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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  January 12, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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01/12/15 01/12/15 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica this is democracy now. >> it is not just france. where did approve that france is a welcoming country and that we are really free to express our joy whenever we want. >> as millions march and france
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to honor the victims of last week's attacks in paris, we look at the links between the two brothers behind the charlie hebdo assault and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. we will speak with jeremy scahill, author of "dirty wars." >> the u.s. is in secret war with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula a sickly from when president obama came in office with drone strikes and targeted assassinations. if al qaeda in the arabian peninsula was involved with the paris attack, he would be the single most external strike the group has carried out against the west. >> all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. an estimated 3.7 million people rallied across france sunday in response to the charlie hebdo shootings and ensuing attacks that left 17 people dead.
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more than 3 million people marched in paris, making it the largest a administration in french history. more than 40 world leaders help leave the march. several demonstrators mounted the statue the republic, symbol of the french revolution and hoisted an inflated pencil to honor the killed cartoonist from charlie hebdo. france has announced it will deploy 10,000 soldiers on home soil by tomorrow and post a must 5000 police officers to protect jewish sites after last week's attacks. the protest came two days after the gunman who attacked the magazine were killed by police after a siege at a printing works following a three-day manhunt. minutes after the credit shop assault, police broke a second siege at a kosher supermarket in eastern paris. four hostages died there along with the gunman amedy coulibaly. before his death on friday cherif kouachi said he received
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financing from the islamic cleric anwar al awlaki in yemen. both brothers reportedly traveled to yemen in 2011 and had weapons training in the deserts in an al qaeda stronghold. a video released over the weekend, meanwhile, shows amedy coulibaly pledging allegiance to the islamic state. meanwhile, source within al qaeda in the iranian peninsula has provided the intercept with a full statement claiming responsibility for the charlie hebdo attack. we will have more on this story with the intercepts jeremy scahill after headlines. witnesses in syria say a recent u.s.-led coalition airstrike may have killed dozens of civilians. according to mcclatchy news, the attack hit a makeshift islamic state jail in the town of al bab close to the turkish border on december 28. most of the reported dead were civilian prisoners held by the islamic state for violations of sharia law or opposition fighters from rival groups.
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the syrian network for human rights says it believes around 50 civilian prisoners died which would make it the worst attack on civilians in syria since the u.s.-led campaign began. the pentagon says it has no evidence of civilian casualties so far. but it also acknowledged it failed to disclose the al bab attack in its weekly summaries and only confirmed it following a request from mcclatchy reporters. military officials have recently announced a review of civilian deaths in the u.s.-led bombing campaign, but have only acknowledged a small number of killings to date. according to pentagon figures, the u.s.-led coalition carried out 34 strikes in iraq and syria over the weekend, 25 in syria and nine in iraq. also this weekend, islamic state fighters killed at least 24 members of the kurdish security forces in a surprise ambush in northern iraq. hundreds of fighters from both sides have died in fighting
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since the summer. hundreds of bodies remain strewn -- local authorities say militants opened fire after storming the town of baga and surrounding areas last week. they were shot dead and scores of homes burned to the ground. there is been no independent corroboration of the death toll which is said to be in the hundreds that to 2000. in a statement, and misty international said the attack looks as if it could be boko haram's deadliest act. q has released all 53 prisoners the pledge to free as part of the historic restoration of u.s. ties last month. the white house confirmed the prisoners' release over the weekend ahead of key talks on normalizing diplomatic relations in havana next week. the obama administration says it
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will continue to ask cuba to free people it considers political prisoners. according to the white house president obama could issue an executive order easing some travel and business restrictions on cuba in the coming days or weeks. the haitian president has struck a deal with opposition leaders to hold new elections later this year. the agreement comes just after thousands of people rallied to call for martelli's resignation over alleged corruption in a three-year delay of a legislative elections. today marks the fifth anniversary of the earthquake that killed over 300,000 people in haiti. here in the united states, congressional republicans are in a new effort to push through the keystone xl after a key ruling on the pipeline's route. on friday, the nebraska supreme court rejected a case challenging the pipeline's approval process, effectively allowing the keystone xl to run through the state.
