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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 28, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello and thanks for watching live from paris. here on "france 24." i am claire murphy. >> scores are feared dead. worshipers in a north nigerian mosque have been targeted. the incident baring all the hallmarks of boko haram and its latest targeting of civilians. hope is -- the pope is in turkey where he has condemned religious extremist.
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granting recognition, french m.p.'s become the latest lawmakers to acknowledge palestine. they are looking to achieve a two-year settlement between israelis and palestinians. >> our top story this hour, insurgents have set off three bombs and fired on worshipers in kano. the incident bears all the marks of an attack by boko haram. there is no official death toll, but a reporter on the ground says 92 bodies are in a local morgan. a rescue official says 120 people have been killed, 270 injured. friday's incident is the latest
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violence in nigeria, and the red cross estimates over one million people have been displaced by the violence. here is our report. >> this woman has just fled her home for her life. she is one of several thousand nigerians forced to escape with almost nothing to escape boko haram's deadly attack the. >> our homes and churches have been killed. there is nothing left for us now. >> since last spring, the islamist group has hit 20 cities. on monday they attacked the city in northeastern nigeria. people have been forced to flee across the border. as the situation worsens the nigerian red cross has launched an emergency appeal.
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>> it is to assist 50,000 people in each of the three started states with community-based emergency help, water, sanitation and hygiene from motion. >> the u.n. says 30,000 people have fled over the past two months. meanwhile, two 4,000 and 5,000 refugees a week are arriving in cameroon. mostly women and children. >> pope francis has highlighted the plight of refugees from syria and iraq and condemned extremists such as the islamic state group. the leader of the cath lick church met with the turkish president friday. our correspondent spoke to us earlier and he had more on the pope's message. >> the pope condemned what he called the barbaric violence of militant groups such as isis against christians in cities in
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iraq and sir -- syria and said it was lafell to fight such groups. but he also said they needed to fight hunger and other things. he praised turkey for what he called generously accepting so many syrian refugees. turkey is now hosting 1.7 million syrians. that is seven% of the syrian population. the pope says the world should do more to help turkey provide for the refugees. >> another speaker has been speaking. wallace he at odds with the pontiff or was there any common ground? >> there was common ground. he condemned islamiphobia and that that fuels those groups.
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he accused the world of failing to strongly oppose military coups and massacres. he said the world seemed to sometimes encourage those events. he didn't name names, but he was clearly referring to the world's reluctant to intervene militarily in syria and the world's acceptance of the coup in egypt last year. here we get to the differences. pope francis recently hosted in the vatican a general, the man who led the coup in egypt last year. another difference. the pope called for muslim jews and christians to enjoy the same rights. tomorrow the pope flies to istanbul where he will meet the leader of the world's greek orthodox church, who has said publicly that greek-speaking
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turks are treated as second-class citizens in turkey. >> the president has pledged the against for guyanay against ebola. he is the first western leader to visit one of the three concerns worst hit by the virs. hollande said france stood withist foreigner colony against the disease. here is francois hollande speaking earlier. >> france hamels come to guinea to bring certain resources, even personnel but are making this effort a preventative effort to keep the world from being contaminated by this terrible virus. >> hollande -- the first electronic vote in africa. in another first for the
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country, parliamentary and presidential elections are being held at the same time. analysts say the poll is likely to deliver a comfortable win for the ruling party. here is our report. >> the paper trail ends here. bound for polling stations in libya's electoral commission won't be keeping tally the old way. 1.2 million voters will key their preferences in a voting machine. >> desire to acquire machines was primarily based on challenges and experiences that we have had and the manner and way we manage our elections. >> unconstitutional and lacking transparency. that is according to some opposition parties who tried to talk against the e-vote.
