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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 8, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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is on the highest security alert a following yesterday's deadly shooting at charlie hebdo. 12 people were killed in that attack. two suspected gunman are still at large. this is over 24 hours after that shooting attack. meanwhile, at 8:00 am this money, there was further bloodshed as another shooting took place, this any south of paris. details are still coming in to what we know is that a man wearing a bullet-proof vest fired on police officers in what at first seemed to be a traffic
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incident. now an automatic rifle is said to have been used in the attack. one of the officers -- they have confirmed the death of a policewoman. she died from her injuries and that shooting event. that taking place in southern paris. a municipal worker was also injured in that attack. of course, officials are being extremely cautious, saying there is no link as of now. they're not confirming either way as to whether or not there is a link between this morning's shooting and yesterday's shooting at charlie hebdo. paris has been further shaken, as it is already quite rattled from yesterday's incidents. a national day of mourning is being observed. an hour ago, a moment of silence was observed in paris. the french president, francois hollande, is with the interior minister, and they were standing together at the police
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headquarters here in paris as well as with the mayor of paris. this is that the prime minister's office, and they are observing this moment of silence. and at the notre dame cathedral gatherers came to mourn the victims of yesterday's shooting. this as 12 people back, many are france's top cartoonists and satirical writers known for their wit. sometimes they have gone, what many say, go beyond the lines of what is appropriate here that is what charlie hebdo, the satirical magazine, is known for. the french president says the country has been struck in the heart of its capital city in these attacks. he spoke yesterday evening addressing the nation. this morning, we saw another emergency meeting called at the french presidential palace.
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mark is standing by, and we can cross to him now. what do you have for us at this moment? >> this morning was a busy morning for the president. he had this second emergency meeting with the ministers in charge of security, the foreign minister, the minister of defense, and people from the intelligence and police services. they were basically trying to figure out what happened. this manhunt, it is notable that the interior minister had to dash out of this meeting because of the other shooting that took place this morning that you were mentioning. after that, there were some very symbolic moments. there was a meeting between france while juan and his predecessor nicholas sarkozy who had not set foot in this courtyard since 2012. this shows that it is clearly a very special day when political
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enemies get together in a 15-minute face-to-face discussion with the president probably updated his predecessor on the inquiry right now, the manhunt. also it in a very unusual move nicholas sarkozy made a declaration when he came out saying that there was a need to show unity right now, that this was not the time for political bickering and that this was a war, a war against civilization and that civilization had to prevail over our verity. he indicated that france would probably need to adapt its response to the ever-evolving terrorist threat. right now, the president's output but will be back this afternoon. as of 4:00 paris time, he will be meeting with several other leaders of political party spirit tomorrow, he is continuing his consultations. he should also be meeting, and it is notable, with the far
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right leader. >> we have seen some symbolic moves to show unity among the french political scene. walk us through what is going on in terms of security measures that are being taken in the wake of these two events. >> security measures were announced yesterday. france is on its highest alert level. there are more troops and more security checks in sensitive areas. we have seen lots of police cars going in just here outside the elysee. the street has been barricaded. you cannot drive through which you can normally do. so there are exceptional measures because there are at least two joe manhunt's going on -- two manhunts going on. police are running in all
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directions and trying to figure out how to solve those cases. there are also trying to reassure the french public. there is a panic and authorities are very worried. they have also warned the media not to relay unchecked information or information that could tip off the perpetrators of the attack this morning and also the attacks yesterday. clearly, they are very worried the authorities here in paris and they're trying to show calm. but, clearly, there is a lot of anxiety. >> indeed, a lot of anxiety across the city this morning and this afternoon. clearly the presence of police. police alarms are going around on their vehicles. perhaps it is too soon to speak of this, but is there fallout we are likely to the down the line? we saw the symbolic movement of francois hollande having
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nicholas sarkozy come and he is meeting with marlene le pen. we have these two manhunts on, and french authorities are unable to apprehend the suspect for the moment. >> the french president is concerned, and he has called for national unity am a national cohesion, because he knows the climate is very tense. he also knows that there will be hard questions asked about security lapses on a first of all, in the protection of the charlie hebdo headquarter. we know the paper was a target of threats and intimidation and had firebomb attacks several years ago. in addition, we have now learned that at least one of the two suspects have been jailed and had been under surveillance from
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the french secret service. this will revive the same kind of questions we saw a couple years ago when mohammed merah went on a rampage and killed french soldiers and jewish kids in a jewish schools in the southwestern town of toulouse. we learned he had also been under surveillance from the french intelligence services and eventually escaped their attention. so this will raise questions. nicholas sarkozy, and his remarks coming out of that meeting, clearly indicated yes that france would need to adapt its response. he did not say if there explicitly, but it was very clear from what he said that he believes that not all appropriate measures were being taken. obviously, this is not a time for dispute, but it is one to show solidarity and unity. as time passes, the questions will resurface. >> thank you for reporting from
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the french presidential palace. let's remind you of the facts and where they stand since yesterday's shooting. the search is on for two suspects in the killings of 12 people at the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo. that shooting took place history shortly before noon. 11 people have been injured and four are currently in critical condition. tow of this -- two of the suspects are brothers, 32-year-old cherif kouachi, who had a revis terrorist conviction, and his brother said kouachi, and then mourad hamyd the brother-in-law of cherif, actually turned himself into custody yesterday. there is no word as to the exact role he played in the shooting. all of her fairy brings us up-to-date on the investigation so far. >> the met -- all of her -- ol
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iver ferry brings us up-to-date. >> investigators searching for close as to the whereabouts of the three wanted men. they got information on the two brothers here they had been identified after said left and identity card in a car. the brothers are both from paris. the younger 1, 32-year-old cherif had been sentenced to 18 month in prison in 2008 for criminal association in relation to terrorism. he tried to leave the country to fight for al qaeda in iraq and was associated with the islamist group -- with an islamist group two triggers that are, he was detained on suspicion of try to organize an escape of prison of a man convicted of the 1995 train bombings in paris. cherif kouachi was later released for lack of evidence.