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the ruling does leave open future challenges. but it also undermines a key factor cited by president obama for his decision to repeatedly delay a decision on the pipeline's approval or rejection. also friday, the republican-controlled house passed a measure approving keystone's construction for the tenth time. democratic congressmember peter defazio mocked republicans' focus on the pipeline's approval. >> it is fun to say the ge, we are voted on this a lot of times before. 61 new members of the house, gas prices down by almost 50%, a lot of things have changed. i would even want about the viability of this project. i did recently learn the koch brothers have significant interest. >> although he has yet to make a final decision on keystone president obama has vowed to veto republican-backed attempts to approve it through congress. the house vote fell short of a veto-proof majority. senate republicans will begin
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debate on their version of the keystone approval bill today. a new study finds more than 80% of the world's known coal reserves and about half of gas reserves must remain unburned in order to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. the report published in the journal nature outlines specific limits, saying 92% of u.s. coal, most canadian tar sands oil and all oil and gas in the arctic are unburnable if the world is to keep global warming below the agreed upon cap of two degrees celsius. a city in texas has been hit with a string of earthquakes , including at least 12 over a single 24-hour period, an occurrence that may be linked to the drilling practice of fracking. the u.s. geological survey has confirmed two more earthquakes shook the north texas city of irving thursday following a series earlier this week. previous studies have linked
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fracking to earthquakes in new mexico, colorado, and ohio through the injection of high-pressure water and chemicals to crack shale rock underground. protests were held this weekend to mark the 13th anniversary of the opening of the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay. on saturday, two people with the group code pink were arrested in a demonstration at the home of former vice-president dick cheney, calling for his arrest. on sunday, protesters, some wearing orange jumpsuits and black hoods, rallied outside the white house to call for guantanamo's closure. the fbi and federal prosecutors have recommended felony charges against former cia director david petraeus for allegedly providing classified information to a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair. petraeus resigned in 2012 after admitting to cheating on his wife with his biographer, paula broadwell. the recommendation of charges
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stems from a probe into whether petraeus gave broadwell access to his cia email account and other sensitive material. before leading the cia, petraeus directed troops in iraq and afghanistan. attorney general eric holder was supposed to have decided by the end of last year on whether to indict. according to the "new york times," the delay has frustrated some federal officials who have questioned whether petraeus has received special treatment at a time holder has led a crackdown on government whistleblowers. new york city has agreed to pay $17 million to settle claims from three people who are wrongfully convicted. the cases involved former homicide detective luis garza look, whose actions, including relying on the same witness for multiple prosecutions, curly under review. -- currently under review. the three men are half-brothers who spent combined 60 years in prison before two were released.
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one died in prison in 2000 after 13 years behind bars. and a number of hollywood stars paid tribute to the victims of the charlie hedbo massacre at the golden globes award ceremony sunday night. the richard linklater film "boyhood" took home top honors with prizes for best director and best dramatic film. john legend and common won best original song for "glory," from the film "selma." on the tv side, the new amazon series "transparent" won best comedy and its star jeffrey tambor won the best actor award for his portrayal of a transgender parent. he dedicated his award to the transgender community. actress maggie gyllenhaal was among those to pay tribute to the expanding roles for women in hollywood, she accepted her best actress award for the miniseries "the honorable woman your co- and joanna froggatt accepted the supporting actress award for her role in downton abbey.
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after the storyline aired, i received a message and one woman summed up the thoughts of many by saying she wasn't sure why she'd written, but she just felt in some way she wanted to be heard. i would just like to say, i heard you and i hope this means in some way you feel the world too. >> and those are some of the headlines, this is democracy now,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. an estimated 3.7 million people rallied across france sunday in response to the charlie hebdo shootings and ensuing attacks at left 17 people dead. on sunday, more than 40 world leaders traveled to paris for the demonstration. demonstrators wearing charlie hebdo headbands waved french flags and some saying "la marseillaise," the national anthem. several mounted the statue of the republic, a symbol of the
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french revolution, and hoisted up an inflated pencil to honor the killed charlie hebdo cartoonists. here are some of the voices from the streets of france yesterday. sunday. >> we are free people were everyone can live with one another and it is important to voice and show it. >> be on charlie, it is about freedom of speech, secular some call all the values that make up french that have been rattled. gathering together to see all of these people gives back a lot of hope. >> i sympathize with the people who have lost their loved ones. i would like to tell french people not to be confused, that it no time [indiscernible]
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whether it be the koran, bible, or torah, isn't asked to kill fellow man or woman. >> everybody is concerned. not only in france, it is all the people, the entire planet earth is concerned. that means we are united. all countries are free, but we're here to prove france is a welcoming country and that we are really free to express our joy whenever we want. >> voices from sunday's demonstrations in france. 3.7 million people marched across france. the march took place two days after the government attacked charlie hebdo, cherif and said kouachi were killed by police following a three-day manhunt. minutes after the print shop
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assault, police broke a second siege at a kosher supermarket in eastern paris. four hostages died along with the gunman, amedy coulibaly. france has announced it will deploy 10,000 soldiers on home soil by tomorrow and post almost 5,000 extra police officers to protect jewish sites after last week's attacks. on friday, cherif said he received financing by the islamic cleric anwar al awlaki in yemen. he made the assertion to bfm-tv before his death. >> i will tell you only that we were defenders of the prophet mohammed and i was sent by al qaeda's yemen. i went over there and it was anwar al awlaki who financed me. rest in peace. >> reuters is reporting both brothers who carried out the attack against charlie hebdo traveled to yemen in 2011 and had weapons training in the deserts of marib, an al qaeda stronghold.
