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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  April 28, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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hello. glad you could join us here on "newsline." i'm james tengan in tokyo. we start off with a quick look at the hour's top stories. rescue teams in nepal are still looking for survivors of saturday's devastating earthquake. more than 72 hours after the disaster struck. and leaders from japan and the united states have revised the country's defense guidelines for the first time in nearly two decades. rescue workers in nepal are racing against time to find
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survivors of saturday's massive earthquake. they've now passed the crucial 72-hour limit. after that the survival rate falls dramatically. authorities say more than 4,500 people have been confirmed dead. the magnitude 7.8 quake killed 4,479 people in nepal alone. and nearly 100 in india, tibet and bangladesh. more than 8,100 people were hurt. rescue workers from turkey and china are already at work in the capital, kathmandu. they've joined residents trying to find people who might be trapped in the rubble. >> translator: my children and grandchildren are still inside a building that collapsed. >> many residents are trying to make do in temporary shelters. and they've been dealing with a series of aftershocks that have jolted the city.
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other people are venting their frustration over the relief effort. they took to the streets demanding more food and water and called on officials to start giving out aid supplies from foreign countries. a team of 70 japanese rescue workers has arrived in kathmandu. they have been grounded in bangkok due to heavy air traffic in nepal. they'll conduct search operations in cooperation with local authorities. japanese defense minister ordered a team of self-defense force personnel to nepal following a request from officials in kathmandu. the members include medical staff. nepalese residents in japan are reaching out to people back home. students at the everest international school in tokyo wrote messages of encouragement. relatives of some of the children were affected by the quake. >> translator: we're hoping to collect donations to help people who are suffering in nepal.
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>> students at a university in nagasaki, southwestern japan, also turned out. they offered their prayers to the victims. >> i'm very very sad that i'm here, i'm not in my country now. i could help them. i want to help them with my hands. >> this university also plans to collect donations for the relief effort. japan and the united states have announced a new set of rules for defense cooperation. the two sides say the revised guidelines are designed to improve cooperation and increasingly complicated security environment. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says the changes mark an historic transition. the foreign and defense chiefs updated the document for the first time in 18 years. they unveiled the changes in new york. the guidelines lay out how the two sides will work together on defense matters. they're designed to ensure seamless and effective
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coordination under normal circumstances and in emergencies. they allow for cooperation of countries other than japan are attacked. this reflects pending legislation in japan over its right to collective self-defense. other areas of potential cooperation include international mine-sweeping operations and the response to ballistic missile launches. >> translator: the new guidelines are the result of our efforts by our two nations. japan's commitment to work for world peace and stability and the rebalancing of u.s. policy. the revisions will have a multiplier effect on those efforts. >> the guidelines that we have worked on that have been announced today will enhance japan's security deter threats, and contribute to regional peace and stability. >> the agreement also covers threats in cyberspace, and the two sides will work to ensure
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safety in outer space. japanese foreign minister referred to an increase in china's activities in the south china sea. he said japan and the u.s. will stand together and maintain international order and the rule of law. nhk world looks at the background behind the revisions and reaction in the u.s. and japan. >> reporter: the japan/u.s. defense guidelines set the basic framework and direction for cooperation between japan's self-defense forces and the u.s. military. the two countries drew up the first such guidelines in 1978 during the cold war. the guidelines stipulated how the sdf and u.s. forces should work together during contingencies in japan including possible invasions by the soviet union. the guidelines were revised in 1997 after the end of the cold war.
