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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  January 14, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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welcome to nhk world "newsline" i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. no deviation. hong kong's chief executive says the city's leader must be elected in accordance with the chinese government's policy. president barack obama has laid out new cybersecurity measures calling recent hackings an urgent and growing danger. french lawmakers stand united and call for an
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anti-terror measures as new video highlights the brutality of last week's attack on a satirical newspaper. and a power struggle has broken out at a zoo in western japan, whose outcome will determine the future leadership of a troop of monkeys. hong kong's chief executive is standing firm on political reform. he says the city must follow the chinese government's policy on elections. leaders in beijing have allowed a free vote in 2017 but they insist on screening candidates. he delivered his first annual policy address since last year's pro-democracy protest. he told the legislative council that the city's leader must be appointed by the chinese government, regardless of how he or she is elected. >> translator: hong kong's autonomy under one country, two systems, is a high degree of autonomy but not an absolute autonomy.
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>> protesters held massive sit-ins on major roads for more than two months. they called for free candidacy in the chief executive election. leung took a hard line against the demonstrators if his speech. >> translator: as we pursue democracy, we should act in accordance with the law or hong kong will degenerate in to anarchy. >> before his address, some members of the council walked out of the chamber holding umbrellas, a symbol of last year's protests. u.s. president barack obama is pressing lawmakers to pass new measures to boost cybersecurity. he's calling for action after hackers targeted sony's holly hollywood subsidiary and the u.s. central command. nhk world's keiko yamamoto reports. >> reporter: people claiming to support islamic state staged an attack on u.s. central command. they temporarily took over the command's twitter feed and they posted videos on its youtube account.
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>> no military operations were impacted. so far it appears that no classified information was released. but, the investigation is ongoing, and it's a reminder that cyber threats are an urgent and growing danger. >> reporter: hackers were behind a separate breach two months ago involving sony pictures entertainment. they targeted the studio over a movie about a plot to assassinate north korea's leader. they leaked stolen files over the internet including unreleased film and executives ainner messages. the president said he wants law enforcement agencies to have greater power to prosecute cyber crimes. they include the sale of software that allows hackers to steal data from personal computers involving personal information. obama said he will ask congressional lawmakers to support the legislation. u.s. officials also plan to take
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a closer look at the threat posed by north korea. they've arranged to sit down in tokyo this month with senior officials from japan and south korea. the parties will discuss ways to prevent cyber attacks. >> i think it's always useful that trilateral coordination between japan, the republic of korea, and the united states is really very important as we look at how we can best deal with the threat caused by north korea. >> reporter: kim will also meet with government officials in beijing. he will ask for the cooperation in preventing cyber attacks by north koreans. authorities in pyongyang are insisting no one has done anything wrong. the ambassador to the united nations held a news conference on tuesday in new york. he north koreans were behind the attack on sony pictures entertainment. keiko yamamoto, nhk world.
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north korea's ambassador also took the chance to urge the u.s. to stop its annual joint military drills with south korea. he said if they do north korea will suspend its nuclear tests. ahn was repeating a message pyongyang sent to washington last week. he suggested the move could improve interkorean relations. he said if the u.s. calls off the drills many things would be possible in the korean peninsula this year. the u.s. has already rejected the proposal. ahn did not say whether north korea will go ahead with a nuclear test if the u.s. sticks to its decision. japan will be spending billions more next fiscal year to prop up the economy. and ron madison is here from the biz desk. ron? >> that's right, gene. the japanese cabinet has approved the draft budget for the next fiscal year. it totals more than 96 trillion yen, about $816 billion u.s. dollars. it's up just about $4 billion from the current fiscal year which ends in march.
