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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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my police fire tear gas. pushing for peace in eastern ukraine -- leaders from ukraine russia, germany, and france promised to meet in dollars after the phone call fails to yield the concrete agreement. in a sweet second victory for the ivory coast. the elephants won the cup of nations tournament beating ghana -8 in overtime. you're watching "france 24."
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here is what we have coming up for you in the next hour. documents from hsbc showed that the bank held wealthy clients dodge taxes. we will be taking a look at the headlines here in france and in the international press with all of her very best with all of her -- with oliver ferry. a deadly stampede at a football match in egypt. 22 people died and another 25 were injured as they tried to worse the way into a catalyst -- they try to force their way into a cairo stadium sunday evening good the game was open to the public, america rents since -- a rare occurrence since stadium rice left people dead three years ago.
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the egyptian premier league has been throws found indefinitely. we go to cairo with more on the story. what do we know exactly about what happened back? >> the regime's claim that a large group of ticketholders and indeed not holders, turned up and attended -- attempted to storm the stadium, causing a stampede in which many people suffocated and died. fans say that they were forced into a very small tunnel surrounded by bob dwyer, that we -- surrounded by barbed wire the police incited them and then to guest them, causing -- then teargassed them, causing the deaths of many good we had a great many bodies last night.
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the ultralight nights, the name of the group of supporters, have released the names and ages of many of the people who have been killed. i can't confirm -- the great many of them are between the ages of 17 and 23, so a lot of young people killed in this incident yesterday. >> a similar stampede happened three years ago at ports i.e.. is there a similar thing happening here? >> was only wednesday, a few days ago, but the rules which bands supporters from coming to egyptian. lake -- egyptian premier football league, were lifted. we have a structural problem here. three years ago, a month come in fact, 74 people were killed in port said. that was a different situation -- overwhelmingly the deaths were the fans and supporters themselves. what is absolutely clear that egypt must police -- egypt's police has a low level of account ability and life has
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become very cheap for the regime near -- for the regime here. a clear indicator of what is going on when we see the number of police officers weapon held accountable or convicted of crimes of telling protesters and fans. it is a very low number indeed. >> thank you so much for joining us with the latest details they are from cairo. the day after the stampede, families are angry at security forces for the weight the tragic event was handled. >> the names of the dead are red at this more in cairo get dozens of friends -- are read at this more in cairo. dozens of friends and family turned up after a focal match turned to violence. unlike most games, this one was open to the public.
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but the number of tickets was limited to 10,000. the interior ministry says police were forced to fire tear gas and shotgun pellets after ticketless supporters began scaling stadium walls. the deaths, they say, were caused by stampede when people started to panic. supporters maintain that they fired on the ticket holding fans that they queued to enter the stadium through the gateway. >> this is what we call excessive force. it shouldn't be like this. anyone who has a ticket gets killed. any money protest gets killed. >> the ones to blame are the ones who broke the rules. we have waited a long time for the authorities to allow fans to attend matches. >> football fans have been banned from attending those games after the worst ever sporting disaster three years ago when clashes between police and supporters left 74 dead in port said. following sunday's violence, the government has suspended all future premier league games.