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japanese and u.s. officials envisioned situations on the korean peninsula. the revised guidelines mainly call for cooperation during contingencies in areas around japan japan. the latest revisions were made considering china's increasing assertiveness in the east and south china seas. >> translator: we've reaffirmed that the senkaku islands are under japan's control. and the u.s. government's commitment applies to the islands. the japan/u.s. security treaty ensures that. we've also confirmed that we'll oppose any action that may affect japan/u.s. policies toward the islands. >> reporter: japan controls the senkaku islands in the east china sea. china and take juan claim them. the u.s. is looking to promote
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bilateral cooperation. in the south china sea, china is locked in territorial disputes with vietnam, the philippines and other countries. china has been reclaiming land on seven reefs in the spratly islands. the reclaimed land on two of the sites is large enough for runways. philippine leaders are voicing concern. a former u.s. defense official in charge of asian and pacific security affairs says japan/u.s. cooperation should expand in the south china sea and beyond. >> it's in japan's interests to be able to cooperate with the philippines and vietnam and others to help them to see what's happening in the sea, if circumstances arise that it makes it possible and helpful for japan to perform
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mine-sweeping operations in the persian gulf or the strait of hormuz, should somebody mine them, then i think that that would be very welcome to the rest of the world. >> reporter: experts are divided over the issue. >> translator: instability has been spreading in asia europe and the middle east. japan is facing a situation that is unpredictable. it should create a deterrence system needed to deal with it. >> translator: the guidelines are based on a premise that japan can exercise its right to collective self-defense. but the diet hasn't held discussions on the issue. i believe this procedure is wrong. steps were taken in the wrong order. >> reporter: the u.s. is expected to ask japan to bear
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greater responsibility for regional security. kunihiro yamamoto nhk world. >> thanks for that report. a senior white house official says china's activities in the south china sea will be a key topic when abe meets with obama. the official says they'll discuss the response to reclamation work around the disputed spratly islands. >> in the last year china has reclaimed more land than all the other claimants combined in over a decade. the speed, the scale and the scope of this is very problematic. >> madeiro is the east asia adviser. he also talked about the chinese military holding a large parade in september. it would mark the 70th anniversary of the war against japan and the end of world war ii. he's questioned whether the parade would send a signal of reconciliation. japan's prime minister is getting ready to meet with u.s. leaders in washington.
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shinzo abe will sit down at the white house with president barack obama and address a joint meeting of congress. abe has also been taking in some of the sights including one with obama as his guide. the two leaders visited the lincoln memorial. it honors the 16th u.s. president, abraham lincoln, who led the country in the 1860s during the civil war and ended slavery. obama has called him america's most respected president. abe also visited the holocaust memorial museum dedicated to the millions of jews killed during world war ii by the nazis. he met holocaust survivors who escaped using visa ss by a japanese diplomat. he worked at the japanese consulate in lithuania. >> translator: i renewed the determination to make a more proactive contribution to global peace and stability. we should not allow the tragedy or the courage of good will to
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fade away but keep them in our memory. >> this is the first official visit to the u.s. by a japanese prime minister in nine years. an aide to obama says the president may travel to japan again before he leaves office. the official says obama is weighing a trip to hiroshima and nagasaki, both devastated by u.s. atomic bombs. >> there's certainly a possibility. we've taken the step of having ambassador roos and ambassador kennedy visit. we have a profound respect for how meaningful it is to the japanese people and particularly the people of hiroshima. >> rhodes told nhk that administration have been considering the proposed visits. he said obama is personally committed to supporting the idea of a world without nuclear weapons. he said this is partly because the u.s. knows of the horrific suffering nuclear arms can cause. obama expressed his desire to visit hiroshima and nagasaki as
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president in an interview with nhk six years ago. his term ends in less than two years. representatives of about 190 countries have begun talks at the u.n. headquarters in their quest to make the world a safer place. they're in new york to review the treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. nhk world's chieyamagishi has this report. >> the four-week conference is now under way. during the opening, a u.n. representative called on governments to produce a strong outcome. >> eliminating nuclear weapons is a top priority for the united nations. no other weapon has the potential to inflict such wanton destruction on our world. >> reporter: japan's foreign minister also spoke to delegates. >> i urge both nuclear weapons states and non-nuclear weapons
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states to take joint action. >> reporter: at the previous conference five years ago, state department conducted an action plan. it included pursuing policies towards a changing world with nuclear weapons. but since then relations between russia and the u.s. over nuclear weapons states have soared over the crisis in ukraine. this is one of the reasons many experts are concerned about the direction of this conference. on the other hand, a new initiative led by non-nuclear states such as austria and mexico is gaining momentum. the group advocates for starting negotiations on a separate treaty that will ban nuclear weapons. they hope to accelerate the discussions during this conference. the conference also offers a chance for government officials to listen to the voice of the public. on sunday thousands of people
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took to the streets. many survivors of atomic bombings in japan were also there. >> translator: i want people of the world to know what damage the atomic bomb has caused from the bottom of my heart. if they know they will believe that no one should possess such weapons. >> reporter: dozens of survivors will be giving the talks during the conference. they want to convince and show world leaders just how inhumane nuclear weapons are. >> that was our chie yamagishi in new york. japan's foreign minister has urged his iranian counterpart to work with the major world powers in finalizing a nuclear agreement. kishida met the iranian foreign minister, zarif, in new york. he called on iran to strive for an agreement on its nuclear program by the june 30th deadline.
