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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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r detectors are brought into scan the java sea. brazil's dilma rousseff is sworn in for a second term as president.
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we begin with the rescue mission off the coast of southern italy. scrambling to save hundreds of migrants on a cargo ship. the vessel was abandoned. charlotte hawkins has more. >> just 40 kilometers from the shore, six coast card officers boarded the ship, taking control of the vessel. it was spotted overnight heading toward the italian coast before eventually lost power. the crew had jumped ship, a tactic used by smugglers to avoid arrest. coming 48 hours after italy intercepted the freighter with mostly syrian migrants.
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at least 13 people lost her lies after blazing engulfed a ship off the coast of albania. italian authorities have rescued more than 170,000 people in the last 14 months in a desperate b id to flee unrest. many others have perished as they have tried to make the crossing. >> we saw this past year was bad for migrants trying to reach europe's shore. run us through the numbers. >> it was the worst year since the beginning of the century. double the average number of migrants have died trying to cross the military and --
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mediterranean. this graphic relates to in italy. italy is on the receiving end of many of these arrivals. it gives you a good idea of the nationalities trying to cross. syria at the top of the chart. these are figures from november 2014, covering the first 11 months of last year. eritrea in second and then mali. >> lie has there been so little progress on this issue? >> i think europe doesn't know how to tackle the root of the problem. it doesn't know what to do about the situation in eritrea or nigeria. europe has taken measures to
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deal with some of these things but only on its own borders. stepping up sea patrols. that doesn't deal with the question, why does a syrian want to leave his country in the first place? europe has a reactive approach. the human smugglers can be proactive. their networks accompanied the migrants right to the point where they are crammed into boats and abandoned in the middle of the mediterranean. >> not stopping the flow. thank you for walking us through that. investigators have now wrote the search area for air asia flight 8501. they are scanning the bottom of the java sea. so far 30 bodies have been
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recovered. they hope the fuselage remains intact as well as the black boxes. we have more. >> back on land, more bodies arriving, to be identified and returned to their next of kin. relatives of the victims are becoming frustrated for the lack of progress in the search effort. >> they told us to wait. we've heard nothing from them. >> i hope they pass on information to victims' families to help them understand the situation better. >> debris from the sea has been recovered. highways and rain prevented divers from searching underwater.
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the focus now is on locating the plane's black boxes. special underwater listening devices have also joined the investigation. there could be the answer as to why the airliner crashed and what the passengers and crew went through. >> people have been mourning the 36 victims of a new year's eve crash. son were laying flowers for the dead. most of the victims were women. the government and police have been criticized to preventing the stampede. the ambassador to israel has been summoned as the united nations security council. the resolution failed to pass.
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mahmoud abbas submitted -- to join the international criminal court. we spoke about the reasons behind the summoning. >> this isn't just about the latest -- in favor of the palestine-u.n. draft resolution. it is also about the vote of the french parliament last year, which urged the government to support, to recognize the palestinian state. the discussions will go about the role of the french government at the u.n. it is not just about the latest french -- >> let's turn to the palestinian bid. what can we expect moving forward? >> the palestinians appear
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adamant in joining the organization. the palestinian authorities will deliver a letter informing the u.s. they will recognize the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. they will apply for the -- to join the international criminal court. benjamin netanyahu said not to accept the palestinian application. he said the palestinian authority is not a state. the reference is to hamas which has joined in a national unity government with the palestinian authority. >> reporting from jerusalem.
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the high court of candor has suspended anti-terrorism law. it faces strong objection under its constitutionality, even leaving to fights in parliament. the law threatens liberty and free speech and limits the time suspects can be held. they have faced mounting pressure to boost the security since the deadly nairobi shopping mall attack. and also frequent attacks this past year. dilma rousseff has officially kicked off her second term as president of brazil. she has promised to tackle corruption and revamp the economy. brazil is the world's seventh
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largest economy. nick rushworth has more. >> dilma rousseff has inherited a thriving economy in 2010. healthy economic growth has slumped to barely above zero. she is urging the brazilian left to keep the faith. >> more than anyone, i know that brazil needs growth again. the first steps are being made with an adjustment to our public accounts, and a higher economic threat -- >> the new team to spearhead the economy is led by -- he has a thumbs-up on the market. another priority, tackling
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corruption. company dilma rousseff ran at the time. the scandal and the poor economic performance sparked demonstrations during her first storm. >> brazilian people want more transparency and for us to fight harder against crime. they want justice to be applicable to everyone. >> her first term saw a decline in chinese demands for brazilian commodities. she faces an uphill battle to get result's -- brazil's economy once again. >> the star economist thomas piketty has declined the highest award, the legion of honor.
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he turned down the award saying is not the government's place to decide who is honorable. >> he was one of 24 star economist. the book has sold 1.5 million copies around the world. he explained about how he analyzed the tax records and historical data to back his argument. >> when you look at the frauds in europe after debt reduction, you have to go back -- this kind of capitalism. >> previously, he found fame in the united states where the english version of his hit like a bomb in march of last year. his work has been called
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extremely important on all fronts. he has traveled around the globe, appeared on magazine covers including -- now the french government has nominated him for the highest award, legion d'honneur, which he has declined. >> i refuse this nomination. they would do better to concentrate on reviving economic growth in europe. >> he has become critical of the president, calling his policies appalling. >> if you're a vintage car enthusiast an incredible discovery. 60 mythical automobiles left to rust in an old farm in western france.