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the third suspect, 18-year-old mourad hamyd, turned himself into police after seeing his name circulated on social media. he is believed to have an alibi for being in school at the time of the attacks. it is not yet known what group the gunman are affiliated to but witnesses at the scene said they had claimed to be members of al qaeda in yemen. >> once again, the manhunt is on for those two suspects. meanwhile, paris was hit again by violence this morning. at 8:00 a.m., a shooter shot a police officer, a policewoman in a southern suburb of paris. however, there is no indication no official word on whether or not there is any link to yesterday's shooting. we're covering events in the area. what more do you have for us at
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this hour? >> we have seen what looks like the end of police operations here. there are a few officers left. they had originally left the scene after the shooting this morning and then returned in great force with dogs and armed police to search what is believed to be an apartment where the gun man was either living or staying. it is believed they were leather desk led there by documents in the car he left behind. then me tell you how this unfolded this morning. around 8:00, there was what appears to be a traffic accident on this street in the southern suburb here. in the wake of that, a traffic policewoman came to the scene and was shot at by a man who got out of his car. she was shot and later died of her injuries reared we're learning in the past few minutes, that she is believed to only have been between the age of 20 and 25, so a very young
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woman. a second man was shot, a local council worker here. he was injured and is said to be in serious condition in the hospital. after that incident, the gunman fled by car to a neighboring suburb. the car was found there and the registration documents which led police back to this street to search for the apartment. that search appears to be done and police are winding down their presence here. >> what exactly do we know about the suspect? >> he was described by the interior minister who was here earlier as being about one meter 75 in height with a shaved head. he was wearing a bulletproof vest and believed to be carrying two weapons, a handgun and one larger weapon which is what he is believed to have shot that policewoman with. police are now searching for him and looking witnesses that may
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lead to his arrest. >> authorities are extremely cautious considering recent events over the past 24 hours. this attack comes on the heels of yesterday's attack on charlie hebdo which such wealth people killed. no -- which saw 12 people killed. no links, but i can imagine the people there are nervous. nerves are clearly rattled. >> yes, exactly. they got assurance that there was no link from the interior minister when he was speaking to her he came straight from the emergency meeting at the elysee palace. he says there is no obvious link. he asked us to be careful and reporting to stress that these were not connected incidents. of course, that is what people here are connecting the incident two. paris has been on increased security alert and there is an increased police presence on the
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streets and at train stations, schools, and other public holding spear that is what is on people's minds here. that is the fear of people in this area, a residential area just outside the city limits of paris, just south of the prissy and ring roads. this is a quite presidential area. >> you mentioned an increased security presence with police. has there been any calls for the metro system to be shut down once again considering this is a manhunt currently underway in paris? >> there have been increased security and transport. that is one of the key areas in france. it is a two-level alert system and we are now at the highest level in the wake of the charlie hebdo attack yesterday. that has led to reinforce police presence across key locations. the transport system is a key focus, but no steps we are aware
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of yet to take any more drastic measures than that. >> thank you for that report from just outside paris. once again, in the wake of yesterday's deadly shooting at charlie hebdo impromptu gatherings began taking place all across france yesterday. we saw some 150,000 people join in nationwide rallies. they were gathering to express their shock and to pay tribute to those who were killed in the attack on charlie hebdo. some mourners remembering the 12 victims, and they vowed not to be silent. charlotte and kate report. >> standing in solitary, just one kilometer from the scene of the massacre. tens of thousands of people rallied in paris, commemorating the 12 items in the freedom of expression they die for -- commemorating the 12 victims. >> if we cannot express ourselves, where are we going? this is not the beginning of the
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end, at least i hope not. i still tried to be optimistic. that never again against a newspaper. >> eight journalists were among the dead, including the paper's editor. this banner declares that he died free. >> we do not train journalists to be killed or serve as cannon fodder for people who have no interest in freedom. >> as night fell some 15,000 evil were estimated to be attending a rally in central paris, chanting " je suis charlie." some 12,000 people gathered in a nearby city. there was a candlelight vigil. >> i feel very sad. i want to say no. >> in montpelier, people and to the press club expressing outrage on the attack on their
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profession. >> to use weapons to attack those armed with only humor, it is just unthinkable. >> many held signs saying "je suis charlie," "i am charlie." here 7000 people stood in silence. >> i think to have so many of us who shows they are -- that we're not afraid of them appeared they can do what they want a we will stay standing. >> there were similar scenes across france. all corners of france and all walks of life. mourning and a show of strength to >> besides in france, vigils and rallies have taken place around the world interview to those killed in the attack. nick has the story. ♪ >> france's national anthem in
