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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 11, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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copter crash in argentina that left 7 french people that -- 8 french people dead. among the victims, three sports stars filming a reality show. japan marks the fourth anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that sparked the disaster at fukushima. that left close to 19,000 dead or missing. and the iraqi army says it has taken back a town from the islamic state. just outside the militant stronghold of tikrit. those are the headlines. thanks for joining us. france has sent two
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investigators to argentina to find out what caused two helicopters to crash, leaving 10 people dead. three of france's sports stars were on board to shoot a reality show. the crash killed a champion sailor, swimmer and boxer as well as five french tv crew members and two pilots. >> sifting through the wreckage, argentinian investigators began their inquiry. pieces of paper and other charred items that could provide information will be examined. the argentinian team joined by two french investigators. >> we are working together, they have access to everything we do and we think of them as colleagues. the investigation is under the
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responsibility of the argentine group. >> according to the argentinian state news agency, investigators have ruled out the possibility of a technical malfunction. they are looking at pilot error. they believe the pilot of the second helicopter, which can be seen flying a lower altitude, could have been distracted before the collision. in france, an investigation for manslaughter has been open. standard procedure in such cases. the presenter of the show said safety measures had been respected. >> there were a lot of safety measures in place. we had teams in charge of security watching over the crew. every time we did something, we took the steps to minimize the risk as much as possible. >> the television crew had arrived in the area sunday hoping to shoot scenes for a survival themed reality tv show called "dropped."
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genie: memorials for the stars killed sprung up across france. hundreds of people turned out in the southern town of nice, the home of political medalist swimmer camille muffat. a tribute was held for boxer alexis vastine in normandy. tonight, the football team will be wearing black armbands. more memorials held across japan to mark the fourth anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that sparked a nuclear crisis on march 11, 20 11. a massive wall of water traveling the speed of a jet plane smashed into the coast. close to 16,000 died. over 2.5 thousand more are still missing. for the relatives of those who were never found, the absence of a body to mourn has made the grieving process harder. more on one father who is still
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looking for the remains of his three-year-old son. >> four years of searching, four years of heartbreak. on march 11, 2011, he lost almost his whole family. his parents, daughter and his three-year-old son, who has never been found. the area's proximity to the fukushima nuclear power plant has hindered his search. >>in the footage we have seen from other prefectures they still have soldiers and police looking for the missing. in fukushima all we see is the power station which blew up. the media only interviews refugees who fled irradiation. radiation has led the military and police to give up a search for victims on the beach near the plant. with the help of volunteers, he has taken over. they go out looking every
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weekend, unable to let go of what they have lost. >> sometimes i tell myself he is hiding so i can keep living. to save myself. i am not saying i want to die. looking for him is the single thing letting me move forward. >> two years ago the former farmer built a house meters from the ruins of his old home. he refuses to abandon the place where his son was born and where somewhere he still lies, along with 2500 people still missing. yearsgenie: reports say the former chechen police officer who admitted to taking part in the murder of a russian opposition leader have confessed under torture. zaur dadayev is considered to be the prime suspect in the murder of boris nemtsov. a right activists saw wounds on
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the suspect's body, alleging he spent days manacled. in italy, silvio berlusconi has come through. the court has definitively cleared the former prime minister of charges he paid for sex with an underaged dancer and abused his position to cover it up. >> rubygate, one of the scandals that landed italy's former prime minister in hot water. a court in milan convicted silvio berlusconi in 2013 of paying for sex with a prostitute and using his position to cover it up. the most serious charges he faced in his career that gave him a seven-year prison sentence and eight -- and a ban on holding public office. berlusconi was acquitted a year later. that's definitive, italy's court rejected appeals from prosecutors on tuesday. the judges appeared to accept his argument he had not known t
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he prostitute known as ruby was underage. he wanted to help her thinking she was the niece of hosni mubarak. that cleared the way for the return to politics once another ban for tax fraud ends next year. he will be able to re-energize his party he has already pulled out of an alliance with matteo renzi over the backing for a presidential candidate he did not like. familiarity -- his legal was are not behind him. facing charges of paying witnesses along with political corruption in naples. genie: the islamic state has reportedly launched a major offensive to try and capture a kurdish town. targeting the town of ras
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al-ain. the iraqi army has retaken a town outside tikrit. olivia has details. olivier: cause for celebration as they regain control of al-ain 8, does north of tikrit. a town was retaken by loyalist fighters. it was the next target in the battle to reach tikrit, the hometown of saddam hussein. >> units from the militia, the army, the federal police and tribal fighters have had victories here. >> for over a week iraqi soldiers have been engaged in a major offensive to regain control of the town. their ranks have been reinforced by shiite militias and they are confident they can retake tikrit without the help of the us-led coalition. tikrit is a strategic point on the road to mosul iraq's
