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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 26, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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' ines. the iraqi army launches an operation to take back ramadi from the islamic state. the first hearing in the spy trial of "washington post" correspondent jason rezaian opens and closes in iraq today. an indian prime minister modi marks his first year in office. amid criticism that his government caters to the wealthy. mexican taxi drivers become the latest to protest against the rise of car-hailing app uber.
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and what is in a name he act or apparently, quite a lot. more on this story over former french president nicolas sarkozy's move to change his opposition party's name, on the way. first, our top story. genie: first, the army in iraq is fighting to take ramadi back from the state islamic group. it is aimed at cutting off the militants and preparing a bid to retake the city. for more on this, let's bring in charles mcdermott. talk about how this operation will work. charles: it was an interesting statement from the iraqi government. they said they would launch the
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operation, but nothing has started yet. they give interesting details. they said the sunnis will take part, the shia militias will take part, and the iraq he forces, which suffered a big defeat. it is a lot of face-saving for that baghdad government. nothing has happened just yet. genie: you mentioned this face-saving for the iraqi government. tell us more about that. charles: ramadi fell. it is really an embarrassment. troops were reported to have left as they did last year in basel -- in most tool -- in mosul. there were massive waves of car bombs, and they -- the face-saving is not just for baghdad but also for the u.s. because their strategy has not proven to be working. genie: charles, thank you for that. charles the german -- charles
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mcdermott reporting. the first hearing in the trial of the "washington post" t ehran correspondent on charges of espionage. jason rezaian has dual iranian and american citizenship. since his arrest last summer, he had 190 minute visit with a lawyer ahead of the trial. catherine p at reports. >> after 10 months in an iranian prison, jason rezaian has made his first court appearance despite multiple pleased by the 39-year-old's family, the trial will be closed to the world. >> not only will it be closed to the public, but they have also said that my mother and jason's wife will be prevented from attending. >> iran's spokesman said a
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lawyer and interpreter would be present in court, but declined to give further details. according to the family, the iranian-american national has only had one brief cursory visit with his lawyer. >> for nine months he -- they have prevented us from hiring an attorney friend. at that point, they allowed us to hire an attorney. he has met with us exactly wants -- he has met with her exactly wants for 90 minutes. >> he is accused of propaganda against the iranian regime and collaborating with hostile nations and gathering classified information. he reportedly covered subjects deemed sensitive by the iranian government. >> our job is difficult. you walk down the street and you see a different effect.
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people have a lot to say and the culture is five red. >> president barack obama has called the charges fake and has pressed tehran to release all american detainees. genie: india has been hit with a major heat wave that has left 700 people dead. most of the themes that most of the victims are the elderly, the homeless, and those working outside. we go to our correspondent in new delhi. >> 61 people died of sunstroke on sunday. the elderly are unfortunately affected and dehydration and heatstroke are the lead causes of death. people are being encouraged to stay indoors, to stay hydrated to use umbrellas when they go out. in calcutta, conditions are stifling.
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fortunately, the peak summer months of may and june coincide with the annual school holidays, so most schools remain closed. indians are used to scorching high temperatures in the summer, but a lack of rain has made the situation worse. it is likely to remain that way for the next 10 days at least, and hopefully then we will start to see more rain. genie: also in india, the prime minister is marking his one-year in office. the renter of modi has vowed to better help the poor, despite criticism that his government caters to the wealthy. kate moody explains. kate: a celebration and unarmed branch. prime minister modi has held a celebration on his one year in office, reaching out to india.
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>> i promised you all that i would not be prime minister, but a prime servant. that i would guard the treasury of 1.2 5 billion people and not allow anyone to rob it. >> he vowed to focus his efforts on india struggling farmers, who have rallied against land build. since sweeping into office a year ago modi has been accused of enacting policies that favor the wealthy. earlier this year, critics seized on a sartorial choice as a symbol of his extravagance. after the suit that he wore to meet the american president cost $16,000 with his name embroidered into pinstripes. he later sold the suit at a charity auction, raising $700,000 to clean up the ganges river. during his first year in power
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modi has already fulfilled many objectives. he courted international -- earlier this month, he signed $22 billion worth of deals with beijing. despite his party's poor showing in elections this february, the indian public still has confidence that modi is their man. polls indicate 65% believe there prime minister was bringing good days to their country. genie: let's come back to france with a big story here today. former french president nicolas sarkozy is in the spotlight. in less than an hour, he is due to find out whether or not his opposition party can change its name to "the republicans." and why a simple name change when all the way to court rid i am joined by clovis cut sally. why so much controversy?
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clovis: it can seem ridiculous where in the united states you do have a party called the republicans. 140 individuals -- he is accused of stealing, hijacking the name republicans. they believe it belongs to all of the french people, and they feel it is violating the french constitution. that french -- that france should be an individual democratic, and social republic. they argue that if you have a party called republicans, that would exclude one third, two thirds, or half of the population. his allies accused people of being left wing activists with no legal ground. the unp has not yet become the republicans. beyond the court case.