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policy related spending will total about $618 billion. that's up by about 2.4 billion. this includes spending on social security worth about $267 billion. much of that will be used to provide services to japan's age aging population. the policy-related portion of the budget also includes tax revenues allocated to local governments. that figure comes in at about $132 billion. just about $199 billion has been set aside to service debt. the government expects to collect about $462 billion in tax revenue. that's a seven-year high. it's mainly due to improved business profitability, and a hike in the consumption tax last april. prime minister shinzo abe spoke to reporters after the cabinet meeting. >> translator: i believe the draft budget will serve to achieve the twin goals of reviving japan's economy, and restoring its fiscal health. >> abe added the government will do its utmost to provide funds
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for regional revitalization and improve social security, including support for child care. all right some more details of the draft budget now. the government allocated about $15 billion for economic growth plans and other priority projects. the money includes spending for the japan agency for medical research and development. the agency will be established in april. it will lead the country's efforts in the field of cutting-edge medical r&d. some of that $15 billion will be used to develop technologies for next generation robots, including artificial intelligence. and the funds will be used to make preparations for the 2020 tokyo olympics. for example, the government plans to develop speech translation systems in ten languages. defense spending is coming in at a record $42 billion. that includes more than $1.4 billion for a plan to relocate the u.s. marine corps futenma air station in the city of ginowan to the city of nago. both are in okinawa. the defense budget also includes about $610 million to buy five
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osprey transport aircraft and 30 amphibious vehicles. this is to strengthen japan's capability to defend remote islands. just about $314 billion will be used to strengthen security around the senkaku islands in the east china sea, and the ogasawara islands in the pacific. now some diplomacy related funds will go toward setting up public relations facilities in london los angeles, and sao paulo. each facility will be called japan house. they'll introduce information on japan, including things like anime and traditional culture. the budget also covers the costs of establishing japanese embassies and consulates general in eight locations, including the maldives and tajikistan. the draft budget relies on government bonds for much of its revenue. the government plans to issue bonds worth roughly 36.9 trillion yen, around best 312 billion in the new fiscal year. that compares with roughly $350 billion this fiscal year.
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it will be the first time in six years that the total value of new bonds will be less than 40 trillion yen. now the ratio of to the overall revenue will drop from 43% and the initial budget for the current fiscal year still, though it's coming in at 38.3%. that underlines just how severe japan's fiscal situation continues to be. and the balance of outstanding bonds will continue to grow. it will total to about 807 trillion yen. $6.8 trillion. when the new fiscal year ends in march next year. that works out to roughly $54,000 of debt per capita. the sum of outstanding debt owed by the central and local governments is expected to balloon to approximately $8.77 trillion as of march 2016. that's more than twice the country's gdp. it's the worst level among industrialized nations. all right to the markets now. investors are pretty anxious about global growth prospects. after the world bank cut its outlook for this year.
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the announcement hit oil and copper prices and it's also shaking up the stock markets. major benchmarks in europe as you can see there, are all lower at this time. london is down about 1.4%. losses half a percent for the paris market. frankfurt declining 0.4%. the world bank said the sluggish eurozone economy is one of the main factors behind its weaker forecast. earlier in asia major markets all ended in the negative. investors sold energy and resource related shares following the commodities markets. tokyo's nikkei was down by the largest margin of the region finishing 1.7% lower, hitting a one-month low today. currencies the euro briefly dipped below its 1999 inauguration rate for the first time in nine years. the fall came after the release of a written opinion by an adviser to europe's highest court. those remarks supported the european central bank's bond-buying program. the move raised speculation about fresh stimulus by the ecb. now the dollar dipped below 117 yen. its lowest level since
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mid-december. market players are waiting on u.s. retail sales figures for december for fresh trading cues but figures are due out later on in the day. negotiators from japan and the u.s. have met again to talk about their section of the trans-pacific partnership free trade pact. japanese government officials want to reach a deal within the next few months. japanese deputy chief negotiator hiroshi oe met with acting trade representative wendy cutler in tokyo. they're trying to find common ground on tariffs on some key products. >> translator: i'm is running out. so i'd like to make as much progress as possible this time with the u.s. toward a final political settlement. >> oe and cutler are focusing on what are known as safeguard measures. they would allow japan to temporarily raise tariffs when imports of american beef and pork surge. the two sides are also discussing tariffs on auto parts. u.s. president barack obama called on lawmakers in the
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republican-controlled congress to pass bills needed to speed up the talks. republican leaders are showing some willingness to cooperate on the issue. well mcdonald's japan is facing allegations now of a lack of food safety. company officials say they can't determine how a foreign object in one case ended up in their chicken. a customer complained of finding a piece of blue vinyl in a serving of chicken mcnuggets told in the northern prefecture of aomori. mcdonald's say it has identified the on jet as a fragment of polyacetyl. officials say the material is not used at mcdonald's thai factories that process the dish's ingredients nor at outlets in japan. the firm says it will set up a task force to re-examine whether its responses to customer complaints have been adequate. all right. that is going to do it for biz tonight. here's a check of the markets.
