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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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ny a way to stop migrants from dying in the mediterranean sea. and in sicily, hundreds of more migrants have been rescued. the french fry minister said -- the french prime minister said five terror plots have been wanted. and in yemen, the saudi led coalition despite announcing the end two days ago. fresh tries to place overnight. ♪
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we are staying in yemen. the saudi led coalition continues to pound of the rebel positions. by witnesses say amin took raised near the capital of sanaa as well as in southern yemen near aden. saudi arabia announced the end of their offensive. reporter: the fighting has not stopped in yemen despite the supposed shift from military to political action. saudi arabia announced on tuesday that it was ending months of airstrikes aimed at stopping houthi rebels, but the kingdom made clear these airstrikes would be reviewed if the whohouthis continue
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their advance. >> it should be clear we will use force to stop them from taking yemen over. reporter: whohouthis took advantage of the bombardment to overrun corners. the saudi coalition responded with more firepower. in the capital the houthis remain in control. thousands took to the streets, renewing their call for airstrikes of the coalition suspects the shiite rebels are getting help from iran, but iran welcomes the official end of the saudi-led campaign to crush the houthis. >> we were against military intervention. we believe the solution for human lives in negotiation, therefore, we sponsor dialogue and consultation with other countries. reporter: for the u.s., the job is not yet done. it sent in aircraft carrier to
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join other warships on yemen's coast, following reports iranian boats were heading to the area carrying unknown cargo. all five say they are in favor of a diplomatic solution, but their a military give abilities remain firmly in place. host: all right, let's talk to our observer. hisham you live in the capital. what have you witnessed? >> to be honest, there was an airstrike north of the capital of sanaa, in fact, it was just a change of name from the storm the airstrikes have been seized, the places have been seized. there is a continual escalation. the houthis announced they will continue to push south and the
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coalition will retaliate and further escalate airstrikes. the damage is huge, the human casualties are mounting, so this is a situation that is not showing improvement. they are so pushing to get the upper hand on the ground. host: it seems difficult to reach a political agreement as you said. what can be done to find a solution that yemen goes back to pceace? what do you think and be done to find a political agreement? hisham: hello? host: i think we have got a technical problem with hisham, we might go back to him as soon as the technical problem is solved. au leaders are scrambling to try to stop the flow of migrants who are risking their lives to reach europe.
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this year alone, nearly 2000 people have drowned. that is 30 times more than during the same period last year. most of the victims are fleeing war and property at home, namely in syria and eritrea. the eu hopes search and rescue operations in the mediterranean sea. reporter: a minute of silence on wednesday in the italian parliament for migrants drowned in the mediterranean. the premise are again urged europe to contribute more. -- the prime minister again urged europe to contribute more. four strategies, first, and the most recent, to use force against traffickers with a military operation aimed at identifying, capturing, and destroying both before -- boats before they have the water. a similar operation is in place in somalia against 2008 -- a similar operation took place in a small somalia against pirates in 2008. the second, to reinforce the mission led by frontex.
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european leaders wants to double its monthly budget from 3 million euros to 6 million euros. thirdly, accommodating a number of migrants provided they have refugee status. the draft documents suggest just 5000 a year. northern european countries will be asked to show solidarity by taking on some of these new arrivals. at orting to british his paper "the guardian," the others will be repatriated. >> people in need of protection of course must be accepted in europe, the european union, but people who are regular migrants, they do not have any right to settle here. reporter: to that end, europe suggests sending financial and logistical aid to places like egypt, saddam, mali, and niger.
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90% of migrant journeys to italy start. in just a week, more than 10,000 migrants have reportedly been rescued between the seas between italy and libya. host: they say their drains are shattered because they are struggling to make a living. reporter: it has been four years since all dell forabdel fatel left, paying a thousand dollars to human traffickers. now settled in italy, he has a new mission, to supports newly arrived immigrants for so many of them are at a loss of what to do. >> these migrants wait for a miracle to happen, for someone to give them a -- they
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are waiting for days, waiting for someone to give them money. reporter: asylum-seekers are everywhere. he is from libya. abdelfatah: how much did you pay for the trip? >> 1000. abdelfatah: $1000? reporter: the young man wants to ask for money and perhaps by sega to travel north. he is one of many migrants that discovered a harsh reality that awaits them once they reach europe. >> the migrants come here full of dreams and hopes. with time, which with each day that
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passes, all of their aspirations following little by little, to the point where their only hope is to survive and have a roof over their heads. reporter: last year, nearly 170,000 migrants were rescued and brought ashore by the italian authorities. most of them have already left the country. some took train some others that on buses to travel northward by lance, trying to get to richer european nations. host: all right, let's take a look at images that have just come through. this morning, hundreds of people, including many children, have been plucked from the sea and have been taken to the port of catania. a former captain, natalia mendoza, is on the ground. you have talked to some of those rescued. what did they tell you? natalia: i got his feet with some of the rescuers. they have told us that the health conditions of the migrants are stable, but some are still in shock.