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the case was committed by the high court. >> her concerned about not having a paper trail. i think they have all had affirm times. >> voters have taken to social media to vent their frustrations. people leaving the areas due to frustration. people have not moved for over an hour dow to electron -- due to len torontoic voting machine malfunctions. the ruling party is expected to retain to your. >> france's foreign minister has urged a resolution of the israeli-palestinian flinth in two years. he said france would work within the u.n. security
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council on a thing that could lead to a lasting settlement. they made a symbolic motion to recognize palestine as a state. here is more. >> it is a purely symbolic vote. they have been discussing a bill that could recognize a minute state a sensitive issue for france which is home to the largest jewish communities in the country. she stressed the urgency of such a vote. >> since the peace accord of 1993 it is only the two-state solution that can bring about peace. as long as the colonization continues, the idea of a palestinian state becomes more and mauer unlikely. backed by the greens and far left, the initiative is expected to pass comfortably when it goes to vote next tuesday. this despite strong objections
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from the center right u.m.p. party. >> this initiative by the socialist party presents three problems. does it conform to the rules of our institutions? will it help us recommence negotiations in the region? will it attribute to an anti-semitic sentiment. unfortunately, the answer to these questions is no. >> the foreign minister said the rebelling anything of a palestinian state is effective only if peace talks recommence. >> we are working with our partners to try, and i stress try, to get the security council to get the resolution to start and continue the negotiations for which a deadline of two years is a vote. the public has supported this. >> so far, 135 governments have recognized the palestinian
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state. >> and in france, four people have died and two are missing after heavy rains triggered flash floods in southeastern france. rescue hockets and the security forces brought dozens of people to safety in the region which has been hit by weeks of successive storms. france's interior minister said four victims lost their lives. earlier, storms in southern france left six people dead. now if you think france's socialist government has been struggling the center right opposition hasn't been short of scandals over the last two years. it is attempting to put them aside over the weekend as it elects a new party leader. it could mark a comebacks by nicolas sarkozy. more than 268,000 party members are eligible to story. here is the story. >> you are welcome, sir, have a great day. >> for u.m.p. militants, it is
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not that easy to switch to voting online. >> hi. i would like to vote, but i have a problem. ic find my membership card. >> i have lost my membership card. >> i have a friend who is blind and would like to vote. >> the party is getting 5,000 calls on average every day. i find the militants are active. they said they are worried they won't be able to vote. starting at 8:00 p.m. on friday members have 24 hours to vote on this web page. >> the website has been designed to be robust enough to withstand the demands of this vote. >> the mumplet n.p. is trying to avoid another leadership row. they had a long contention fight over the u.m.p.'s top flight. >> the members have chosen me
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to be the next u.m.p. >> the results show that i have won with a small majority. >> so on the floor of the party headquarters, a committee composed of legal experts and representatives of each candidates have been set up. it will be checking that the online vote it goes smoothly. >> so this is where the panel will convene for 24 hours straight to verify that nothing goes wrong during the vote online. >> results are expected at around 8:30 p.m. on sunday. >> a reminder of our headlines. help for immigrants. the british prime minister has untrailed proposals to thwart foreign workers' ability for benefits. the pontiff's latest trip to the middle east, pope francis is in turkey where he has
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highlighted the plight of refugees from syria and iraq and condemned religious extremism as he begins his state visit. and granting recognition, french m.p.'s look set to become the latest lawmakers to acknowledge palestine as the french government supports a two-year deadline to achieve a settlement between the palestinians and the israelis. now to business. marcus carlton is back with us. you are bringing us to the u.s. and the tills are ringing. >> it is black friday in the united states. do you know why it is called black friday? >> because the shops are going into the black. >> traditionally on this day american stores become profitable after basically running in the red throughout most of the year. we are looking at a shopping season ahead of us. millions of shoppers are heading to stores in the u.s.
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retailers are offering deep discounts to get customers through the doors. more than 140 millions americans are expected in stores over the next three days after thanksgiving. black friday is the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. it is a crucial period as i said before as u.s. retailers usually do 30% to 40% of their annual sales between now and christmas. americans are expected to spend $720 per person this holiday season on gifts. that is slightly more than last year as the economy is picking up, and gas prices are dropping, meaning shoppers have more money in their walt. black friday is spreading to urban. let's show you pictures from britain, where friday is expected to be one of the biggest shopping days as well.
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this store has been called out for encouraging this type of activities. they said beforehand they expected one million pounds to be spent with their credit cards every three minutes in the u.k. this black friday. french retailers are trying to make a black friday phenomenon as well. >> these british shoppers got an early start on black friday. a stampede unfolded as soon as the store opened its doors. as british consumers have embraced the concept and french retailers are looking to cash in on the action. stores were relatively quiet as the nature of the holiday didn't quite translate. >> black friday for who?