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the islamic state militant group has released new video allegedly showing a boy executing two men with a gun. footage released on tuesday show what's believed to be a militant fighter and a boy standing behind two kneeling men accused of being russian spies. the boy shoots and the pair collapses to the ground. the video has been edited and it's not known whether the men were actually killed. islamic state has been giving children full military training. analysts say the video apparently aims to show that youngsters are willingly taking
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part in fighting. a chinese newspaper says authorities in shanghai have detained nine ethnic uighurs who tried to leave the country using forged turkish passports. the report says some admitted they're bound for syria, afghanistan, and pakistan. the communist party affiliated newspaper global times reports officials also detained two other chinese and ten turks in november. they were suspended of helping the uighurs. the report says the suspects had videos and other materials related to terrorism. frustration is mounting in the xinjiang uighur autonomous region against the chinese government's crackdown on ethnic uighurs. the prime minister of france is calling for tougher measures to counter the threat of terrorism. he rallied a usually divided parliament arguing serious risks remain in the wake of the deadly attacks in paris. authorities in france are working to catch those who supported the main suspects. even as the country continues to mourn the 17 victims. more from nhk world's craig
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dale. >> reporter: family friends and colleagues came together to honor three police officers gunned down by three radical islamists. president fran swoi holland read out their names saying they died so france could live free. he gave them the country's highest honor. memories of what happened last week are still painfully fresh. new video shows two gunmen moments after the massacre at the weekly "charlie hebdo." they said they were avenging the prophet mohammed with a satirical newspaper lampooned even though muslims are deposed to his depiction. the gunmen fired at police as they made their escape leaving behind 12 victims, among them journalists and two police officers. an accomplice later gunned down another officer before murdering
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four hostages at a jewish supermarket. the attacks have put france on high alert. thousands of police and soldiers are on patrol. authorities are also hunting several suspects they say were part of the same terrorist cell. >> translator: we're tracking down people who could have designed armed and financed the attackers, says the police union spokesperson. he says the group must have been supported by an organized terror network. investigators are looking at possible links to al qaeda in yemen. and they've confirmed the widow of one of the attackers fled to islamic state controlled territory -- tood up to sing the national anthem together for the first time in nearly a century. during the session they overwhelmingly approved the continuation of air strikes against islamic state in iraq. and the prime minister took pains to separate the radical attackers from the religion they
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purported to represent. france is not at war against islam or muslims said manuel valls. he called for increased surveillance of extremists and tougher security measures. the surviving editors and can cartoonists at "charlie hebdo" are calling for resilience and defiance. he defended the cover he grew for this week's edition. it shows the profit mohammed holding up that now familiar sign of solidarity je suis charlie and weeping under a caption that reads all is forgiven. the editors printed 3 million copies up from 60,000 and translated it into english, spanish and arabic. the cover doesn't really bother the french who either believe in that form of satire or support free speech but some in france admit it will only add fuel to the fire. certainly many muslims are offended although they're calling for nonviolence. one authority in egypt says the cover is an unjust provocation. another in turkey labels it an
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insult to islam. one that cannot be forgiven. craig dale, nhk world. monkeys are political animals, and like humans some strive for positions ofpower. at a zoo in western japan observers have been watching two brothers as they struggle to rise to the top of their group. >> reporter: at the natural zoo you can see about 1500 wild japanese monkeys at close range. a pair of brothers are both candidates to lead one of the packs. and they're attracting a lot of attention. omugi, the older brother, is 13. hatomugi is 12. in human years both would be middle aged, around 40 years old. for years the two have gotten along well. their mother is the queen of the
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pack and very powerful this made it easier for each of the brothers to set himself up as the next leader. last year the relationship between the brothers changed. in this footage taken about 12 months ago, the older brother sits on a stump where the monkeys are easily fed. he gives up his spot to his younger brother. >> translator: the older brother omugi is very quiet. while the younger brother hatomugi is very fierce. i'd say they have contrasting personalities personalities. >> reporter: when this footage was taken, the younger brother was closer to gaining the top seat. but the relationship between the two changed last summer.