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second-largest city that has been in the hands of islamic state for nine months. >> more obstacles for us. the islamic state organization cannot just run away. i salute the iraqi people and i promise you that tikrit will be liberated. >> the iraqi army may face more obstacles. later tuesday, islamic state militants blew up the only bridge crossing the tigris river in the tikrit area, blocking access to the city from the east, according to officials. the destruction of an access point that will slow down the iraqi events. genie: the group has released a new video purporting to show the killing of a palestinian man accused of being a spy for israeli intelligence. in the video posted online, the captive is seen being shot by a young boy. more from the victim's father denying his son was a spy. >> islamic state militants
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captured him on the turkish borders while he was trying to come home. he was worried his mother was sick and they imprisoned him and beat him and forced him to make confessions. the confessions will surface. mohammed was told to say he worked for the israelis. he did not do that. no honorable person would be executed and not say these words. they forced muhammad to say them. genie: india's former prime minister naumann thing -- mauman singh will appear in court. most call blocks were overturned. the government is reaction the coal blocks. in the u.s. 7 marines and four
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soldiers are missing after their army helicopter crashed during a night training exercise in florida. the helicopter was reported missing around a: 30 p.m. tuesday. crews found debris but have not found the soldiers or their bodies. and hillary clinton is doing her best to put an e-mail scandal to rest. she's admitted she probably should have used a government e-mail address while serving as secretary of state instead of a personal one. he focus on clinton's e-mails has jumbled what was expected to be a smooth kickoff of her presidential campaign next month. hillary clinton: when i got to work as secretary of state, i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account, which was allowed by the state department. because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. looking back, it would have been
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better that i simply used a second e-mail account and carried a second phone. at the time this did not seem like an issue. genie: the city manager of ferguson, missouri has resigned after a u.s. justice department probe found a range of systemic racially biased practices by the police. the city manager is the highest ranking non-elected municipal official and oversees the police department. john shaw was among several individuals heavily criticized after a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, michael brown, last summer. now, it violates the privacy of americans and makes individuals worldwide less likely to share sensitive information. that's the basis of a new lawsuit by the american civil liberties union on behalf of the wikimedia foundation and other organizations against the national security agency. a challenge to the mass surveillance program. catherine has more.
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catherine: taking the nsa to court. a lawsuit brought by the wikimedia foundation alleges the spy agency's surveillance program violates u.s. laws on. freedom of speech. at issue is the so-called upstream surveillance program which targets communications with people not in the u.s. in order to acquire foreign intelligence information. it works by tapping into high-capacity cables, switches and routers that move internet traffic through the u.s. the court action follows the aclu's failed attempt in 2013 to challenge the nsa's warrantless wiretapping program. the supreme court shot it down on grounds that the plaintiffs could not prove they had been spied upon. since then, documents leaked by whistleblower edward snowden has revealed the scale and scope of
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the monitoring carried out by the nsa. >> we now know that the spying that is occurring is broader than we or the supreme court ever realized at the time our previous challenge was litigated. and the fact that the nsa is not simply surveilling the communications of its target but is surveilling the communications of a century everyone to find information, it changes this case and changes what the arguments the court will be hearing. catherine: other organizations joining include human rights watch, amnesty international, the national association of criminal defense lawyers, and the global fund for women. genie: it was the biggest u.s. pop song of the summer of 2013. robin thicke and pharrell williams's "blurred lines." it has cost them for milling dollars in damages plus $3.4 million in profit after they were found guilty of plagiarizing the motown artist marvin gaye.
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a jury sided with gaye's estate, saying parts of "got to give it up" were stolen for the song. gaye's daughter wept as the clerk read the verdict. thicke and williams' lawyers that it is not going to bankrupt the clients. you are watching france 24. ♪ >> qualifying to the quarterfinals for the fifth season. a scare by the spaniard. a loss on tuesday. real held out after the second goal gave real hope. reynaldo had two goals for real. porto through after thumping
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basel 4-0 on the night. >> i'm sorry. we played badly. this is not a good image of us, of our club. for that i am sorry. i believe that the whistles were deserved. the supporters were right. this is going to motivate us even more in our next game. i want to say my confidence in this team and this club, i know how much they can give. >> looking for a champions league revenge as they face chelsea wednesday. traveling to west london, knocked out of the quarterfinals last year. the french champions need to score after a 1-1 draw in paris.
