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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 3, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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♪ last respects to boris nemtsov, the russian opposition leader who was shot four times may back friday and killed to days before he was due to lead a protest on the war in ukraine. his casket was on display at a human rights center ahead of the funeral. our moscow correspondent, julio bova -- julia, joins us on the
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line. talk us through has been banned from attending. >> several foreign politicians have been banned from attending the funeral and the memorial service in moscow today, including a polish senate seat seeker, who was denied a visa to russia at the last minute . also another prominent opposition leader, he was not allowed to attend the funeral the movie actually applied for a day release to do this. those three people are definitely not attending the ceremony, but there are's ill representatives -- there are still representatives of foreign officials that are going to be there. while the u.s. ambassador to russia attended the memorial service earlier today.
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as well as the government official, the russian government was represented by the deputy prime minister, who came this morning. as well as public figures and politicians, the general public of course came, hundreds of people came in, they queued for hours to get inside of the center. many brought flowers which they covered with his coffin, as they silently walked by. this memorial service has now finished, and his coffin was driven to the cemetery. as the coffin was being driven out of the center, people were shouted like "we are not afraid." the burial will take place later this afternoon in moscow. >> julia what more do we know
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about this investigation into this killing three days ago? >> well, the investigation, like you say, has been going on for three days, since in and stop -- since nemtsov was killed. we do not have any clue to what happened to boris nemtsov as to who did it. we have several suggestions from russian tv, which shows -- from a night, from a distance, and also the key witness in this investigation, the woman who was with oris nemtsov at the time, the ukrainian model she was questioned by the police extensively, even as she has gone to kiev now to be with her mother, she gave an interview and said that she was walking with boris nemtsov from the
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restaurant to his house, and the attacker came from behind and shot five shots into nemtsov's back, but she was too shocked to remember which car it was that fled afterwards or any other details. and the police themselves, the only information have given us so far is they say at least six shots were fired from a pistol. police say they are studying videos at the moment, but of course everybody in moscow, all of the support to boris nemtsov and i'm sure the investigators themselves want to know what happened and who is response before this killing. >> all right, julia, thank you for that julia lyubova and live pictures from the funeral of the slain opposition leader boris nemtsov. the israeli prime minister is due to take on capitol hill this
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tuesday and his fight against a proposed nuclear peace treaty with iran. he is due to address a rare joint session of congress today in washington is a threatened boycott by several democrats. catherine clifford has more on that visit that has posed new tensions with the white house. >> the risk between himself and the israeli premier, obama said it is nothing personal but came down to policy. president obama: as a matter of policy, we think it is a mistake for the prime minister of any country to come to speak before congress a few weeks before they are about to have an election. it makes it look like we are taking sides. >> management netanyahu addressed to some 16,000 people at the annual aipac gathering. he assisted his address to congress, planned for tuesday, is not intended to -- the u.s. president, but he says he
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has a moral obligation to speak up on iran. prime minister netanyahu: this same iran vows to violate israel. if it develops nuclear weapons and it will have the means to achieve that goal. we must not let that happen. >> benjamin netanyahu said he openly disagrees with the strategy of negotiating with two ron over nuclear programs meanwhile that disagreement was on full display in switzerland as the u.s. sector estate began a press run of nuclear talks. john kerry admitted there is still a long way to go before any deal, but insisted israel's safetyy remains paramount. secretary kerry: any agreement we would agree to it makes the international community and especially israel safer. >>h > his speech is set to defy the president of the strategy on
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iran, but because like with the u.s. remains intact. >> for more now on israeli reaction on netanyahu's visit to netanyahu -- to congress, let's bring in gallagher. does he have his eyes mostly on the election back at home, which is coming up in a few weeks? >> i was a 50/50%, he certainly has his eyes on the iranian question which is very important here, which he has been talking at length about for nearly 20 years now, but he is also on the campaign trail, and he is very much hoping that his speech is probably one of the most anticipated important of his political career, will help sway things in his favor. right now, his ruling right-wing party is neck and neck with its main rival, the centerleft zionist camp. minutes after netanyahu is dumb
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with his speech to the american congress his -- is done with his speech to the american congress the response to his speech in terms of how israelis will react to all of this, forced to ease from now, they will indeed be heading to the polls to decide whether or not they want netanyahu to keep his job and therefore remain israel 's prime minister for a fourth term . >> gallagher, what kind of reaction has them rent to this visit from the israelis themselves? >> there is quite a bit of controversy. as i mentioned, this is election time, so if worse netanyahu's political opponents have been blasting him for this trip to the u.s., seeing he is responsible for damaging the very important relationship with israel for the main and most powerful ally, namely the united states, and it is quite difficult at this point to find
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israelis, whether they come from civil society or other sectors of society, with military backgrounds who handle this or politicians who wholeheartedly support netanyahu's trip without any kind of hesitation because there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding it in terms of the way it was orchestrated and we see his intention with u.s. president barack obama, who yesterday, monday, with technology substantial differences with the israeli administration over the issue of the iraqi nuclear program. >> all right, gallagher, thank you for a much, reporting there from jerusalem. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland for talks with his iranian counterpart on what would be those historic nuclear deals. this is day two of those talks in the town of montreuil near lake geneva.