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the older brother went for the food first, without any opposition from his hot-headed younger brother. the younger monkey started wandering away from the group. eventually his older brother and peers exiled him. >> translator: i think it came from his habit of avoiding close relationships, but also some external pressure. they were saying something like you're ten years too early, so get out. >> reporter: the legendary benz this powerful leader from the past originally came over from a different pack. he earned the members' trust and rose to the top. when a monkey moves to another pack, it must start at the bottom. the younger brother has not yet found anyone who will groom him. to gain the recognition of his tribe, the younger brother makes
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the rounds offering to groom others. the older brother has also changed his behavior. since becoming second in rank with no one to challenge him, he started to display violent behavior. mitsugi who worked at the zoo is concerned that the older brother won't leave the pack and will gain the top position. >> translator: this is called mounting. he's showing that he's the more powerful one. lying on his side indicates a desire to be groomed. i want him to lead. you learn about the world by going far away, and suffering hardship. >> reporter: the older brother's aggression won't make him popular. by joining a new pack the younger brother has set out on a
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trying journey. strength is not the only asset needed to lead several hundred monkeys. trust of the other members must be earned. which one will become boss? weather officials in russia's far east have a warning for pilots. they say lava and ash spewing from a volcano on the kamchatka peninsula could pose an air traffic risk. the mountain stands 4750 meters making it the highest mountain on the peninsula. commercial pilots fry over it on routes connecting asia to the united states. plumes of smoke have been rising from the volcano since new year's day. and several centimeters of ash has accumulated on roads about 30 kilometers away. officials at russia's emergency ministry are urging residents to stay inside. people in tokyo are expecting heavy rain, after days of sny weather. our meteorologist sayaka mori
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joins us with the details. sayaka? >> yes gene we haven't had any significant rain for a week in tokyo but finally changes are coming. you can see clouds are starting to cover japan. right now, a rainmaker is affecting the south of south korea and western japan with heavy rain and strong winds. now this system will likely pass to the south of japan, so the pacific coast including tokyo will be battered by heavy rainfall, as well as thunderstorms, gusty winds, and also risk of tornadoes. because this system will drag very cold air from the north, the mountains will see heavy snow fall. the kanto koesh u region could get up to 30 centimeters of snowfall and because of low temperatures tokyo will feel a high of only 6 degrees as we go into thursday. please do bundle up. across the south we have a newly formed tropical storm. this is the first tropical storm of 2015. this storm is still quite
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minimal storm packing winds of only 65 kilometers per hour. because it's going to move over the water as we go into the next several days it is expected to intensify into a severe tropical storm by your friday and then may get very close to the northern areas of the philippines later this week or over the weekend. so we'll keep you posted. heavy rain is on the menu for the eastern coast of the philippines. now we have two more tropical systems to mention near africa. this is actually a tropical cyclone. you can see clear eye in the center. this one will likely intensify and then move down towards the south. so it is not expected to affect any land masses. more of a concern is this system. it's now organized yet it's not organized just yet but will likely intensify a tropical cyclone by your friday and then move over the central areas of madagascar on friday and going into saturday. that could provide heavy rainfall probably up to 200 millimeters or more over the west coast. that will be combined with gusty
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conditions so please do be prepared for the stormy conditions. now across south america, i know it's the hottest time of year but rio de janeiro you saw a high of over 40 degrees on your tuesday. not just people but animals are suffering from the heat. take a look at this video coming out of the zoo in the city. special care has been given to the animals in the zoo. animals got the icy treat in the heat. but this brown bear won giant blocks of ice while the monkeys enjoyed strawberry flavored ice cream. the special gifts will be given to the animals until the end of the heat. well unfortunately, the heat will not go anywhere actually. over 39 degrees or nearly 40 degrees will continue as we go into friday in rio de janeiro. that's ten degrees higher than normal and sao paulo near 35 degrees going into the next three days. so please watch out for heat
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stroke. stay hydrated. now finally over australia, the asian cup is taking place, and two games are expected are set on thursday in both canberra and sydney. your high is going to be 28 degrees in canberra with partly sunny skies. here's the extended forecast around the globe.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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llion copies of the first edition selling out within hours showing the prophet mohammed on it front page. charlie hebdo roles of the printing press a week to the day from the attack. al qaeda in yemen is claiming the possibility for the attack on charlie hebdo. and the italian president resigns, cutting short his second term, and opening the way for election of a new state. also coming


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