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there is still migrants coming from west africa. among them pregnant women and minors. we saw them -- they were visibly tired, exhausted by this very dramatic trip, and three of them were separated from the group. they may be the smugglers. we know that catania authorities have lunch and investigation to know the situation and despite the shipwrecks, despite the risk , there are still hundreds and thousands of desperate migrants that are ready to jump on board of these overcrowded vessels to escape violence, escape war and persecution. host: you has also talked to ngo's who say the humanitarian crisis needs be dealt with, but their opinion on the new eu message that are being dealt with in brussels today. natalia: yes, we have gotten to
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speak with some ngo officials and they stressed the necessity to put the humanitarian effort at the center of this debate that the behind every person there is a story. they also stressed the fact that the european operation triton is not a humanitarian respiration -- not a humanitarian rescue but border control. european ships can only patrol as far as 55 kilometers away from italian shores, from european shores, and we know that shipwrecks happen further away in the mediterranean sea, and the international waters so when the distress calls our sense, european patrol ships-- callass are sent, european patrol
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ships are too far away as the visit is too late. host: natalia mendoza, thank you for that from italy. here in paris, sid ahmed ghlam is accused of -- his sister says he she did not notice a radical change in his behavior and he has been manipulated by extremists. ghlam was arrested sunday after accidentally shooting himself in his leg. weapons and bullet-proof vests were found in his home. take a listen to the french prime minister. prime minister valls: this type of individual does not work alone. we saw that in the attacks in january. there is a network and also logistical soup or. it is important been -- logistical support. it is important that this is done with discretion so that it is effective. host: this comes after the
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attacks against the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" and the supermarket. france has boosted insecurity -- france has boosted its security. the government is working on a new antiterrorism law. reporter: france is in a country on it since the parents attacks in january. -- paris attacks in january. it has resulted in security being heightened and crowded zones, specifically jewish congregations and mosques. despite the measures on a table experts believe the latest terror suspect in france could not have been stopped any sooner. >> it is quite impossible to say a zero risk is possible, mainly regarding terrorist attack because you know to strike a less protective plate, which could be symbolic, too, but a
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place in which you are sure to have coverage, so because churches are less protected. reporter: after spending two years of his life in france, algerian born sid ahmed ghlam moved. he appeared on the radar of french authorities after he traveled to turkey last year and was suspected of meeting radical jihadists. he was questioned for four days on his return was admitted to traveling to syria, and admission that placed him on a list. ghlam revisited turkey this year, and under return, he was once again placed under surveillance. it apparently nothing he did indicated an attack was coming. host: "france 24 all right, if you have just joined us on," -- host: all right, if you have just joined us on "france 24,"
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is a look out of stories some of this year alone, nearly 2000 people have drawn. in yemen, the saudi-led coalition keeps targeting who the rub houthi rebels. any french fry minister says five terror attacks have recently been foiled in france. that is including a plan to target a church in the outskirts of parics on sunday. it is time for business, and will deliver and -- and william hilderbrandt is with me. will: the state owned oil company posted first loss in a decade, more than $37 billion. petrobras at a loss of nearly $1515 billion. the company had a $2 billion charge for cost related to corruption. petrobras of course has been at
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the middle of a massive scandal it is alleged to have paid rides to contracts, and more than 40 politicians are under investigation. let's take a listen to the petrobras president. >> today is an important day for us, not only us but the whole brazilian economy, the whole country. by presenting our operational and financial results of last year, we are taking a fundamental step toward saving the credibility of petra rest, its shareholders and suppliers for the marketing greater society. will: new data shows the economy got off to a disappointing start for the second quarter. a survey of the german and french private sector said manufacturing has slowed, in france fell to 48.8. any reading above 50 indicates expansion. in welcome activities for the eurozone was also weaker than expected, falling to 51.9.
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economists expected to increase to 52.6. market research says the result is a price and the european central bank eckstein 16 billion euro a month was supposed to stave off a prolonged period of deflation. the figures have been weighing on the market today. let take a look on how they are trading now. europe is mostly down after that manufacturing data. the ftse is just flat, but the dax is down 1%. michelin is down after the tire maker released first quarter sales. other business stories, fans very said it will cut 800 jobs. the company is trying to save some 700 million euros over the next seven years. the supermarket has been locked
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in a battle of low prices and there is no sign of it ending. rival tesco also announced it will cut in store positions, offering stockers and cashiers more hours. and falling prices across u.k. retail sector, but it is not enough to get shoppers out. neither were the low oil prices. sales at petrol stations fell more than 6%. overall, u.k. retail sales fell .5% in march, this after a .6 rise in february. in britain for the biggest bookmaker, william hilderbrandt got to a slow start out of the gate -- biggest bookmaker william hill, got to a slow start out of the gate. all of the football favorites, chelsea, arsenal, in manchester won, letting bettors clean up big.
