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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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rubble photos fell to meet a deadline to start with throwing heavy weapons. and the aggravated pending trial of former imf boss dominique strauss-kahn have dropped accusations against him. french president france while on has been visiting the jewish cemetery in the northeast reason -- francois hollande has been visiting the jewish cemetery northeast france after grace of been desecrated. and greece's debt dilemma. we will be looking at the
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options facing the athens government after it rejected a -- and the implications of that deal, which has seen france sending 34 frederick jets to egypt. -- 34 fighter jets to egypt. first, the prospect for an already fragile truce, looking decidedly dimmer in eastern ukraine. after failing to meet monday's deadline to with draw heavy weapons, both ukrainian government and reveled say they will do so later today. news just coming in, mortar fire has a errantly caused a gas pipeline explosion from 15 kilometers. meantime, german chancellor angela merkel has gotten an agreement from both sides to
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allow servers into the region to monitor the situation, but the organization for security and corporation in europe is saying their monitors have been unable to reach that town sandwiched between the positions. international affairs editor douglas herbert spoke to me earlier. >> they are trying to get into the area because according to the new cease-fire, that is a town that is very much subject to the cease-fire and yet so far the reports we're getting jointly from the town today, you are seeing very, very little cease and you are seeing a lot of fire. their reports are now a combat slid really raging in that town. we have been calling it the strategic rail. it is clearly a town, the separatist say in their words does not apply to the cease-fire in any way shape, or form. what we are hearing is there is absolute fighting within the city itself is our. before in recent hours, the city had been surrounded.
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it is a situation which rebels and russia have been saying that they basically have it surrounded, and with ukrainian troops about to a 8000 of them in the city, ukraine has not acknowledged that its troops are trapped or surrounded because then my have to negotiate the release and resume fighting. they have been there. some have managed to get out, and the fighting is raising. if anything, it is intensifying right now. the osce is on its way trying to get in there. we've year that they will have updates midafternoon, local european time, with the latest but it is crucial that they get in there. it is crucial that they are able to monitor because as far as germany, france, and eu is concerned, this is subject to the cease-fire. >> russian president vladimir putin is traveling to budapest to meet with one of the his few remaining allies in europe. victor orban as staunch support
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of the russian leader. the visit has sparked large protest as thousands of hungarians calling for closer ties with the european union rather than with russia. kate moody has more. >> no to putin, yes to europe. some 2000 hungarians march east to west on monday protesting the biggest prize of the putinization of their country. >> right now we are a free nation, and we want to make decisions on her own without any ruler like putin. >> politically, we belong to the european union. we should not be making friends with russia during a time of war. we should be getting closer to europe, not to russia. >> hungarian prime and mr. v -- prime minister viktor orban has
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earned the nickname "little putin." orban says hungary cannot turn its main energy supplier. although he supported eu sanctions against moscow, orban has been vocal about their negative and economic impact. the meeting may prove more symbolically important for putin as he attempts to show he still has a friend in europe. it will mark his first bilateral visit to an eu country since june. >> in other news, another 40,000 people took to the streets of the danish capital to patriot to the victims of last week's shootings. the killings came one month after similar attacks on france. the 22-year-old gunman has been named by the local media as omar
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ellis el-hussein. >> he had come to the attention of the danish ugly before when he was convicted of abrogated assault -- of abrogated aggravated assault. he was released before he allegedly killed two people in 20 tax last saturday. a call for order describes the alledge subjects. >> my first impression is that he seemed like a hardened criminal. yet very short hair with visible scars on his head, and he did not give many showings of emotions. >> the reportedly a good student at school, he soon drifted to crime and is believed to have been radicalized while in prison. >> omar at the trial did not seem religious at all. almost the opposite.