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>> the league has been postponed to a time we will decide later. >> an arrest warrant has been issued for the leaders of the group known as the white nights. >> kiev is sounding the alarm saying 1500 russian troops entered ukraine along with military equipment. it says leaders from germany france, russia and ukraine will be meeting in minsk this wednesday following sunday's phone call. they are trying to reach a conference of settlement as fighting continues to rage on in eastern ukraine. vladimir putin says he will only agree to meet if the leaders agree on a number of whites beforehand. in the region of contacts -- of donetsk, those unable or unwilling to fee must band together to survive. >> in this district of donetsk
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there is a cleanup underway. people clear away the rubble and inspect the aftermath of yet another explosion. >> we had several explosions undercover. -- and took cover. then we came to help. this could happen to any of us. >> windows were ripped out in this woman's house, one of the worst hit by the attack. >> i have lived here all my life and i don't have anything left thanks to the ukrainian president destroying my home. >> trapped in their own city some residents have a flood, but others have chosen to stay to do whatever they can. >> i am selling yeast. there is no work. >> some are living in underground shelters. they are cap -- they are fed up and the confidence in politicians to end the conflict is waning. >> we hope we can return to our
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home and live as normal people again. now we live in a cellar. >> according to unicef more than 1000 children seek refuge in shelters like this one. over 5000 people have been killed and one million people have been left homeless since the conflict began last april. >> defying creditors to defend the needy -- in greece, alexis citrus pronounced his first major policy speech since winning the legislative election. the greek prime minister announced the end of the air of austerity and "five years of a lot barbarity -- five years of bailout barbarity." it brings his government head-to-head with international creditors. >> greece wants to service its debts. our partners are invited to come to the negotiating table so we can decide the methods that will make it viable. >> in an address to parliament
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the new greek prime minister acknowledged sunday that the country will have to repay debts and abide by the rules set by the european union. but tsipra made it clear that he has no intention of going back on his campaign promises. >> the new contract between greece and europe, which will be reflected in the mature plan for a full respect the eurozone through the operation but will not condemn the greek economy to an internal recession. >> unveiling his plan for taking the country out of recession the bridges said he -- he said he would seek an agreement with the eu until the consensus could be reached with creditors on how to handle the skyrocketing debt. the recently elected prime minister rejected the idea of an extension under the current bailout program. >> the new government does not have the right to ask for an
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extension of loan agreement because it has no right to ask for the extension of something catastrophic. >> sunday was the first day of the parliamentary discussion over the new policy statement. the session will culminate in a vote of confidence on tuesday. >> just after the bulletin, our business editor will be taking us through the market reaction to the speech. let's look at what else is making headlines around the world. tony abbott has survived his confidence vote but he is weakened by the ordeal. the australian prime minister one the motion put forth by the opposition and backed by some members of his own party. prime minister abbott has been accused of back flipping on policy in the year and a half since taking office. china executed five inmates on monday including the billionaire li jian. the group was condemned to death for multiple murders back in may. he was the leader of a private firm who had launched a bid to
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take over an australian iron ore company in 2011. it was also said to have links to the former security chief -- a disgraced former security chief. bracing for more snow in the northeastern united states. residents in some areas are expecting up to 60 centimeters of snow with the national weather service issuing winter storm warnings for several new england states. schools have been closed and motorists have been urged to stay off the roads. a large number of flights coming in and out of boston's logan airport are canceled. boko haram militants have attacked a prison in the southeastern nigerian town this monday, according to local sources. on sunday, the extremist launched 20 tax in that town just two days after the first major attack in the country could at least one child was killed and 20 people were wounded when a suicide bomber blew herself up in the center of
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the town could earlier, the nigerian islamist militants attacked the southeastern edge. meanwhile, in nigeria, crying out against the decision to postpone elections. voting has been pushed back six weeks. opposition leaders accuse goodluck jonathan's government of seeking to use the interim period to beef up his presidential campaign. nearly daily attacks by the islamist insurgents have sparked security fears and led to the docks -- the deaths of scores of civilians. >> making headlines in nigeria the country's independent national electoral commission has postponed elections to march 28. officials say that the delay is due to security fears in the northeast, where international troops continue to battle boko haram. critics have slammed the decision as applied to extend president goodluck jonathan --
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as a ploy to extend president goodluck jonathan's campaign. >> it is clear that it has situation -- [indiscernible] >> the incumbent faces a tough challenge from the incumb -- president of the congress. it raises fears of another slide into violence. >> we had this experience into thousand three, 2007, 2011. this is not an exception. >> he was quick to appeal for calm. >> calm by all nigerians, especially the team of
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supporters in congress >>. >> the last time the two candidates went head-to-head was in 2011. protests led to three days of writing -- rioting. >> celebrating this week is to victory, ivory coast transported to the streets after the elephants beat ghana overtime scoring nine penalties to gha na's 8. their supporters were overjoyed. >> joy and hysteria rained. it was 120 minutes of football leading to what everyone feared the most, penalty shootout. everyone held their breath and some plrayed. suddenly victory.