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zarif said iran hopes to agree to the treaty but must have trust that the u.s. and european countries will implement measures they had agreed upon. he indicated that lifting sanctions against iran must be guaranteed. and an appeals court in south korea has sentenced the captain of the sunken ferry sewol to life in prison. it overturned a lower court ruling that ruled them not guilty of homicide. the ferry capsized off south korea's southern coast in april last year. 295 people died and 9 others are still listed as missing. he and 14 other crew members were indicted for failing to evacuate passengers. on tuesday, the high court ruled the captain was guilty of homicide through willful negligence. it said he failed to issue an evacuation order. the lower court had acquitted him of homicide but found him guilty of professional njs. it handed down a sentence of 36 years. family members and supporters
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say they're still not satisfied. they say authorities haven't conducted a full investigation into the accident. protesters staged a massive demonstration against the government of president park around the first anniversary of the sinking. authorities are turning to a last resort to try to restore order in the u.s. city of baltimore. they've called in the national guard and have set a curfew. the moves follow violent protests over the death of a man who was injured while in police custody. >> i have declared a state of emergency at the request of baltimore city. >> rioters looted shops and others burned police vehicles. they're calling for an investigation into the cause of the death of the 25-year-ol black man. he died after suffering serious spinal injuries while in police custody. at least 15 officers have been injured in the clashes. police have arrested 27 people. officials have deployed up to
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5,000 law enforcement officers to try to maintain security. police in parts of the u.s. have been accused of racial profiling and violence against african-americans. a white officer was charged earlier this month with the murder of an unarmed black man in south carolina. in japan's corporate world, it's the season for earnings reports as gene otani from the business desk tells us. gene. >> sure is. earnings season right now, and company executives unveiled their results for the fiscal year that ended in march this year. we saw some mixed results from two major firms. honda motor reported sales of more than $100 billion for the group as a whole. this was an increase of 6.8% in yen terms from a year earlier. honda said operating profit amounted to $5.4 billion, that's down 13.1% year on year despite a double-digit increase in sales of motorcycles mainly to asia. this was the first time in three years for honda to report a decline. the fall was attributed to the large cost of having to recall
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and study cars honda launched two years ago that were equipped with the problematic takata air bags. the automaticer is optimistic. honda forecast sales and operating profit to increase for the current year ending next march. it expects robust overseas sales to make up for the anticipated sales decline in the domestic maet. panasonic reported a rise in operating profit for the year ended march due to robust sales of batteries for automobiles. it said operating profit rose 25% to about $3.2 billion. sales, on the other hand inched down to roughly $64 billion. panasonic executives say the firm expects to post increases in both sales and revenue for the current business year. they say restructuring efforts are bearing fruit in helping to improve performance every year. checking the markets. tokyo stocks ended the day higher above the key 20,000 mark. the nikkei average gained 0.38% closing at 20,058.
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improved corporate earnings and higher dividends put investors in an upbeat mood. moving on to chinese markets. the shanghai composite dropped 1.13% after a choppy session. investor locked in profits after the index posted its biggest gain in three months on monday. taiwan rose to touch another 15-year high following strong earnings by apple. but profit taking kicked in and reversed early gains. the index shed 0.16% closing at 9,956. most markets in asia-pacific region ended lower. ind nearonesia extended its losses closing down by 0.06%. the index fell 3.5% on monday. sydney declined 0.57%, snapping three days of gains. investors shrugged off the rebound to iron ore prices. engineers at yamaha have
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started making motorbikes again in pakistan. they want to meet the growing demand in the highly populated country. yamaha motor executives and local government officials celebrated the start of a new factory in the largest city of karachi. yamaha pulled out of the country seven years ago. pakistan's population is forecast to top 200 million in five years. and the use of motorcycles is expected to grow. the executives say they hope to make as many as 400,000 units annually in five years. they already have footholds in pakistan, but chinese brand motorcycles account for more than half the market share. yamaha's comeback is expected to fuel competition between japanese and chinese makers. a survey of artists who draw japanese anime or animated cartoons suggest they are underpaid and overworked. an industry association says
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animators work an average of 11 hours a day. their annual income is less than $10,000. that's extremely low compared to other industries. the pore workor working conditions are blamed on competition from cheap later in other countries. many japanese artists sign contracts for just a few dollars apiece. >> translator: working conditions surrounding young artists are getting worse, and this industry cannot continue without developing younger animators. >> animation is considered by some analysts one of japan's most prized cultural industries. that's it for business news. i'll leave you with the markets.
