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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 20, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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' arch -- suffers from social and ethnic apartheid. this following the worst terrorist attacks in decades. shinzo abe thousand not to give in to terrorism after the islamic state threatens to kill to japanese hostages unless it pays a $209 ransom with knee two hours. -- within 72 hours. and a u.n. member is objected in the central african republic.
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-- is abducted in the central african republic. china has its lowest gdp figures in some 24 years. and we walk through the french president's opinion polls and more in our press review. ♪ first, france suffers from social and ethnic apartheid, those are the words of friends prime minister. -- of france prime minister. this following the grim national mood following the terrorist attacks that led -- left 17 dead
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over the course of three days. >> there is no democracy without resume of speech, freedom of expression, the press, or journalism will stop -- or journalism. we need the media to ask questions, to inform. and it's not a question of whether it is justified or not. the opportunity to mock exists. quite -- >> these are some strong words to be heard from the french prime minister. >> although this rallying cry had been one that united the french much to many surprise, it wasn't france's only message. he's trying to correct, in a sense, the imbalance that has followed inevitably from all that has gone on in france.
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it is a message put forward loud and clearly, but it mustn't go so far as to show friends as to be entirely one inside. he spoke to the french press at the annual whooshing of the good year, but this one was a very different tone. it was an important rallying cry . he said, we must avoid the trap of confusion of identity. this is the trap that the terrorists would have us fall into. we must reconcile all of france, those who work charlie as those who clearly said they were not charlie. this is a head of security measures intended to put in place, up to 400 million euros could be put into this plan for things like intelligence gathering and sharing how
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islamists are monitored in prison, and other things to be outlined tomorrow by his other ministers. >> tell us about the ongoing investigation concerning the paris attacks. i understand at least four people are going to go before a judge today, this was -- these with suspected links to the gunman. >> that's right. these four young men who were among the 12 arrested overnight with regard to possible links the french investigators are actively looking into the fact that he must've had some logistical help. that he and the kouachi brothers would have had to have had some logistical help. the video shown after his death was edited once the attacks had happened.
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the four men they are believed to have links. and in particular that -- what will be decided by the magistrate at the hearing today is whether they will be put under formal investigation with regard to the possibility that they lent logistical support for these planned attacks on france. >> since then, people have come to the kosher supermarket to pay respects to the victims. earlier today, the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio, he visited the area in the east of paris. the politician was in the french capital to show support for the city in its ongoing effort against extremism. the paris attacks claimed 15 victims and has left anti-terrorism protests in the streets of many cities. and in brussels, a meeting held
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monday, eu foreign ministers vowed to step up information sharing within themselves and with arab countries, and to increase efforts to cut off terrorism funding. >> tough talk, but new concrete -- no concrete actions yet. foreign ministers in brussels to step up information sharing. after the meeting, which was also attended by arab leaders, the eu foreign-policy chief evening courage learning arabic. >> we need to speak arabic, read arabic explain to the air speaking nations our policies, and also listen to the messages coming from the arab world. >> the minister also wanted to create a passenger record, pnr
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system, that would hand over information from the airlines. it would track those moving through iraq. >> we cannot keep information -- [indiscernible] >> ministers will formally present their proposals at a special european anti-terror summit next month. >> while the islamic state organizations threatened to kill to japanese -- two japanese hostages unless it receives a written within 72 hours. the japanese prime minister shinzo abe has demanded the pair be released unharmed and has vowed not to give in to terrorism. collects the islamic state has released footage threatening to
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kill japanese citizens. -- >> the islamic state has released footage threatening to kill japanese citizens. this is unforgivable. i feel a strong resentment. i strongly demand islamic state does not hurt these two japanese dissidents and immediately releases them. the international community should not give in to terrorism. >> justin mccurry is in tokyo with more on the government reaction. class -- >> those interview -- those in tokyo have repeated what shinzo abe has said. although those in japan has a mixed record when it comes to paying a ransom. it is highly unlikely they will pay that $200 million some in the next 72 hours. -- that $200 million sum in the next 72 hours. although the japanese prime minister did, in fact, pay a
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ransom and friesen red army groups. why is japan -- and free some red army groups. why is japan embroiled in what is happening in middle east? in cairo, he pledged the same sum $200 million in military assistance for countries fighting isis. he said he feared if they were able to gain a foothold in the region. although it is constricted by the constitution, it cannot play direct roles overseas, it has played logistical roles in the conflict in afghanistan and also in iraq. that appears to be white it is a target. >> the united nations has confirmed one of its peacekeepers has been abducted in the capital of the central african republic.
