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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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s. the latest miracle survivor in n epal. a teenage boy five days after a earthquake devastated the nation. frustration growing of a relief efforts in the worst hit areas. the french ministry hit by accusations of sexual abuse and the central african republic. authorities looking into allegations of sexual assault on young children. indignation spreading beyond baltimore p protests held in several u.s. cities after a 25-year-old black man died after
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sustaining injuries in police custody. also coming up, nasa's mercury orbiting spacecraft will run out of gas following a successful four-year tour of the planet. microsoft will stay in the game as the battle of smartphones continues. kate will have the details in business. stay tuned. first to our top story. the latest miracle survivor in nepal. rescuers pulled a teenage boy from under the rubble after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. the survivor had been staying at a guest house on the outskirts of kathmandu. the latest glimmer of hope in
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the devastated nation with a death toll has topped 5500. the government meanwhile is facing a growing criticism for the pace at which aid has been distributed. authorities have been overwhelmed by saturday's quake. reporting from kathmandu. >> a long and tense day in kathmandu yesterday. already we are hearing reports of people starting to assemble at various places in the city, mostly outside government offices and parliament. yesterday things got very intense outside the main bus stop. thousands of people are waiting for buses to leave the city. when the buses failed to show up, there was a lot of anger and riot police had to because people protesters were throwing stones and seized an aid truck. the prime minister was confronted by angry people demanding answers. it was not limited to kathmandu
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reports from other districts closer to the epicenter. angry people started blocking the highways and trying to seize aid trucks being escorted by the army. and a lot of frustration in the country. people are asking the government, demanding answers about why they are not receiving aid. the need of the hour is for the government to move more quickly to prevent a humanitarian crisis. there are millions of people waiting for food, water, shelter and medical aid. the prime ministers that operations have been ineffective so far. we are hearing reports from various parts of the country. people are stopping reporters and telling them they have not seen any rescue or relief workers in days. they have seen helicopters. the question arises if reporters can get to these errors, why can't aid? there are not an easy answers
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except for the fact that the government has failed in coordinating distribution of the relief it has at its disposal. we have heard reports of multiple teams being sent to the same site, only to get there and realized that the bulk of the work is done and our services could be used elsewhere. what needs to be done urgently is for the national emergency operations command in kathmandu to coordinate with teams. helicopters will have to fly to remote parts of the country. data weather is making -- bad weather, the main highway out of kathmandu is jammed. helicopters will have to be used more traditionally. the government will have to move more swiftly. >> reporting from kathmandu. the french military has been hit by allegations of rape and
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section wi -- and sexual assault in the central african republic. published by "the guardian" after being linked by a u.n. a worker. mark: french soldiers in the central african republic one year ago. some 1600 troops were dispatched after violence following a coup. during this time, it is alleged children were sexually abused at a center for internally displaced people. a leaked u.n. report says in one case a nine-year-old boy and his friend were forced to carry out a sex act on two french soldiers. the accusations published by "the guardian." after being passed on by paula donovan. >> many officials they interviewed told the team of experts commissioned by the secretary-general that they knew
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there was a tremendous amount of sexual violence occurring against the civilian populations that was never being reported. mark: the french defense ministry saying show the facts be proven, the strongest penalties will be imposed. according to paris prosecutors an investigation has been underway since last july. the u.n. called the leak a breach of protocol. it's source is swedish aid worker who has been suspended. >> they're fixated on the person who exposed this. in the u.n.'s official statement, there is no mention of the victims or perpetrators. mark: thousands of people fled homes following a coup. at the time, the u.n. warned there was a high risk of genocide. >> staying with the story. francois hollande has vowed to show no mercy if troops in the central african republic accused
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of sexually assaulting children are found guilty. let's have a listen. president hollande: if certain soldiers, i do not know more at the moment, have behaved badly -- there will be sanctions. i am proud of our armed forces. i will show no mercy to those who behave badly if that is the case. >> witnesses say authorities have closed campuses, forcing thousands of students out after protests. the president announced he would be running for a third term in office. france 24's duncan is in bujumbura. so far, protests have then peaceful. >> i'm in a suburb to the south of bujumbura.