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>> what, a festival of the dead? >> a hard rock or heavy metal festival? >> consumers nabbed some good deals, dealer says it will take time for the concept to resonate. >> it is just a launch. it needs time to install in france before it becomes a craze. it has been around in the u.s. for a while, so americans know there are a lot of savings to be made. >> black friday has become a tradition for stores to get a head start for christmas. but some experts say it will struggle to catch on. >> the difference between france and the united states, the u.s. has created a holiday. it means on this day we shop. in france we are very far from having a day dedicated to shopping. >> retailers are using any means at their disposal to get
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consumers out to spend. >> we will see if french shoppers warm to black friday next year perhaps. who knows? let's move on now. oil prices are plunging this friday. brent crude is flirting with the $70 a barrel mark. prices are at a four-year low after opec kept its production steady. we have seen shares in france's companies, britain b.p. and chevron come down. companies like american hal burton and others have been under pressure in those markets. one man's pain is another gain though. as all stocks suffer, major fuel consume ertz are gaining in the -- consumers are gaining in the markets like airlines. other companies like delivery
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companies and cruise ship operators are gaining in the markets. we have seen them go higher in friday's trading. let's take a look at how the broader markets have been faring this session. u.s. markets closed earlier than usual due to thanksgiving as americans are getting a little bit of time off to spend with their friends and family. the dow jones industrial average was flat at the close with the nasdaq slightly up, and the s&p 500 was down. in europe, the dax ended higher whereas the ftse 100 was lower. there are several things fueling the belief that the e.b.c. will have to take anxious to boost the eurozone
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economy. that is programs why we saw some gains in continental shares. the european commission has let france and italy off the hook for breaking budget rules at least for now. the european commission says it will wait until march to decide whether or not to take action. at the same time it says france italy and belgium are at risk of over-shooting their budget target. commission officials warn they could still hand out a fine of 0.2% of french g.d.p. to france if it continues to basically break the rules. >> as i said, france's budgetary plan risks not come applying with the stability and growth pact. france has been part of an excessive deficit procedure,
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and the objective is to bring its deficit down to 3% of the g.d.p. the evidence suggests that this deadline is not going to be respected. >> in other words, france, belgium and italy have until march to show the european commission that they are serious about making strides at least, making some progress, when it comes to hitting those targets once again. >> thank you. i hope you are shopping online for black friday. >> that is cyber monday coming up. >> thank you. >> next up, web news here on "france 24." >> hello there welcome to the news with our particular stories. coming up on today's show. web users in the u.s. helping business owners in ferguson. spain launches a campaign against domestic violence.
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and using panos to control a well-known videogame. >> weapon users in the u.s. collectively raised over $205 ,000 to help a pastry shop owner in ferguson. they want to help her reopen for business as soon as possible after her shop was badly damaged in the rioting after the grand jury decision not to indict the shooter of michael brown. they are trying to help business owners who lost everything when violence erupted in missouri. there are a number of crowd funding campaigns under way asking for donations to help shops that were looted or set afire during the protests back in business. this is asking people to help pay for repair work.
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this is to help a mobile phone star back on its feel. they have already raised thousands of dollars in under this hours. and citizens aren't just helping businesses in ferguson. thousands have also donated money and books to the public library. it is one way of paying tribute to the role played by the library during the rioting. it stayed open tuesday and wednesday so children would have somewhere to go while schools were closed. >> the spanish government has launched an online campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence. they are encouraged to speak out and provide a help line for abused women. it is called hay salida,
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loosely translated there is a way out. it is proving popular. >> this is the number to call to speak to a counselor. some well-known faces have joined the campaign. a world championship motorcycle racer, pau gasol, and actress and singer angie. they encourage victims of domestic abuse to come forward and no longer remain in silence. they write in this article for spanish daily, it is more important than ever before to promote the help line. she said that 80% of victims of violence do not report it. the consequences can be tragic. over 700 women have been killed by their partner in spain twins 2003. >> web users the world over
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have been posting andre the cat montage hashtag, sharing shots of their furry friends with strips of paper with cartoon eyes in front of them. it started in japan. it has made the rounds on the social network. >> what came do brittney spears fans drive? what is the average age of a british supporter of barack obama? these are some of the questions answered on the ugov platform, based on the tastes and preferences of 200,000 people polled. it provides an impressive
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is democracy now! >> there are novels and memoirs tell of families, magic, romance, oppression, violence, redemption all mixed up. but in her hands, the big became familiar in human. >> president obama awarded the presidential medal of freedom to isabel allende. in a democracy now! special, we spend the hour with isabel allende, one of the greatest


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