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a repeat of 1992. >> how many years we have been rating -- we have been waiting for it and it is here. we're going to celebrate it. >> we are scared that we had confidence because they are like elephants, strong, very strong. >> it was planned by god. i believe the victory will allow us to unite and reconcile and love each other and move forward. >> it has taken 22 years but the ivorians are once again the kings of africa. this is going be one huge party. now fans away the homecoming of the trophy and the team will be welcomed as heroes. >> let's take a look at our headlines for those of you joining us here.
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a deadly stampede in egypt as football fans pack cairo stadium. 22 people are dead after they tried to storm the arena, and riot police fired tear gas. pushing for peace in eastern ukraine, leaders from ukraine russia, germany, and france promised to meet in belarus after the four-way phone call on sunday failed to yield a concrete agreement. and a sweet second victory for ivory coast. the elephants won the africa cup of nations tournament, beating ghana 9-8 in overtime. it is time now for the business news. i'm joined by stephen carroll. you are looking at how the markets are reacting to alexis tsipras' first major policy speech on sunday night. >> not very impressed, from what they have heard from the new greek the borrowing costs are
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very important with lenders. the 10 year bond yield is a benchmark for seeing how investors view greece. that has gone up today. effectively got an 11% interest rate on the 10-year bonds. it lets the negotiations with international lenders become more important now. shares in athens have fallen after the news. down almost 6% in trading. bankshares are being hit again. that is likely to be the focus of any shortfall in funding. should they reach an agreement with international lenders by the end of this month to markets across europe in trading today -- we learned that david cameron l an emergency meeting with the british finance minister to plan a potential greek exit from the euro zone.
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that, of course, showing that the markets are not terribly impressed by what has happened. all of the main markets were down as a result. robert helfrich is in frankfurt. f>> it is crucial that we see a solution and it has to have two sides. fighting corruption and better tax collection was promised during their campaign. if those two points could be successfully implemented, it would be possible to grant more aid. athens has to deliver and to act like the new robin hood does not solve problems. >> greek is also a topic of discussion at the meeting of the g 20 wristers istanbul. u.s. treasury secretary jack lew is calling for cooler heads in
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the french finance minister says that they need to protect greece from any panic on the markets. he said they could simply agree to finance athens without respect for european rules. >> that is the news from hsbc -- the bank is about -- apparently this was arm has been making failures recently. >> that's right. this is, after a massive investigation that reveals hsbc's swiss private banking arm helped thousands of clients evade taxes. a former i.t. expert at the bank showed that it helps them hide accounts from tax authorities and in some cases even encouraged them to sign up. >> the biggest bananking leak in history, files published by international consortium of investigative journalists showed hsbc helped customers hide
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millions of dollars. it shows how the british bank offered accounts in a secretive swiss arm is lebanese and politicians alongside international criminals and corrupt businessmen. on top of that, notes in the files indicate that hsbc employees were well aware of the clients' intentions. when the leak was made public on sunday in media outlets like "the guardian," hsbc released a lengthy statement saying that this was private banking industry had operated differently in the past and they claimed that hsbc has implemented numerous initiatives to prevent its banking services being used to evade taxes. the bank also said that the number of accounts held in the swiss private arm is stopped by two thirds from around 30,000 in 2007 to 10,000 at the end of last year. the data behind the leak came from a former i.t. worker at the hsbc swiss private banking arm
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who fled switzerland to france after downloading copy files in 2007. he was subsequently charged with industrial espionage by switzerland. a french authorities have so far refused to hand him over. instead they are sharing the information with tax authorities across the world. >> there is potentially more bad news for big banks on the way. "the financial times" reports that u.s. authorities are expanding their investigation into the minute relation of foreign exchange market. the report says they will be looking accuracy-linked investments that were offered by barclays and ubs. the department of justice in the united states is investigating whether the banks do not disclose the profits they were making from currency trades. >> we and the bulletin with fears over the chinese economy, except that some things never go out of fashion like fine french food. and drink. >> well, drink it specifically in this case. this is a company that markets and bordeaux wine in hong kong.
