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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 12, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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try as france remains on high alert. jewish schoolchildren waited with police posted outside to protect them while politicians and intelligence agencies have been trying to answer tough questions about how three terrorists known to police were able to murder three people in
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the capital. our correspondent has the story. >> french police are deploying. the french army is answering the president felt -- the president's call. >> we decided to mobilize 10,000 men to protect locations across the country. they will be deployed by tuesday evening. >> still shaken by friday's attack on the kosher supermarket, jewish community leaders called on the government to take major steps to ensure security. that call has now been answered. during a visit to a jewish school, the interior minister said that they would be responsible for coordinating the security of the jewish community.
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they will be in charge of protecting more than 700 jewish schools and synagogues across the country. >> we must protect any facilities that could be attacked, jewish schools, and also mosques. we have not talked about it, but there have been several acts aimed at mosques. >> all official buildings and meeting at headquarters will be heavily guarded. >> the mood of unity we have witnessed in france is beginning to fracture. former president nicholas sarkozy has been widely visible but some have accused him of courting voters by linking terrorism to immigration. take a listen. >> the immigration issue and
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concerns over islam have been voiced. the question is not wanting islam in france, but rather french islam. if we can ask these questions calmly, we can best address everyone. i will be in touch with organizations to see what they can do. including representatives because they have their part to play. >> our guest tells us more about how the french political climate is deeply divided, despite sunday's show of unity. >> i wish i could believe it was a real turning point, that this would make france a more unified country, but i am not confident it will. the friends are very good at rushing to the defense of the population when threatened, but
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when that moment passes all of the old divisions -- political social economic -- are likely, i'm afraid, to return. i was minded -- reminded of 22 win one and a half million people took to the streets in protest. that was supposed to be a moment that would change france forever. that would bind france more tightly around the values of the republic. it didn't. france in 2015 seems to me a more troubled, divided pessimistic country than it was in 2002. >> investigation continues here in france. police say they are still hunting suspects linked to last week's attacks. the widow of one of the terrorists, hayat boumeddiene has been spotted in turkey and is now presumed to have traveled on to syria. >> the main suspects may be
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dead, but the manhunt continues. speaking on french television, the prime minister vowed that security will be bolstered over coming days. the threat to france, he says remains at the critical level. >> we believe there are probably other accomplices to rid i want to remind you of the details released by the public prosecutor. the jogger is still fighting for his life. >> the link is the firearms used in the incident, a pistol used in the supermarket siege. several were found at the apartment where the young man was shot during his evening run on wednesday. before falling into a coma, the jogger described his attacker as a man of european appearance, with blue eyes.
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adding weight to the theory of an accomplice. they are also evaluating other claims made by coulibaly. in a propaganda video posted online he claims response ability other terror attacks in france, including a car bomb. >> joining me, a french senator and chair of the parliamentary committee investigating jihadist networks. thank you for being with us on "france 24." does france need a complete overall. as france need a patriot act, as we saw in the united states after september 11? that would deprive terrorism suspects of the usual rights enjoyed by citizens? >> you know the results of the patriot act. you saw boston and other things. the patriot act is not a
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solution. we are a state of law. we have to stay a state of law. then we had something like 14 laws against terrorism in the last 14 years. we need to wait and just apply completely the law that we have implemented. which is not now the case. we need more people. we need more cooperation. we need more money. but certainly not more laws. maybe very small things, but not really. >> you mentioned money. france is a nation that is pretty strapped for cash at the moment. does it have resources to put into fighting -- >> is a question of choice. i mean, security is a priority. fighting the jihadist terrorism is a priority. all of the system is locked for let's say 45, and all you have
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155. so, you know, the system is overloaded. when he to find more judges more policeman, more as i told you, more cooperation, and maybe we need to create some more -- so the jihadists or those in direct links with terrorism. this kind of databases missing. >> what about turkey? does turkey need to step up more in the battle against jihad is him? as we just saw, hayat boumeddiene has apparently fled to syria via turkey. does turkey need to do more? >> i was just back from syria. turkey is doing fine. but turkey, you know -- she has no magic wand to know who to
