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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 19, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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host: authorities in tunisia hunt for a compass is in yesterday's deadly tunisian attack. waging a war against terrorism. antiterrorism measures are put in place here in france. this in the wake of the "charlie hebdo" attack. in athens defies the european commission and passes a new antipoverty law. it increases tensions in the battle over greek debt. those are the top stories is our. thank you for joining us. i am marlie hall. tunisia's president had promised to wage a merciless war against terrorism.
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19 people were killed when gunmen opened fire on a group of tourists. police killed two attackers at the scene, but tunisian authorities are still hunting for possible suspects. oliver farry reports. oliver: visiting some of the victims in hospital, calling on citizens to stand together against terrorism, something he says is a foreign imposition in tunisia. >> it does not exist in tunisia. we do not have terrorism. it is all-important. oliver: the attacks occurred wednesday in the national museum and parliament building. two or three armed men opened fire on a tour bus. some of the gunmen were allegedly wearing military uniforms. there was instant panic. other visitors were tracked inside for almost four hours. >> we were visiting the museum,
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and then all of a sudden we heard a big noise. we thought summing had fallen, but then we realized it was gunfire. oliver: the bardo museum is located in the same facility as the tunisia general simply wherein antiterrorism bill was being debated. parliament's president said the country's symbols had been targeted. president essebsi: the targets of the attack were both the parliament and the national museum. these are symbols. this attack was a message to tell us terrorism has changed and that even the capital and it has lowered national symbols and inside. oliver: two of the gunmen were killed by police. they are on the hunt for
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possible for conferences. molly: most of the victims were foreigners coming from italy france australia, and poland. tunisians gathered in the capital in a show of support. reporter: as the sun sets in the capital, residents of the city would not be moved. they show solidarity and grie f. denouncing the attacks, refusing to let the terrorists win. >> i am outraged by what is happening. i am here tonight to say that i am not afraid and that we will all continue to fight against terrorism. reporter: while many were outraged and affiant, there was an air of despair, fear that the terrorists had targeted an area
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to destabilize the young nation. >> we cannot handle another blow like this because it will affect the country's institutions at all levels. >> completely and utterly pessimistic today. to hit a sector where millions of divisions live, our economy authority having a hard time getting off the ground, and this is going to deal a fatal blow. reporter: in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, the trimester was quick to add to the hospital to pay his respects to those who survived, but his ministers are also keen to underscore that this problem affects all countries, worldwide. prime minister essid: it is a war against terrorism. it is affected terrorists just as it has affected tunisia and libya with the beheading of addictions. the entire war world that war with terrorism. reporter: a new war to cling onto their democracy undermining the country once again.
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molly: terrorism concerns everyone, no matter where it strikes. francis to recovering from three attacks in early january that left 17 people dead. the governor is trying to boost intelligence services. this morning, new security laws are being unveiled here in paris. "france 24's" luke brown is standing by for us, and he is in the french capital. look walk us through the bill being presented today. luke: ironically, part of the bill as are evenly to the oppressed. it is a bill about extending laws covering intelligence gathering and surveillance operations. the interception, text messages, e-mails, phone calls as well as the key logging of computer keystrokes. there is also the localization the possibility footing gps
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tracking devices in suspect the apples. there is a bugging aspect, the element of being a microphone and cameras in suspects' homes places of interest, as well as putting spying devices into their computers for stop perhaps one of the more problematic issues also on the table is forcing, really obliging internet search engines and social media such as google, skype, and facebook to provide information about suspect individuals. what this is about is really officially giving a framework, a legal framework for the surveillance of activity. must have it, we are essentially doing beforehand anyway, but they were doing it with no real legal basis. it has been an obstacle for them to be able to do their job. it has provided perhaps the possibility for abusive individual civil liberties. that is being treated here as well as the antiterrorism aspect. molly: luke, a forces comes in
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the wake of the paris attacks, the "charlie hebdo" attacks over two months ago. luke: yes, in the wake of those january attacks, the prime minister indicated extraordinary times, extort a merry law was required. really what they are trying to hammer out is bringing this surveillance operation into the digital era. at the moment, they can currently do a phone tapping the spies here in france, but it is well known the most terror suspects avoid using telephone conversations to communicate. for the "charlie hebdo" attacks we know the perpetrators used a lot of internet access to gain information about their targets. that is currently out of bounds for surveillance operations, so it is really trying to remedy that. the various failings that existed to allow the "charlie" attacks to take place -- will there be a solution?