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the only thing going from the first crime to the thing happening this weekend is the callousness of the attack. >> prison authorities are noted to have alerted the authorities last summer after a change in his behavior. the pet says it is investigating why there is no follow on the morning. police have yet to name el-hussein as the gunman in the attacks. >> the french president has visited a jewish cemetery after it was then allies. five teenagers have handed themselves in. some 300 graves were desecrated at the cemetery in a small town. the french leader bolstered the ceremony along with jewish immuno figures. >> this home has been
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devastated. before in 1988 and then in 2001, there were cases of vandalism but never with this sort of violence. justice will deal with this case of matas, of ignorance, of intolerance. but the harm has already been done. >> in other news, a memorial service of an held for those 21 ejection coptic christians beheaded by the jihadists in libya. pope francis have expresses deep sadness of the killings. and condemning the islamic state organization calling for swift action from the international community. >> calling on god to punish the islamic state organization, the militants who kidnapped 21
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coptic christians before their murder. 13 of the hostages came from the village near -- one church where these gathered in memory of the victims. one of the victims moved to libya to find work as a carpenter. his father said he needs to see has 22-year-old one last time. >> i asked the international committee and president al-sisi to bring back the victims, even if they were thrown in the sea. >> ejection authorities carried out airstrikes on -- injection authorities geared out airstrikes in libya in retaliation. some families of victims feel more needs to be done. >> all of the strikes are not enough. the blood of our victims -- the strikes target infidels, but president al-sisi should have
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struck them earlier. >> a day after the killings, a prominent sunni leader visited cairo to pay his condolences to the head of egypt's coptic church. >> we feel that this incident has brought us closer together. we are more united and from here, i call on the free world to take any action to stop this brutal ordeal, the likes of which we have nothing in the last 20 centuries. >> the european union will be meeting with the egyptian and u.s. governments to discuss the situation in libya. it has rolled out a military intervention for now. >> nigeria extremist group boko haram has once again threatened neighboring countries niger and chat. they claim they are carried out -- they claimed they are repaired to carry out suicide bombings. a meeting to finalize plans for
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a joint offensive against the militants. kate moody reports. >> waiting for customers, the shops of the border town remain open for business with tradesmen affiant to the face of nearly two weeks of attacks by boko haram. >> all we can do is stay calm, relaxed, and i think things will be all right. >> i have faith that god will bring back the people who have left. >> last week, niger's government declared a state of emergency in the border region. since then, thousands have fled to zinder, the country's second largest city. carrying their belongings and seeking food, water, and shelter, many are traumatized i the violence that have rocked their hometown. the ball to right by my house. my shop turned down and a child was killed. on the outskirts of zinder police searched vehicles
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entering from the east. they fear their city could become the militants' next target. >> the operation underway has enabled us to understand extent to which the evil of boko haram has entered our society. >> niger, chat and cameroon are among those who promised to send troops to fight local rum in nigeria. on monday, they prepared for still more attacks on their soil in retaliation, threatening to deepen and already spiraling regional crisis. >> and here in france, five out of six scientists in the aggravated pimping trial of former imf boss dominic hellstrom -- former imf boss dominique strauss-kahn. he has been accused of instigating parties he knew were prostitutes between 2008 and 2011 in the french city of lille inand in brussels and paris.
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he is expected to deliver his summing up to the judge, ending with a plea for a conviction or acquittal. chris moore has been covering the trial in lille. chris, what has happened so far today in court? i think we seem to be having technical problems and hopefully we can get back to our reporter in a few minutes time. in other news, at least 20 people have been killed on a packed carnival float in the haitian capital when they were electrocuted by a power line. the accident occurred at thousands of people filled the streets of downtown port-au-prince for the annual celebration. we will bring you more details on the accident as they come down. now a reminder of what is making news this hour. clashes threatening an already fragile cease-fire in ukraine. this is the ukrainian government
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when rebel forces need a deadline to start withdrawing heavy weapons. also, five out of plaintiffs in the aggravated pimping trial of former imf off dominique strauss-kahn have dropped their aggregations against him. french president france while on has visited -- french president francois hollande has visited a jewish cemetery. five teenagers were arrested after hundreds of graves were desecrated. it is time not to take a look at the date was the business news, and stephen carroll is here. not surprisingly, you are starting with the latest, the greek debt saga. >> saga being the operative word and continues to go on in fact. there was no agreement reached on monday between greece and its eurozone partners at the meeting in brussels. time is now running out with the head of the eurogroup saying an agreement needs to be found by friday to avoid leaving greece without international funding. that could see the greek government in particular its banks without the money they need to stay afloat.
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european finance ministers meeting again, the great government source saying in the meantime they would not accept ultimatums, so what is athens want and why does not the eurozone just give it to them? >> the clock is ticking. talks to renegotiate greece's d ebt refused a six-month extension of its program. an ultimatum saying it had until friday to ask for an extension. the dutch finance minister remained positive. >> we stand ready to work with the greeks. we think the best way forward is to get an extension of the current program. >> a sense of optimism that was shared by his greek counterpart. >> europe will do the euro thing -- it will pull a good agreement or honorable agreement out of what seems to be -- we did it last wednesday, we will do it again now. >> the country's economic and
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political future -- greece once a bridge agreement that will keep them afloat for at least six months, allowing them to negotiate a longer-term deal. they want that to include a refinancing of greek debt, a deal that seems unlikely to happen in its current state. europe said it was open to compromise but wants guarantees that greece will repaint that -- will repay its debt. austerity measures would still need to be debated. while this type of deal looks likely, we should not expect the word "extension" to feature. another option would be for greece to find money elsewhere with russia, the u.s., and china already mentioned as potential partners. greece's final option is to default on its debt and leave the eurozone, a risky scenario that could have catastrophic repercussions. >> we will have a look at how the markets are dealing with that news, and we will start with what is happening in athens. the share had lunged at the
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opening of trading, but they've recovered some of those losses. they were down as much as 4.7% earlier, but as you can see not quite as dramatic at this midpoint of the trading day. likely to be another volatile few days on the market in athens as we see those talks. across the rest of europe, investors remain jittery about what is happening in greece. markets have opened down, but have managed to claw back some of the losses in london and paris, just getting above the flatline. here in france and, the lower head department is set to vote on a wide-ranging package of economic reforms. the bill will loosen the rules of government sunday trading. streamline has legal proceedings work and open up the market for intercity buses along with other measures. along with tax cuts, this package goes along with francois hollande's economic reform program, but it faces opposition
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from the socialist reform party. a look at other top business stories, french judges have arisen -- have issued arrest warrants for three moreformer operators at ubs. ubs' swiss business is suspected of illegally canvassing french customers to hide the money they were moving across the border into switzerland. profits and revenues fell by more than 2.5% but last year. the company underwent a $700 million cost-cutting program. orange saw profits fall as revenues continued to slide, the company's revenue shares dropping on that news. and china, 5% in the last years, the biggest drop on a new home index since it was introduced in 2011. 64 of the 70 cities surveyed shows another indication of the slowdown in the chinese economy.