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arrest and him not to arrest. if the french people are not giving to turkey some data, how can turkish people block people on the border if we do not give them information. -- give them information? i told you previously, as a state of law we cannot hold people unless you have something against them, which was not the case with hayat boumeddiene. >> what is the strategy then? is it more cross-border cooperation, more surveillance snooping on citizens in general? going into prisons to stop the radical imams from talking to people vulnerable to that kind of i ideology? >> at some point. first of all, try to prevent the people to travel, first. then to be careful when they come back. then it is radicalization in jail, which is a big, big issue. then, it is also to build a
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discourse, like the british are doing nicely. one of the main issues is those people who are traveling they have very little knowledge of the islam reaction in fact. so, any kind of propaganda -- >> right, they were not proper muslims. >> absolutely not. >> they were not muslim. >> and we also do not need any other laws. maybe some points, like -- which is absolutely needed and what the european parliament has not allowed, but we have now to push our european colleagues to vote it, because we need it. more cooperation. and also to help turkish people
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do their job. because they cannot move around 330 laundry like that. we have to help them. >> just briefly, french people are very shaken from last week's event spirit can they feel safe in their own country? >> yes, definitely. but we are shocked. during my life i could not imagine two years ago having children killed because they were jewish and have people drawing an out jewish people in front of a department store. it is unbelievable. >> ok, thank you very much indeed. >> you're welcome. >> the next edition of the magazine "charlie hebdo" will go on sale this sunday as planned. the only difference is instead of 60,000 copies, there will be 3 million and the magazine will be translated into at least 30 different languages. >> "charlie hebdo" is now based
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in another facility and what is in the new edition is secret. the contents of the addition are being hidden by a screen from prying eyes. the team is quickly putting the magazine to bed. one team member does give insight into what to expect. >> we are, of course, going to use cartoons never published before by charb and others and we will have text to go along with it. their work will be there. at this is good. >> the "charlie hebdo" team resumed work on friday to begin an addition of a print run of one million. one of the survivors of the kouachi brothers' attack is relieved to be at work. >> we like working because it distracts us. as we do so, we are not thinking about the dead and injured in their families. it is good to be here doing this.
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>> they are producing the historic edition of "charlie hebdo" under high-security amid massive expressions of support. >> thousands are expected to take part in anti-islam rallies across germany this monday. a movement that says it is fighting the anti-islam application of -- islam if cation of europe is claiming massive support. angela markel is calling for counter rallies. >> we do everything we can to make integration and success. people are welcome here, no matter what religion they belong to. they are very welcome. i am the chancellor of all germans, which includes everyone who lives here permanently, no matter where they come from or their origins. >> let's go to berlin now.
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our correspondent is standing by. jessica, what kind of turnout at these rallies so far? is it the big numbers that were feared? >> they continue to polarize people in germany. they have been trying to rally a lot of support threat of the week, especially after what happened in paris, on the facebook site. the numbers were out in post. however, the opposition to this was much stronger. thousands of members took to the streets in cities like hamburg munich, cologne, and berlin, but they were outnumbered by tens of thousands of the opposition demonstrators, who again they think that this is an anti-islamic and sent a phobic stance. the most recent report --
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anti-islamic and xena phobic stance. the most recent report -- they started chanting "say it loud and say it clear; refugees are welcome here." strong words for asylum-seekers who would be able to come to germany. also, there were protests in life make -- leipzvig. there was an unprecedented turnout. 30,000 turned out to show that they stand shoulder to shoulder with the muslim community, that they are stamping out islam a phobia -- islamaphobia in
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germany. >> thank you very much. let's get business news for you now. >> we are kicking off with the detroit car show. cars, cars, cars for it all the latest models and innovations being unveiled. some 40 new concept cars and trucks making their debut. both electronic cars and gas guzzling suv's in the show. sales are up 6% from 2013. manufacturers will be competing to take the lead. our correspondent takes a look. >> for the first time in years the 2015 detroit auto show is all about hot wheels and high horse powers. four by fours and pickups have made a comeback as carmakers hope tumbling oil prices will entice consumers back to the great american classics. sales of sports utility vehicles