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meanwhile, a source within al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has provided the intercept with a full statement claiming responsibility for the charlie hebdo attack. the statement reads in part -- "the leadership of #aqap directed the operation, and they have chosen their target carefully as a revenge for the honor of prophet...the target was in france in particular because of its obvious role in the war on islam and oppressed nations." al qaeda in the arabian peninsula members have taken to social media and discussion boards to praise the attacks. well, for more, we're joined now by the article's author, jeremy scahill, co-founder of the, where his new article is, "al qaeda source: al qaeda in the arabian peninsula directed paris attack." his latest book, "dirty wars: the world is a battlefield," is out in paperback. his film "dirty wars" was nominated for an academy award. he is also the author of the
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bestselling book, "blackwater: the rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army." jeremy scahill, welcome to democracy now! let's talk about this latest news out in france. >> first of all, what we saw yesterday on display on the one hand was very heartening to see so many people come to the streets. one of the core issues of oppressed freedom, if this is a moment where the whole world is saying we have to have a free press, and no matter how controversial were hateful some of the speech is or may be interpreted in some communities we judge a free press by how we treat the journalists or the stories that we don't like or are offended by. but on the other hand, this is sort of circus of hypocrisy when it comes to all of those world leaders who were marching at the front of it. i mean, every single one of those heads of state or representatives of government there have waged their own wars
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against journalists. david cameron ordered "the guardian" to smash with a hammer the hard drives that stored the files of nsa whistleblower edward snowden. blasphemy is considered a crime in ireland. you had multiple african and arab leaders who zone countries right now have scores of journalists in prison. intranet now who's government -- intranet now his government has targeted numerous journalists who have reported on the palestinian side, have kidnapped, abducted, jailed journalists. there's this controversy right now why didn't president obama go or why did joe biden go? eric holder was there and representing the united states. i think we should remember that yemen should have sent the yemeni journalist as a representative. he was in prison for years on
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the direct orders of president obama for having reported on secret u.s. strikes in yemen that killed scores of civilians. or sudan should have sent the al jazeera cameraman who was held for six years without charge in guantánamo and repeatedly interrogated by u.s. operatives who were intent on proving that al jazeera had some sort of a link to al qaeda. while there is much to take harden in terms of this huge outpouring of support for freedom of the press hypocrisy was on full display. >> reporters without borders issued a statement saying it "condemns the presence of predators in the paris march" and "is appalled by the presence of leaders from countries where journalists and bloggers are systematically persecuted" such as egypt, russia, turkey, and united arab emirates. a gambonese journalist covering the march expressed similar reservations about his president, ali bongo ondimba participating in the event.
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>> band demonstrations in his own country and coming to a demonstration in france. that is intolerable for us. it is complete hypocrisy. we're here not only to show our outrage for what happened but also our outrage that dictators are present here in paris, a country that supports [indiscernible] dedicated to freedom of expression, freedom of the press. >> that a gambonese journalist covering the march expressed similar reservations about his president participating. proxy of general sis from egypt who showing his solidarity by continuing to preside over the imprisonment of multiple al jazeera journalists whose only crime was doing actual journalism and scores of other egyptian journalists that never get mentioned in the news media.