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it comes a day after a french charity worker and a churchman were abducted in the area of bangui, an area controlled by militia. the area has been in conflict between celica and anti-galactica --sleleka and anti-balaka rebels. what can you tell us about the area around the induction? -- the abduction? >> the car was on the play to the airport and it was stopped by armed men riding motorbikes. they took control of the car and they pulled the people out of the car and put her into a taxi.
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that is what we know as we speak. they also attempted to abduct another human vehicle, but this operation failed. >> do you have any indication of who the armed men are? collects at this time, we do not have any idea. -- >> at this time, we do not have any idea. the central african authorities are in charge of the country. but we also assure the security of our staff. we are here to help them and to see the outcome of this
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incident. >> minusca took over this past fall in the country. what are the main focal points of the team there? >> regarding the incident or -- collect no, just -- >> regarding the incident, we are working to resolve it. we are working to create conditions for social justice. we are working for a democratically elected government. we need direct contact with population to see how we can contribute to restore peace and
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bring about discussion. >> thank you for speaking with us on the program. today's abduction of the u.n. peacekeeper comes a day after a french charity worker was taken on the outskirts of bangui and negotiations are underway to secure her release. the 67-year-old woman was rocking for the keratitis charity, providing health and education support. >> they were kidnapped in broad daylight in the north of the capital. see seven-year-old french hostage and her colleagues vote work for the humanitarian ngo. their coworkers that it happened in a matter of minutes. >> they were stopped on the main road. their captors drove off in the car that had all of the medicine inside it. she a white french lady will coordinate policies in bangui. she was supposed to head back to france on tuesday.
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>> the anti-balaka rebels could be behind her abduction. the council's chief prosecutor says the head of that unit says he faces accusations of rape murder and other charges. the capitals archbishop is said to be conducting negotiations to help release the aid worker. >> it is 40 minutes past the hour on the french capital. prime minister manuel vote says his country suffers from social and ethnic apartheid. shinzo abe thousand not to give in to terrorism after an islamic state video threatens to kill
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two japanese hostages unless the group receives a $200 million ransom within 72 hours. and a u.n. peacekeeper is kidnapped in the capital of the central african republic mother is on the heels of another abduction just one day before. -- central african republic, this on the heels of another abduction just one day before. time for business news. lower than figures out of china. clique that is right, the chinese economy grew at its lowest pace -- >> that is right chinese economy grew at its lowest paid in 24 years. while this rate of growth is still milder ahead of what we see here in europe, it highlights fears that the world's second-largest economy is, in fact, slowing down. the news coming on the same day that the imf lowered its forecast for the next two years. the economic body downgraded expectations last october by 3%
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and forecasts in china and europe have also been cut. >> a sharp fall in oil prices will not be enough to boost global finances, that according to the international monetary fund, which has made the steepest cuts to its world economic outlook for three years. the imf now expects growth of just 3.5% in 2014 -- 82015 and 3.6% in 2016. economists have pointed to a slowdown in china. the figures represent china's slowest growth rate for 24 years. >> the policy makers in china
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have decided to reduce some of the dangers they were facing on housing, on shadow banking. they are also trying to reorient growth to consumption. all of this is desirable, but feeding to a lower growth rate. >> the world's largest economy is bucking the trend. the united states has seen its forecast up from 3.6% in 2015, boosted by increased consumer spending and business investment. although most countries have been boosted by falling oil prices, also fears of western sanctions could see the economy contract by 3.6% this year. the imf expects the eurozone recovery to continue, but expected to slow. >> for more on this, i am joined by senior global economist at standard chartered in london. thank you for joining us. i wanted to start with china. we have seen the slowest gdp growth rate in 24 years
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announced today. is the slowdown in the world second-largest economy the new normal? >> thank you for having me on your program. good afternoon. yes, many feel that slowdown is the new normal in china. the second largest economy in the world cannot continue to grow at over 10% growth rate. it has become quite big now, and it is natural for it to start to slowdown down. also, there is more emphasis now i'm making growth sustainable and -- on making growth sustainable and efficient, and productive. and there are new concerns over pricing bubbles that could emerge. focus is on targeting more sustainable growth. that is why you should see further slowdown in the coming years as the government again focuses on reform. >> the imf also came out today andd cut their global growth
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for the next two years. it seems there are not many bright spots inside the united states. >> i think that points to the fact that the guy that has cut its global forecast. it is expecting 2015 to be better than 224 -- than 2014. that is our forecast as well. the u.s. is the right spot clearly. it will be the one that will be leading global growth this year. but from other countries especially the oil importing countries, you have india that is a big surprise this year. they will be doing much better because they will be facing lower oil, and overall lower oil prices will be giving a boost to consumer demand.
