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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 19, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello again. i are watching "france 24." calling for a broad alliance to tackle terrorism as e.u. leaders meet in brussels, hot on the agenda is the return of radicalized europeans who fought in syria and iraq. stepping up the fight against boko haram cameroon's military says it has freed this of 80 hostages. and a much ---needed boost to popularity rates. french voters commend his handling of the paris terror
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attack. >> hello. first to our top story. e.u. foreign ministers have pledged to counter radicalized europeans returning from syria and iraq. meeting in brussels and kuwait, leaders vowed to use the most robust strategies at home and abroad to combat terrorism. ideas put forward including more support for police in the middle east and north africa cracking down on arms trafficking. they are going to lay out the finalized strategies in february. they said a continued dialogue was needed. >> part of the narrative is that we have a double standard. we only care about victims in europe. we know very well that the
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first victims of terrorists and terrorist acts are muslims and arab countries. we need to work on developing a dialogue and alliance of civilization and avoid any kind of perception of clash. >> douglas weeks is a london- based terrorist researcher. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> they are calling for a broader alliance for tackling terrorism, dealing with radicalized people returning from syria and iraq is proving to be a huge task. how are they going to go about tackling this? >> i think the concept of looking at this from a broad european base is the correct wait of tackling this issue. the one thing i would say though, is that there is a lot
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of work that yet needs to be done in terms of how that is going to be accomplished. one of the things that is always alluded to -- and i don't think it is necessarily true -- is is that there is the idea that people travel abroad to fight are radicalized to the point where they want to come back and engage in terrorist-type activities in their countries of origin. in a linear perspective, that is just not the case. yes, there are cases where that happens. however, the numbers of people that go abrought to fight are small when compared to the larger community, and of those who do go abroad to fight and come back to create problems in their countries of origin is even smaller than that. so we are talking about a minute percentage of the
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overall population. we need to be very careful about how we ultimately design the system in order to deal with that threat. >> one of the ideas coming out of today's talks is the tighter border control in the shengen area. this has been discussed as possibly key to fighting terrorism. what are your thoughts on that? >> i think the logic of tracking individuals and the way people move probably in terms of what possibly could have been proposed is probably a fairly moderate position to take. a lot of that is already tracked anyway, and to formalize that is probably not as big of an inevasive policy as some might consider. so i think that that is potentially a doable thing to do. where it becomes problematic though, is how that ultimately manifests in terms of are
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people going to have to be required to carry their passports everywhere they go? which is going to be in opposition to the agreement. >> thank you very much for speaking to "france 24." in other international news, a french aid worker has been kidnapped in the african republic. she was captured in bangui on monday, just a day before she was return to france. a group has claimed responsibility. the christian military is fighting for release of their local leader. the french ambassador said they have already begun negotiations with her captors. >> still in the region on the cameroon military says it has freed this of some 80 hostages
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during a c.s.o. border attack by the boko haram soldiers. they say they were released as the army pursued the militants. the boko haram fighters are said to have fled back to nigeria. here is our report. >> charging troops to the rescue. cheered by the population, hundreds of soldiers in tanks and armored vehicles have pulled into northern cameroon. their mission, fight against the boko haram. they kidnapped 80 people. >> men and women are dying. children are dying. so we can't remain indifferent to the situation. that is why we have decided to deploy our troops. >> according to cameroon's defense ministry, 24 host alongs have been snatched back from the hands of boko haram. >> they were freed as defense
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forces pursued the attackers who were heading back to nigeria. >> the nigerian border is long and porous, and boko haram wants to carve out an islamic state across the region-on. it has seized several towns in nigeria's board. during a visit to germany, the chair of the local bodden has called for help. >> we have raised troops to intervene in the boko haram issue. we would appreciate logical and other support we can get. >> since 2009, boko haram has killed at least 13,000 people and forced more than a million from their homes. >> discontents say that "charlie hebdo" continued this monday. thousands took to the streets
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in chechnya protesting their portrayal of the prophet. they have declared three days of mourning after at least 10 people died during protests of the cartoons against the prophet. police say dozens were wounded while at least 45 churches were affected. >> a much-needed boost to his popularity rating on monday. two major surveys commend his handling of the french terror attacks. the french president's rates shot up who% -- up 40%. that is an unprecedented gain
