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tv   Journal  LINKTV  January 13, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> live from the dw studios in berlin, this is your world news. >> thanks for being with us. our headlines at this hour -- germany and's political and religious leaders gather for a vigil emoting tolerance and religious freedom. >> france honors the police officers killed in last week's terror attacks and a jewish victims are laid to rest in israel. >> and pope francis visits sri lanka with a message of hope and re-conciliation.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a rally for tolerance and peace led by the muslim community. >> here in berlin, 14,000 people gathered at the brandenburg gate , creating a sea ofsigns with the symbols of judaism, islam, and christianity. >> the message -- there is room for all faiths and no room for jihad-ism. all major religions were on hand. >> it was the muslim community that unorganized that -- that organize this event. >> we began in the heart of berlin. >> it was a show of unity and solidarity. the french embassy side-by-side, the head of the
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jewish and muslim community and majors of -- and representatives of major legal parties. they said that the terrorists wanted to divide people, but instead achieved the opposite. >> they have brought us together. on sunday, the french defended the values of their republic. yesterday, today, and tomorrow we are the ones doing it here in berlin and in other german cities. terrorism is international, but the alliance of free and peace seeking people is even more so. >> the head of germany's central council of muslim said the overwhelming show of solidarity proved terrorists had not won and will not win in the future. >> we will not allow our faith to be abused.
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we will not allow our society to be torn apart by extremists who only want to spread hate. [applause] >> the event sent a clear message to the world from germany and the country fell turkish community. terror -- not in our name. >> joining us, simon young at the brandenburg gate's. you were at the rally. a remarkable showing on such short notice. >> that's right. several thousand gathered to witness this very unusual ceremony. as you said, leaders, political leaders, former president wulff -- former president wulff
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interestingly, who made a speech years ago that said islam is art of germany. that is a message that angela markel has made -- angela merkel has made recently. but as you say, as a muslim organized event that is unusual. the muslim community, different muslim groups coming together to show solidarity, putting aside differences they sometimes have an saying in this time of crisis, we have to reject extremism. we have to show that we stand against it. >> simon this is the first vigil or rally of its kind in the world that has been organized by a major muslim community following those attacks. did you get the impression that the people, that they were not aware of how big this event really is? >> i think people came here for
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different reasons, and that is part of it as well. germany has to celebrate its diversity. it has become a very diverse country. that was really reflected in the crowd we saw. the israeli flag flying, the turkish flag, the flags of many arab nations people holding up all kinds of different placards with different messages. not just je suis charlie but people saying that they reject extremism or stand up for atheism or people's religious rights and so on. this is the mood among the crowd, people very solidly intently following today's ceremony. i think certainly they were hoping for something significant in the eyes of germany if not europe and the world, on the square at the brandenburg gate this evening. >> simon, there are some who
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have said that this rally was called almost as a preemptive strike against terror. a lot of people in germany following what happened last week in paris and saying it is really a matter of time before we experience something like that here in germany. what is your read on that? >> i think that is a concern a lot of people share. i spoke to one lady who said she had come to show solidarity with muslims but also to express in a way her hope that something like what happened to paris last week is not repeated in berlin or elsewhere in germany. but she said, you know, we know there is no 100% security. you can't do it. of that is the first part of the values that people are standing up for as well to say we need an open society where people can live the life that they want without that fear. that is one of the difficulties we face, to get the right
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balance the between security and freedoms. and those issues were also addressed in the speeches this evening. >> all right, simon young with the story for us in front of the brandenburg gate in berlin. as always, thank you very much. >> ceremonies have been held for the victims of the terror attacks in paris and israel. >> french president francois hollande honored the police who died saying that they gave their life to preserve freedom. >> tomorrow, "charlie hebdo" is publishing its first edition since the terror attacks. it will have the unprecedented print run of 3 million copies and will defiantly have the image of the prophet mohammed on its cover. >> but first two more coverage of the ceremonies for the victims. >> there may be no words to ease
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the pain, but french president forms of the -- francois hollande took plenty of time to comfort the families of franck brinsolaro, ahmed merabet, and clarissa jean-philippe. the tribute was telecast a national television. >> i assure you that the whole of france shares your pain. clarissa franck, and ahmed died so we could live in freedom. >> later, in french parliament a moment of silence to honor the victims. then prime minister manuel valls addressed the chamber, saying the attacks would unite france. >> our people came together from
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wednesday. they marched everywhere in dignity and brotherhood. to reaffirm their belief in freedom and to express their firm opposition to terrorism intolerance, anti-semitism racism and also to all forms of resignation and indifference. >> the french government has deployed more than 10,000 soldiers to patrol public spaces and potential targets like synagogues. the country remains tense. many in france fear terrorists may strike again. >> all right, i want to pull in our correspondent on the story for us in paris. good evening to you. the police officers who were killed, we have seen the huge funerals, memorials for these people. talk to me about the tremendous support for the police we are seeing in france now. >> absolutely.