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the coach thinks clarity could help his side. >> we are out of ba chelsea has an advantagesel. -- basel. chelsea has an advantage. we need to do what they did in paris. our objective is be well prepared to do what we need to do. we know what we need to do in the second leg. chelsea knows. they will be asking themselves whether they will attack or defend. that is their problem. we have to have one goal to have a chance to qualify. that our task wednesday. >> for the fourth year and five, chelsea could secure a place in the last 8, the coach was rabbi suggestions psg dominated -- was riled by suggestions psg dominated in the first leg.
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>> depends on your concept of football. if dominate in a number of chances, yes. they had more chances than is. if dominate is to stop the opponent yes they dominated. if dominate is to have the ball and move the ball without progression, yes, they dominated. i think they dominated in everything except the result. >> 2012 winners hope to welcome back matic after aces pension. psg will welcome lucas. hoping to negotiate after the first meeting in ukraine. wrapping up a third straight. ten games to go.
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>> they played very aggressive just like in germany. they used quick attacks, just like here in germany. i'm sure donetsk could play in the bundesleague, right up there fighting for the title. the chair making their third appearance in the round of 16. only they have once progressed beyond the stage, the quarterfinals in 2011. stage two to pay respect to those who lost their lives in argentina. . in the closing stages an intense battle between fdj and the other team. beat the french champion.
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the getmrman champion is five points behind alexander christoph in the battle for the jersey. an investigation into the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of 10 people including french sports stars camille muffat florence arthaud and alexis vastine. filming for the tv show "dropped." investigators have been looking for clues as to the cause of the accident. french prosecutors opened a manslaughter investigation into the accident, which is standard procedure in france when a national dies abroad. ♪ >> welcome to web news. the stories making the online headlines. coming up, france in morning following the helicopter crash that left 10 dead.
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an online campaign in the u.s. to put a woman on the bill. a video taking web users on a thrilling test run of a roller coaster. france is in mourning after 10 people including eight french nationals, were killed in a helicopter crash in argentina's western province monday, march 9. they were there to fill a reality show for french networks. and three leading sports people are among the dead. swimmer camille muffat florence arthaud and boxer alexis vastine. the tragedy has generated commentary on social media. sharing their shock. faces from the sporting wo rld send condolences and pay tribute to the people killed. some like former champion,
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posted pictures of candles alongside their messages as a sign of mourning. french politicians from across the spectrum have also expressed their sadness. many posted messages online paying respects to the victims of monday's crash. there have been messages from current athletes and former champions from political spectrum and from the members of the public. the people of france have taken to social network in droves to share their sorrow. ♪ the women on 20's campaign launched in the u.s.. activists hoping to convince american authorities to put a woman on $20 bills from 2020 onward. users can choose between 15 deserving women.
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after two rounds of voting, a petition has 100 thousand signatures and a nonprofit will send a campaign to the white house. among the figures, civil rights activist rosa parks, who led a movement against racial segregation in 1955. the candidates features political figures scientists and women who have made contributions to the advancement of women's rights. the selection has been proving very popular with web users, who have been sharing their favorites on twitter. social networks have added the tongue in cheek hashtag #sorryandrew, andrew jackson, the seventh president of the u.s., they are hoping a women will replace him on the $20 bill. a report for american magazine
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"the new yorker," a successful outcome to this campaign seems unlikely. people on banknotes have not been changed in nearly a century. she says there is some hope as barack obama did speak of putting a woman on a bank note when the issue was raised last year. turkish web users have been posting under the hashtag, urging authorities to free the journalist arrested for leaking state documents to the press in 2010. his arrest has been criticized on social media with many saying it illustrates how the powers want to silence these professionals. activists at the campaign will pay off they say he will be released at the earliest opportunity. an editor for the american edition of "vogue" shared an
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issue of a homeless woman to instagram with the caption "paris is full of surprises and readers in unexpected corners." she thought she was being witty but people have voiced outrage over her remark, saying homelessness is no joke. there was such a backlash see has removed it and apologized for offense caused. ♪ french artist has a unique take on our urban surroundings. and will transform a cha tight ropein to a -- a chain to a tightrope. a piano keyboard in a stairway. the anonymous and spontaneous street artist. a look. ♪ this video takes web users along
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for the ride during the first test run of the new fury roller coaster in carowinds themepark in north carolina. check out the dizzying dissent on youtube.
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