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finally for now, the car hailing at uber celebrated presidents' day with a special service for customers and why season, d c you can order your very own presidential motorcade, -- customers in washington, d.c. you can order your very own presidential motorcade, copying you on your journey carrying what they are calling an uber secret service agent for sub it sounds collocated. there was no extra cost involved. this is of course them trying to replicate a presidential motorcade. not the first time uber has offered this service was updated offer it during britain during the g 20 summit as a surprise was the could you imagine ordering a car to turn up and three turnup up instead to give the sense of occasion when you arrive? >> because i am of the ip stephen, yes i want. i hope that will be there when i finished the shift. at a stephen carroll with
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today's business news. coming up now is the press review. >> welcome back. it is time now to take a look at what is grabbing headlines around the world, and not surprisingly, lots of focus on the danish press given the weekend got attacks in copenhagen. >> a lot of emotion in the danish press. a couple of headlines. a lot of papers are calling it the worst attack on danish soil for decades. this is the front page of a tabloid in denmark lots a focus on the suspect, 22-year-old omar el-hussain, the man who was killed by police over the weekend. according to "bt," he was indicative and driven by hate. the danish media are starting to paint a picture of this young man, danish-born suspect, but the details of his past still remain sketchy. he was no by the police for --
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he was known by the police for several criminal acts, links to gangs in copenhagen. two weeks before the attack, he was released from prison where he was serving a two-year sentence for stabbing a young man on a train. what you can see here is this article from another tabloid focusing on his time in prison. danish papers are saying he may have become radicalized while he was imprisoned. prison authorities actually said they started noticing changes in his behavior and they had alerted intelligencee. >> certainly a common theme. last night tens of thousands of people gathered in towns and cities across denmark to commemorate those killed. >> the big show of unity another danish paper, it is applauding this show of unity but it is quite an alarming editorial, this is a conservative paper in denmark,
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it says we have no illusions -- terror has come to denmark. this editorial really addresses the anti-somatic nature of the attacks, of course there was the guard in front of the synagogue who was killed. this editorial says harassment attacks on danish juice has unfortunately reached a scale where one must speak of pure racism. this must stop. this is another angle getting a lot of attention and papers across europe up let's take a look at the belt of paper, first of all -- of the belgian paper or being the word unity. his editorial really addresses anti-semitism across europe and in this editorial it says you are us. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called on european juice to move to israel in the wake of this attack in copenhagen. the attack last month in paris
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as well. this editorial calls on european juice to stay in europe. it has that juice, christians muslims, atheists, we must all fight together here in europe against this barbarity. >> here in the eastern part of france, there has been another desecration of a jewish cemetery. >> that is right, lots of focus in french papers. according to authorities, five teenagers are in custody with aged between 15 and 17 for these five teenagers grew up in this region of france, no criminal record according to police. the teens say they did not know this graveyard with a jewish graveyard. they thought it was an abandoned graveyard. that is what they are saying. they say they did not carry this out in an anti-somatic way. they do not realize what was going on until after they had started vandalizing. that is their take on things. >> it comes as a tense climate in france, we've seen a rise of anti-semitism across europe and especially here in france.
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last month, there was that supermarket right on the outskirts of paris held hostage four french juice held in an attack. -- four french jews held in that attack. the premise or and presidents france while on -- the prime minister and president francois hollande are doing their best. yesterday, we declared france's wounded with you. we do not want you to leave. these is a reference by the comments made by the israeli premise or as i was telling you, benjamin netanyahu calling for juice in -- for jews in europe to move to israel. this is from a foreign foreign minister actually. he said the prime minister was probably acting under a jewish influence when he made these comments because it is important
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to note that across the political spectrum, politicians were very quick to condemn these comments by him. >> a lighter note, flo, who is going to colonize mars first? >> this is a project called mars one that plans to said for astronauts two-minute men and two women, to set up a colony on mars -- two men and two women to set up a colony on mars, made set up a shortlist of 100 volunteers. there were over 200,000 applicants. five brits made the shortlist was that the british papers are focusing on them. you can read about them in the "guardian" here. in the next 10 years these 100 volunteers are going to train and learn everything they can about mars and all this will be broadcast on reality tv to finance the mission. why on earth would anybody want
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to go to mars? you can read about it and more in the "independent" here, which interviewed an
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hood obesity has become a global health threat. the consequences are dire, but now health advocates have a world champion in their corner in the fight against childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes. i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it full frame.


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