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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 13, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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' agreement. a glimmer of hope in greece's debt crisis. athens will meet with lenders while angela merkel says a compromise is possible. turkey's president lashes out that -- in the wake of three muslim students. also coming up, battling the deportation -- deforestation. we look at the dwindling number
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of peru's forests. the last olympic medal was in the 1900 games. we meet with france's cricket team. petro portioning coast says his country is a long way from peace. ukrainian forces and pro-russian separatists are expected to lay down their weapons. >> after negotiations european
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leaders were cautious about the deal they brokered between russia and ukraine would stick area >> the agreement is fragile because the cease-fire needs to be implemented. >> if there are difficulties, we are not ruling out additional sanctions. diplomats have scheduled sanctions. >> what matters most of all is actions on the ground. vladimir putin needs to know
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that unless his behavior changes, the sanctions will not be altered. >> washington took a backseat seat in the negotiations. no u.s. observers were there. the white house says they will roll back sanctions if the terms of the agreement become reality. let's cross to joshua, who is standing by with more on this. 16 hours of talks have led to a peace agreement. it does favor russia. what has reaction been like in moscow? >> putin and other officials are satisfied with the terms we saw. they are trying to keep the game face on.
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not give too much away about what russia is trying to do to get it. whether we look at the likely geography of the new rebel held territories in the amount of territory they have expanded. the fact that the border essentially remains a no man's land, russia will continue to supply rebels with weapons and other necessary supplies to keep the conflict going. the kremlin did not have to give up all that much. he did not have to go back on his tactical priorities. the deal did ask a lot of
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porsche inc. oh. -- a lot of poroshenko. >> two civilians were killed near lou wants -- its location makes it vital to both sides of the conflict. >> rebels not invited to the talks battled for control of the area in eastern ukraine. kiev has accused pro-russian separatists of the pulling another 50 tanks and rebels claim they have made advances
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against ukraine's military. >> villagers have repelled the army's third attempt to play -- to break through the blockade. >> they are trying to wrestle control from the government. the separatists claim to have the town surrounded on three sides. rebels said the insistent could undermine the cease-fire. >> this is the kind of thing that might break the agreement. we will add i lie the sea sire -- by the -- we will abide by
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the cease-fire. >> the cease-fire which goes into effect on the weekend, will be monitored. the mission expected a number of observers to move to 500 by the end of the month. >> thousands of mourners turned out to pay respects to the victims who were killed following a parking dispute. as luke explains, the family says it should be treated as a hate crime. >> as three chapel hill students were laid to rest on thursday. >> she told us that she felt the
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neighbor hated them for how they looked and who they were. they need to have an elaborate investigation. this is not a parking dispute. >> they were shot dead by their neighbor and what police have been calling a parking dispute. the incident spawned a hash tagged. local police said they would be looking at all possible causes. the fbi is opening its own investigation separate from police. >> the turkish president has
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criticized president obama for speaking out. >> from here, i call on obama. you are the u.s. president. i call on mr. biden and mr. kerry to condemn the attack. if you remain silent, the world will stay silent with you. >> let's get a check of other world news. boko haram militants have carried out an attack in villages on lake chad. they lost a joint military offensive against the insurgency. at least 18 people killed and 40
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others wounded. attackers entered a mosque and one suicide bomber blew himself up. there has been no claim of responsibility. crowds gathered to celebrate the birth they of general ang sung. his daughter is a democratic icon, who spent two decades under house arrest. she is now the opposition party leader. more than 4500 children left armed lives behind. one program aims to help them find a new life.
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>> they are between 12 and 17 years old. today, they try to re-adapting to normal life. [speaking foreign language] >> 80 teenagers aren't --
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teachers are using this to help them express the violence they are experiencing. >> they have to deal with conflicts in a different way. it makes it easier for newcomers to integrate and find their place. they are in a sensitive transition. before returning to their families, they learn to draw and create things with their hands or to play music. within six months, nearly 300 child soldiers have learned how to deal from the mental injuries
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of war. >> cricket and france. not a combination that comes to mind. france won a silver medal in cricket. the world cup starts tomorrow. far from the australian son, france team will be training here are in the paris suburbs. >> he spends his days packing and stocking. he used to play in pakistan until he moved to paris. >> i had to start from scratch. >> in the years that followed
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he fell in love with france and began playing cricket for the national team. they arm -- they are rarely spotted by fans. >> we have a nice time. we represent our country and we are ambassadors for france. >> they do not all have french and nationalities. the federation is looking to attract more young french players. as the cricket world cup gets in
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the way, these players can only watch from a distance ukraine's president says they are far from peace. angela merkel says a compromise is possible. time for business. >> a mixed bag of data. growth in france remained sluggish.
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the italian economy appears to have ended its slump. spain's economy grew. greece ended the order up one point 7%. on thursday, modest steps taken. the german chancellor signaled she was ready to work with greece. finance ministers are ready to meet as what is pegged to be the next crucial meeting. >> greece says it is willing to -- with its partners. the government would be dealing
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with each of those individually. >> i will repeat it. this kind of troika no longer exists. we will be in touch with our institutional partners. >> the european commission president said he was concerned about the european finance ministers. we have to see which 70% the new greek government agrees with.
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the current eu -- expires of the and of the month. greece has two convinced -- it is a viable alternative. >> viable -- ascending in this is into the green. let's look at some of the other stories making headlines. one of china's companies is testing waters in the united states. xiao mei will start -- xiao me -- xiaomi. the u.s. president will sign an executive order this friday.
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barack obama wants businesses to share information with each other and the government. two senior executives have been pushed out the door. authorities began investigation into hiring this is of the bank. the bank is being handed out. besides being dedicated to love, we like to look at the business side of things. sales will skyrocket during the holiday season. >> it is big business. traders are determined not to
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--. >> it is one of the biggest days of the year. it is a romantic holiday. 180 million cards will be exchanged. >> the trade and engagement rings is benefiting from cheaper gold. gold sales remain low. the national retail federation says americans will spend on jewelry. another sector set for a bump is the flower industry.
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>> that is a wrapup. the business side of valentine's day. time for our press review. i am joined by florence. we're going to start with --. >> they are focusing on a re-conciliation between france and morocco. they are talking about back together. you can see a photo of the president and the more often -- and the moroccan king. this is symbolic of the
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reconciliation after one year of the silent treatment between the two countries. what went wrong? it takes a look at the diplomatic route. there was then on lateral crisis sparked by -- in france. it includes the head of moroccan intelligence. he was summoned in front of a court over allegations of porter -- of torture. it led to this cold period between the two countries. measures had been suspended since february 2014. an unheard of situation.
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>> his name appeared on the list of the bank accounts with the controversial swiss branch of hsbc. this was leaked. it has gotten lots of attention. he had an account with up to 7.9 million euros on it. in theory, it is illegal for a moroccan to get an -- there is a shock wave that has come through moroccan society. that does not come as a surprise. people are talking about his wealth.
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>> police officer's emerge as the heroes of -- in the wake of the attacks in paris. they were applauded for the way they reacted to it. they wonder how things are evolving, how the relationship has changed. never before has the police benefited from an overwhelming wave of support. another french magazine focuses on the jewish population. there was the kosher supermarket that was attacked and held hostage. what does it mean to be jewish
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in france these days? they feel traumatized and scared. they're trying to stay positive. >> clint eastwood is a huge star here in france. he is drawing his weapon. american sniper has broken all of the records at the box office. what is so controversial about it? it is meant to be loosely based on the life of chris kyle. he earned the nickname america's most lethal sniper. was he a hero or just a
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trigger-happy soldier? that is where the controversy is coming from. it
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