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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 14, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> the headlines barack obama meets with burma's opposition leader, the two call for the country to complete its democratic transition, this despite recent setbacks. world leaders gather in australia to discuss the world economy and tax evasion. this has the g 20 summit gets underway. and could u.s. immigration reform be on the horizon according to a u.s. media report. president obama could be planning to push through legislation by executive order. we have analysis.
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>> first on the long road to democratic reform, burma's said her country's political change is going through a bumpy patch. well the opposition leader made the comment as she met with barack obama, the u.s. president is currently on his second trip to the country, in as many years. the talks come four years after she was released from house arrest. this as burma slowly began democratic reforms. >> a healthy balance between optimism and pessimism. that's what opposition leader said burma needed during a joint press conference with the u.s. president. the pair met at the family home where she spent must of her two decade long house arrest. >> our reform process is going through a bumpy patch but this bumpy patch is that something we can negotiate with commitment and with the help and understanding of our friends
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from all over the world. so let use not exaggerate the differences, the difficulties, but at the same time let us not exaggerate the picture either. >> after nearly half a senty of army rule, they have made move towards democracy. many political prisoners have become free and she's become a member of parliament. obama raised an issue that she's been criticized for not addressing. >> discrimination against any other religious minority i think does not express the kind of country that burma over the long term wants to be. >> without mentioning particular ethnic groups, she said her national league for democracy commit tear was committed to nonviolence solutions. >> if you ask how do we propose to resolve all these problems of vie between communities, between
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different ethnic groups, we've got to strart with rule of law. people have to feel secure before they can start talking to one another. >> the u.s. president also held talks he said were pretty blunt and frank with president in which he urged him to a claws that prevents her for running for president. >> barack obama will next head to australia. he'll join other world leaders for the go 20 summit. this weekend's talks can turn the world economy train, global banking and tax dodging but it's the ongoing crisis in eastern ukraine that could overshadow talks. david carl ron warns that russia could face another round of sanctions if they do not resolve the ongoing crisis. putin arrived a short while ago and he's expected to hold a meeting with germany's chancellor on the sidelines of
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the summit concerning the ongoing crisis in ukraine. palestines and israelis agreed to diffuse tensions around jureslum's holiest sites. worshippers of all ages are allowed to attend prayers at the mosque. he had limited attendance to people aged 35 and over. that restriction due to repeated clashes in and around the compound. also known as temple mount. let's get an update of the situation for this hour. for that we cross to jersey almost. the midday prayers that are taking place, what's the latest you can tell us? >> the midday prayers just finishing and what we are seeing is they went quietly. the first time in weeks if not months that palestine worshippers of all ages have been able to attend the prayers. sometimes men over 35, sometimes only men over 50. sometimes limit takeses on women, depending on how tense the situation was. this was agreed to yesterday at
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a high level concerns between u.s. secretary of state john kerry, the jordan king and the israeli prime minister. so far as the first step it seems to be going well, although there have been clashes in and around jerusalem this morning not at the mosque compound. >> we saw yesterday on thursday the palestine president and israeli prime minister traveled to i man. this for talks to separate separately with jordan's king abdullah and the secretary of state john kerry. tell us what came out of that. >> what we saw were in fact crisis talks. there were in iman but the subject was jerusalem. what they've agreed is to take some steps forward. they've confirmed to each other and to their various electorates that this is a concern and they are now taking action. that's very important. we heard from the israeli prime minister that israel has no moves to change the status quo and the compound, that it will
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stay as it is. jews praying in their area, palestines praying in their area. that was very significant too. whether it will be enough, in the fact that there is no there's a political vacuum, there are no talks. whether this will be enough to pull this back, we have yet to see. >> thank you for that report. well the political transition in almost two weeks after a popular uprising led to the ouster of the president, military leaders now say they've agreed on a road map towards civilian rule. well the deal was struck late last night and was immediately backed by some of the country's politicians and leading self society activists. here's luke brown with the story. >> a unanimous decision. after days of negotiations, representatives of the country's military opposition parties, civil society and religious leaders agreeing to a frame work for the future.
