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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 16, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> first, egypt is calling for the international coalition fighting islamic state to help destroy the group in libya. egyptian warplanes bombed several i.s. positions inside the north african country this monday, revenge for the murder of 21 egyptian christians, apparently beheaded in the group's latest grisly video. we go to our correspondent. more than half of the victims
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came from one tiny village a community absolutely in shock and grief this monday. >> [indiscernible] most of these victims came from one town in upper egypt. they had gone to libya as hundreds of thousands of other egyptians had, to look for work. egyptians can find much higher wages working in libya pass will rich economy -- libby's oil-rich economy -- in libya's oil rich economy than they can in egypt. there was a lot of mou rning. they were holding vigils for those who were killed. despite what happened, many of the locals said they would still go to libya to look for work. it was very shocking that survivors who evaded capture last month they were talking
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about how these men were specifically targeted for being christians. they spoke about how the militants went from house to house, searching for coptic christian men and leaving the muslims. we saw the statement in the video of the beheadings, where the militants -- the comments are entirely sectarian in nature. some shockwaves through the coptic community and the egyptian people as a whole. >> and what is the military strategy here, sharif? the egyptian air force carried out bombings in libya today. it is also fighting an insurgency in the sinai peninsula. is it stressed fighting on two fronts noww? >> egypt has not been a neutral actor in a conflict in libya. it has been one of the biggest backers in the government -- of the government based in the
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eastern cities. libya is divided between two parallel governments, both of which claim legitimacy. the egyptian regime has backed one of the government and given covert aid, both military and financial, to that government. these strikes that took place today were very significant insofar that they are the first public we had knowledged foreign ministry -- first publicly acknowledged foreign military intervention from egypt in over a decade. he views the chaos in libya as a dangerous sign of instability. the most prominent groups have claimed allegis -- allegiance to the islamic state. they believe that they have moved across the border to obtain weapons and support.
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it does fit into sisi's war on terror. >> sharif, thank you very much. to help bolster the injection military as it battles islamists -- the egyptian military as it battles islamists on two fronts, a foreign sale of french warplanes, which have been described as the most sophisticated honors. the ceremony was attended by the french -- by the president. italy has been forced to close its embassy in libya amid the ongoing turmoil there. the italian coast guard launched a massive operation to save hundreds of migrants in difficulty between the libyan coast and the italian island of leather doucette. -- of lampedusa.
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hundreds of people have died trying to reach europe by boat from north africa in the last few years. more than 3000 last year alone. the united nations has described the crossing as the most dangerous route in the world. thousands of people have gathered in copenhagen tonight to remember the victims of this weekend's terrorist attack. police are currently holding two men accused of aiding and abetting the gunman who was shot dead by police, a 22-year-old. denmark's prime minister says there are no signs that he had any links to a wider terrorist network. we have more. >> gone, but never forgotten -- hundreds of flowers and candles have been laid outside of the synagogue in copenhagen, where the second victim was killed. he was 37. he was on security duty when the gunman shot him dead.
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it's been a bloody weekend for denmark. two separate attacks, two separate gunman, and five wounded. flags flying at half mast. commuters are worried. >> i don't feel safe. >> i hope we all remember. we are all human. [indiscernible] >> local media have identified the suspect. a 22-year-old who had reportedly been freed imprisoned two weeks ago. he allegedly served a term for aggravated assault. investigators are looking at whether he became radicalized behind bars and whether he traveled to syria or iraq. two of his alleged compasses have been charged, suspected of providing the weapon -- alleged accomplices had been charged
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suspected of providing the weapon used. the gunman opened fire ring a seminar about islam and -- fire during a seminar about islam and free speech. filmmaker was killed -- the filmmaker was killed. the suspect was eventually killed in a shootout with police. >> the attack in denmark was the latest to target your's -- target europe's jews. even as they sought to reassure the community, there was another outburst. hundreds of jewish graves were desecrated. the attack was strongly denounced by the french president and prime minister. >> in this french cemetery, some 300 graves were attacked over the weekend. the area has been cordoned off by police. relatives of those buried here have gathered, concerned that their family headstones have
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been defaced. >> we are beside ourselves. i am wondering where this is going. people who act with such hate all the time. >> my great-grandparents are very -- buried in this cemetery. and given the scale of this catastrophe, i wanted to come back and check to see if their tombstones had been defiled. >> on sunday afternoon, police were alerted to the attack. the local mayor says the community has been in shock. >> we have two feelings about this -- first, discussed, second -- first disgust and second, incomprehension. what kind of motive could someone have to carry out this kind of despicable attack? >> president friends will launch has condemned what he calls a hateful -- president francois