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>> we will have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. let's get a quick check of the markets before we hand it act. -- hand it back. all the major indices in the green. the markets are up as we gear up for the european central banks announcement, scheduled for thursday. >> thank you for watching us -- walking us through the days business news. time now to take a look at what is making headlines. i'm joined here in france looking at approval ratings for french president french while on, they have taken quite a jump. >> skyrocketing and unheard-of, really. it went from 19% to 40%. that is a 21 point jump in just one month. that is a record jump for a
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french president, which really makes francois hollande a record-setting president because he was at a record low in opinion polls. this jump is largely thanks to how he has handled the aftermath in the terrorist attacks. this could be an ephemeral comeback for the president, but he really hopes to use this as a trampoline for the second half of his presidential term. you can see here among saying it is not over for a launch -- four hollande, saying that he still feels he has a chance. >> and those responsible for the terrorist attacks are still saying that the leader is in denial. >> interestingly, she has written an op-ed piece that was published on sunday, but still getting a lot of attention.
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it was published in both english and french. she has said the french government has failed to recognize what is going on. she said when he to call this threat by its name. rance was -- france was attacked by islamic fundamentalism, and recently been let for the to say that frank is at war with islamic fundamentalism. and she quotes a french philosopher. she says, to his name things is to add to the world unhappiness. -- to miss name things is to add to the world's unhappiness. slate says if she had done just a very simple google search, she would have seen that quote actually belongs to another french philosopher. you can see her getting a little bit of flak here. you now french people are really attached to their velocity --
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their philosophy. >> the president of the united states will make is state of the union address. >> slate says as he heads into the state of the union address, his approval rating is on the rise. this is according to a poll that appeared in "the washington post" and abc on monday. it is the highest it has been since may, 2013. why this rise in approval rating at the -- approval rating? it has been strengthened on improving perceptions on the u.s. economy and increased optimism overall in the u.s. good news for obama. but "the washington post" wonders, do we even need this state of the union address any? the short answer is no. -- anymore. the short answer is no. it's utility has declined
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significantly over the years, especially in this day and age of social media, twitter facebook, etc.. the article points out that president obama recently announces community college plan on vine and his immigration plan on facebook. the pomp and circumstance surrounding the state of the union's skeleton of the past. >> in argentina, a lot of reaction of the -- over the death of a state prosecutor there. >> that is right, he was found shot dead in his bathroom of his own sunday night. very mysterious circumstances. you can read about it in mclaren, a paper in argentina. officials say nobody else was involved in his death, but we can see here a photo of a demonstration. his death really triggered demonstrations across the country, people asking for independent investigation into the causes of his death. he had been investigating the
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1994 bombing of a jewish center in when a sorry buenos aires and he had claimed that iran was behind the bombing and more recently, the president and the argentine government were in a -- involved in a plot to cover up the fact that iran was involved. the president has written a statement about his death on facebook. you can read about it in another argentine paper. she points to the hypothesis of suicide, but also has some doubts. she says, "what is it that that a person to make this terrible decision to take his own life?" another interesting article in the daily beast wonders whether iran murdered argentinians crusading prosecutor. you can read more about it in the daily beast. he says there are disturbing echoes of the world 20 or 30 years ago when tehran diploid
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hit teams, basically, to wage war on the enemies of the islamic republic. but we are running out of time but briefly, we are seeing papers focus on an alarming report by oxfam. >> that is right. the charity has raised the alarm. it comes ahead of the davos meetings, which kick off this week. according to this report khamenei quality is continuing to grow across the world at an alarming rate and unless steps are taken to address this, the collect -- according to this report inequality is continuing to grow across the world and an alarming rate and unless steps are taken to address this, one will exceed the other this year. this french paper is focusing on this alarming report, a talk about skyrocketing inequality, dizzying figures, and it is also really outraged today, the communist paper. it wonders how the world can
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access such a scandal. it wonders whyçñ?
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st the measure of how much grief was in my life, because i would tell them about the next friend who was sick or the next friend who was dying, and they were--it was so interesting because unlike my friends, even, they were the ones who would say to me, "this isn't supposed to be happening to someone your age." >> living in new york at that time was like crazy, 'cause, you know, people were getting sick...every day. 3, 4, 5, 6 people that you hear


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