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tv   Journal  LINKTV  July 17, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute i will go straight to our top stories. >> a plane from amsterdam to kuala lumpur has gone down over the eastern ukraine. >> the people aboard have been killed. >> speculation the boeing 777 was shot down. they all denied any responsibility for doing so. >> kiev is calling this a terrorist act. we will be you talking to our
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analysts and getting analysis from aviation. >> elysian authorities say they are working very closely with the governments of ukraine and russia to determine exact he would brought down a passenger plane in eastern ukraine. 15 crew members and 280 passengers. >> it is feared there are no survivors. it came down near -- malaysian airlines has confirmed that lost contact with the flight over ukraine and among those on board are thought to be citizens of netherlands, malaysia, and the u.s. they have instructed airplanes to not fly over the region.
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u.s. and russia have offered to assist the ukrainian government in investigating what happened. >> the region where the plane crashed has seen heavy fighting in recent days between ukrainian forces and pro-russian separatists. each side has accused the other of shooting down the malaysian airlines right. >> i just finished a conversation with the prime minister of the netherlands. dutch experts will open an investigation into this act of terrorism. i would like to bring your attention to the fact that we are not calling it an accident or disaster but an act of terrorism. a passenger aircraft has been shot down by the ukrainian air force. it is a deliberate provocation.
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this amateur footage is said to show the moments after the crash, the third time a plane is come down in eastern ukraine this week. the others involve ukrainian military planes. >> the latest, let's go straight to give. roman, what is the latest? do authorities think there are any survivors at this point? >> it looks like there are no survivors. this is what pictures are suggesting. there is a lot of debris and very small parts. the ukrainian authorities have established a commission to investigate what they call a terrorist act, with the president called what happened. they are blaming pro-russian
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separatist and the separatists are reported to have agreed to bring the rest of the bodies to a big city east of ukraine under control of the separatists, where experts from the western airline may get access to the bodies o'er the plain remnants. >> haven't offered any evidence indicating that it may have been the separatists? >> we have no direct evidence, but some are suggesting that there are pro-russian separatist that did this. russian media and pro-russian separatist reported about shooting down what they thought was a ukrainian military plane. they are denying this and deleting information but this is what i saw with my own eyes.
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they struck down several planes in the recent days and so they obviously have the capacity to do so. a spokesman for the ukrainian security council said they have evidence that separatists have very sophisticated weapons to be able to shoot down planes flying very high, about 10 kilometers high. >> we have to leave it there, thanks so very much. let's go to moscow where we are joined by our correspondent there. >> we have no official statements so far. the kremlin's website says vladimir putin offered his condolences to malaysian prime
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minister and the malaysian people. it was president vladimir putin that informed barack obama of this incident. >> getting very serious claims from kiev that the separatists brought down this plane. they have already indicated they believe moscow supplied the separatists with weapons capable of doing that. has moscow responded to those claims? >> no response officially so far but in the past, russia has denied supplying pro-russian rebels with artillery or with heavy weapons. >> what about helping with the investigation into the crash?
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russia is apparently ready to do so. >> the emergency ministry is saying they ask kiev for an official to help with work on the ground and the identification of people killed in this incident. for what aviation experts are saying right now, we are joined. flying at an altitude of about 10,000 meters. how realistic is it that a plane could've been shot down at this altitude? >> no problem with military weapons that exist. it could be a missile or fighter jet.
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we have seen similar tragedies before. korean air lines flight double 07 -- 007 was shot down by a fighter jet. the one thing i just heard from the correspondent there, i think that mr. putin would be well advised to get a neutral state to investigate this incident rather than getting themselves involved here. >> what about the black boxes and flight recorders? could they offer us definitive proof of what happened up there? >> if the plane really was shot down, it's more important to do for in six studies on the wreckage. you can find traces of explosives there. it is important that neutral people will seize this evidence
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and have their hands on the wreckage before it can be tampered with. flight data recorder will tell us how it went down. >> it is hard to believe with military flights being shot down over the weekend, commercial passenger planes have an allowed to fly over eastern ukraine. >> this airspace that has been a scenario for other shoe downs is still open for civil air traffic. i have learned the airplane was shot down and that the airplanes , the airspace was only shut down completely for several air traffic at 1500. those
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responsible for routing airplanes, they have to answer some questions. >> this is not the first malaysian airliner to go down, unfortunately. what other causes might there have been? >> it could be a normal catastrophe with something exploding on board but i doubt it from the wreckage part that i have seen. this is a high-speed impact and points to something happening from outside. >> thank you, tim. in this crash does have a global impact including in the united states. richard, what has washington been saying about this crash?
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reports that 23 u.s. citizens might've been aboard? >> no official word on that number as yet. barack obama has been speaking at a public event in just about the past hour and did not say a lot about what had happened, but he did refer to what he called a major tragedy and said the white house was trying to find out exactly how many americans may have been on board that plane. vice president joe biden has been on the phone to ukraine's president and has offered u.s. help trying to find out exactly what happened. it could take quite a while before we find out what was the cause of this incident. in the meantime, it will dominate the airwaves and will add to pressure for the white house to take a tougher line.
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barack obama himself announced tougher sanctions. john mccain has been on television saying that if it did turn out that pro-russian separatists were responsible for this, as he put it "there would be hell to pay." >> i'm sure we will be talking more in the coming days. this tragedy comes as the ukraine crisis itself reaches a new level. pressure shot down one of its fighter jets in ukrainian airspace. u.s. president barack obama -- industries and arms manufacturers, the eu agreed to impose further sanctions.