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a charter for the creation of a transition government welcomed by the opposition leader. >> it's a decisive stage. we hope now it will be quickly formally adopted and signed. then we can proceed to the nomination of the interim head of states. and from my point of view, that won't be long. it will be very soon. the main thing is that on every point, even where they where differences between the new authorities, we have found a consensus, and a common ground which allows us to move forward. >> as the delegates sing the national anthem, the outline of the deal has become clear. an interim civilian president will be chosen by representatives of the opposition parties, civil society, as well as the army. the president will then choose a prime minister at the head of a 25 member government. a national transitional council again led by a civilian, not a soldier, will also be set up to receive elections within a year.
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>> the deal is very well thought out. it lays out the road map to follow our democracy. >> thursdays agreement coming after the army gave it the ok. the acting head of state had pledged to hand power over to civilian authorities but the army has faced pressure to do just that. but the deal still needs to be signed. the african union has threatened sanctions unless an agreement was found by next monday. >> the organization has released an audio recording of what it said is from chief the taped message comes off air strikes on jihadist leaders sparked roomors that he had been wounded or even possibly killed. the 17 minute message warns that they will continue to expand, this despite international air strikes. and that its opponents will be drawn into a ground war. it's unknown when the message was recorded in authenticity has
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not been verified. thousands of foreign fighters have gone to join the group and david cameron announced new laws that aim to prevent british nationals from returning home after traveling abroad to fight with extremists. currently some 500 british fighters are said to be overseas. jewel y kim reports. >> david cameron may soon have a new arsenal of legal powers. they've been designed to block british jihadist from returning home for two years or more. the bill would allow officials to stop suspects from reentering the u.k. unless they give themselves up at the border. cancel the suspects passport and add it to a no fly list which would prevent them from going into the u.k. british nationals suspected of traveling abroad for terror activity could also have their passports held for 30 days, even if they're under 18.
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currently only the home secretary has the power to strip people of passports. with the growing number of terrorist plots against britain the government wants flexibility to clamp down quickly on home grown jihadist. >> when you're facing the challenge, the challenge as great as the one we face with these extremists you need additional powers as well as simply the criminal law. that's why we've added this additional power totem prayerly exclude someone from coming back into the u.k. >> critics slammed this power as being a legal for individuals with any one nationality. the rule would render them stateless. a breach of international and common law. downing street says it only amounts to a trouble restriction but it's unclear how the bill aplidse in cases where britt would go to fight in syria with no intention of joining violent extremist. muslim communities say rushing fighters may be too afraid to come home leading to further
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radicals. the new bill will be put to votes at the end of january. >> well now there's growing expectations that u.s. president barack obama is close to announcing the major changes to the country's immigration system through executive action. the overall plan is estimated to affect as many as five million undocumented immigrants currently living in the u.s., it's sure to cause an uproar on capitol hill. let's walk through things with our international affairs editor. douglas, these reports this report actually coming from "the new york times," citing house officials and according to it that says obama could push things through executive action. what does this plan involve? >> it involves getting immigration back on the table. this is a giant issue earlier on in barack obama's term. they came to blows on it, democrats and republicans. it was pushed onto a back burner, pending the mid term elections. he had promised to get it back onto the agenda and he recently said he's not going to sit there and wait. immigration has been close to
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barack obama's legislative agenda, he's wanted to get it through. there are over 11 million, 11 million you could say unauthorized or undocumented immigrant in the united states. this plan would apply, depending on the figures, up to five or six million of them, which is about half of all of them. what it isn't about, it's not about the free pass. the republicans will say this is an executive amnesty. it's not a free pass for anyone and everyone to stay in the u.s. just because they've been here. the focus will still be on deporting criminals, those deemed to pose a national security risk to the united states. and repeat offenders. people who keep crossing the border. the people its intended to help are the millions of people often parents say of children who are either legal residents either already citizens. they will be able to obtain work permits, perhaps the first step on being more legal down the road perhaps permment citizenship.