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another thing i think is really absent from a lot of the coverage of the aftermath of this horrific massacre is that france also is a surveillance state. france has a very islamophobic view. those who have settled inside of france. there's going to be an intense -- intensification of an already overreaching surveillance system inside of france. some months ago i was on the show talking about the u.s. watch listing system. one of the things we heard when we were doing this report on how you and up on a no-fly list or the watchlist was that people within the us counterterrorism community who actually try to prevent acts of terrorism from happening say they are flooded in information. and that if everyone is on the watchlist, effectively, no one is on the watchlist when it comes to actually looking at who might be engaged in these kinds of terror plots. similar phenomenon in paris, france. people talk about intelligence
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failure and breakdown. when you're putting people on these lists for monitoring or surveillance they some circumstantial evidence, that means you overload your own bureaucracy. on the one hand, you have a surveillance state that unfairly targets muslims and immigrants in both the u.s. and france, and on the other hand, you have a system that is intended to stop ask of or monitor people that are plotting acts of terrorism that it has become its own hindrance, its own biggest obstacle to actually figuring out the reality of these plots. let's remember, while horrifying and reprehensible, these incidents represent a relatively minor threat to western society. in terms of the actual threats facing our society, this doesn't even rank in the top five. to have this kind of reaction is not only a way -- waste of a tremendous amount of money, but i think it will encourage future acts of terrorism. >> and it is a horrific moment
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where people actually see it before them. >> right, but again, let's remember the united states bombed al jazeera in afghanistan very early on after 9/11, then bomb to be sure to an hotel in iraq where al jazeera journalists were the only journalist's. then they killed one of the most famous al jazeera correspondents in baghdad in april 2003 victoria clarke, george bushes pentagon spokesperson at the time, basically said if you are an unabated journalist you're a terrorist and if you die it is not our fault. they shelled the palestine hotel, killing a reuters cameraman and spanish cameraman. so, yes, we should be condemning any and all attacks when they're killing journalists, no matter who the perpetrators are, but let's not act as if the west foster yes hands are clean. and any of those marching
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yesterday, world leaders, hands are clean. >> we're talking to jeremy scahill. when we come back, we're going to talk about the article he has written. this is this is democracy now!, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. back in a minute. ♪ [music break]
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>> this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. a massive march across france, close to 4 million people took place. that march took place two days after the gunmen who attacked charlie hebdo, the satirical magazine, cherif and said kouachi, were killed by police on the three-day manhunt. minutes after the print shop
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assault, police broke a second seat at a kosher supermarket in eastern paris. four hostages had are ready died there and the police killed the gunman amedy coulibaly. france has announced it will deploy 10,000 soldiers on home soil and posting must 5000 extra police officers to protect jewish sites some 700 jewish schools. on friday, said --cherif kouachi said he received financing from anwar al awlaki. reuters is reporting both brothers who kate at the attack against charlie hebdo traveled to yemen in 2011 and had weapons training in the deserts of an al qaeda stronghold. meanwhile, a source within al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has provided the intercept with a full statement coming
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responsibility for the attack. jeremy scahill was the source of information in this country about that. jeremy, talk about what we know about these attacks. >> first of all, there is a built-in motivation for a lot of different groups to try to take responsibility for these kinds of attacks. there is a turf for going on between isis, the islamic state aqap, school central al qaeda which is a very different organization now than it was under bin laden. france has been fighting its own war in mali and elsewhere in africa using drone strikes and attacks and supporting u.s. against al qaeda. we have to take all of these groups, what they say about this, with a great till of skepticism. a what is clear to me both from the reporting we have seen at other news outlets and also for my own sources is that aqap at a
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minimum had these brothers in a camp, a training camp in yemen provided them with training, discussed with them, i understand from sources inside yemen, the idea they should be attacking media outlets that have published image of the prophet mohammed particularly those who have done so in a demeaning or what they consider to be a disgraceful manner. the context of this, amy, is that in june 2010, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula released its first issue of a glossy, fancy design magazine in the english link which called "inspire." they had an image that was centered around the idea of a cartoon crusade. they called on muslims in the west to avenge the reputation and the sanctity of the prophet mohammed by going and killing cartoonist who are participating
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in a "draw mohammed" day. they showed south park on, to central did a whole issue about this where they mocked the prophet mohammed and actually published the cartoonists that had drawn the prophet mohammed in this manner, including a woman in seattle washington named molly morse. she had to go underground and change her name and receive federal protection from the fbi. to this day, she is still underground, believing she remains on this hit list. this was something that was a major campaign initiated by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. my understanding is these two brothers were doing this in concert, to some degree, with aqap. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula officials have told me we directed this attack. >> how did they get in touch with you? >> i don't want to discuss sources and methods, but i will
