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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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ed drowned after their boat capsizes off the southern coast of italy. the president of turkey rejects the results of the e.u. debate on the armenian genocide saying his country will disregard the parliaments views over those 1915 killings. this week the pope described it as genocide. the u.s. is set to remove cuba from its list of state sponsored terrorism clearing the main obstacle to restore diplomatic relations. also the european union takes
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google to task saying it is abusing its position as the biggest search engine. we will have details coming up in bills. the iconic airline of the 1970's is back. nostalgic fans travel back on pan-am thanks to a bit of movie magic. anchor: first 400 illegal migrants are thought to have drowned after their boat capsized off the southern coast of italy. if confirmed those deaths would add to the skyrocketing numbers of migrants lost at sea trying to make their way to europe. with more here is claire williams guest: warm springtime weather has prompted more to make the
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dangerous journey across the medicine trannian sea. these -- mediterranean sea. they were rescued when their boat got in trouble. police arrested the men suspected of driving the boat. the migrants will go to retention centers will italian authorities will assess whether to grant them refugee status. many who try never make it to italy's stores. on sunday up to 400 migrants died when their boat capsized. those who survived told stories of suffering in libya before they even got on board. >> a story from a 17-year-old migrant who says he was kept with around 1,000 people in a sardine factory in libya for four months and they were given one meal a day. they were encouraged to telephone their families to
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plead with them for more money saying that their lives were at risk. guest: people smuggling is a lucrative business to traffic years. migrants can pay hundreds for crossing in poorly maintained boats. more than 15,000 have arrived on italy's shores this year. anchor: islamic state militants have gained new ground in western iraq. this morning militantsover -- militants overran a village and it could fall. i'm joined by an expert on terrorism. you were telling they have been pin the city for some time. how long? guest: they have been present there since january of 2014. you have to remember that this started it ramadi against the government and when he began to oppress with force these
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peaceful militants at the time made the comeback to cities from the desert to cities and one of the first cities they came back was ramadi and then fallujah which is closer to baghdad and they control since then 2014. so they gained control of almost half of the city since that time. more than a year now. and they are continuing to take more ground day by day. today they took a portion from the city center and i'm told they took two villages just next to the town. anchor: what about the reports that ramadi itself could fall within hours? would that indeed happen? guest: it could but i don't think it would fall within hours because people are fighting the islamic state with locals and they fought al qaeda and in
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2007 and 2008 and kicked al qaeda out of the cities at that time. so people are still fighting and they don't have another option t. is fighting or dying because you have to remember the islamic state opened the door as they say for repentance and those who repent ed repented at the good time were like pardoned by the islamic state and those who are still fighting they don't have another way out so never to fight. i think they will have to fight until death but i don't think that the town will foul in a few hours. but what is certain is the islamic state is continuing to gain ground hour by hour since almost 48 hours. anchor: let's say ramadi does eventually fall to the islamic state. what impact would that have? guest: it would be huge because it is the only province where militants are still fighting the islamic state. in other parts it is the shia
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militants and they fought today at a lake and they cannot go further gauze they don't have any -- because they don't have any popular support. the sunni population is not in favor of shia militia fighting on their ground because they know they will pay the price. so the importance is that if the islamic state gains all of ramadi there won't be any sunni opposition left and the sunni population will be de facto on the side of the islamic state which is almost the case today. we have to admit, too. anchor: thank you for that. to washington where president obama pledged $200 million in humanitarian aid to iraq. a move aimed to help those displaced by the islamic state. he made that offer following a meeting with the iraqi prime minister who was at the white house. as we hear it fell short of the
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prime minister's request for more military support. guest: he came looking for billions of dollars in u.s. military aid to combat the islam kwrbg state group and got a handshake and warm endorsement along with an offer of $200 million in additional humanitarian humanitarian assistance. way short of what he wanted as the iraqi push forward to recapture lost territory. >> we have plans to liberate and we need high level coordination and support from the u.s. and coalition forces and the regional government. guest: on the iraqi prime minister's concrete request of extra military support obama declined to say and made clear it was for baghdad to lead the way. president obama: it is very important for us to coordinate our activities so that the impression is not that the
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united states is somehow moving back into iraq but rather the united states is doing what is ultimately best for the iraqi people even as we join in fighting a common enemy. guest: the issue of iraqi reliance on iran backed shiite militia featured heavily in discussion. obama said mobilization last year was necessary but added that any foreign backed groups should be under baghdad's control. a warning to iran that its fighters must answer to the iraqi prime minister. anchor: the president of turkey is standing tprpl on his view -- firm on his view of mass killings of armenian's century ago. he says they will disregard the european parliament views on the kills from 1915 to 1958 ahead of a debate today. this week the pope called the killings genocide. we will bring in our anchor correspondent jasper mortimer.