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hollande has condemned what he calls a hateful crime. >> this anti-semitism this rejection, the feeling of being held on a tight leash -- it isn't just unbearable. we need to find a way so that everyone can live their life in peace, without feeling assaulted by this kind of symbolic violence that people are being subjected to. >> anti-semitic attacks in france -- 2014 compared to the previous year. -- in france doubled in 2014 compared to the previous year. the attack at a supermarket killed four people. the former french foreign minister has been accused of fanning the flames of anti-semitism, claiming that french policy was being dictated by the prime minister's jewish
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wife. manuel valls is married to violinist and grab one -- violinist anne gravoin. government ministers were quick to condemn the comments, among them the education minister, who accused him of nursing anti-semitism. staying in france, five out of six plaintiffs in a high prostitution -- high-profile prosecution trial have dropped their executions -- their accusations against dominique strauss-kahn. he argues he did not know the women participating in the sex parties he attended were prostitutes. this increases the chances that he will be acquitted. the leaders of france and germany say they are concerned about a cease-fire in eastern ukraine. there have been reports of shelling. close to the government held town. both sides refusing to withdraw heavy weapons from the region as outlined in the minsk agreement. >> the separatist flight has
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been flying over donetsk since pro-russian forces seized the strategic location. despite a cease-fire coming into effect on sunday, the fighting and shelling continued. separatists showed journalists these scenes of devastation, blaming the ukrainian army for the ongoing violence. >> here, this is a depressed region run by terrorists. they say it is out of control. you hear that? no the firing is incoming and outgoing. work is underway to destroy the physician they are firing from -- the position they are firing from. >> this has become the epicenter of the fighting. pro-russian separatists have
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encircled ukrainian forces who are still in control of this town, sandwiched between rebel areas. they had always warned they would not respect the cease-fire in debaltseve. the internationally-brokered peace deal involves the withdrawal of heavy weapons, but the situation on the ground prevents that second phase from being reached. >> the precondition for the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of confrontation is fulfilling .1 of the minsk agreement, which is the cease-fire. 112 attacks are not an indicator of a cease-fire. that's why, at the moment, we are not ready to withdraw heavy weapons. >> separatist -- a separate commander opened space for ukrainian forces to leave debaltseve. but they argue, according to the minsk agreement, the town is theirs. >> let's take a look at these
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pictures that show some celebrations going on tonight in haiti. the island's three-day carnival has just gotten underway. the president has been meeting with the kings and queens of the festivities. the event was at the national palace. they were decked out in costumes representing haiti's culture and history. the three-day party kicking off. time for a quick reminder of our top stories. egypt calling on the international coalition that is fighting the islamic state group to help them destroy the group in libya. they carried out cross-border raids this monday, revenge for the murder of 21 coptic christians byin libya. thousands of people on the streets of copenhagen this monday mourning the victims of this weekend's terrorist
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attacks. two people have been arrested for aiding and abetting the suspect. danish jews in mourning. another assault on the community in france as hundreds of graves have been desecrated. the attack has been condemned by both the president and the prime minister. let's get some business news for you now. crucial talks going on between greece and the eurozone. still no deal. the greek finance minister has been talking a lot about what's been going on there. >> that's right. talks between greece and its eurozone partners broke down this monday. this after athens called the eurogroup's directx -- draft text unreasonable, a radical departure from what was previously discussed. they have called for a six-month extension of the current bailout program, something athens was
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never willing to accept. greece wanted to scrap the existing bailout and replace it with a bridging program. let's listen to what the eurogroup president had to say follow those -- following those talks. >> the general feeling is the best way forward would be to seek some greek -- for greek authorities to seek an extension of the program. the main reason for that is, given the ongoing discussions about how programs should work and the future arrangement for greece, we simply need more time. >> also speaking following those talks was that you's -- the e.u.'s economic affairs minister, he or muska vinci -- pierre moscovici. >> they must request an extension to the program. that is a requirement. it operates on the basis of
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rules and rules must be respected. >> eurogroup has given athens up till the end of the week to get in line. the greek finance minister, yanis varoufakis, said the negotiations weren't in a collegial's. -- in a collegial spirit. he is confident the latest ultimatum from brussels will be withdrawn. let's get a check on markets in europe. all the major indices ended lower. the dax closed down 4/10 of 1%, the ftse down over 1/3 of 1%. markets in the u.s. are closed this monday for president's day. france's defense minister has signed a deal to sell 24 fighter jets to egypt with a price tag of over 5 billion euro. how this sale comes with -- and