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say about the source, i spent a lot of time in yemen including areas controlled by al qaeda and i would never just print something that i received from a random person whose identity i could not verify. this is not a source that just popped out of thin air for this story. this source of information is someone that in the past has given me information about what al qaeda was going to say or the fact that al qaeda was holding particular hostages before it was made public, as a way of validating they in fact are or do have access to the highest levels of debate and discussion within the leadership of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. i should say by way of context well-placed sources within aqap saying this does not an official statement from the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. before we go all in and say yeah this definitely was aqap that directed this plot or financed this plot, the normal way aqap would validate this would be to release statements
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an audio or video recording through their official media channels. they have their own online television station. they have their own way of releasing things on discussion boards. over the past year, they've started to shift more toward twitter in terms of announcing are making pronouncements or announcing actions they have taken hostages, taken assault or raids inside yemen they have conducted. what i'm going to be looking for in the coming weeks is if there is a martyr video that was filmed in yemen by either of these brothers were at aqap is able to produce photographs of them at a training camp. that is what happened earlier when i try to block the airplane over detroit christmas day -- when the man tried to blow up the airplane over detroit christmas day. aqap released a martyr video where umar explain what he was going to do and why. until that happens, i think what
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we have here is a very reliable source in terms of accuracy within aqap saying this and now the u.s. is saying they believe -- they're working assumptions that aqap was involved. >> the so-called underwear bomber shared a room in beirut, lebanon with the kosher supermarket shooter amedy coulibaly. >> the understanding is the underwear bomber and at least one of these brothers sent time at university in yemen. that is university founded by a cleric who is a very, very famous radical yemeni preacher. he denies he is any ties to terrorism, but his message is definitely in sink more or less with groups like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. john walker lynn studied at the university. it is definitely a place where people go and somehow find themselves going through training camps inside yemen. the idea they would have been there the same time if in fact
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everything we understand it be true about these brothers is true, would not be surprising at all. >> so you were in yemen, investigating the drone killing of anwar al awlaki as well as his son. who was 16 years old, born in denver. talk about these connections that they're talking about right now, the actual meeting that awlaki had with one of the brothers -- >> allegedly, yes. first, context of anwar al awlaki, the papers have had a big profile of anwar al awlaki and a lot of what is being said about anwar al awlaki in the media is sort of what stephen colbert called truthiness. it is sort of true, but there are tremendous factual inaccuracies that are actually very relevant to understanding any pitcher to roll -- potential role played by anwar al awlaki. anwar al awlaki was an american
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citizen born in the u.s., his father was a very well respected -- is still alive -- respected yemeni diplomat and scholar who got his masters degree in the united states andd intended to live in the u.s. -- >> he was a fulbright scholar. >> yes. you remains a very dignified, respected member of yemeni society -- >> anwar al awlaki's father. >> yes. the families here for some years. anwar al awlaki goes back to yemen because is a water specialist engineer and helped tried to help with the lack of potable water. the family members go back. he goes to an elite school with the future head of yemen's intelligence agency who would be one of the main collaborators with u.s. in trying to hunt down and kill anwar al awlaki in the drone strike. awlaki goes to university in
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colorado, was not a particularly religious guy. becomes radicalized by the goal for in 1991 when george h.w. bush ordered the invasion and bombing of iraq in response to saddam hussein's incursion into kuwait. anwar al awlaki becomes involved with antiwar activities and ends up going to a local mosque on an invitation to speak there and becomes interested in the idea of actually becoming a religious scholar and studying to be an imam. he ends up becoming an imam. he gets married. he lives in san diego. two of the 9/11 hijackers were people that had been at his mosque. the 9/11 commission determined awlaki did not have conversations with the beyond critical conversations like a priest would have with a parishioner somewhere in the catholic church, but nonetheless, that is something that keeps being brought up that
3:36 pm
he a connection to the 9/11 attackers. if we want to talk about that and say that as evidence, we should also mention at a time when 9/11 attackers were going to mosques where anwar al awlaki was that you monk, he was also invited by the pentagon shortly after 9/11 to give a lecture at a luncheon at the pentagon. he went to the pentagon at the invitation of a senior pentagon official a give a lecture about the state of islam in the world today. anwar al awlaki was clearly angered by the u.s. invasion of iraq. he defended the right of the u.s. to go into afghanistan and announce al qaeda as a fake muslim. this was in the aftermath of 9/11. he was on npr, profiled in "the washington post" considered a legitimate heart legitimate part to make a sense of muslims in the world post on 11. part of the reason he was invited to the media outlets is because he was condemning al qaeda, condemning the invasion