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they say that excessive supplies on the market have driven prices down, but the demand for borderline is back at levels not seen since 2010. rising back to the level they have not seen since 2010. the demand is being picked up particularly by collectors in hong kong, the most treasured labels going for the higher prices its 2005 and in 2014, the company said that wind traded on the platform rose by 22%. >> all right, let's get a drink after this, stephen. more news on "france 24." oliver ferry joins us with international and french press review. a close run by election in
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france that saw the national front defeated narrowly by the socialist. >> the eastern french region, the left leaning front page focuses on the socialist. an allusion to a particularly difficult birth -- even know it did win it came out a little bit better. the paper says that marine le pen continues to make advances despite the republican movement that follows "charlie hebdo" attacks in paris. all she had to do was to delete announce islamism -- was to simply to announce islamism and she almost one by repeating that maxim. the politics of identity are at the heart of the french malaise. secularism, public integration without a clear response to the tangled questions the left is quoting cruel disappointment. >> now to neighboring
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switzerland or the swiss bank accounts are getting a lot of coverage. >> this shows that 180 .6 billion euros were transferred in secret to accounts held by a swiss subsidiary of hsbc between 2006 and 2007. dodgy financial dealings of more than 100 thousand bank customers have been laid bare. tax evasion on a massive scale has been agreed to and even encouraged by the british bank. the revelations came from a former employee. among the accounts are those of french comedian, recently seen in an advertisement in which she imagines the ideal bank. he has come to a settlement with the french tax man and so has the founder of a hairdressing
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empire, who held an account in which up to 1.6 million was deposited in a shell company in canada. and the air to a fashion houses also named, accused of falsely consuming 18.5 million euros which she denies. >> hsbc is of a dish bank and i am sure it is making waves in the u.k. as well. -- is a british bank and i'm sure it is making waves in the u.k. as well. >> the banner headline -- "was arm of the world's second-biggest bank commuted to dodge taxes and hide millions." insist that hollywood stars and royalty along with heirs to some of europe's biggest fortunes. the british bank says it has changed its practices. "the guardian" in an editorial defensive decision not to name is prince is not all of the people in the list are dishonest
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and they want secrecy for family reasons. it is going to name people thinks willfully violated british tax law. we'll have to wait for them because they are not going to give the name sopel tomorrow. -- give us the names until tomorrow. >> europe and u.s. are concerned about elements in ukraine with peace talks coming up in belarus. >> "the independent" reports the german chancellor angela merkel is in washington trying to formulate a strategy with barack obama. there is been rising rhetoric against vladimir putin this week , with those comparing western inaction in ukraine with appeasement of adult hitler -- a little hitler -- with adolf hitler. there is growing support in the u.s. for arming ukraine, but the german chancellor says her country will not be sending any weapons kiev's way.
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>> as you say, there are increasing calls to arm ukraine and give the army war weapons calls coming from the u.s.. -- calls coming from the u.s. >> quite a lot from former pentagon insiders, but one writing in "the new york times" is that would be a big mistake. he says it is not worth raising the stakes and possibly escalating the conflict pushing nuclear armed russia into the corner. it says that the only way to resolve the crisis is diplomatic, not militarily. he says it should be turned into a neutral buffer zone similar to what austria was during the cold war. he says that the west should take the eu and nato expansion off the table in russia, for export should help an all-out kiev regain control over the region. >> thank you so much for the
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international and the french press review for in depth look check out our?
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