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>> the ukrainian forces or pro-russian rebels, the fighting has dragged on for weeks. ukraine's government is pointing its finger at russia. moscow continues to supply weapons to the rebels. washington agrees. president barack obama has announced tougher sanctions targeting major banks as well as defense and energy companies. >> we expect the russian leadership will see once again that its actions in ukraine have caught -- onto quinces. >> the european union side with washington. leaders in brussels have said they are also planning the sessions -- new sanctions. a list is expected by the end of the month.
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russian president vladimir couldn't on a visit to brazil said the sanctions would not hurt just russia. >> sanctions have a boomerang effect and there is no doubt they will push u.s. russian relations into a dead-end. >> members of the cabinet have threatened to retaliate with painful sanctions of their own. >> they have again been attacked by rebels. >> they occupied a nearby building site and use it to fire rockets at the airport. airport operations returning to normal. the taliban have claimed responsibility. stay with us. we are going to a short break.
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>> and the fight against climate change and australia. >> a temporary and fragile truce between hamas and isreal has come to an end and shelling from israel has left three dead. >> residence from the strip left their homes. >> we will go live to our correspondent in jerusalem, but first, this report. >> smoke rising over gaza. just hours, the truth was
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short-lived but gave residents the chance to stock up on food and other supplies. palestinians and israelis, a frequent target of thomas rockets. they allegedly show a dozen militants on israeli territory. it reportedly killed eight of them. >> they plan to kill as many people in two ways. one by firing orchids to the skies and another. >> there is hope that egypt can broker another longer cease-fire.
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>> there are no developments on the truce issue. the israeli sources are disseminating these lies to deceive the public and distract them from the extent of israel's crimes in gaza. >> shows israeli tank movement on the border with gaza. israel isn't ruling out a ground offensive. with no lasting cease-fire and side, the suffering is increasing by the day. another palestinian family bury their dead. >> where is this all going now? we have our correspondent on the line from jerusalem right now.
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>> we get reports of heavy bombardment all over the gaza strip. as well as rocket attacks from gaza into israel. that yes, they have been there in the past hour. >> is there a cease-fire deal and is there any enthusiasm?
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>> in the public on the political level -- >> is there widespread support for thomas? are they wary of the fighting of the blockade? >> this might have changed. it is our to tell right now. they all have different opinions. and what people are really worried about are the living conditions do not change after all this.
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that is really the source of this conflict. >> president obama has asked israel to do more to protect civilians in gaza. >> palestinians and human rights organizations argue gaza is so densely build it, there is a hih risk and that is where the u.n. will act. >> some businesses news,
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the microsoft ceo looking to get about 18,000. -- jobs out of the workforce. no key of floyd -- employees in finland. part of a shift toward mobile devices and apps. around 14% of employees are expected to lose their jobs. to find out what is moving the markets, the frankfurt stock exchange. >> those job cuts just dramatic. they would be doing something about the situation in their cell phone unit.
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they went down on news with the takeover of the italian company. they gain better success there. >> frankfurt is where we will dart, down by a bit over one percent. euro stoxx 50 performed even worse. the dow jones industrial average is off by the more than three quarters of a percent -- .75%.
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one third of germany's parliament could soon face court on charges of possessing -- >> his laptop had been stolen at the time of the downloads. >> prosecutors have been on the case for five months and they say they are ready to charge sebastian. it comes from a backup copy of his parliamentary computer. prosecutors say he used his laptop to visit child pornography websites on at least six days in november of 2013. the former lawmaker denies the allegation and says the laptop had been stolen. the 44-year-old social democrats was once considered to have a promising career in front of him. he gained prominence as part of the committee that investigated the neo-nazi gang that allegedly
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murdered 10 people. just before investigators searched his home and his parliamentary office in berlin. the committee has been set up to look at claims that other politicians or even officials warned him of the investigation. >> to australia where the government has repealed a deeply unpopular carbon tax inning years of debate about greenhouse gases and global warming. the conservative coalition rose on the promise of getting rid of the tax >> a major political victory frost really is conservative prime minister became to promise -- to power with the promise to end the attacks. >> a useless distractive tax which damaged jobs and hurt
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families cost-of-living and did not help the environment was finally gone. >> the opposition labour and green parties strongly opposed the abolition which they introduced in 2012. >> the first country in the world to reverse action on climate change. he is sleepwalking australia to an environmental and economic disaster. >> he will push ahead with a plan to use taxpayer money to pay polluting industries to voluntarily reduce emissions. australia has no credible policy to meet its carbon emissions targets.
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>> the national team player that scored twice in as many minutes is moving to spain. >> joining the champions league title, reporting a transfer fee of 30 million euros. >> let's recap our top stories. wax and malaysian passenger plane has crashed in eastern ukraine. >> kiev said the airline was shot down by officers of russia's main intelligence directorate. we will have more on that in the programs coming up.
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>> welcome to tonight's "live from paris." just to remind you, with all the news that has been coming into us in the last 15 minutes -- the israeli prime minister saying he has instructed his military to begin a ground offensive in gaza, that coming in an official statement following a few hours of relative normality in gaza. streets filled with honking cars, queues outside banks and shops, and children playing openly in the street, but after a few hours of the humanitarian cease-fire which was agreed for earlier today, fighting resuming once again. palestinian saying an israeli airstrike killed three children from the same


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