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rose 8% between 2013 and 2014. 16 point 5 million vehicles sold in the u.s. last year and experts predict annual car sales will jump to 70 million this year. figures not seen since 2001. the volvo ceo exercises caution. >> i think we will continue growing this year. i think we will return to growth in the u.s. after an interesting year for our company. >> it is not all about showmanship though. there is a focus on electric cars this year. general motors unveiling the sleek and revisited volt. it is set to go on sale for 30 thousand dollars, much cheaper than his predecessor. >> if you look at it from a regulatory perspective, this is a natural path we are on. >> here, it is all about
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pleasure. one million people expected to attend the nine-day auto show. >> oil prices tumbling and we will continue to see the slide on monday. u.s. crude slumped 5%, finishing at $46.07 a barrel. the lowest level since march 2009. this after analyst said goldman sachs/to their short-term price forecast, that shows no sign of reversing. the major indices on wall street down between half and almost 1% there. you can see the s&p and nasdaq down nearly .9% there. we will get you a different picture here and europe, moshe indices making up for earlier losses, this white oil prices -- despite oil prices tanking. there is an expectation of some
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european stimulus, giving investors a boost to their. employees of cyprus demonstrated yesterday. the government halted all carrier flights after european regulators -- they were granted a 10 billion euro international bailout. the island is already facing record 16% unemployment and those figures will only worsen as the national carrier's 56 the staff members are left off -- 560 staff members are left off. let's take a look. >> we cannot find any job. we are all very disappointed from the government, politics, everyone. >> looking at other business headlines. shares at a portugal telecom
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have -- the deal is valued at 7.4 billion euros. they suspended trading of the shares on friday, asking for more clarification on how these sale would affect investors there is are questions as to whether it would affect a proposed merger between portugal telecom and a brazilian carrier. a company will by its american rival for $5.2 billion. they specialize in drugs for rare medical conditions. this is after shire abandoned a $55 billion merger deal with the u.s. firm last year. and a committee in france began examining a controversial proposal. it would allow stores to open up on sundays.
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and to open up to more competition. in national assembly is set to debate the bill at the end of the month. changing gears -- the golden globes took place in hollywood on sunday. series posted by online streaming services with the hit of the night. amazon's's.'s "transparent" -- amazon's series "transparent" won top honors along with netflix's "house of cards." more and more people are turning online to watch those kinds of shows rather than more television. >> thanks. the one and only kevin spacey they're picking up his award. thank you very much indeed. let's take a look now at how the web news is reacting to the extraordinary and tragic
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incidents here in paris over the last few days. it is time for web news. ♪ >> hello there, and welcome to the web news. we are picking the stories making the online headlines. rallies staged across the globe in solidarity for the people of france and a man frantically trying to escape award of hungry zombies. as we can say from these amateur documents posted online by french web users, hundreds of thousands of people took heart in the rally sunday, january 11, to show their commitment to the values of the republic. an unprecedented show of unity which has been echoed across the globe with a number of marches and demonstrations of the weekend. in europe in particular, dozens
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of rallies took place on saturday and sunday, from madrid to prague, from dublin, to budapest. hundreds, thousands of people took to the streets with the now internationally recognized slogan "je suis charlie." as we can see from these online pictures crowds gathered in new york city, moscow, and when osiris. patriots marched outside local nationals and rejection of any form of terrorism. and the muslim world was also present. there were rallies in cities including ramallah casablanca, and cairo. all with the same objective, to condemn last week's barbaric attacks in paris and show the world they are united in the face of terrorism. ♪
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hundreds of web users across the globe have been posting under the #freeraif #. he was sentenced for prison and 10 lashes for his "campaign against islam." french artist -- creates play mobile versions of famous paintings, remaking the work of the likes of the inner da vinci and dali. you can take a look online.
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the family hotel in the u.s. state of colorado that inspired "the shining" is asking americans to design a maze. the competition runs until the end of the month. visit to find out more. >> a man racing all over rooftops as he frantically tries to escape a group of hungry zombies. this is was put together to promote "the dying light" video game that will be released in january. you can watch it on it its
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entirety on youtube. [man grunting] [zombies growling]
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m pacifica this is democracy now. >> it is not just france. where did approve that france is a welcoming country and that we are really free to express our joy whenever we want. >> as


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