user have been busy posting under the other hashtag. they said they do not show the regular pakistan. they show an elite minority, far wealthier than the rest of the country. some have used the same key word to present what they claim
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is a fairer representation of pakistan. their standard of living is in stark contrast to the standard of living in the other photographs. this show few women living outside of those areas are actually in paid employment. others have posted sarcastic comments asking how to get such an affluent country, wishing they could win there, too. this one said misleading. he posted his 0 own collection -- his own collection of photos. the images are far removed from those portrayed in the other pakistan. -- c hydrocarbon has been hashtag has been posted heavily
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when diane sawyer misidentified scenes of the aftermath. web users have been voicing their outrage and sharing their owngg99ññwçça7guc
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07/15/14 07/15/14 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> we reached the egyptian proposal in order to give the demilitarization from missiles and rockets and tunnels through diplomatic means. if hamas does not accept the cease-fire proposal, israel would have all international legitimacy to broaden the military operation to achieve the required quiet. >>


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