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that is the question. not just laws. it takes 25 individual agents to survey all one suspect for 24 hours. it will create 1000 new jobs, operatives, to add to the 13,000 already currently exist. the problem is with these new laws we created a lot more data to analyze, so really the question is -- will they be able to cope? they are already pretty much overwhelmed, although they have not been submerged. molly: luke brown reporting from outside presidential palace. thank you. we will check back with you later on in the day. now athens is once again it ought with it international lenders. on wednesday, the greeks passed a new antipoverty bill. it has further escalated tensions with the european commission. they had urged athens to consult with creditors. great premise or lexuses press -- greek primus or lexuses press
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said it is the first to be ordered by the greeks rather than -- greek prime minister alexis tsipras said it is the first ordered by greeks rather than autocrats. reporter: it is an anti-austerity bill. it includes measures to give the country's poorest families free food and electricity. >> we will not back down from what we promise. on january 25, the greeks asked us to put in and to austerity and daylight agreements to begin the process of reclaiming the dignity of the nation, and to start a real negotiation with european partners. reporter: the governments of the measures will cost some 200 million euros, which will be offset by cutbacks on spending and ministries. since greece's financial crisis began in 2000 eight, job cuts and reduced pensions and wages mean more and more families rely on charities to get by. >> these first measures from
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the government are good, but they are not enough. solutions are need or the causes behind the humanitarian crisis. reporter: greece's international creditors say the new bill runs contrary to change as athens agreed to last month. and in exchange for extension of its bailout package, without the bailout money, the country would have little cash left to meet payments owed to creditors. >> we are under the impression and everyone is done with the question, shares the impression that time is running out for grace. they obviously have certain problems. reporter: greece will meet with eurozone leaders on the sidelines of the summit in brussels on thursday. molly: do stay tuned. you are watching "france 24." ♪ reporter: barcelona has
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completed the line for the quarterfinals of the champions league 2-1 in a champions league juventus 3-0. juventus travel to dortmund and took a grip when carlos scored in the third minute. 5-1 over the two legs. >> it is true that during the second half, we would have preferred to have longer phases and attack. when you face an opponent who decides to risk everything, you have to try to take advantage of that. from there, we had 20th charge -- we have plenty of charges but we did manage to score. maybe also because we were not as pragmatic as usual, but it is a fantastic night for us overall and our fans. now we just have to wait for the draw. reporter: defending europea
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league was down 2-1, despite a 3-1 win a week ago. chasing a record for title, no better than most that a two-gold lead is anything but say. -- have lost their last six at home. >> we have advantage in a tie. just as we have the lead in our stadium, they can do the same and hours because they are starting to be a very good team, and they have aspects of the game that are top wally, and that gives them plenty of wins. in this game, we are going to go out there and compete. being prepared is key, even if we go for 210 minutes because
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that preparation is what keeps you focused. reporter: sevilla will be suspended without gregory. napoli hold onto a lead, tied at 1-1, and a 2-1 lead away at dynamo kiev. in mary bell, taking the crystal globe in a downhill after winning the last event of the season. the 29-year-old no wage and enter the race with a 20-point lead any downhill. -- the 29-year-old norwegian entered the race with a 20-point lead in the downhill. enjoying the last day on his podium as he takes his retirement. >> it is an amazing feeling.
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all the pressure today -- i know it was possible to win it, obviously, but it felt good with the form and he had a fantastic run, and as soon as it was like that -- and possibly also the race, and it makes it an amazing day. reporter: lindsey vonn secured her seventh downhill crystal globe and 18th total victory in mary bell, an astonishing performance giving her recent performance. she is still the queen of speed on the lower section. the clocks time, 1/3 of a second. a record-breaking 66 world cup victory winning the world cup title equally. another victor, amory. >> and represent the lot.