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protesters are gathered. at the moment they are peaceful and singing songs. they are trying to persuade the president against his bid for a third time. they have helmets on, police p or yesterday we got an implicit acknowledgment by the interior ministry that live rounds have been used during clashes. the interior ministry said in response to our question as to whether live grounds have been used, that in circumcision sense is it is justified -- in cedrrtain circumstances it is justified. the situation could deteriorate as the day goes on. the situation is tense politically. it could go any way. what's crucial is the role and behavior of the army. the protesters have had good
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relations with the army, which has been deployed. the army has been seen as a neutral force. if the crisis does continue, surely the army will play an important role in resolving matters. >> reporting from bujumbura there. protests have spread across several u.s. cities over the death of freddie gray, a 25 yard black man who died after sustaining injuries in police custody, sparking riots in baltimore. wednesday, hundreds gathered in new york and rallies were held in washington, d.c., boston and minneapolis. the debate over excessive police is ongoing in the u.s., which has seen several high-profile of cases of black men dying in conflict with the police. >> did freddie gray intentionally injure himself? that's one theory that is being explored by investigators. according to an article in "the washington post," another
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prisoner in the van told investigators he could hear gray banging the walls and believed gray was trying to hurt himself on purpose. attorneys for gray's family have questioned the accuracy of the police report. police are expected to give their findings on gray's death to prosecutors friday. meanwhile, protests have continued in baltimore. city residents demand to know how great died. the 25-year-old was arrested after he fled from police. at some point after being restrained he suffered a spinal injury and died a week later. exactly how he was injured and what happened in the police van remains a mystery. >> we stand out here today. we're supposed to be at the people's building. let us demand first justice for
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freddie gray, the results of the investigation. >> widespread rioting, arson and looting followed the funeral monday in ball mark. -- in baltimore. a 10:00 p.m. curfew has not stopped marchers to protests from washington to boston and new york. in manhattan police arrested more than 60 people. >> the eu's commission chief jean-claude juncker has called on europe to end the crisis in the mediterranean. his comments entered his -- angered his party,juncker called for a legal immigration policy and a quarter. >> a huge mistake, that is how the commission chief described
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the decision to scrap the italian operation in the mediterranean. during a debate, juncker demanded concrete action to bring the migrant crisis to an end. mr. juncker: the european council's response to the human tragedy in the mediterranean was not adequate. funding for europe's mission will be beefed up to 120 million euros. national contributions from all member states will fund the mission. there was overwhelming support for a new resolution. the parliament voting in favor of a quota to share migrants across all 28 member states. this in the wake of the recent tragedy off the libyan coast more than 700 people perished.
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>> a huge political responsibility to stop it. the first priority is to save lives. and secondly, and operation of migrants based on the burden sharing among member states. >> since the start of the year more than 1600 people have died attempting the journey across the mediterranean, leaving behind poverty and war with hopes of a better life in europe. nasa's mercury orbiting will run out of gas thursday following a tour of the planet. it is expected to carve out a crater when it crashes into the planet. katherine: going out with a bang. after ten years,nasa's messenger
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has run out of fuel. it is expected to crash on the surface of mercury at a speed of 14,000 kilometers. carving out a crater nearly 16 meters wide. for the past four years messenger has been orbiting mercury. send it back to hundred 70,000 snaps from the planet closest to the sun. thanks to those stunning images, messenger revealed volcanic deposits and polar caps for frozen water. the next mercury mission blasts off in 2017 when a pair of european and japanese spacecrafts will and for the planet. the satellites are not expected to enter orbit until 2024. >> all right. 1:14 in the french capital. a reminder of the top stories. the latest miracle survivor, a teenage bully pulled from the rubble five days after a -- a teenage boy pulled
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from the rubble five days after the earthquake. the french ministry hit by accusations of sexual abuse in the central african republic. authorities are looking into allegations against several french soldiers for rape and sexual assault on children. and indignation spreading beyond baltimore. protests in several u.s. cities, including washington and new york. this after a 25-year-old black man died after sustaining injuries while in police custody. time for a change of scenery and a look at business news. kate joins me. starting with an announcement from the elysee palace about more french maid rafale fighter jets. kate: aviation is taking off announcing three multibillion euro sales in as many months. qatar has agreed to buy 24 rafale jets and missiles. the french defense ministry
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values the deal at 6.3 billion euros. the agreement includes training for 36 qatari pilots and 100 technicians. francois hollande will travel to doha to sign paperwork. earlier this year's, france sold 24 jets to egypt and 36 to india. the deals included a certain amount of training because the rafale is complicated and requires specific know-how. introduced in 2001 the rafale is made by dassault aviation and is fitted with engines by a french firm. it is used in a growing number of militaries. deals are pending with the uae and malaysia. now, the euro zone has said unemployment levels held steady at 11.3% in the month of march. that is a little over 18 million people across the single currency bloc, but higher than expected. economists had protected a decreased 11.2%. the eurozone ended months of
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deflation with a flat 0%> prices may soon start to in ch up seen as a positive sign for the health of the economy. that has led to a muted session on the markets. major indices in the green ahead of a long weekend. not very much movement. let's turn to some company news. results have been driving the market profits at shell were more than halved in the first quarter. a drop not as steep as expected. the anglo-dutch company said earnings fell 56% to $3.2 billion. it has been hit by a plunge in global oil prices, which have lost half their value since last summer. the royal bank of scotland slipped into the red in the first three months of the year. rbs posted a large unexpected loss of over $600 million given legal and restructuring costs.