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the name change will be put down to a vote on thursday and friday before a major unp congress this weekend in paris. as he made his political comeback, nicholas sarkozy, he is trying to rebrand the unp the name that he made. he wanted to change the party from the inside, the outside change the name, communicate differently about it. he is the one who promotes this name change, this new name. the republicans, before coming up with this name. they anticipated there might be some legal battling ahead with a possible court case. nicholas sarkozy's asked his lawyers if it was ok to change the name to the republicans. one of the lawyer said it is fine. let's listen to them. >> there are many movements that view the term republican with
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out ever appropriating us. one must be aware of why the you and he is being approached -- why the ump is doing it. genie: the opposition party, the ump, the union for a popular movement -- hopefully nicholas sarkozy wants to change the name, but not everyone within the organization supports the decision. talk about how much this is a leadership test for nicholas sarkozy. clovis: basically this name change is at the heart of nicholas sarkozy's political comeback, and therefore it has not pleased all party supporters . including two former prime minister's. the prime minister under the former french president, jacque chirac. these two men are clear
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opponents of nicholas sarkozy, two men who want to run in the next presidential election. they are trying to put nicholas sarkozy aside, which is quite difficult when you know the personality of nicholas sarkozy. ultimately, they agreed to put the name change down to a vote. we said earlier it is going to be on thursday and friday for the big ump congress. what is interesting in all of this is that in a recent poll a majority of french people are opposed to the name change. you have 73% of the french who are opposed to it, and more than half the french people feel that they republicans is a name that sounds too american, not representative enough of french values.
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beyond the legal battle, it seems sarkozy's branch to -- sarkozy's attempt to rebrand has caused delusion divisions. they will launch an appeal and go on with this vote with the party supporters, and it will be interesting to look at the results. for the time being, it appears it is a 50/50 within the party for this name change. will the ump be called the republicans? we will know very soon. genie: you will be here to tell us more about that later. let's take a look at eurovision winner, who made a victorious trip back to sweden, the 28-year-old winning the contest on saturday. he was met at home by dozens of jubilant fans. his song, called "heroes," won the competition ahead of russia and italy.
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it seems it affected 200 million people around the world. >> on saturday he was crowned king of the kitsch-fest within the eurovision song contest. two days later he was back in his hometown singing the electro-pop anthem "heroes." >> it feels great. i received such a nice welcome here. i am so proud and happy that so many people came here despite the rain and bad weather. it was great fun and i am so happy i did this alone. >> is win propelled sweden into the record books, the only country to have nabbed it seven times. most famously, in 1974 when their global pop careers were
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launched with "waterloo." by the looks of things here, he has already got a dedicated following. >> it was amazing. we have been queuing for several hours and we were able to meet him. that made my wake -- my week, my day, my year. >> it was very cool. we are going to get married in the future, so i thought it would be a good idea to meet first. >> it seems sweden has found itself a new hero. genie: you are watching "france 24." the iraqi army launches an operation to take back ramadi from the islamic state. the first hearing in the spy trial of "washington post" correspondent jason rezaian opens and closes today in iraq. the indian prime minister, modi,
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marx one year in office. but his government is being criticized for only catering to the wealthy. time for businesses with stephen carroll. let's take a look at what is happening on the markets. stephen: we have markets growth for holidays on monday, london and frankfurt being among them. not having a great day back at the office, but the london and frankfurt dream is down today over just paris. there is still worry about greece weighing on investors. and every government worried about whether they will pay the imf the money that they owed them in june. the euro down against the dollar today in trading. you can see that with the picture and little bit earlier on. genie: next, uber seems to have gotten itself into some hot water again, facing option -- facing opposition in mexico.
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>> i will tell you about news coming from africa's mining industry. the number of workers in the industry that have lost their jobs since 2012 -- 35,000 of them, in fact, in wake of the massive strikes. we felt 34 that we found 44 miking workers -- we found that 44 mine workers were killed. 44 layoffs are mostly affecting workers in gold and platinum mines. we will talk about uber and. strike. taxi drivers in mexico city are the latest protest to be staged. across europe, they are unhappy with what they say are unfair competition using the app. >> thousands of mexico city's taxi drivers stood together to block cruise around the city.
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their message for the government -- uber has to go. drivers are claimed to be undercutting in christ's price. >> we are asking them to standardize the service to even things out. they are making us pay for our seats, taxes inspection, service, pay this, pay that. >> however, taxi drivers are key to stress they are not against new developments in their industry. >> we are not against technology. we are not against competition. we are just asking that the playing field is level for everyone. >> uber responded by offering first cap rights. >> i think the taxi drivers are not well informed on how uber works. they are being used by their leaders for other interests.
