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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 16, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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to deal with illegal immigrants trying to get to its shores after another 400 from africa are lost at sea. hundreds gather in the south african city of durban for a march protesting attacks on foreigners. south korea marks the first anniversary of the sinking of a ferry with 304 people on board. the president vows to raise the ship. in business, are the french
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getting richer or are they telling the tax authorities they are? rising revenues from france's wealth tax. victory for barcelona as it wins the first leg of the champions league finals 3-1. first, the u.n. has asked the european union to step up its response to deal with the increasing number of migrants crossing the mediterranean. most of them come from sub-saharan africa and their trips are often made in dangerous makeshift boats. the call comes after one of the boats capsized off the coast of libya monday, leaving 400 lost at sea. >> these are some of the
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survivors of the latest migrant tragedy to hit the mediterranean. according to aid workers, entire families were lost in monday's disaster. >> the relatives of a young girl died. her mother, father and younger sister. she's alone at the age of 12. >> a combination of worsening political circumstances and countries of origin and improving weather conditions have seen migrants make the journey across the mediterranean in droves. on tuesday, the italian coast guard under 12 operations, saving 1500 people. last year's italy's program was phased out. a limited eu border control has replaced it but it continues to struggle. >> this demonstrates how important it is to have a robust rescue at sea mechanism in terms of the mediterranean. unfortunately, the program was never replaced by an equivalent
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capacity to rescue people. at the same time, we increased the legal avenues for those who need protection to come to europe. >> italian authorities said a number of people trying to make the crossing resembles an exodus and if italians are on the rise. in collaboration -- in calabria, local people are calling on the eu for help. we are asking the government to give us a hand with the clandestine boats. it's not about being racist, we do not have the resources. we're also asking the eu to take an interest because the program cannot face emergencies on their own. >> according to the u.n. high commission for refugees, 219,000 migrants crossed the mediterranean last year. 3500 lives were lost. genie: the european parliament
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asking turkey to recognize the murder of 1.5 million armenians a century ago as a genocide. days after the pope used that word, calling the tragedy he first genocide of the 20th century. the term has long been a source of tension between armenia and turkey. the turkish government refuses to use the word "genocide," preferring to say the mass killings came through civil war. here is olivia. >> who is in favor? it was against? oliviaer: asa bolick looked from the parliament as a majority of lawmakers encouraged -- a symbolic vote from the parliament as a majority of lawmakers encouraged the government to recognize the genocide. 1.5 million or murdered a century ago. it was branded a disgrace. >> this is a political decision.
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it is a real fiasco and this resolution will go down in history as a pathetic decision. >> the european parliament has fanned the flames and with this resolution they have taken a step that will only deepen the conflict. olivier: ankara has refused the term genocide, speaking instead of civil war. the eu pronouncement comes three days after comments from the vatican proctored anger in turkey. on sunday, pope francis paid respects to the armenian victims. >> this tragedy is widely considered the first genocide of the 20th century. olivier: the remarks resulted in the recall of turkey's ambassador to the vatican. the killings came at the end of the ottoman empire between 1915 and 1917. 20 countries including france, italy and russia have recognized this as a genocide. last year, recep tayyip erdogan
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then prime minister, expressed condolences to the arminians for the first time without using the word genocide. genie: tributes to the victims of the holocaust are being held in israel today. people stood in silence as sirens wailed across the country. today's holocaust memorial day marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the nazi death camps. 6 million jews were killed during world war ii. in south africa, immigration is becoming a hot button issue. somalis, ethiopians and other immigrants are being subjected to what the ruling anc party has called a wave of attacks. at least six people were killed in anti-immigration violence this week. violence blamed on locals who say the foreigners are stealing their jobs. hundreds of people gathered in the coastal city of durban for a
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march denouncing does attacks. to tell us more, let's bring in aisha in cape town. the marsh is getting underway in durban. what is the feeling across the whole of south africa? is there an anti-immigrant sentiment? >> i would not say it. i believe it is a small minority. people are saying why are you attacking our neighbors? why are you attacking foreign african nationals when these are the same people who housed members of the liberation movement, people who are now in government, during the days of apartheid. people fled to zimbabwe, nigeria, ethiopia, malawi. these other people who housed people during the dark days of apartheid. and clothed and said then and now you are attacking these people in a way that they have never seen before.