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tremendous support. people are putting down and putting up on the wall signs -- je suis policia -- i am a police officer. not only because they mourn for the police officers, but after a week of people being afraid, the police have provided some security. whether that is there in the long run is the question. already some have asked the question, to what extent can a free society take so much surveillance and security? >> it's interesting. i wonder if we will be seeing # jesuismilitia, for example? i am the military question like they have extended their mission
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against the islamic state? >> for people still in mourning and the sadness of the day, it is more important, so they have not talked much about the subject, but of course when we look to parliament, parliamentarians today are very determined to send a clear answer to terror organizations. the defense minister has said that isis has to be wiped out. they will fight inside and outside of france. and parliament when they were singing the national anthem of france and the parliament for the first time since 1918. >> all right, thank you from paris. and in israel, and emotional funeral has taken place for the 4 jewish men killed in the paris attacks. >> the israeli president and prime minister joined families and mourners for the ceremonies
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in jerusalem. the men were shot dead at a kosher supermarket last friday. they were laid to rest in israel at the request of their families . >> they have lost husbands fathers. a tragedy that is almost impossible to comprehend. >> philippe, protect me, protect -- ellie rafael. thank you. >> 4 men murdered in the attack on the kosher supermarket in paris. they were taken hostage and shot dead. >> this is not how we wanted you
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to come home to israel and its capital jerusalem. we wanted you alive. we wanted you alive. sign saying the victims died because they were jews. the people of israel and france shared in their sorrow. >> all of france shares your pain and cries with you. your children, your brothers your fathers, your husband's, shamefully murdered. >> these are not only the enemies of the jewish people. they are the enemies of all humanity. the time has come for the world to unite and root out these enemies. >> the dead were then buried west of jerusalem. hundreds came to pay their respects and express solidarity with the victims and their families.
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>> let's go quickly to our correspondent tonya cramer in jerusalem. tonya, tell us more about the mood there at the moment. >> it is certainly an emotional day in jerusalem. political leaders hearing from the israeli establishment the french government, families and relatives paying their respects to the victims of the attacks on the kosher market and paris last week. if families requested to bury them here in jerusalem, very symbolic. hundreds came to pay their respects, most from the french jewish community. they said that they were very concerned about what was happening in europe. >> ok, unfortunately we will have to leave it there. tonya cramer, thank you very much in jerusalem. >> all right we're going to take a one minute break and come back with more news. >> stay with us.
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>> welcome back, everyone. on wednesday, "charlie hebdo" will bring out its first edition from its paris office since the people were killed. >> an image of the prophet mohammed will be on the cover, a message of clear defiant. >> security personnel have been put on duty around the country especially around what are thought to be sensitive sites. >> security is tight around the clock at these newspaper headquarters in paris. this is where the satirist of "charlie hebdo" have been working since terrorist attack
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their offices last week. they will publish their first issue since the massacre, putting up 3 million copies instead of the usual 60,000. many have been wondering how they would respond to the terrorists. the answer, and emotional, but biting satire. the cartoon of the prophet mohammed clutching a sign with the words "je suis charlie" and above it, the words all is forgiven. >> of course nothing is going to be the same again and we still do not know how we will continue without them. because we lost eight people. eight important people for us. eight friends. >> how will life go on after the attack? it is a question many here ask of thousands of troops are deployed to return a sense of security to a shellshocked country. but whether that is enough is a hotly debated issue.