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this sale comes with some financial risk. >> they have finally found a buyer. egypt has agreed to pay just over 5 billion euros for 24 fighter jets, a naval frigate and other military equipment. but with its economy in tatters, egypt requires financing to -- to complete the deal. they will pay a 500 million euro deposit to secure the order. to finance the rest, the country will borrow funds from french banks, which have promised it a verbal rates. -- it favorable rates. for this strategic sale, the french government has pledged to point -- pledged 2.35 billion euros. if egypt fails to pay, it is the french taxpayer who will pay. >> we weighed the factors. there were other risks as well,
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like deciding not to go ahead. >> the military planning law provides a yearly budget of 31.4 billion euros. if this sale had not taken place, the french ministry of defense would have had to buy the jets. >> a rule was put into place. if they weren't sold in export, they would buy the jets that had been sold. -- that hadn't sold. >> the first sale of the jet abroad is also a good marketing move. it could encourage other countries, such as india and qatar, to conclude contracts currently under discussion. >> let's take a look at some other stories making headlines. rolls-royce reaffirms its anti-bribery policy. the declaration coming after a report in "the financial times" saying it was accused of bribery in brazil. it provides oil platforms to
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brazil's state-owned petrobras. petrobras is under allegations that it paid billions of dollars to win contracts. shares of the parent company sold following confirmation -- further consolidation in the industry. it is preparing for a possible takeover. altice is the parent company. a german sportswear maker puma, is confident of the financial turnaround. the fourth quarter came in at 4.6 million euros. it plans to increase its brand presence. a bittersweet note. over the weekend, one of the world's wealthiest candy makers and italy's richest men died -- died. michele ferrero died. he was the patriarch of the family best known for the tele- -- for nutella.
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forbes estimates the family fortune at over $23 billion. with that', it's a wrap. back to you. >> thank you very much. we will find out what has people clicking and sharing over the it is time for "web news." >> hello. welcome to the "web news," with our pick of the stories making the online headlines. coming up. web users the world over react to the copenhagen attacks. google removes its "how can i join isis?" auo said -- autosuggestion. and training with a pole vault champion. saturday, february 14, a little over a month after the terrorist
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attacks that rocked paris -- a suspected gunman attacked and was reportedly shot dead sunday morning by police. web users have been commenting on the tragic event. many have taken different -- social networks -- have taken to social networks to share their feelings on the copenhagen attacks. the #iamdanish hashtag is trending, with many offering their condolences to the family and friends of those killed in the shootings. the attacks have been condemned. the head of the french government, manuel valls, the british prime minister, david cameron, and his canadian and spanish counterparts, and also latvia's minister for foreign affairs have taken to the microblogging site to denounce the barbarity of the shooting and voice their support for the danish authority.
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but while it is a time for contemplation and condolences online, some are reaching out to terrorists and their supporters directly warning them in messages like these ones that they will never succeed in bringing european democracy to their knees. up until recently, when web users type the words " -- typed the words "how can i join" into google, they were being given "isis" as one of the top results. it is based on the number of factors, including the popularity of search terms. webster -- they announced they would be removing this autosuggestion which references the terrorist organization.
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they censored out the search. they predicted that web users could find it offensive. they will not be offering it in english or in other languages including french. google's main competitor, bing, has followed similar measures. youtube has also pledged to help the global fight on terrorism. youtube, which belongs to google, has made a decision to block any content featuring jihadist ideology. it has announced it will be hiring arabic-speaking employees to help identify videos messages, and keywords that could pose a problem. web users from across the globe have been paying tribute to michele ferrero, who died on
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saturday february 14. ferrero rochet chocolates are legendary. people have been paying their respects often with photos of the product. here is the latest craze to hit instagram. it features photos of men reading books or newspapers while writing the new york city subway. the owner of the account has chosen to remain anonymous. they "appreciate men with good looks, good books." the gallery is growing by the day, as is the number of followers. have you ever wondered what your
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dreams would look like if they were illustrated? the photoshop your dreams tumblr blog helps you do just that. submit a description and it will be remade through photoshop. it can be pretty entertaining and sometimes silly. in this video, an american pole vault champion takes you behind the scenes of training. head to the gopro youtube channel for a closer look. >> there are a lot of things to
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think about, but i try to keep it simple. everyone says poll bolsters are crazy -- pole vaulters are crazy. i have to agree.
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m pacifica this is democracy now! >> yes, it is freedom of speech, and the turning point is but. why do we still say but when -- a gunman attacks a copenhagen >> a gunman attacks a copenhagen cafe hosting a discussion on art, blasphemy and freedom of expression.


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