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in 2008 we had similar attacks against our african nationals and neighbors. now it is continuing. it is interesting to note that while there is a peace march in durban, miners in johannesburg are demanding that foreigners be removed from the police. local south africans are actually hurling bottles and stands at police. telling them they must remove the foreigners as soon as possible. i does not bode well for south africa in terms of south africa's image. genie: president jacob zuma has said south africa is not xenophobia. and anyone who says it is is exaggerating. he is due to speak later in cape town. how likely is it that he will repeat those comments despite the uptick in violence? >> he is expected to make a
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speech, an announcement in parliament in about 40 minutes. he spoke to one of the local television stations earlier and he did say that it is a gross exaggeration to say that south africa is a xenophobia country and society. he did say that he has deployed three cabinet ministers to deal with this issue. he says that if south africans have problems with foreign nationals, there are other means to deal with these problems and attacking them in the manner in which they have done is totally unacceptable. we are expecting president jacob zuma to make a concrete announcement later in parliament. now, it is also not helping that some of the political leaders and especially from the ruling party are making ambiguous statements about xenophobia in south africa. we had the zulu king a couple days ago say that foreigners who are in south africa legally must
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be removed. genie: thanks for that from cape town. today marks the first anniversary of the sinking of the ferry in south korea. that disaster left 304 people dead, many of the victims were schoolchildren. speaking today, the president promised to raise the sunken ferry as soon as possible. a commitment made after weeks of demands from victims' families. park geun-hye: i express my sincere condolences to the thick thumbs -- the victims and the missing people. along with everyone in our country, i pray for the deceased. i think now is the time for us to be prepared for the ship's salvage. we'll make all necessary procedures properly. so that the ship can be raised as soon as possible. genie: four more, let's bring in andrew in seoul. one year since the ferry sank.
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so much controversy and anger surrounding what happened and the aftermath. tell us about that. andrew: there is enormous controversy. to give an example of how much angst there is among the victims or the families of the victims their work two memorial services today. one in the port of jindo close to the sinking site. that is where you saw president park speaking. she was snubbed. most of the family members did not turn up for that. the other one, taking place in a town outside seoul that is where the high school where the majority of the victims came from, that was boycotted by the family members, the bereaved family members. again, because the government will not cede to their demand. one of their demands was to raise the ship which president
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park has agreed to do. the other was to hold an independent investigation. the current investigation will be led by government officials clearly a conflict of interest. genie: as you mentioned, the president has promised the families to raise the ship. what does that entail? how complicated will that be? andrew: it is immensely complicated. there is a precedent in south korea, in 2010 when a warship was sunk by a north korean torpedo, that ship was raised. that is a much smaller vessels in the sewol ferry. i've seen estimations of a year or two years to raise the whole of the --- off the floor of the
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yellow sea. it still contains the bodies of nine victims. genie: reporting insole -- in seoul on the anniversary of the sinking of the ferry in south korea. one year and one month since the malaysia airlines flight disappeared. the search area is set to be doubled if the jetliner is not found by may. the plane is not to be somewhere at the bottom of a massive area of the indian ocean. malaysia, australia, and china are leading behind and say they are committed to the search. they will expand the area as of next month. genie: in europe, a lot of happy spanish football fans after barcelona won last night in the
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first leg of the champions league quarterfinal. barcelona's college says he could not have hoped for a better result, especially as the leaders put and end to psg's 33-game unbeaten home run stretching back to 2006. here's more from the coach. >> we had possession of the ball. we are a team that needs to possess the ball. today we completed many conditions required to have a good result. we have been very solid in all parts of the game. we have priority midfield and managed to create dangerous situations for opponents. we have been strong in defense and remain united. >> we are very disappointed,
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especially the players who have been giving everything they have. despite our efforts barca managed to gain remarkably. they quickened again and counterattacks many times. it could have been worse. >> i just regret some dangerous situations we created during the first half. especially when counterattacking. it was quite efficient except the last pass. genie: poor paris. you are watching france 24. let's look at the headlines. the u.n. calls for europe to step up its rescue response to deal with thousands of illegal immigrants trying to get to shores after another 400 from africa are lost at sea. hundreds gather in the south african city of durban for a march protesting a rise in attacks on foreigners.
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as south korea marks the first anniversary of the sinking of a ferry with 304 people on board, the president vows to raise the ship from the depths. time for a look at business news with stephen. hi. let's start with news from to -- total. >> it will cut 180 jobs. it will invest 600 million euros in its refinery operations across the country. that will include overhauling a plant that will stop refining crude oil and focus on biofuels. total is the latest company to announce cutbacks as the refining industry in europe suffers from overcapacity and increased competition. we have falling oil prices, which is not helping companies like total either. this is what happens to the price of corn to be brent crude index over the past six months.