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some experts warn it will only make things worse. >> at this moment particularly france must be careful not to be carried away with populist debates. they only feel fears and will not change the underlying causes. we cannot let emotions dictate legislation. >> for the satirists of the book of a" -- of "charlie hebdo" their aim seems clear. not to let terrorists stop them. and the french people seem to agree. >> pope francis has begun a weeklong asia trip that will take him into the philippines. less than 10% of the population of sri lanka is catholic. >> this is the first visit for a pontiff to that country since the end of these civil war in 2009. pope francis says he will be praying for peace and
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re-conciliation. >> buddhists, muslims, as well as catholics -- pope francis directed his message to all of the people of sri lanka. he hopes his visit will pave the way to reconciliation and dialogue, particularly amng the islands diverse religious groups. >> we will be able to see more clearly that what we hold in common. >> thousands of sri lankans turned out to welcome pope francis to a country that has suffered decades of civil war. tamil rebels fought to create their own government in the north. tens of thousands were killed or displaced during the war, which ended in 2009. speaking shortly after his arrival, the pontiff emphasized the need to heal old wounds. >> it can only be done by
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overcoming evil by god and promoting those virtues of reconciliation solidarity, and these. >> -- and peace. >> those messages were echoed by sri lanka's president. >> for all people -- >> the people of sri lanka share the government's hopes. >> i feel this is a peace. >> i hope the pope's visit will bring us peace and religious peace in our country. >> and that is exactly what pope francis wants as well. >> and a judge and court has overturned a conviction against former president hosni mubarak
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for corruption. the judge supported a retrial. mubarak will remain in detention for the time being. >> six weeks ago the x leader was acquitted -- the ex-leader was acquitted of blame for the death of 600s. there are no charges remaining sense abdel-fattah al-sisi sig sauer. to syria, where the civil war has claimed the lives of 200,000 people. more than half of the country's population has been uprooted in an attempt to flee the daily bloodshed. >> most refugees of social to a neighboring countries -- jordan lebanon, and turkey. but some also tried to reach here. one group leaves them through areas like turkey where human traffickers offer them transport on ships headed for italy and greece. >> our correspondent met with
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syrian refugees in turkey to hear more about their struggle and how their situation is being exploited. >> a large port city on turkey's mediterranean coast. 45,000 syrians have fled the war-torn country and come here. that has made this one of the main hubs for trafficking refugees. local fishermen say they witness it all the time. >> they are taken out to big cargo ships. they are out at night without navigation lights. that is a clear sign they are carrying refugees. it has become more and more frequent recently. i have never seen anything like it. >> we call a syrian trafficker. he tells us not to worry. we're going to be safe.
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>> it is $4800 per person. usually we charge $5,000 to 5000 $500. the ship is a 70 meter long cargo ship, so rough seas will not be a problem. there will be 1000 passengers on this one, and don't worry about the captain jumping ship. he will not be paid until everyone has arrived safely. >> that smugglers cannot be trusted as well known in istanbul, to thousands of syrian refugees. many now owned stores and cafes here. even as they dream of a life in europe like this journalist from damascus to be identified. he does not have a passport. his wife and children are in lebanon. >> when you are fleeing death you don't care about the risks.
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because there is no legal way to enter europe, i am practically forced into the hands of these smugglers. i will probably troubled by myself first. once i have achieved asylum, i will send for my family. >> somewhere out there on the horizon, the cargo ship is waiting to take off with 1000 refugees, a trip that will earn the traffickers more than $4 million. they often anchor beyond turkey's territorial waters to ensure the coast guard will not come nosing around. but even then, the trafficker assures us we will not have to fear the turkish police. >> if you were to be arrested all they would do is take your picture, and then they would set you free as soon as you hand over your cell phone. and you won't need your cell phone anyway. >> syria's desperate refugees
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used to huddle on fishing boats like this one, praying they would reach the north shore's. today, they are loaded onto ramshackle ships. for them, the dangers remain the same. traffickers are flocking to the new gold coast of the mediterranean. >> to indonesia now where divers have recovered the second black office -- black box from the wreck of the airasia flight that crashed into the java sea two weeks ago. >> the device recorded voice communications between the clock crew and air traffic control. it is on its way to investigators, and they hope it will help them understand what caused the craft to come down. all 262 people on board the plane were killed when it crashed you that weeks ago. less than 50 bodies have been recovered from the sea so far. >> finally, a reminder of our top story. germany felt top political --
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germany's top political and religious leaders rather for a rally at the brandenburg gate, a rally organized by the country's muslim community. >> let us stand together for each other was the slogan of the gathering. they said they would not allow society be -- to be torn apart by extremists. >> earlier in france french president francois hollande paid tribute to the three police officers killed in last week's attacks. he said that they died protecting freedom. >> and in israel, for jewish men killed in the kosher supermarket attack in paris were billed -- were buried in jerusalem. >> all right, that is going to wrap up this edition of "the journal." for more news you can join us on the web at >> we leave you now with some images.
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it has been an emotional day in berlin and paris, and jerusalem. ♪ >> [speaking foreign language]
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uachi brothers after they gunned down 12 people at the offices of charlie hebdo. it begins with one of the men shouting "we have avenged the prophet mohammed." take a look.


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