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where is the president taking such a firm substance? guest: what he said is turkey's standard line on what happened to the armenians. i think what gives his words more impact than usual inside turkey is the fact we are having parliamentary elections in june and they are the ones shrugging off criticism will go down left. they will approve of what he said. anchor: you do say turks are nationalistic but the centenary of the killings is coming up. is there any sign of change with the people of turkey itself? guest: yes. a few years ago more than 120 academics launched a petition apologizing for what happened to the armenians. books have appeared written by turks saying into armenians were slaughtered. i have two of them here with me. my grandmother a shameful act
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by another. the smallest of the four parties in parliament, the pro-kurdish popular democratic party says that the armenians suffered genocide. most important of all is that young turkish people are taking part in the demonstrations that commemorate what happened to the armenians april 8 two years ago they erected a monument to the armenians. it is still the case that most turks reject that armenians were systematically killed. but a movement against that view has begun. thanks are developing in dark things are developing in the right direction. anchor: thank you jasper. u.s. president barack obama is set to remove cuba have a list of state sponsors of terrorism.
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that step is the latest on the road toward restoring ties between the two nations that have been frozen for five decades. guest: the country that has been running on the same cars for six decades have been on the same u.s. black list for half that time. but that may been to change. on tuesday president obama presented this document to the u.s. congress a formal certificate detailing cuba's removal from the black list of countries that support terrorism. republican senator and presidential candidate marco rubio called it terrible. rubio: they harbor fugitives and including somebody who killed a police officer in new jersey over 30 years ago and it is also the country that is helping north korea evade weapons sanctions by the united nations. they should have remained on the list of state sponsors of terrorism and sends a chilling message to enemies that this white house is no longer serious
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about calling treufpblg by its proper name. guest: the reception in havana is different. >> it is time obama realized cuba is not what they say the world over. it is time to reestablish ties between cuba and the united states. guest: cuba has on on this list thins 1982 when the reagan administration added it for giving support to rebels in colombia. the removal would leave only syria, sudan and iran on the list and would allow the caribbean island to open a u.s. embassy and access international financial markets. obama's decision is three days after he held a historic meeting with cuban president raul castro on the fringes of an american summit in panama. the u.s. congress has 45 days to consider the decision before it takes effect. anchor: we will look at today's
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headlines. some 400 illegal might go grants feared drowned after their boat capsizes on the coast of italy. the president of turkey rejects the results of the e.u. debate on the armenian genocide ahead of the discussion saying his country will disregard the european palment's views -- parliament views. this week the pope described them as genocide. world powers turn up the heat on the houthi rebels in yemen slapping a u.n. arms embargo on them that is backed by iran. time for the day's business news with steven carroll. you are starting with the news of a huge deal in the telecom industry. steven: this is nokia buying alcatel-lucent in a deal that values it at $15.6 billion euros. both specialize in network infrastructure and it will help
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them compete with the swedish and chinese market leaders. alcatel-lucent would be subsumed under nokia which is creating a new group headquartered in finland. the french government has backed it if they promise to maintain jobs here. guest: it is a deal that merges two former telecommunications rivals with ambitions to become a leader in cloud technology. nokia and alcatel-lucent will come together in early 2016 under the name nokia corporation. with the finnish company holding two parts it says it will give it greater scope to expand and make the french base an important center for research and design. >> it will make employment in france consistent with their plans plans. the company expects to expand employment with the addition of self hundred new positions targeting the skills of
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technology. guest: nokia has struggled to compete with smart phone giant apple and samsung but has seen success in its network building division. the french government initially wary of the deal has given its approval. >> this deal between nokia and alcatel-lucent will allow for the creation of a european giant in equipment and technology for mobile and land lines. 5-g will be developed under this. guest: alcatel-lucent hopes it goes better than the previous merger with lucent which resulted in the loss of 18,000 jobs. nokia expects to make savings of around r9d million you're -- 900 million euros but the jobs in trance are safe. >> yesterday alcatel-lucent lue isn't shares will risen over 16,000 and we are seeing the
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reverse with nokia down around 3.5% and up today in trading. so investors are thinking about that across europe on the markets this midpoint in the trading day we have the european markets generally up. this is ahead of the meeting of the european central bank. we are not expecting any great announcement but we will be listening careful to what the president has to say about the bond buying program and what effect it is having. anchor: let's go to brussels where the e.u. has announced an investigation into google. guest: they have said it abused its dominant position as a search engine saying it promotes its own shopping services and second investigation will focus on the mobile operating system android and for more details we go to brussels to speak to our correspondent there. thanks for being with us. google has been in the e.u. site for quite some time now. take us through the details of
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this particular complaint. >> indeed, this case was opened in november 2010 by the former competition commissioner. but when the daneish commissioner took over last autumn she said the case would be a priority for her. she certainly has made it a priority and the commission felt after a number of complaints that google had been abusing its dominant position on the market, namely when it comes to shopping online. what they don't say is they have sent a statement of objections to the company saying that google is artificially favoring its own shopping services and has been doing so in a number of member states since 2008. it doesn't mean google will automatically face a fine because as you know a company could face a fine of up to 10% of annual revenue. they have 10 weeks to send a letter to the commission.