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>> it is a familiar scene which has been repeated the world over. uber is being hit with court injunctions in belgium, france the netherlands, and spain. in france, the company continues to operate under its app service, under pressure from taxi unions. french authorities have been fighting drivers and demanded raids to headquarters. >> a quick look at other business headlines. it has being another big day in the cable business. charter communications has signed a deal to be you why -- to bankto buy time warner. ryanair is in its net private ride -- has seen its net private rise. ryanair expects a more moderate,
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10% increase in product next year, with more increased competition. the government in dublin ireland, discussing today whether it will sell its stake in aer lingus. the irish state owns 25% of the carrier. iag wants to buy the airline but there is concern about jobs. genie: to wrap up, speaking of trial, it seems more and more tourists are flocking to cuba as relations with the u.s. have warmed up. >> people are trying to go to cuba before the americans get there, despite the fact that they are there already. they travel mostly through other countries in central america and the caribbean. there are rules on the people were needed for citizens to go to cuba. overall, tourism is up 14% in the first five months of this year, over 1.5 million visitors going there as well as a number
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of french, german, a british tourists. genie: time now for the pressure view. -- for the press review. we have got belle lupton with us here today. today's press is looking for the most part at this controversy brewing now between the u.s. and iraq. joe biden has been doing damage control. he called iraq's prime minister after the u.s. defense minister made comments saying the iraqi forces showed no will to fight the islamic state group. how has the press been reacting to that? belle: it has been discussed endlessly, this u.s. strategy against iif in iraq and syria. especially after the fall of ramadi and palm myra last week. this -- in palmyra last week. the washington post takes a look at the whole thing through the eye of general martin dempsey
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obama's top military advisor and he is preparing to step down. he says it is the obama administration's -- he was headed that first intervention in the u.s. effort to rebuild iraq he security forces back in 2005. "the washington post" says dempsey, unlike other is, made a case when president obama was first trying to work out what he was going to do. dempsey must always be quick but do not hurry. dempsey learned that the u.s. according to the washington post, was unprepared for the effects of the invasion, which unleashed local grievances that quickly spun out of control. so "the washington post" says this foreign policy unfortunately left a power vacuum that was filled by iran and by is..s.
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"the globalist" says the u.s. got into a strategy against the u.s. or on the wrong-way ground. it predicates -- it he read a kid's -- syria is full trying i.s. this says if it is a calamitous choice, it should be containing in iraq but eradicating it in syria. to do this, the globe has said you will need to touch or sacrifice two sigrid thousand of u.s. foreign policy in the region. the first of those is the integrity of iraq. the second is the reluctance of the u.s. to use that meet in basul. splitting up iraq might make sense, and that is something that a publication agrees with wholeheartedly. it says the whole idea of a unified iraq is established on a
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shaky and failed premise, which is reducing iran's influence in the region. but a fake united iraq has opened up more space for terror on to consolidate power in iraq. you mentioned the kurds and the crews have been crucial in the battle. but you have an article that shows it is not just kurdish men going into battle. belle: it is kurdish women as well. it is not -- this story tells the story of the scottish women. a journalist of theirs has been to meet the whiz women and they are leading a movement against iaf on a roll that leads to damascus. he says that they are making some serious progress in the fight. they say that it is important for them to fight against i.s. and to join that fight because women are targeted, raped, and used in battle. genie: in neighboring turkey,
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the president is being lampooned by much of the international press. tell us about that. belle: if we begin with a french paper, it has an article that headlines "offerman folly -- ottoman folly or go it mocks the present upon how, which is 200,000 square meters inside, and it has more than 1000 rooms. the increasingly authoritarian leader is trying to make turkey a leader of the old ottoman empire. that includes the balkans, the middle east, and central asia. this includes potentially ottoman lessons that may be real established -- reestablished in schools. the criticism does not end there. "the new york times" last week in an editorial was condemning
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censorship of the turkish press. that was especially in the run-up to the parliamentary elections, which would be next week. today responding in the turkish press, he had an article, was quoted as saying, "how dare you" to the new york times. we must remember that he is one of those -- that is one of those papers that "the new york times" was scared of being short down. genie: you found a couple of cartoons of the prime minister's meeting with the president. >> david cameron is there to redefine the you k's relationship with the eu. as you can see from this partnership, relations between the two are frosty. and the guardian maybe two sitting close together in that cartoon, but they cannot hear each other talk over the bangs at the door from the euro
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skeptics that are in camera's conservative arty. genie: if you want to get a closer look at any of the articles are carto
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mike: it's a sad fact, more than 15 million infants around the world are born prematurely every year. sadder still...pre-term births are the leading cause of global infant mortality. so what's being done to curb this global health challenge? and later, what is the secret to the fountain of youth? i'm mike walter in new york city. let's take it full frame.


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