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this is the most medieval globe i have won because i have been injured, so to come back this year, i was happy with just a few iwns but to actually get a globe is more that i had hoped for, siamese a great do to me and i am very thankful and ankle for all of the support i've gotten from my team and from everybody -- i had hoped for and i'm very thankful for all the support i have gotten from a team and everybody. reporter: and a retirement at the end of the season after the world cup finals in mary bell. -- less podium was in february 2013. the retirement of a couple of weeks after that of another french skier. plans to renovate roland garros, homes of the french open tennis tournament, have been put on hold following yesterday's decision by paris city council to allow a new study of the
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land-use. the decision came following residents and environmentalists. a city construction will harm the vegetation. french tennis officials say the failure to extend roland garros will result in the loss of its grand slam status. reporter: hello and welcome to today's web news with our pick of the stories making top headlines. coming up on today's show, the web echoes the frankfurt riot. german net users condemn insulting gestures by the greek finance minister, and an american man plays in astonishing game of white warehouse basketball. on wednesday, the 18th of march, the european central bank inaugurated it new headquarters in frankfurt, germany. on the occasion of the event thousands of activists from around europe descended on the city streets to protest against
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the us austerity policies imposed by european governments. the demonstrations quickly turned into scuffles between protesters and police. despite the heavy police presence, violence clashes quickly broke out close to the ecb headquarters. the incidence can be seen in the amateur videos available online, in which the protesters are damaging shop windows and even police cars. in response to these riots, the police swiftly went into action, deploying water cannons and other methods to disperse protesters. frank for police also announced on its twitter account having arrested several hundred people involved in the violent attacks in the city. german police believe the troublemakers are members of the black block an anarchist
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movement targeting symbols of capitalist society. while promoting a book in 2013 the new greek finance minister, yet esther farkas -- yanis varoufakis, made an insulting image targeting berlin. it has given rise to outrage on the local web. while some twitter users urged for the insult be put in perspective others cannot believe he could behave in such an insulting manner. they're using the #fingergate. faced with this outrage, yanis varoufakis quickly responded declaring that the video had been doctored. the channel immediately refuted
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the accusation, guaranteeing that the image had undergone no manipulation whatsoever. social network users are using their down lists creativity to poke fun at the great finance minister's gaffe. this dictating the money man willing to cut his finger off to avoid making the same manner in the future. last week with a shopping center ablaze behind them, to firefighters in russia decided to take time out for a quick selfie. according to the "moscow times" website. and called for outcry, and the request has been headed by authorities, who of opened and it is so -- hawho have opened an official investigation into the incident.
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hot dudes with dogs is the name of an instagram page compiled of hunks with their four-legged friends. the account draws inspiration from other similar initiatives such as hot dudes reading, in which we see men engrossed in their books while on public transport. in the studio, swiss photographers decided to reproduce some of the world was the most famous pictures, right down to the smallest detail. sees from the hindenburg disaster the first moon landing, and the 9/11 attacks were re-created in miniature before being photographed. these amazing series of
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creations can be seen on their website, american mandated cold recently -- american man david cold recently had a surprising challenge of playing basketball in a warehouse. we can see his exploits in this video, which can also be viewed on the goatpro youtube account. [cheers]
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reporter: welcome to the "france 24" observers, focused on the people who are our eyes and ears around the world. we begin in the west with a video that is change the rules for the israeli army, at least for now. it shows soldiers using an attack dog during the arrest of a palestinian teenager. it was caught by a camera mounted on one of the soldier's helmets. an israeli reports on human rights issues in the west bank. sarit: arresting a 16-year-old youth, the dog has just been taken off by the soldiers, their handlers, while an additional soldier is heard a gain the dogs on.
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>> [indiscernible] sarit: our volunteer film the beginning and end of the incident, however, soldiers prevented him from filming the actual dog arrest. the use was taken to a hospital and then given treatment and was recently charged with stonethrowing and given a sentence of six months. this video occurred in the late 2013 in the southern west bank. -- in late 2014 in the southern west bank. there are frequent clashes protecting the settlement -- a number of cases where soldiers use dogs, and in other cases palestinians -- israel through a
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gap in the separation barriers. they have a range of less lethal means they can be used, such as teargas canisters, certainly using dogs against unarmed civilians is completely an example in our minds. derek: after the video appeared online some the israeli army called the soldiers' conduct "i acceptable," and they will put new guidelines in place. to the democratic republic and the congo now. it is said to be the riches in the world in terms of mineral deposits but in the poorest as the way the people live. the poor can make money from the -- minerals if they are desperate enough. alexandre: apparently some of the iron or spilled out of the wagon's list of over the years it built out over the tracks and underneath the tracks.
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now people have realized that there is copper oil on the tracks. they call it liquid green. they get it by digging on the train tracks. it is mostly young people with no jobs, but children do it, too. sometimes they are organized by people who have influence. >> they get the other people to do the digging for them, then they take a cut of the profit. alexandre: it is a center for minerals trading, so there is a lot of buyers. they're mostly chinese. they can either extracted themselves or sent overseas. the ore is sold by the kilo. the price depends on the price of copper, so it does bring in money, enough that families can live on. it is very dangerous because of the trains. by digging, they take this away from the tracks, so that means the tracks become less stable. there could be accident.
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he trains good derail.
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