3:37 pm
-- excuse me, condemning these of afghanistan as a base to plot attacks. then abu ghraib happens. then we start to learn about cia torture sites. we see muslim prisoners in orange jumpsuits with woods been wrought and desiccation of the kor that happens. you can bea see anwar al awlaki becoming radicalized. he basically starts using youtube as his online mosque. he are ready was known around the world for so much yet recorded on cds. not only was he fluent in english and arabic, but spoke in the linkage of the street. he would make pop cultural references. he was sort of mimic the way malcolm x. spoke in terms of his risks and other things. you would make reference to international football teams and matches and make comparisons when you're tried to spread the religion, you don't wait to show up like the post office, you are
3:38 pm
to go at it like fedex. he was the guy i think you had is a guilty younger western muslims. i listen to many, many many days worth of anwar al awlaki's preaching. up until the invasion of iraq, there were three little you could look and say, here's a guy who is going to be very anti-american. in fact, he supported the war in yugoslavia. he was on the same side as the u.s. in bosnia. in fact, anwar al awlaki was calling for muslims in the u.s. to fight the jihad against the catholic forces of croatia and orthodox christian forces of serbia, and was on the same side as the u.s. the u.s. was raising funds to arm muslims to fight in that war. the u.s. was on the same side as anwar al awlaki in a some of bin laden and the were and yugoslavia were in yugoslavia. once anwar al awlaki changes his speech coming becomes public enemy. when his are guiding our kind of
3:39 pm
oppression we wanted. if he crosses that line, he is now can amount to hitler. anwar al awlaki is put in prison for 18 months result in solitary confinement for 17 of those months. he was interrogated by the fbi in prison and then released he is a changed man. >> where was he held? >> of a political prisoner inside yemen. a report in my book the yemeni government wanted to release awlaki and john negroponte, the time a senior counterterrorism official under the bush administration, and one of the butchers of central america during the 1980's, john negroponte had a secret meeting with bush, the saudi diplomat close to the bush family, where -- any yemeni masseter where john aponte said, our position is we want awlaki kept in prison
3:40 pm
until of the young western muslims forget about him. this is u.s. man being held in prison, very flimsy charges he had intervened in a trouble dispute in a senior official says we want him captain prison without trial for five years until people forget about him. when anwar al awlaki was released, he was a totally changed man and began increasingly to cross the line from praising people fighting against the united states in afghanistan and elsewhere to actively calling on people to come -- people to come and fight on the front of jihad in yemen or elsewhere or in your own country. and this is where he really became considered to be a significant threat by the united states. that his words, not his actions, but his words were going to inspire lone wolf accept terror some out of the united states. -- terrorism out of the united states. he rose in 2009 1 army major new
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dollhouse on -- nidal hassan, a psychiatrist he had -- >> at four could. >> for hood, texas. here written to anwar al awlaki praising him, offering to give him a human rights prize of $5,000. anwar al awlaki says to give it to the orphans and widows. if you read about anwar al awlaki today, they say he directed the fort hood attacks. it doesn't show that at all. it shows nidal hassan as an unstable stalker trying to get anwar al awlaki july kim and anwar al awlaki dismissing him.
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awlaki was saying clearly -- he said what he did was right but i didn't tell him to do it. awlaki would not claim responsibility for things he did not do. he did admit to being a student. to say someone directed a plot in the case of the underwear bomber or fort hood, that is not proven. if we want to say we live in a society based on rule of law, is evidence that lackey was operational --anwar al awlaki was operational, then why wasn't he prosecuted? why was he never indicted? we indicted osama bin laden and
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john walker lindh. why would they not and. awlaki of all of this evidence that they claim that u.s. is had for a long time, why was her never an indictment on anwar al awlaki ? what are the president serve as judge, jury, and executioner of an american citizen? >> what is the answer? >> i think u.s. on the one hand was afraid ofawlaki. they did not want to give him a platform and a trial. i think they also wanted to continue to be able to monitor him to the who he was working with and who he was meeting with. i ultimately think the calculus was, if we were to capture this american citizen, this is not the same as putting osama bin laden on trial or putting shaikh mohammed on trial. this is an american citizen who speaks very articulate fluent english and would probably have an incredible defense team. i think part of it was, they never wanted him to see a day in
3:44 pm
court. i found his words and involvement with a number of people who went on to commit accept terrorism or mass violence reprehensible. that is not the point. the point is if you're going to make these allegations, you better be able to prove it. if anwar al awlaki, either with both of the parachutist, that is a relevant part of the story. what i know for my reporting about the underwear bomber is that umar was age arranged young man. -- arranged young man. aqap wanted to make sure he followed through on his plot. my understanding is they brought him to anwar al awlaki to essentially groom him or to act as a sort of islamic their best who is trying to get his mental health backup so that aqap could do with they wanted to do with them. that is my understanding the role awlaki played, he was going to help facilitate these people going to aqap but not that anwar al awlaki was running the show.