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trafalgar square in london. in many places around the world, people held pens and show their support for the satirical magazine charlie hebdo. in berlin, people gathered outside the french embassy knew the brandenburg gate. >> we need to show that we're also shocked. we want to show our solidarity with france. >> a vigil was held in tunisia outside the french ambassador's residence to her children held signs saying, "i am the future. i am charlie." >> there are consequences in my country and other countries, in iraq and syria. like after 9/11, i am really sad for the victims now, and i am also set for the victims to come. >> hundreds gathered in washington in tribute to the victims, including the imf
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director general christine lagarde. >> the cartoonists were a part of our youths, a part of our daily life for years. it made me smile. >> in new york, people came out in the freezing cold and vowed never to give in to terror. >> you have to laugh, do more cartoons. we are french. we love life. we do not care about the cold. it is not a problem at we're here to say we do not give a damn. we will continue to do more cartoons for >> after the horror and the tears being whipped away here in rio de janeiro, and when is ours, the cartooning has already begun -- and buenos air es, the cartooning has already begun to >> four of france's leading cartoonists were killed
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in the attack. they were having a meeting to talk about the next edition of the newspaper to be published at the time. shooting began in the room. let's take a look back now at the victims. >> in 2006, charlie hebdo then editor decided to republish cartoons of the prophet mohammed that appeared in a danish newspaper. on wednesday, he fought back tears as he remembered his fallen colleagues. >> i lost all my friends today. they were not vicious people. they just wanted us to live happily. they were people who wanted humor to play a role in our lives. that was all, that was all. that is what they killed today. i just cannot comprehend it. >> humor that led to drastic measures, the editor of the magazine, stéphane charbonnier
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was under police protection since 2011 due to death threats he received over offending cartoons. a french cartoonist remembers that even in such a serious situation, charb managed to keep his humor. >> i was there years ago, and charb said that he writes his bike, and police officers said they would be riding with him. >> a documentary was made with a slain her to nist, jean cabut cabu and georges wolinski. >> i was talking to them and filming their drawings. they were going against the islamists but by laughing. it is a part of the intelligence of france. >> on thursday, france will pay
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to be to the cartoonists and police officers who died. francois hollande has announced a day of national mourning. >> people gathering to mourn those lost in yesterday's attack, a sense of national unity being called for by president francois hollande. he spoke yesterday in primetime evening, saying france has been struck at its heart to the capital. the justice minister also spoke this morning. let's take a listen. >> what i can tell you, and they need to know this, they will not have the last word. they will not have the last word. what is important is the determination of the government and its capacity to stand up against and put an end to these are baric acts. we are all deeply determined to do it, and we will. they will not have the last word. >> a call for determination from the french justice minister there. the former prime minister of
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france also spoke out against the shooting. he served under nicholas sarkozy during his term in office. the former prime minister called for national unity. >> national unity is an absolutely fundamental first response in a situation of war like this, the best way of showing terrorists they will not bring a democratic society like ours to its knees. the act of national unity needs to be shown in supporting the government, interior minister, and the president. >> that was the former french prime minister speaking on the matter. the attack on charlie hebdo has raised concerns about a backlash against france' is muslim community. france is home to the largest muslim population and western european this morning unfortunately, there are several incidents to report on. we have had at least three mosques that have had incidents around the country. there has been one explosion
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one blast reported at a kebab restaurant near a mosque in eastern france. realty reported there. but it indicates that there are unfortunate, incidents of backlash, which is a concern of the government, the french government calling for national unity during this difficult time. of course, today is a day of national mourning here in france. a little while earlier, just at noon time, a moment of silence was observed here in the p or gusoff french president france will hollande at the side of the mayor of paris and the interior minister. they were asked the head of -- they were at the head of police headquarters in the center of paris. they are in line with fellow officers that are in charge of keeping paris safe. of course, we had the prime minister observing a moment of silence at his residence here in paris, as well as speaking out
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this morning against the shooting. at the notre dame cathedral, we had crowds gather to remember the 12 people killed in yesterday shooting, as well as the 11 injured and four
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