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of 21 points on the december rates, at his highest level for nearly two years. >> on january 7th, he arrived at the site of the shooting less than an hour after the attack again "charlie hebdo." less than an hour later he was meeting with the eliters of the main political parties. he made it clear that he as commander in chief had given the order to take down the hostage takers. a poll this monday shows his handling of the paris attacks has translated into a surge in his pop later, with 40% now aproving of his actions as president. >> it is no surprise that when's strong leader again, maybe for the first time clearly his ratings improve. it is logical. what was criticized was precisely the lack of leadership. >> up until last december, he was france's least popular
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president in modern french history. but analysts say this bright spell could be short-lived if the public sees no improvement on the economic front. >> people are not easily fooled. they can praise someone at a given time without aproving having he has done. >> the prime minister also experienced a major hike in his approve rating as well as the interior minister. >> meanwhile, the national observatory say 116 acts have been recorded in france since the acts in january. that is 110% high are than january of 2014. 88 threats made. that is according to the french council of the muslim faith. after days of intense fighting, russian-backed rebels in eastern ukraine say they have seized control of the airport once again. the ukrainian military have
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denied this but acknowledged that the fighting for the airplane had been fierce. they say three ukrainian servicemen were wounded in the last 24 hours. parts of the city reduced to rundblad. the clean-up against. shelling in the rebel-controlled city on monday hit a residential area as pro-russian forces and the government continue their combat with deadly consequences. >> from my window i saw shells fall and fire balls fly up. i knew something was happening not far away. at 5:00 a.m. my son in law called me and said our local market was shelled. you can see the damage for yourself. >> one of the city's hospital's was struck, but deaths were avoided with parents evacuated. it comes as fresh battles erupted around the airport, with ukrainian officials say several soldiers were killed in
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action. kiev accused the kremlin of sending 700 troops across the border to bolster the separatists. in the wake of dip matic efforts -- in the wake of diplomatic everts, fighting has again increased. the ukrainian leader said he was prepared to put the fighting on pau. >> we are ready any time at any minute to immediately sign a cease-fire agreement if the minsk agreements are fulfilled. >> there have will be been several cease-fires announced in a bid to break the conflict, but all of them have been broken. >> the anti-infill gration group can -- an infiltrate group canceled a meeting in dresses deny.
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>> it would have been their 13th protest in as many weeks against the islamization of the west. announced by faithful to the german far rights groups have been canceled over a terrorism threat. stalled but not stopped, it has vowed to march again. >> the police informed us of a concrete threat on saturday. we need to take responsibility over those participating in the demonstrations, so we canceled the event. that doesn't mean we will be silent. >> intelligence sources uncovered a plot saying attackers would mingle with the demonstrators with a plot to kill the founder. demonstrations have been springing up against germany. the dresden proved to be the
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most popular. a crowd of 25,000 protested last week. anti-begida non-straightors have taken to the streets. angela merkel has slammed the platform as racist and out of touch. undeterred they called on supporters to hang flags out of their windows and light candles monday evening while organizers shore up security for next week's march. >> staying with this story, angela merkel says she has a right to protect the right to demonstrate in germany despite the issues. marches in support of them have gone ahead in munich and berlin but in both cases have been dwarfed by counter protests. >> time now for business. a big week coming up, but germany says let's not get
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carried away. >> the chancellor is downplaying the coming days, and that is not surprising. over the next seven days there is a greek general election that could see the country possibly leave the eurozone. there is a european central bank policy meeting thursday. it is expected to unveil quantity tative easing aimed as boosting inflation in the eurozone. now angela merkel is downplaying what these events mean to the euro. >> i wouldn't talk about a faithful week for the euro. i have said again and again we are not fully overcome the euro crisis. that was the case last week, in the last week of 2014 and is the case this week. the european central bank makes its decision independently, and the greek people have the opportunity to hold elections. we hope they will do that
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responsibly, and then we will see. >> here in france lori driver staged strikes. they say falling oil prices have increased profit margins for the company and they want a pay raise. >> blockades, go slow operations and traffic jams tailing back over 10 kilometers. french truckers are making their point on the roads. long haul transporters went on strike sunday night with many goods vehicles barricading distribution centers in the north and ade rossi the country. they are calling for a 5% salary rice to bring wages up to a minimum of 10 euros per hour. >> if you take ratios into account, you have people who are paid below the minimum wage. by some calculations, some
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people are earning nearly 20 cents below the minimum wage. >> some say truckers' pay have stagnated over the recent years. companies say they are open to increasing wages but not as high as they want. >> our offer stands at 1% to 2%. we have taken into account the increase in the minimum wage and inflation, which was 5% in 2014. >> these figures have been challenged on the picture lines. some saying with the low oil prices, profit margins have grown, so there is certainly room to maneuver. they will get around the table to resume negotiations at the annual talks. >> those following oil prices, that is another issue likely to come up in switzerland this week.