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it is expected to fetch up to 16 million euros at auction. >> a treasure trove has been discovered after laying forgotten in an old farm. they belonged to a french entrepreneur. after snapping up classic cars, he bought this property to turn it into a museum. >> many cars from the 1930's until the 19 50's. very rare models. when the 1930's swung in, the business when into decline. when hundred cars were sold -- 100 cars were sold. the cars have remained idled ever sense. >> one of 15 california ferrari
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spiders ever made. jane fonda was once photo class -- photographed in the car which was feared to be lost forever. >> this car was shown at the auto show in 1961 and was bought by an actor and screenwriter. >> the sweeping duties will again change hand in an auction on february 6. >> you are watching "france 24." rescue teams are trying to stabilize a migrant ship in the mediterranean. sonar detectors are being brought in to scan the java sea as investigators search for wreckage of air asia 8501. dilma rousseff is sworn in for a
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second term as president. time now for business update. i'm joined by william hildebrandt. >> we begin in the eurozone. the bank is having more troubles than it did half a year ago the filling it primary objection. inflation stands at 0.3%. the bank was ready to act if it was necessary. the stimulus program remains controversy. the euro tumbled to a 29-month low against the u.s. dollar. fresh data on manufacturing. the eurozone manufacturing improved from november 50.6
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for the month of december. i figure above 50 means expansion. bad news for two of the largest economies. france, a four-jmomonth low.the average score for the last three months was 50.4 for the eurozone. the ukrainian crisis and a lack of confidence in politicians to boost growth have made many companies pulled back on expansion plans. the negative factory data shook up the markets today. european indices are in the red. the ftse doing bad. the dax 0.72%.
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a consortium wanted to hundred $33 million solomon's in a dispute on a project to span the panama canal. the panel decided the consortium had another six months to finish the project. technology -- what the mobile messaging app was valued out when it raised money in funding. uses can send photos that are viewable for up to 10 seconds before being erased on snapchat. vinyl surged in the united states. cd and download sales continue their decline. streaming sales increase thanks
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to spots like spotify. they expect the trend to continue as extremely comes more and more mainstream -- as streaming becomes more and more mainstream. not everyone can use smartphones. a tech company has created the first ever touch-free phone. paralyzed users can now control their gadgets. >> this engineer fell off a letter and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. he now can use a smartphone. >> this age of technology --all the features with the internet
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on the phone. >> he coinvented voice command which works on the world first totally touch-free smartphone. you can operate the phone by human movements. he can now use most applications and enjoy the probably see -- the privacy of making his own calls. >> we couldn't even tell he was moving his face. we did a lot of work on the algorithm. >> he and his coinventor hope the technology can be applied to everything that requires touch even driving. >> there's been a long period. i had to take care of every aspect of his life. and now he became more like the
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father i knew. >> he says he is a man reborn after getting access to a smartphone technology so many of us take for granted. >> that is quite a touching story. >> will hand the brand with the business update -- will hildebrandt. you can always log onto our website, time now for our press review. hi flow. where do we start? >> we start with "time" magazine. let's take a look at their person of the year. it was many individuals. paying tribute to the ebola fighters, the person of the year. hot on the heels of barack
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obama. they wanted to page should be to men and women who have risk their lives to treat the largest ebola outbreak in history. we have been talking about this a lot. ebola has claimed the lives of more than 6000 people and continues to be a major challenge for the year to come. >>we have been talking a lot about the rise of the islamic state group. what is like to live in areas controlled by the group. they took a closer look. here it is. they report the group is on a major campaign to conquer hearts and minds in the area that he controls. it makes a point of keeping
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things running, water and electricity going. especially controlling education. the group has been very successful at waging an online campaign. this has been instrumental in recruiter young westerners to join their cause. that is what "dear spiegel" focused on back in november. you can see this image of a hoodie. they talked about the jihad o ccult. why young germans are answering the call to holy war. they have shaken up the syrian civil war. many say this has benefited president bashar al-assad. he gave an interview in november. he was very defiant.
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he was critical of airstrikes on the islamic state group saying, there hasn't been any tangible results. >> we have seen in the past few months protest breakout over police brutality. >> the death of an unarmed black teenager, michael brown in ferguson, missouri. a grand jury decided not to indict the white police officer that shot him dead. this is from "the new yorker" back in december, which i found telling of the debate in the united states. the cover was illustrated by bob staacke. you can see the gateway arch divided between black and white. the hopes the events will
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provide a bridge and opportunity for the city and country to come together. right after the events in ferguson another grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer, eric garner in staten island. the media has been focusing on this call for a national debate on criminal justice police brutality. what we are witnessing is the first of a new civil rights movement. >> we turn our attention to french politics and they come back of a familiar face. >> we wondered whether he would make a comeback. we're talking about nicholas sarkozy. kerry is on the front page. -- he is on the front page. it is going to get heated in the
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next couple of months and years. the harrises -- he has his eye on the next presidential election. the french president has had a terrible year, 2014. he spent a lot of time with a record low in opinion polls and broke up with the former first lady. she got her sweet revenge with a book. it sold 570,000 copies in france. it was the 2014 bestseller in france has been translated into dozens of languages. you can sear on the cover of "match." she made a lot of money with the book. >>
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