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we now take a look at world weather with jonathan oh starting off with the ongoing threat of severe weather in the u.s. state of texas. jonathan. >> hello. we have been talking about some severe weather in the southern united states for many, many days now. and once again on monday we had just enough of the ingredients to have a couple tornadoes hitting in portions of the southern plains. you can see the cloud cover moving into the deep south along with another area of circulation in the northern portions of texas. these two generating enough spin, enough warm air, dry air coming in from the north with cooler air all mixing together producing some of these dramatic results that you'll see in this video as we take a look at what
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happened on monday in rio vista, texas. where a massive tornado rolled its way through the town and left numerous homes destroyed and thousands without power. and at times, some have estimated this to be about a mile wide when it comes to the actual storm. the good news is there were no reports of casualties or injuries due to the storm. but as you can tell from the video, that we had to deal with some very serious damage heavy rainfall, also submerged roads and farmland in the area. also over new orleans further east, we had high winds taking down power at the city's airport. and you can also see there some of the livestock also being affected by the heavy rainfall. now, as we continue on throughout the day tuesday, once again, we're looking at the possibility of seeing some of these strong storms. the ingreed yeptdients are still in place. the low now located along the gulf coast. warm air coming in cold air coming in from the north. all of that combination will produce the possibility of
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seeing some strong weather once again. mainly along the panhandle of florida into portions of alabama and mississippi, that's where we're going to see the marginal to slight risk for severe weather and also down toward even the far peninsula, we're looking at the possibility of seeing some of those risks for damaging winds, tornadoes, hail maybe even some flash flooding. so please make sure you're paying attention to the weather situation. heavy rainfall is also of some concern here. miami, a high of 32 degrees with some thunderstorms, even into atlanta looking at some rain. much drier up to the north and warmer. highs will be in the teens to around 20 degrees in washington d.c. way back over toward the west in los angeles, dry weather once again. sunny skies and warm. high of around 31 degrees coming up on tuesday. we are looking at some unstable weather as we go to europe. we have a low in the central portions of the continent. that is going to bring maybe a few strong storms. but plenty of wet weather and much cooler temperatures. highs will be dropping into the
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teens. a high-pressure system is going to bring drier weather into the iberian peninsula and also france. another low dropping into the united kingdom will bring some rain. and then eventually well see some of that toward the east. you can see here from paris, berlin vienna also warsaw looking at the possibility of some thunderstorms. with temperatures ranging from the teens back toward the west to the 20s further toward the east. moscow at 22. 23 in kiev. 25 down in athens as we go through tuesday. as we wrap things up with a look at east asia beautiful conditions over japan. but i think down toward the west, we're seeing a little bit more cloud cover extending along a stationary front coming out of the southern portions of china. so expect to see some clouds and some rain into okinawa. also another low will be bringing some precipitation into the korean peninsula. meanwhile in tokyo, we're going to see temperatures back into the 20s as we go through wednesday. some sunny skies expected. and i think we're going to see the nice weather continuing as we go through the rest of this week. as we start off the holiday time
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period. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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visit our website for featured stories and special reports. for all of us here on the show, thanks for watching. p1utt
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or a look at the main world headlines. a state of emergency after violent protests, unrest spreads throughout the u.s. city of baltimore after a black man fatally wounded in police custody. thousands of national guard troops are being place. 8 million people have been affected by the massive earthquake in nepal, which tore through the himalayan country and saturday. time is of the essence to reach those trapped in the rubble. and no hope of reprieve. the mother


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