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but work permits to basically escape the threat they live in, constantly living in fear of deportation. often separated from their children, their friends, their jobs, their families and sent back. so that is the focus. this is not about letting everyone stay and nip stay but trying to get the priorities straight. but you're right, he is going to face an extremely big backlash from the republicans. >> let's talk about the backlash. republicans already hearing from them saying they're not going to take this lying down. >> no, like i said, they consider this an executive amnesty, many of them, not all of them, but barack obama basically giving a free pass to people in the u.s. illegally and should by rights not have a right to remain there. now, let us hear actually, don't take it from me, let's hear what the house speaker john boehner, this is what he said, this was a shot across the bow to barack obama before, i'm being told we do not have that sound bite from john boehner. i can tell you what he said. he basically said republicans
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will fight this tooth and nail. more specifically what he's proposing to do, there's already a proposal to file a lawsuit against barack obama, that's right, a lawsuit against the president, a federal lawsuit against a lot of legislation that he plans to pass by executive powers, executive orders which republicans say is illegal. what they are perhaps are going to do is file a separate lawsuit against just this action on immigration. and what he would like to do, what one of threats is a government shutdown, a budget has to be passed, the jet lines december 11 next month. we could see a repeat of what we've seen in the past, a big showdown. despite all the talk of compromise we could see threats of another government shutdown and a lawsuit against the president of the united states. >> this won't come back to bite republicans in the butt if you will as for elections coming down the line? >> republicans are torn right now. they want to be seen as able to compromise, able to govern. they're looking ahead to the next elections. they don't want to see these painted as democrats as the party that obstructs.
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at the same time they're probably going to play a tough game with immigration because they don't want to let down a lot of conservatives who just voted for them in the mid term elections voted them in power. it's a very difficult tightrope act for them right now. >> all right douglas, walking us through immigration reform in the united states, thank you. well it's 15 minutes past the hour let's get a check of the headlines. barack obama meets with burma's opposition leader. the two call for the country to complete its democratic transition. this despite recent set backs. world leaders gather in the sauce strail yan city of brisbane to discuss economy and tax evasion. and could u.s. immigration reform be on the horizon according to a u.s. media report president barack obama planning to push through legislation by executive order. we're going to start with some news we saw coming out yesterday, this from football's
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governing body fifa over this ongoing controversy in world cup bids between russia and can tar. >> absolutely. the president of fifa is on the front page of the independent today. so yesterday fifa published a summary of an internal and confidential investigation into the world cup bidding process. this summary clears host russia for host of 2018 and quatar, host of 2022, of any wrong doing. well, the summary has been labeled a factually wrong by the lawyer who wrote the full report. this is an american lawyer named michael garcia. he says the summary contains numerous material incomplete and erroneous representations of the facts and he's calling for the full report to be made public. now, the online publication sums up this situation quite well. it says that fifa is going to appeal fifa's own ruling on the
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world cup bid corruption, and critics say that basically this report is, well, it's politically motivated whitewashing. the guardian has very harsh words for fifa today as well,, they say that fifa has made itself a global joke. its attempts to deny corruption are farce cal it's time for coordinated action to force a cleanup of fifa because after all, it's the organization that regulates the world's favorite sport. >> so let's turn our attention to france, and the country's highest transparency watch dogs were there. they're sounding the alarm on opposition u.m.p. party and concerning foreign bank accounts. explain this. >> absolutely. you can read more about it, basely two m.p.'s and one senator from the u.n.p. party are suspected of fraud. so this is the high authority on transparency that claims these three men, well this
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transparency watch dog claims they forgot to mention the fact that they had foreign bank accounts on their tax. this watch dog has actually called for an official investigation into this, and says that actually further names could also emerge. >> we also see the huffington post are taking a closer look at the french tax evasion as well. >> specifically in switzerland, it talks about the passionate love affair between france and switzerland when it comes to tax evasion. switzerland has a reputation of being a neutral, very stable country with the strong currency and a generous tax system, so it makes it very attractive. and according to this article, even napoleon had a foreign bank account in switzerland more recently when the socialist president was elected in 1981, there was a real rush on swiss banks. you had frenchmen crossing the border with suitcases full of