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the bank had been setting aside huge sums as it tries to negotiate settlements over its alleged role in rigging the currency market. nokia got a boost from oneoff gains at its licensing unit, lifting its revenue 15%r to 2.6 billion euros. reporting a disappointing performance from poor network business and overall operating profits dropped from 16 million euros a year ago to 85 million this year. shares have dropped in morning trading could microsoft was king in the pc era. it's dominance has faded but the arrival of tablets has failed to attract customers. in san francisco wednesday it announced plans to turn mobile business around by wooing developers into making apps for microsoft devices. claire: if you cannot beat them,
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join them. that is the essence of microsoft's new strategy to boost its mobile business. the firm has announced it is making it easier for apps built for google or apple systems to work on its new smartphones. >> the third technology i am announcing today will enable developers to reuse nearly all the java and c++ code from an android app. claire: microsoft in a vicious cycle. many developers are not interested in writing apps for the less popular devices. customers tend to steer clear of phones and tablets which have fewer apps. choosing instead to go with android or apple. microsoft now hopes to woo developers by allowing the and to reuse their existing code to build microsoft apps. >> there's never been a better
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time to be a developer. the opportunity to build applications that can change the world has never been greater. claire: microsoft has only 3% of the global smartphone market. with its new strategy in place the firm says it is aiming to sell 1 billion mobile devices in the next three years. kate: as we heard, apple has been a leader in the smartphone market. it still has its own problems. "the wall street journal" reports apple found defects in its apple watch. and limited the availability of the watch as it hits stores last weekend. apple has yet to comment on the report. the wash itself got mixed reviews as it went on sale. that is all for now. >> thank you very much. all the business headlines this afternoon. ♪ time to take a look at the headlines in the weekly newsmagazine. flo: hi.
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>> a great deal of focus on the crisis in the mediterranean. flo: we will look at an italian magazine. given its geographical position, italy has been pressed to the heart of the crisis. not only italy by the prime minister, matteo renzi. talking about renzi's war. italy on the front line. the crisis in the mediterranean is forcing the prime minister to face his first major international crisis. he's facing the crisis alone. >> there have been a lot of dramatic photos and footage of the shipwrecked migrants being washed up on the shores of europe. you saw one article. flo: this is the story behind one of the photos. it has become iconic. we can take a look at it. featured in several newspapers across the world appeared it was on the front page of "the new york times" and "the guardian." it shows the aftermath of a shipwreck off the coast of the
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greek islands. on april 20, three people died. the photo of greek soldier an off-duty soldier called "an tonis" and a lot of newspapers. he saved at least 20 migrants including a 23-year-old eritrean asylum seeker. the magazine tracked the woman down. in a hospital, she's being treated. the magazine talks about the resurrection of the woman.she has become the symbol of the plight of migrants who are risking their lives to cross the mediterranean to come to europe. the soldier was granted an award, the greek cross of excellency. another woman he rescued was pregnant. you can see a photo.
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she gave birth a few days after the photo was taken. she decided to name her child antonis. >> let's move onto french politics. the leader of the conservative ump party and former president sarkozy is on the front page. flo: he has made it no secret that he wants to be reelected and 2017. he's in a pretty good position, the socialists are weak and ump is stronger than the national front party. he could face a major article, his past. talking about the curse of money. when he was president, sarkozy critics call him the bling president. he liked to show off his wealth. he's no longer president. he has drawn criticism for taking a lot of money to give all sorts of speeches, etc. judges are on his trail for allegations of shady campaign financing during his
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presidential runs. does the former president have some sort of a complicated relationship with money? you can read the magazine this week. >> another french politician's finances are in the spotlight. the national front leader marine le pen. flo: an investigative website linked a story that caused a scandal. they say they have evidence that jean-marine le pen held a swiss bank account. a satirical magazine saying jean-marie le pen is staying true to the program, exit the euro but put money in switzerland. >> great britain ahead of next week's election. flo: the divided kingdom ahead of the election may 7. the country as less and less united, according to the magazine. london is becoming a world
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apart, even the monarchy seems to be going through turbulence. do the english deserve to be saved? >> all right. finally, a word on the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo." flo: an interesting interview, a cultural magazine in france. this is one of the surviving cartoonists, luz. talking about light afterwards. luz was meant to be at the doome d editorial meeting on january 7 or he was saved by the fact that it was his birthday the night before so he was late. it's a touching interview he gets to the magazine. he describes the aftermath and what his life has been like since january 7. he lost his colleagues friends. his life completely changed and he became the symbol of the "je suis charlie" movement, used as a political instrument. he says he has pulled together
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all the drawings that he has done since january 7 into a book called "catharsis," which is going to come out may 20 first. one interesting thing he says is you are not going to draw the prophet mohammed anymore.
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