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in libya, a once retired general has now officially been named head of the army. khalifa haftar has been leading it for close than a year now. he has been named it by the only government name -- recognized by the international community, but he is a controversial figure, and as oliver farry explains, his nomination could make a growing crack in the already divided libya even worse. >> a renowned strongman of the head of libya's army, khalifa haftar was appointed, a former officer in gaddafi's army, he was the leader of the libyan army last year. in may haftar launched an offensive against benghazi islamists, a launch that is still underway. the country is ruled by two rival governments, one
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recognized by the international community, and one in the capital tripoli, supported by islamist militias. each have a different view of general haftar. >> khalifa haftar is a man dear to the heart of libyans. you just have to go on facebook in libya and you will see dozens of people who have haftar as their profile picture, certainly not of those terrorists in tripoli. >> our brothers in two -- are unfortunately -- >> the egyptian scenarios a reference to general al-sisi who later became president. haftar is as opposed to islamist groups as al-sisi is.
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but western countries have as of yet declined to get involved, fearing an aggravation of tensions. the rival government in tripoli has ruled out any cooperation with the general for a richer political solution. >> leaders from country's worst hit by ebola are at an international conference in brussels today. they are trying to mobilize a final push to end that out broke. schools have slowly been opening their doors in some countries. in fact, the government and liberia ordered them open by yesterday, or to face a fine. more than 3800 liberians died from the ebola outbreaks, the highest death toll in the region. >> getting their school books in order and passing a -- packing up their backs, these liberian teenagers are looking forward to getting back in the classroom. their school is enclosed for
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seven months because of the deadly ebola outbreak. >> [indiscernible] >> i am very excited, and i will tell the government thank you for opening the school. i am asking the government to put back all of the necessary things. >> every school will be equipped with handwashing a disinfectant stations, and students will be closely monitored for possible symptoms. this is the latest sign that liberia is on the mend. they have artie lifted its nationwide curfew and open its borders. and the mission to build ebola treatment centers across the country, withdrawing 3000 troops much earlier than expected.
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new ebola infections in liberia have dropped . liberia was the hardest hit country in the region with nearly 4000 victims. in total, some 9600 people have got across west africa since the ebola epidemic broke out a year ago. >> you are watching "france 24." more line up at the funeral for russian opposition leader boris nemtsov. he was shocked dead friday at the kremlin two days before he was set to lead a peace march on ukraine. the israeli trimester takes his fight against an iran nuclear dear to washington. he is set to address a joint meeting of the u.s. congress they, but the white house is keeping his distance. and a major international conference on ebola is now on in brussels. infection rates have dropped since their height in the fall. the official death toll continues to rise. time for the business news on "france 24" with stephen
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carroll. something fun for car lovers. we will go straight to the geneva motor show. >> that is right, the cars are the stars in geneva today. we have seen them recover in the past year, i suppose we have seen sales increased i .6% in the eu last year to 12 point 5 million vehicles, but that is still well below their peak of 16 million back in 2007. genie, we have the stock market that i will give you before we continue on with geneva, this is the picture of the european markets here at lunchtime, this tuesday, we've seen a fallback to a record high, that is where we saw the american markets hit a record high in trading on monday. i will move back onto geneva motor show, the european car market does need to be recovering, but it is so far off the peak of cars we saw back in
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2007, carmakers hoping to build on that progress. among them is nissan. we spoke earlier to the chairman of nissan in europe, his name is paul wilcox, and i asked him about economic prices in europe how it was affecting their sales. let's take a look at what he had to say. >> within my region, it includes russia and ukraine and there are two impacts. the first one is demand. the final quarter of last year saw a 10% reduction in overall demand in russia, and that was supported by government scrapping for domestic manufacturers, but the overall demand actually we as eight a progressive reduction of overall demand. between 1.70 you and 1.9 million units, which is down from about 2.7 million, so dramatically declined. the second impact is the
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weakness of the ruble and the dramatic decline was on the ruble progressively through november and december and into january, so all manufacturers have an impact. nissan has a big commitment. we have a big manufacturer in st. petersburg, and also with our alliance partner renault, we have a big investment with a larger brand in russia, so we have set a very big commitment in russia for this nissan. the next 18 month will be difficult, but after that, we look to capture market share and we will continue to invest in products and infrastructure in russia because we see that as an opportunity in the midterm. >> that was paul willcox from nissan in europe about how the russian market is affecting their sales. we go back live to geneva, and we are looking to speak to st ephan winkelmann of lamborghini.