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they call it the worst sports results in seven years. now, french fry minister manuel valls -- french prime minister manuel valls will be looking at the successful economic recovery. the country had the eurozone put the highest growth rate in 2014 and is beginning to assess the damage wrought by the 2008 economic crisis. not everything is perfect. the country remains saddled with heavy public debt, and the government is still trying to attract back immigrants, particularly the young. as much as 10% of ireland's population has immigrated since 2009. oliver farry has the details. oliver: after years of austerity, ireland has enjoyed some spectacular economic growth in the last year. four point 8% was the eurozone for the highest rates -- 4.8% was the eurozone's highest rate since 2008, despite the country for the worst hit by the 2008 economic crash.
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austerity measures imposed in 2010 will raise taxes. unemployment has dropped to 10% from a high of 15% four years ago, but that figure has been greatly aided by immigration. almost half a million irish people have left the country since 2009, a trend the government is now trying to reverse. ireland has also got its public deficit under control now at 2.5% of gdp. but public debt generated by a 2009 bank guarantee is still much higher than most of the european countries at 109% of gdp. signs of economic health have begun to sprout throughout the country, even at the bitterness of the a 30 years lingering among the public. widespread discontent has been symbolized by opposition to a hugely unpopular bill, and anti-us dirty parties are set to make big gains at next year's general election. will: prime minister manuel
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valls will have his hands full looking over the irish economy today. host: thank you for that, well, that was business news, and now decipher the press review with our very own florence florence villeminot. it is time to take a look at what is grabbing the headlines in the weekly news magazines. florence villeminot is here with us. hi flo. how is your facing the migrant crisis in the mediterranean? florence: absolutely, that was sparked by a string of tragic shipwrecks in the last couple days, was killed 800 people last weekend, 400 people the weekend before. the migrant crisis is actually a shipwreck for europe, and they have got this really interesting illustration on the front page, you can see this migrant boat jampacked, just the tip of the iceberg, though, for the whole of africa. "real or international--
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"courrier international" is back on the booming immigration multimillion dollar people smuggling enterprise run by libyan militants and bandits. according to articles quoted in "courrier international," the human trafficking business is changing the balance of power in the region. italian authorities said they have arrested 24 suspected human traffickers, but they are hunting for two of the alleged ringleaders, the trafficking tycoons, as they have been called, who sent hundreds of people across the mediterranean, many of them to their death. they are currently being tracked down in tripoli and in libya. host: satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" is also looking at that story. florence: one agency, save the children, compared the tragic situation and mediterranean to the titanic, the sinking of the titanic and said they are roughly the same number of
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victims. here is the front page of "charlie hebdo," the satirical magazine taking a satirical twist, you see the singer celine dion singing the very famous "titanic" movie song "my heart will go on." they are plugging their ears and one of them is just saying "shut out." host: may i just point out though, filling the honest now celine dion is not blonde. florence: a website has been launched and is going into printed a commuter check that out, there will be 30,000 copies is treated in brussels, paris, london, berlin, and frankfurt so if you are in the city, check it out. one article that is very interesting this week that talks about how europe is reacting to the upcoming presidential election in the u.s. you can see that according to politico europe votes for hillary, and they have a great photo mash-up of hillary clinton and the german chancellor angela merkel.
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unlikely political twins according to politico, but they are viewed as sisters in spirit in europe, a first in transatlantic history. host: all right, the french magazine "l'express" is getting its hopes up. florence: spring on the front of "let's'express" this week white we should believe we are just about to exit the crisis, that is what "el'express" says. if you are more depressed, check out "la croix" this week, talking about -- check out "le point" this week talking about a sucker, someone who is a little bit more naïve.
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the big pigeon these days in france is young people. that is why they are talking about generation pigeon. they are sacrificed by france's social model according to "le point." host: from the pigeon generation, let's move on to the apple generation. the tech giant is in the spotlight. florence: that is right, take a look at the "star wars" trailer a very clear darth vader reference, talking about the dark side of apple. the coolest tech company in the world is also trying to take over our lives and control our desires, even. nothing makes this more clear than the latest apple products and that is of course the apple watch. what is the purpose of the apple watch? it is not very clear but everyone wants one, beyoncé has one, forpharrell wants one and the former president iraq is still somewhat of a superstar
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here in france, but also fansites are decker -- are dedicated to him, for you can check that out online. 20 years after he was first elected president, french people still love him. they actually has a pollsñyñsóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóyóy
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