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a steep drop. that is already on a decline. brent crude, that is the price at the start, it has gone up over $63 since come up around 3% on the day. this on the prospects that u.s. oil production could reach a peak. genie: how are the markets taking that? >> total shares trading down in paris around two thirds of a percent. the european markets are down. some jitters over greece. we had the german finance minister wolfgang schaeuble saying nobody is expecting a solution to greek france 24 talks -- greek debt talks. genie: let's come back to france. it appears that the rich are getting richer? >> the money the french government has raised from its wealth tax has raised by more
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than .5 billion euros. this affects people his assets are worth more than 1.3 million euros. does this mean people are getting richer or more are telling the tax authorities about their assets? >> here's one of friends last business tax -- here's one of france's busiest tax offices. it handles the wealth tax, 300,000 pay it. new cases are arriving. >> this file we received is important. >> the wealth tax is generating more money. in 2013, the rich pay 4.4 billion euros. they are projected to pay 5.6 billion this year. the criteria has not changed. all those who own assets worth more than 1.3 million euros have to pay. more people have declared their fortune. perhaps due to the recent --
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14 billion euros have been transported to france often from switzerland. the richest taxpayers live in paris, a town in the north, and on the island of martinique. france is one of the rarer countries to apply a wealth tax. those against it say it is not profitable. it generates little money, about 1% of all taxes. >> a look at other top business stories. diageo sees a surprise fall in sales in the first three months of 2015. friends including guinness -- brands including guinness and johnny walker saw sales plummet in the caribbean and let america. the recovery in the european car market is speeding up. the manufacturers association says new car registrations jumped almost 11% in march. spain saw the biggest increase, up 40%.
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shares of netflix jumped 11% in after-hours trading wednesday after the company announced it added 5 million new customers in the first three months of this year. getting a boost in the return of "house of cards" and the return of comedy series. genie: some technology companies in ireland occurring support for gay marriage. >> ireland is a hub for technology companies google, facebook and twitter have european headquarters there. the twitter vice president and head of iowa has written a piece -- and head in ireland has written a piece, he says a yes vote would be good for ireland. the talent it attracts demonstrates an appreciation for diversity and equality. arlen goes to polls on may 22. genie: time for the press review. ♪
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time to focus on weekly news magazines. let's start with france's magazine, the celebrity magazine focusing today on hillary clinton, who has thrown her hat into the ring for the presidential race. flo: you can see a very radiant hillary clinton here on the front page. she has her eye on the white house. no secret for her she has been first lady, secretary of state and now she hopes to become the first female president. she has a good chance, according to the magazine. she's not facing any serious opposition within the democratic party or even within the republican party. one key question is will she be able to attract young voters? that is what a lot of media have been focusing on this week. seems like she is doing her videos and being very active on social media, etc. she's a familiar face in u.s.
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politics so she has to show that she is fresh and relevant at 67 years old. genie: let's move on, talking about young and focusing on a veteran politician in algeria elected for a fourth term last year. flo: a strikingly different photo of abdelaziz bouteflika. behind the scenes. after all, he has been in power since 1999. no secret he is in poor health. nobody really expected him to run for president again. what is his strategy behind this? the magazine takes a closer look. it does not really have any answers. according to their sources nobody knows what his intentions are not even his brother who is in charge of his medical care and the country's day-to-day life. to quote a source, " bouteflika
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is confusing." genie: let's focus on france. looking at how foreign papers have been covering reforms in france. flo: there's got a pretty good front page. reforms, is anybody there? there is one person in an anti-stadium, president francois hollande. he is holding up a flag, a scarf that says "come on france." the magazine says foreign papers have been applauding hollande's government for the policy shift towards economics but they are surprised by a slow-paced change. another criticism you can read about is the reforms that are put in place are not good enough, they are not deep enough and do not address deep structural problems in france. they are too superficial. france is facing criticism
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expect for a manual -- for em anuel marcon. some papers think he is a superstar. genie: the french right-leaning magazine focusing on what would happen if the conservative party won the presidential election. flo: is the right up to the job? that is what the magazine wonders. a picture of the former prime minister. le point points out the socialists and the terrible job they are doing with the economy. what would these heavyweights in the party do? would they do a good job as president? it is a little tricky, according to le point. ump is plagued by inner fighting between all these people.
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the party could find itself in a tough spot because it seems like the french economy is going to start to be doing better. they have been spending time saying it is the socialists fault. how are they going to say it is not the socialists' responsible before the good things in the economy. flo: in the spotlight after a public falling out between marine le pen and her father. flo: a political murder come on the front page. she has forced her father out of the party because of his latest outrageous thing he has been saying. could this actually make her pursuit of the presidency easier? she has her eye on the palace. is there a winning strategy? read more in this magazine.
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this is a new magazine, a great name. a dutch magazine that has been around for a while. this is the second issue in france. it is very interesting. it describes itself as a magazine for women who live busy at how the lives -- yet happy lives. it has great photos and a different kind of women's magazine. genie: you like that magazine because it has your name. don't forget, if you wan8ú
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