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it can of course appeal and it they think it will be settled. >> we have had google say the accusations are wide of the mark but it is not the first time the e.u. has targeted a big american technology company. is this just a case of the commission coming down harder on a u.s. firm? >> she said it has nothing to do with the home place of the company. she said it doesn't matter if it is american or russian, it is european competition law. if the company wants to compete in the european market it must abide by the rules. she said dominance was not a problem but as a monopoly google has a major responsibility. one expert i spoke to said this is bad news for google and it is not the only bad news. the commission opened another investigation today regarding android and received a number of
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complaints and has an investigation. they believe google has an tablet and manufacturer to preinstall the google plane. -- app. >> very interesting case we will be following with you the next months and years. thank you for those details. anchor: next let's come back to france where the government has unveiled a new round of spending cuts. guest: more austerity on the way 4 billion euros this year and 5 next year. that will come from the health and social security budget. you can imagine that will be very controversial. the government plans to save another 1.2 billion of other running costs from state organizations to bring down its budget deficit and bring it in line with e.u. rules. anchor: there is one company in the united states who has taken a pretty hefty pay cut.
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guest: this is admirable. it is gravity payment in seattle and dan price has announced he is raising the salary of all workers to $70,000 a year up from an average of $48,000 and to pay for it he is cutting his salary from $1 million to $70,000. it affects around 70 workers. he said he is going to plow back more than $1.5 million of profit to make the pay rises happen. a pretty impressive move. i don't know if i could give up that much of my own money. anchor: we will see if that pays off. thank you for that look at business. time now for the press review. we have a look at the press. you are going to start with this story steven was talking about a moment in business about the purchase from nokia of the
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french rival alcatel-lucent. >> they went to press before it fswas news but it is on the front page of the business paper that says alcatel-lucent is selling itself to nokia to save its destiny. alcatel-lucent is known as one of the jewels of french industry and there is a feeling of regret that this is going through. you see on the front page they say france is once again losing one of its industrial jewels and says a page of french history of capitalism is turning with the deal. anchor: the french government traditionally has been against this kind of takeover and it backed it. >> it brought out the red carpet to make sure it went through. why did that happen? you can read more about it. they say france is in the face of its own decline and a lot
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jobs are at stake. this article says the truth is that france and finland are facing intense competition especially from china when it comes to telecommunications. it calls china the steamroller and this marriage is unavoidable if both nokia and alcatel-lucent want to continue to be relevant on the market and they applaud the deal that is happening and says it is better to do this than to fight a losing battle and to suffer a long and slow and painful death. anchor: let's move on to another story out of the united states where barack obama has decided to lift the designation of cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. >> this is a very symbolic and long awaited move hailed in cuba from officials there ordinary citizens. they see it as kind of a healing move to end a decades-long insult to national pride. you can read about it in a cuban
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paper. this is another step in warming relations between the u.s. and cuba that started in december. it removes a major roadblock to establishing diplomatic relations. if you want to get the technical aspect of how this is being lifted you can read about it in the "washington post." basically obama wrote a letter to congress and congress has 45 days to consider cuba's removal from the list before it takes effect. it can't interfere with obama's decision without voting on separate legislation which the "washington post" says is up likely. anchor: and in the united states there is a lot of brewing over the presidential campaign that is getting unway. now hillary clinton still in the spotlight. >> there is a major story across the world. you look at the independent you see this photo of hillary clinton kicking off her campaign in iowa. you see the independent says she is reaching america aes's
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political differed and a photo there reaching across a table. in the china daily they have a cartoon that focuses on hillary. you can see here on the back of a donkey a symbol of the diplomat party and up against a woolly mammoth. the elephant is a symbol of the rurlg party. but she looks quite confident. anchor: you have pulled out an article from the daily beast focusing on how hillary clinton is trying to get young voters on board. >> it starts in a harsh way saying hillary clinton feels not cool in 2008 compared to barack obama. now she is eight years old older, should be cool this time. according to the daily beast compared to the opposition she's a lot cooler but you see the headline. young voters may hate the g.o.p., republican party they don't quite love hillary yet. she is doing everything she can to woo them. she's got this snazzy video
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campaign we have been talking about where according to this article it has all the ingredients to appeal to young voters. millennials part of the most racially diverse generation in american history and profoundly liberal on social issues so you can see a mixed race couple, gay couple, et cetera, to woo voters and she has a website. you can read about it in the french version of "slate" focusing on one aspect the 404 error message that comes up when a link doesn't work. it says she has the best 404 error message, a silly photo of the clintons in the 1990's with donald duck and there is a link in case you want to volunteer for her campaign. it is interesting that the media frenzy is so big around her that even her 404 error mental is getting an article in "slate."
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anchor: we end with a break 24ru. >> scientists at duke university may have found a potential cause of alzheimer's disease. you can see it says this breakthrough will give new hope to millions. they were examining mice and discovered that a certain immune system cell which normally protect the brain contribute to the disease's development. why is this a breakthrough? because it opens the door to finding a treatment for alzheimer's which is the most common form of dementia and is growing. anchor: that would be some positive breakthrough if that is developed. thank you so much for that look at the press. if you want to get a closer look at any of the articles you canññññññññññ
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