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cash. this all seems to be changing with new laws that are putting an end to bank secrecy in switzerland. tax evaders are seeking new destinations and sing pore seems to be one of them. >> another big story as of yesterday, a tiger on the loose here in paris. >> that's right. not in the city, but just outside of the city. you can take a look at the front page, they talk about the incredible tiger alert. now, this happened yesterday, so this tiger chase just 30 kilometers outside of paris, all started off when a woman, well she alerted officials after spotting a big cat in a supermarket parking lot in the east of paris, actually really near disneyland. so she took a picture of this big cat, specialists say it could be a 1-year-old tiger about 1 keelos, pretty scary
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cat. about 200 officers armed with trang lieser guns and animal specialists tried to find the big tiger. there was even a helicopter with the thermal detector trying to find the big cat. they were hoping to catch it alive because tigers are endangered species. one of the key questions is where does the tiger come from. one theory is that maybe it escaped from a circus. >> finally, let's cross to new york where a pair of window washers, well they had a really nail biting experience images are quite intense. >> that happened on wednesday, these window washers were rescued from the 68th floor of the world trade center, their scaff followed collapsed so they had to be rescued. it makes people wonder why do people still wash windows. isn't this something ronts could do, wouldn't it be a lot safer. "the new york times" says window washing is something that people do much better than machines
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especially because modern skyscrapers are more complicated than they used to be. they're like huge scupchurs in the air and machines, robots tend to leave dirt behind ruining the view. so this is something people do a lot better than machines. even though it's a doing dangerous job, you can earn $27 an hour. >> with a look at the day's papers, thank you for that. time now for a business update. kate moody is here to walks through today's business news. top story, we've got some european eurozone, rather economic data coming in. >> the key thing to note is we're talking about growth. it is modest growth, but it's growth, not contraction. the skirting the threat of
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recession with growth for the third quarter coming in at 0.2%. now those figures were pushed in part by a return to growth here in france, a better than expected 0.3% boost being recorded here. now germany, the so called power house of the european economy also returned to growth after contracting last quarter. but it's at a feeble pace of .1% so still some worrying signs about what that could mean for europe and the global economy as a whole. for more on that we're joined by the professor of the london school of economics. thanks so much for speaking to us. what's your take on these overall figures. is this good or bad news for the eurozone? >> i think it's very gentle good news. you can regard it as positive stagnation rather than negative stagnation. the great difficulty we have when we see sorts of numbers is nobody's quite sure when a turns point occurs. the european economy has been, particularly the euro area has been flat lining now for a
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couple of years. is this the beginning of an upturn or is it a continuation of the flat lining, is the question that a lot of government administers will be posing today. >> now france has been singled out as the so called sixth man of europe, the growth stagnated for most of this year. does this possible uptake still mean that the country still deserves that title? >> i think you have to see it over a full year, and look at the figure for one quarter. first it's encouraging. the mere fact that france has avoided recession ought to be regarded as good news. but france still has a long way to go and the sick man comes much more from things on the labor market the high unemployment rate, than from the relatively lackluster growth rates. so france still has a lot of work to do which has been mapped out in several documents for example, by the internal think
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tank of the prime minister. say what france needs to do to make progress. i'm afraid it's on the southeastern flanks of france and italy. italy is still in bad shape. it has barely grown over two decades. italy still has a long way to go to make up the slow process of france. >> what about germany, some disappointing results coming from there. should we be expecting the economic engine of europe to be slowing down permanently? >> i think there is a special factor influencing germany which is the ukraine political difficulties and the sanctions imposed on russia. russia is a big market for industrial producers, if that's inhinted what you tend to find is that you'll have repercussions for the growth rate. we're also expecting germany's consumers somehow to come to the rescue. but they've proven to be
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extremely loathe to spend more money. until that dynamic returns to the german consumers market, it's going to be gentle growth rather than spectacular growth. >> ian beg from l.s.e., thank you so much for speaking to us and giving us your takes on the eurozone figures coming in. we're going to turn our attention to the markets. we saw the major industries opening the train day up but they have reversed back into negative territory. almost 6% on that weak german growth data. down nearly half a percent, london training in the red as well. we saw a mixed picture in asia, they reversed earlier to finish the tradinging week firmly in the green. there's been a lot of speculation that the japanese government will delay a failed tax hike in order to boost the struggling economy. other investors are still cautious about plan to link up the markets in shanghai and hong kong and we'll be seeing how that plays out next week.
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turning to some of the day's overbusiness headlines now, starting out with another big purchase by warren buffet. his company is taking over the dure sell battery business, and valued at $3 billion, buffet will acquire the battery maker
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