3:45 pm
>> we have to go to break. when we come back, we will talk about cherif and said kouachi. governments around the world looking for hayat boumeddiene the woman who they say was related to amedy coulibaly. not clear exactly what her role has been. they say she left france, went through turkey, possibly is in syria. the person who is fallen off the map as the 18-year-old, the day of the attack on the satirical magazine on charlie hebdo, they said he was driving the car, but he turned himself in and said i was in class and many of his classmates tweeted the same facts. we have not heard about him again. we will be back in a moment. ♪ [music break]
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>> this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the winter 2014 issue of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula's english language magazine "inspire" features an image of a muslim man praying next to a pressure cooker, above an image of a french passport. the image is accompanied by text that reads -- "if you have the knowledge and inspiration all that's left is to take action." last spring, "inspire," magazine published a wanted poster showing the name and photograph of charlie hebdo editor stephane charbonnier. who was killed in last week's attack. our guest for the hour is jeremy scahill. his latest article is "al qaeda , source: al qaeda in the arabian peninsula directed paris attack." his latest book, "dirty wars: the world is a battlefield," is out in paperback. his film "dirty wars" was nominated for
3:48 pm
an academy award. if you could talk about the latest "inspire" magazine and what we know about the relationship between these attackers and france, who killed 17 people, and the relationship with aqap and also, where does isis fit into this? >> isis, the man who did the siege at the kosher market, released this martyr video that he recorded after the charlie hebdo offices were attacked by the two brothers. it was like a hastily put together thing where he put a picture of an islamic flag on the wall behind him and did some exercises in front of it and then pledged his allegiance to the -- and try to be established by the islamic state.
3:49 pm
i would not read too deeply into his role with the islamic state. it is possible that he had gone and had some participation with members of the islamic state it is also more likely that he was inspired by this was basically trying to project an image that he was part of a bigger effort around the world to avenge the honor of the prophet mohammed and this was sort of his last stand and he was going to be a martyr. >> i want to go to the french media outlet broadcasting excerpts of this. he said yet a secret eyes the attacks in paris with the kouachi and was in allegiance with the islamic state. you attacked the caliphate, you attack the islamic state. we are attacking you. one cannot attack and get nothing in return, so you are the victim as if you don't understand what was happening or you in your coalition, you regularly bombard over there yes sent forces, you're killing
3:50 pm
civilians, your killing fighters, your killing. >> that is amedy coulibaly apparently, not even clear who he made this video with, if you made it was someone else, which brings in the woman they were originally said was in the kosher supermarket with them and perhaps had killed the french policewoman the day before but it turns out they now say she had left generous first for january 2. they say she might be his girlfriend, common-law wife, and made her way through turkey to syria. >> i think we all need to be very careful in speculating about -- in the media aftermath of things like this, they go and sweep up all sorts of people. they make allegations that these individuals may be tied to it. if you watch minutes after this happened, you start to hear there are other attacks that may be under way and there is going to be multiple cells attacking paris tonight and that they're looking at this network of people around them will stop that is what happens in the aftermath of shootings like
3:51 pm
this. they scramble to try to find anyone connected to the individuals they know were involved. in this case, you three people they definitely knew were involved with tremendous acts of violence and mass murder. a lot of people get swept up in that net. what are potential role in this is we don't know. they're putting a lot of scary images of her on television showing how the cross oh pointed at the camera and showing images of her with some of the suspects in this case. i don't think we know enough. my understand what-- >> we don't even know it is her 01/12/15 01/12/15 trying to track her phone. >> in turkey. >> and saying maybe she is a ready in syria. all of that is speculation. the scaremongering machine is in full effect. it is not to say there are not scary people on the run were not potentially dangerous people but if you watch big corporate
3:52 pm
media coverage over the weekend, it is fear inc. they're revving up the fear. the fear is cut or productive. france, the plane 10 deploying 10,000 to its streets? we've never been able to roll it back since 9/11. that is what is happening in france. >> how do they prepare for future attacks? >> the discussion would hear a big corporate television about that is going to be about how do we defend our society and integrate these networks and do surveillance on these people? this is probably going to be in a popular thing to say, but i will say it because i believe it. the only way i think we're ever going to effectively be able to confront this kind of terrorism is to take away the motivation,
3:53 pm
people who are not already sort of committed radical individuals who believe what they're doing is justified and not afraid to die. the taliban fighters always say to we love death as much as you love life. but a lot of these people -- something happen in her life somewhere, similar to what happens with school shootings. what happened at columbine. i like in a lot of these guys to people who go through some kind of time were there lost in life and then falling. who catches you when you fall? a lot of times a society that has been decimated or religion has been humiliated, people are looking for some greater meaning. there are a lot of people willing to take advantage of them. but in a broader sense, what we have done since 9/11 -- and going back before 9/11 with the unquestioning support for israel with the drone bombing campaigns, with the invasions and occupations of countries with the torture prisoners around the world, we have projected a message that we are at war with a religion.