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of course lamborghini not a great guide to the car market. or you had it all by the slowdown we saw in -- were you hit at all by the slowdown we saw in cars? >> euro was part of this, like i said, of our sales so there are lights and shadows in europe, but the lights are brighter than the shadows. >> where do you see your growth coming from next? europe was the secular star for you in 2014. in 2015, where are you looking for even bigger growth? >> all over the world, also in 2014 it was the same. we have equally distributed distribution of our sales. the biggest market as the u.s. by far followed by china, then comes the middle east, then we have the u.k., germany, and japan. these are the top stakes, and we
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have a 50-market distribution, and we are selling on a high level in the first two months of 2015, so we are looking into the year or into the rest of this year with a quite positive attitude. >> i am always intrigued when he think of a luxury car brands about who exactly buys them and how do you tempt them. how do you push trevor cooney and markets perhaps where you have not been so present before -- how do you push lamborghini in markets where perhaps you have not been so present before? >> with the web, the brand is much larger than ever before so they asked us to come in before we even think about it. this is one of the good things. on the other side, what isd like ours is you create cars which make people dream come otherwise you destroy the brand.
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it is all about doing something, which is exceeding expectations of the car in a customer. >> we can see the new model behind you. stephan winkelmann, thank you for speaking to us on "france 24 ." >> stephen carroll, thank you. you are watching "france 24." time now for the press review. florence villeminot is here with us talk about the french papers. hi flo. much on the israeli prime minister's controversial speech to the u.s. joint congress where he is too slam this possible u.s. nuclear deal with iran. >> that is right. lots of drama with that speech. he was invited by a republican house speaker john boehner but without the green light of the white house, so lots of trauma. that is what the "new york times" is focusing on, the mood in washington ahead of this much-anticipated beach. you can hear a cry being heard around washington, a netanyahu
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ticket. they can be given to a lobbyist a donor, and demanded its fast outpacing supply. a lot of democrats say they will boycott the speech, but the "new york times" says this is the hottest ticket in town, and the "wall street journal" in its editorial is going to the speech of the year, but it really should not be according to the "wall street journal." these are routine events and are often very forgettable events as well, according to their editorial, that should be the case for the netanyahu's speech as well. it should not be a big deal, but according to the editorial leave it to the political wizards of the obama administration to turn it into the global diplomatic event of the year. >> are right, something completely different but also interesting in france, papers are focusing on french schools and the debate over whether or
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not the children here should be wearing uniforms like they do anywhere. >> absolutely. for now, french schools do not impose uniforms. they have a dress code, but there is no uniform in it. exhibit -- it is a debate it is a debate that comes up time and time again. back in the day, there was a uniform in france. it was a smock and france is wondering -- are smart school -- are smocks going to make a comeback? probably not smocks, but there is a debate over uniforms. there is a school into loose where parents have called for the school to impose a uniform. the idea is this would be a way to a race social inequalities of everybody has to wear the same thing, see when i have people with certain brands, but is this really the best way to fight against inequality, discrimination, etc.? they can take a look at the u.k. for some answers. >> exactly.
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staying with the theme of education and discipline, the council of europe is set to review france for its failure to explicitly condemn parents who want to use physical discipline on their children. . >> exactly. let's take a look at "le parisien," they talk about a slap in the face for spanking. tomorrow, europe's top human rights watchdog is going to rule that french laws on corporal punishment are not sufficiently clear, binding, and specific because french law prevents violence against children, but it does recognize a parent's right to discipline their children. this is very vague, open to enter separation. very open-door -- open to interpretation. you can spank your children, but if you are cruel to animals, you can be harshly sentenced, find up to 35,000 euros and sentenced up to two years in jail, so
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while the council of europe is saying france really needs to get in line with the rest of europe and reince on ballot -- and find some balance. >> i read that eight out of 10 french parents admit -- >> you see it all the time in the streets, people spanking their children. >> strange but true. uruguay has to say goodbye to a so-called copper president -- pauper president. >> that is right, he left office with a 70% approval rating. the 79-year-old was famous for shunning the perks of office will stop you can read about it here in "the independent." he drove a beat up. in beetle and give away as much as 90% of his annual salary, so you can see the independent toxin of them as the world's most humble resident, but give also known as the president that a lot of other countries would like to have as well. "the independent" points out
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that he leaves uruguay and better shape. unemployment has fallen, gv has risen, and back in 2013, the economist named uruguay the country of the year, so he is leaving power. another president -- e.r.a. left our, actually, sunday. another president is leaving power this month, and that is the president of namibia. i will try to pronounce his name right -- he is going to get a nice retirement prize of $5 million known as the world's most lucrative award, set up by a british sudanese telecom magnet to award democratically-elected leaders who govern well and then leave office. that is the key one. they have to leave office. he is the first to win this prize after two years because in the last two years, no one was deemed worthy of the award. >> and you have a quick word on the queen?
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>> that is right. let's take a look at the front page of "the guardian," declined, the royal mint unveiled a new portrait of the queen that will be represented on future coins there. havebeen five such portraits of the queen throughout her reign ÷8ú÷p÷
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