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they have more than halfed since un, and opec has refused to slow production. not all members are equally footed to sustain the low prices. here is how much some members of the group need to be priced. iran counts on oil sales for up to 60% of its revenues. it is calling for a curb in production in hopes prices will rise. let's take a look at company news. lorenzo has been appointed chairman of this company. he comes with previous experience as a board member of the european central bank and has argued against austerity measures. that marks a change at the top of the french bank. the role of c.e.o. was retained by frederick. and the fraud office has closed its investigation of the take
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over. a year later it claimed it was misled and that autonomy was word only 8.8 billion. they found insufficient evidence for any conviction. time now for one last story. a pin-off of air b and b. air p and p. it has no affiliation. people in new orleans new york and san francisco are now renting their toilets. this article comes from the "new york post." a lofty style bath almost from $1 in convenience to $20 in little italy. you no longer have to be stranded. i am not sure i would take them up on that offer. >> hold it until you get home. thank you for the business round-up. coming up next, it is web news.
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>> hello there and welcome to web news with our pick of the stories making the online headlines. coming up on today's show, a canadian artist makes a portrait for the and original women's. a paraplegic's new legs, and a u.s. police officer getting down to taylor swift. >> part-time illustrator evan monday has been sketching and inking portraits of canada's missing and murdered aboriginal women, showing one per day. indigenous women are four times more likely to be murdered than non-indigenous women. his sketches have been met with mixed reactions online. while many approve of the project, saying it is raising
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public awareness and drawing media attention, not all are in his favor. the people who posted these tweets say the project is disrespectful to the victims' families. in view of the criticism he has decided to discontinue the portrait series and is now encouraging web users to donate money to the it starts with us website, to support families of missing women. a growing number of canadians and organizations are lobbying the government to take action on violence against women. it has added its voice to those calling for a nationwide inquiry, urging the authorities to address the root calls of discrimination -- the root
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cause of discrimination and social and economic nargalization. >> kim angel started a craft funding agency on the funding platform. to help someone who broke his back in a car accident shall years ago walk again. they have granted funding for a reciprocating gate brace though help paraplegic's walk. kim made an online appeal. the story touched the hearts of money. dozens of net users have made donations. they have been posting messaging and sharing the link to the fund-raising page, urging members to give whatever they can to help with gus' magic legs.
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she thanked everyone for their overwhelming support in a clip posted to youtube. they show gus using the braces for the very first time and show how much they help him. heartwarming stuff which will bring a smile to the faces of everyone who participated in the funding campaign. >> web users in the u.s. have been posting under the oscars so white hashtag commenting on the fact that all 20 of this year's academy award acting nominees are white. twitter users have been criticizing the lack of diversity, suggesting it shows a certain racism in hollywood. they hope it will bring about greater diversity in the awards ceremony.
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>> italian artist christina bujeri has released this realistic images of world leaders on the toilet. you see barack obama and others in the one place where they are normally granted privacy. head to the facebook page to check out the entire series. >> british frofere tom johnson -- photographer jom tons -- tom johnson roamed the streets to get participants to put on clothing and pose for photos.
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the photos are available for view online. >> officials from the state department of delaware were reviewing dash cam videos when they came across unexpected. they see one of their officers singing and dancing along with the taylor swift hit. it racked up some seven million views in just two days. you can watch this new viral sensation on youtube. ♪
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