3:54 pm
when rupert murdoch goes on twitter and uses the word moslim says basically all muslims are to blame for this until they stop it, that is not lost on people around the world. bush used the word "crusade" in the early stages of the post-9/11 aftermath. i am not saying any of this is justified as a result of u.s. policy. but if we really want to confront this, we understand her own -- >> it was interesting to see hollande in the line of world leaders and just got from him is benjamin netanyahu and the other side mahmoud abbas. >> netanyahu one of the biggest war criminals in the world for what he is doing in palestine. it is shocking that someone like him is accepted as someone who has any business being at a march about defense freedoms are human rights. >> let's talk about the connection between isis and aqap. is there competition? are they joining together?
3:55 pm
even poker wrong, i wanted to ask if you see any possible -- even if they don't start -- what has even been covered in the last week, the possibility that boko haram in nigeria where we have both reported killed possibly 2000 people. >> these are heinous, heinous criminals ,boko haram. how is it the nigerian state, and a jury has the most powerful military in africa, is deployed around africa and so-called humanitarian missions, how is it the nigerian military's not able to confront boko haram in an effective way? i guarantee you very powerful individuals in nigeria are aligned this to happen or looking the other way, similar with the saudi royals with accept terrorism around the world. on the one hand they say we are with america and on the other hand, there coven is one of the major funders of it.
3:56 pm
-- their cousin is one of the major funders of it. aqap, al-shabaab and others, those groups are all united in a very generic sense of perceiving that there is a world war against islam and they're going to fight all of the nonbelievers and they're not just going to defend themselves, but also going to actively promote and protect their interpretation of islam on the world. on a macro level, the islamic state and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are fighting a turf for. aqap is aligned with other al qaeda affiliated organizations throughout east africa, north africa, the arabian peninsula and a few other spots around the world. they are battling for funds from the diaspora and for supremacy. it is not an active military battle. largely waged on twitter and provisional announcements. the aqap source tommy does not matter to us who did the shooting at the kosher market or
3:57 pm
if you is working with another group. what matters is that he did it and was a muslim and he declared he was avenging the prophet mohammed and that is more important to us. i think that is a widely shared sentiment. many groups have issued statements praising it, stopping short of saying, hey, we did this. talks will there be an intensification of the drone strike in yemen now? >> yes. i mean, in recent weeks, there are has been. this would be their deadliest external attack they've been able to orchestrate if they are behind this since obama started bombing yemen since the creation of the group. they have had a number of failed attempts. the vast majority of people who have died at the hands of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are yemenis and other muslims. we don't talk about that. the day the french shooting happened, aqap attacked a police academy and killed 30 people ins sa'na.
3:58 pm
we look at the future of what obama is going to do there, if they go after them, they will go after them for this. they won't go after them for killing other yemenis or troops that are actually being funded by the united states inside of yemen. it is only when they scare us in our own wages and our own societies and the response is often disproportionate and ends up killing a lot of innocent people. >> do you think they are linked together? >> no, but i think they're happy this happened. >> who do you think the two brothers and amedy coulibaly. there are working for? >> they said they're doing it on behalf of al qaeda in yemen. they claim they were financed by anwar al awlaki who's close to al qaeda. al qaeda is telling me they played a role in this, al qaeda in yemen. i think until there is an official statement we won't know. i think we should take sears the what they're saying but also in the context a lot of people have an agenda to say we were behind us and those brothers have an
3:59 pm
agenda december operating for a bigger network because it helps the propaganda. >> jeremy scahill, co-founder of the, where his most recent article is, "al qaeda source: al qaeda in the arabian peninsula directed paris attack." [captioning made possible by democracy now!]
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