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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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place. the extreme right party failed to top the polls. that is hard-line republican senator ted cruz. he says he is running for president. and the founder of singapore has died. lee kuan yew transformed the country into a financial
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powerhouse. i'm jeannie gondola. in the end, in french local elections, the party was edged out by the former right clock president nicolas sarkozy. the udi pulling in 29.5% of the vote. the national front brought it close to 26%. that is still its highest score ever. it was a bit of an upset though, as that party was excited to come in first. the party of socialist, francois hollande, just 21% of the vote. that election continues next sunday in round two of the local vote. meanwhile, the war of words is already underway. michelle harrison has more.
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michelle: he hit the campaign trail running. socialist prime minister determined to put a stop to the search in popularity for the national front. he made second-place behind nicholas sarkozy's unp. >> this massive vote in favor is a singular blow against the prime minister, who thought he could lead the campaign that stigmatized millions of french citizens. >> the socialists were given third-place results. voters will have back to the
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polls next sunday. the french premier made a clean for a so-called republican front, urging both socialist and unp voters to unite against the national front. >> all voters in our public now have a responsibility. i call upon all of them to adopt a clear position. when faced with the far right party, vote for the candidate from the left or the right. michelle: nicholas sarkozy immediately ruled out any alliances. the former french president instead instructing unp voters to abstain. genie: nexen they will see several runoffs by the conservative blocks -- next sunday will see several runoffs for the conservative blocks.
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anti-immigration had a particularly strong showing in southeastern france. you will find a 25-year-old unp was also the niece of the national front leader. michelle: there is still a second round to go, but on sunday, supporters were celebrating. here a city of avenue on, the far right party receiving 35% of the vote thanks in part to this person. >> we treat the second round in all of the districts. michelle: as the youngest impey ever elected to the national assembly, she is a rising star. the 25-year-old is a useful step away from her grandfather and party founder.
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>> she has a kindness and restraint to her. she doesn't lash out or use word games like her grandfather to upset people. >> i was with another party for while and it was a total mess. why not go with the national front? michelle: her critics say she is a puppet for grandfather and aunt. the national front needs to win nine district to head the department, an uphill battle. despite the strong turnout, the region has been socialist for 14 years. genie: while there were elections in spain and definite progress for the anti-rarity party, -- the anti-austerity party, taking third place in the vote. the main opposition socialist in power since then committed to
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talk the pool with over 35%. but the anti-austerity party, putting us --podemos one newly 15%. now to the u.s., hard-line republican ted cruz announces candidacy for president today via twitter. the tea party candidate is very vocal in his criticism of the obama administration and for local reform. collect during his two years as a senator, 44-year-old ted cruz has built a reputation as a robust offender -- defender of conservative values. it has brought him considerable appeal among the republican camp base of voters of tea party
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voters. however, is rooted not stop him blocking obama's plans on immigration. >> it is my hope that we will stand in bipartisan unity to secure the borders. >> he is behind a 16 day government shutdown 2015 -- 2014. and he slammed the obama administration in a 21 hours speech to the senate. ted cruz: this fight was always about the people who are hurting because of obamacare. >> he fight for abortion -- he fight abortion rights and doesn't believe in climate change. he was one of 47 republican senators who signed a letter to iran, saying any nuclear deal stuck -- struck with the obama
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administration could be void after the 2016 elections. he is trailing behind jeb bush and wisconsin governor scott walker. genie: the un security council has given it unanimous support for the embattled president of yemen. fighting in a country continued over the weekend as the backers of the present came face-to-face with the shiite militia. sonam: thousands of supporters for the shiite rebels, the booties. -- hooties. >> we are here together to reject the presence of this
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militia, who are surrounding this can't and will not leave and get out of this region. sonam: this neighborhood is already peppered with the iranian backed group but not without a fight. >> it is our supporters who were initially attacked. they were clashes and many were left wounded. sonam: if they hold onto the fight, it could affect the president. defined he remains. -- defiant, he remains. >> i urge all houthi to withdraw from government institutions. lastly, i urge them to return all light, medium, and heavy weapons which were looted densities from the military. sonam: with security risks they
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were ordered to evacuate yemen on saturday. it could play a part in pushing the country into a civil war. genie: the un security council did meet this sunday where they did confirm their backing of the hard-line president. let's bring in armen georgian. how involved does the international community want to be in this crisis? armen: the president is calling for intervention by all available means. the un's response to fall short of that. certainly, military intervention is not on the table. action against the rebel legals -- leaders is possible but weapons have not been sanctioned or group. there has been voiced support for the president, but it remains to be seen out that will help them.
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however some in the international community are more closely involved. recently iran has strengthened its relationships with the houth i. and others in the region as well. genie: the past few days have been particularly deadly for civilians. armin: yes on friday yemen saw 140 people killed in mosques in the capital in attacks claimed by the islamic state group. those attacks have given the h outhi rebel leader in opportunity to ask him and ease to mobilize in order to drive islamic state group and al qaeda out of southern yemen. but there's a question as to whether that might be also a cover for trying to drive out
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president hottie -- hadi, because he has set up in the coastal city. and the houthi's have taken a city on the road to the president. it seems the rebels may be gunning for him. they are certainly getting closer. genie: thank you for that, armen georgian. singapore's founding father lee kuan yew has died at the age of 91 or pneumonia. he is credited with turning singapore into a thriving financial hub. charlotte hawkins has more. charlotte: a leader both feared and admired taking the reins after britain granted singapore self-rule in 1989 -- 1959.
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lee kuan yew became the first prime minister and remain so for decades. he helped to turn the nation into its -- into one of asia's most wealthy and stable countries. it became a global trading up. >> mr. lee put singapore on the international stage. he gave the country and influence and providence globally that is totally disproportionate to the countryside. charlotte: a remarkable achievement, but at a price. he was criticized for his iron fist rule. yet little tolerance for opposition rules, jailing some rivals for decades without trial and limiting freedom of the press to make sure he got his way. lee: my motto in life is if you have decided to do something do
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would welcome or don't do it at all. charlotte: lee gave government control over many aspects of citizens lives and it is still that way today. now he is gone, they may see some changes. >> think we will see liberalization in terms of individual freedoms come in terms of how state to individual relations are conducted. charlotte: for now, singapore is a nation in mourning. for the man who turned it into an economic powerhouse. genie: finally, a set of identical twins, both of you happen to be met -- happen to be astronauts are set to take part in a year-long study for nasa, part of a quest for i -- to fly a manned mission to mars. scott kelly will spend a euro for the international space station, a feat that will set a record.
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is brother, mark, will stay on the ground and act as a control. mark is married to congresswoman gabby giffords. >> at least at one time they were genetically identical. they have lived full and happy lives in slightly divergent ways. but also we will start using 20 century medical technology to understand what happens to people in space. we need to learn what will happen to people before we definitively say we will go for mars. >> if into the title challenge -- breathing new life into the title challenge. both sides one on sunday as well.
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the rest of the championship it will look in on how things end up. but above all the title match will be particularly important. >> missing upcoming friendly's in denmark because of injury. one has a hamstring problem. in the second half, a victory and julie high quality match at l classico. >> it was a very important victory.
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now it looks a little better chance of winning the league. toward the entered -- the end of the second half, we open up spaces. it was a crucial victory as we increase the point cap between us and them and now we have the advantage. we are going to keep fighting right until the end. we played better than they did in certain parts of the game. we also had great possession of the ball. toward the end of the game, they improved at times, but we must keep fighting right up to the end. >> they managed to strengthen their grip on fourth-place by beating liverpool. and shelti picked up three vital points in their six-point lead to the top. >> playing bad, not creating, no
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dynamic, no-confidence but the team played so well for 20 could to 25 minutes. for us, control of the moment and play. the second half, they played. after that, we had the ball, we played. we tried everything. >>'s 50th career title, beating roger federer in wales. -- at indian wells. djokovic one his fourth indian
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wells title. and defending his slalom crowned at maryvale. he fought the german after storming through an eight, who went home with a disappointing 12. he finished just off the podium in for. >> i took all the risk and it was a lot of fun to ski like this. at the end, i have to say it i am pretty set for felix. i hardly feel the same as last year when i lost the gs globe by just one place at the finals. it is always a hard position but it's part of our game.
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i finally have to say it's the best season so far. >> successfully defending her overall outline team final after finishing the event in maryvale. her sixth win of the season. >> it was so tough. i mean, both of them had so much five. tina was so strong. i was on a limit because as the thing goes, you are feeling the run. it's hard to just think about
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skiing and nothing else. >> her fourth straight world cup title. 30 when gold in these event. the winner takes all 21 targets as he raced away from the field. >> hello and welcome to the web news. here's our pick of the stories making headlines. coming up on today's show, a canadian team -- teenager with asperger's get a birthday to remember. a stolen iphone leads to a u.s.-china bromance.
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last week, a canadian mom posted a message to facebook asking social networks to send your son, odin, a message on his birthday. odin has asperger's and when he sent invites to classmates for a birthday party, no one rsvp. his mother reached out to web users and they got them party started. thousands posted messages last friday under the #oaten birthday -- #odinbirthday. many wanted to let him know he was not on his own. a massive show of solidarity. the people who posted these clips to youtube celebrated his birthday in song. >> ♪happy birthday to you happy birthday to you
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happy birthday dear odin ♪ collect and in addition, the shout outs on virtual networks and birthday cards popped up in person to celebrate his 17th birthday. several hundred people showed up on friday night to celebrate with the birthday boy at a bowling alley. he was taken aback and over the moon. his mom truly succeeded in giving him a birthday to remember. new yorker and journalists for the buzz feed found some photos on his smartphone that he hadn't taken himself. after a little investigation, he realized his old iphone, which had been stolen a year prior had been resold in china, but not disconnected from his private icloud account. he started getting all of his photos uploaded by the new
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owner. the story has drawn much attention from weber users in both countries. many offered their services in helping to track down the chinese man who's the new owner of the iphone. tens of thousands posted messages trying to identify the man who had affectionately earned the nickname brother orange, due to the countless selfies posted in front of fruit trees. in just a few days, they were able to identify where the photos were taken, and that the press -- the person was in leaking joan. when he realized the -- the person was in li hing jun. when he realized the popularity of the story and the american person he invited him to visit. he then went off to meet his new friends family.
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the beginning of a very special china u.s. bromance. web users in venezuela have been posting under the obama to roger -- obama deroghas hash tag. the online campaign has of edition certify the venezuelan president nicolas maduro, which demands a u.s. repeal of its order. it has garnered over one million -- over 1.3 million signatures. british artists maria leinster love for coffee and art by painting her favorite characters using water green paper and around five different coffee blends. her gallery features the like of the snow queen, and also r2-d2.
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you can take a closer look at her instagram page. with the platform, you can turn your -- with the platform you can pick your own temporary tattoo. they come at a very reasonable price of 11 euros. in this video we see waterskiing barefoot, towed by an airplane. you can take a closer look at him in action on the go pro to youtube channel. ♪
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