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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 1, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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agency in the united states loses the right to collect phone records as senate republicans fail to reach a reform deal. the italian prime minister may be declaring victory, but the real winner is the northern league, showing strong gains around the country. beijing bans smoking indoors. lighting up in offices, shopping malls, and airports in the chinese capital are now all off-limits in hopes of stemming the growing health crisis.
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also coming up this hour malaysia airlines' new boss says the company is "technically bankrupt." he has a plan to turn the carrier around. we will have the details in business. bad weather forces the world's first solar powered plane to land in japan part way through an ambitious six-day flight from china to hawaii. more on the journey of the solar impulse. first, top stories. genie: first, the national security agency has been forced to stop collecting phone data on u.s. citizens at least temporarily. part of the u.s. patriot act expired monday night, but the new legislation meant to replace it is stuck on the floor of the
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senate. the controversial legislation was put into place after 9/11, and the white house says the temporary break until a new vote midweek could be a blow to the prevention of terrorism. as our correspondent explains critics say that is not the case. >> the nsa has begun switching off equipment that has until now tracked calls across the u.s. after lawmakers failed to avoid a lapse of -- enact a lapse -- avoid a lapse of the patriot act. legislation has been stuck in the senate. a majority of lawmakers voted for the new act sunday. however, republican senator rand paul objected. he means the bill will not have final passage until at least tuesday, and services involved will lapse until then. senator paul: i think the bill may be replacing one form of
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collection from -- one form of collection for another. my concern is that the phone companies still may do the same thing. >> the program was revealed to the world by edward snowden. collecting data from citizens across the u.s., including dialed numbers up until the time of calls. officials say the freedom act would replace it with a more targeted program. washington called on the senate to ensure that the lapse is a short-lived as possible. president obama: terrorists will not suddenly stop plotting against us at midnight tomorrow, and we should not surrender the tools that help keep us safe. >> it is unclear how much counterterrorism efforts will be affected but there are enough powerful tools to track suspicious characters. other key parts of the patriot act are mean, such as prism
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which allows the collection of online user data. genie: matteo renzi has had a local blow in elections following a weaker than expected showing by his centerleft lock. the real winner seems to be the anti-europe and once regional northern league, that showed strong gains nationally. antiestablishment star movement showed major gains as well. for more on the situation in italy, i am joined by our correspondent in rome. this was the biggest test for matteo renzi before last year's elections, but it seems like a disappointment for him. >> that is right. five regions to his party and two to the opposition might seem like a good result, but in actual fact, he has lost votes and he is particularly annoyed at having lost the lid gurria region -- the liger rhea -- the
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lid gurria region. breakaway politicians mounting a challenge to his candidate. and depriving him of victory in that region. he has referred to these internal opponents as the masochistic left, but he whether he is worried about his party and -- genie: it seems that the big winner was indeed the northern league. was their success due to growing concerns there about the migrant situation? philip: that has been a fundamental element in the success of matteo salvini. he has articulated the fears of
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italians struggling economically, worried about this endless influx of migrants from north africa and elsewhere in the world. he has expressed those fears bluntly, very strongly, in no way hampered by political correctness. clearly these issues ring a bell with the electorate. mr. salvi knee -- mr. salvini is now saying that he is the real leader of the center-right, and that mr. berlusconi will have to accept the leadership role has now gone to this younger man. he says he campaigned very actively, very dynamic frequently risking physical assault by extremist opponents and it has paid off in the end with his party gaining more votes than silvio berlusconi's party. genie: thank you for that.
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a video showing french hostage isabelle prime was released today she was kidnapped in yemen over three months ago, and her captors have posted online new pictures of her since that abduction. in the 21-second video, which "france 24" has chosen not to show, she appeals to the french and yemeni presidents to take action to secure her release. she was seized as she was on her way to work in the capital of sanna. no word on the captors' identity. new airstrikes occurred in yemen, strikes from the coalition sparking explosions at rebel arms depots around the capital sanna. munitions and tropical were sent flying into a nearby residential neighborhood.
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burundi is due to be rocked by a new day of protests against the president. people have been in the streets after president pierre nkurunziza said he would run for a controversial third term. leaders called for delaying the upcoming vote but stopped short of asking the president not to run again. our correspondent has the details. >> amid mounting international pressure, east africa's regional leaders asked baroody to delay upcoming -- asked burundi to delay upcoming elections. >> calling for a longer postponed of the election for a period not less than 1.5 months. >> notably absent from the summit p air new last time he left his country to attend -- pm to currencies a -- p or nicole and jesus himself. regional leaders stopped short
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. the opposition has called for fresh protests. >> they did not say anything like mr. nkurunziza's a legal bid for a third term. >> it is insisted that the legitimacy of the incumbent's bit is not the question, and considers the issue closed. >> we appreciate the fact that the leaders did not want to come up with a decision or a recommendation that infringes on our sovereignty. >> burundi has been -- new currencies a -- nkurunziza has announced his bid in april.
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on saturday, a senior member of the l o -- of the electoral commission -- throwing preparation for the polls in disarray. genie: we bring in the director of the africa desk at the international federation of human rights. thank you for joining us. let's start with these congress -- these comments from the east african leaders not to ask the president to stop this did for this controversial third term. why would they not have gone up until this point to ask for that? >> we did not expect such a decision because most of the time the african presidents are asking residents to leave, so it is not released. but the question is still on the table, what president currencies a -- president new currencies will do. the second question, it is a
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good thing for the electoral calendar. but during this time, what to do. the media director at least, and of course -- there is several and thousands and thousands of people to detain in the burundian jail. so we have to discuss about a clear plan of action, clear steps showing the willingness of the burundian authorities to come back to normal and to give some act for the opposition to go to the election. for the moment, the situation is not clear to have some free,
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fair and elections. genie: what would the clear action be, and what would it take to put it in place? florent: to have a plan for the confidence of electors, coming back to the local electoral commission, to have the possibility for positions to express in the media. there is no more independent media in burundi currently. it is also the capacity for the oppositions to not be attacked during the electoral campaigns etc. there are many things to do. regarding the radicalization in the last weeks. so they have to rebuild the trust, and they have also to give clear act of the
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willingness to the burundian authority to have some very clear and very fair and free elections. genie: thank you for that, the director of the africa desk at the international -- the world first -- the world's first solar powered plane has landed in japan partway through a six-day flight from china to hawaii. here are the details. >> waiting for bad weather to clear -- these images taken from in-flight cameras show the green energy plane solar impulse 2 stopped moving toward this make or break next destination hawaii. solar impulse 2 was in a holding pattern for hours monday until organizers of the first around-the-world solar flight decided to press pause and have the plane landed japan.
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the cloudy weather that put the journey on hold is thousands of kilometers away, but organizers need the perfect weather window for the dangerous six-day six-night flight. once midway across the pacific, there is no turning back. with no airports to land at and no boat capable of trailing it fast enough in the case of a crash or technical failures. >> it is probably the most difficult flight ever endeavored, if you combine the fact that the plane is solar powered, flies slowly, and frequently changes altitude. we have to cross it over and 8000-elinor ocean. -- we have to cross it over an 8000-kilometer ocean. >> the pilot said he was full of energy. roaring to go, he will have to wait until mother nature gives the solar powered flight the green light. genie: beijing is following the
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lead of other cities around the world in cracking down on smoking in public places. as of today, monday, smokers will be prohibited from lighting up in restaurants offices, and other public places, including public transportation inside the chinese capital. similar bans have proved ineffective in the past, so now thousands of inspectors have been deployed to enforce the new rules. kate moody has more. kate: this cloud of cigarette smoke in a beijing restaurant is about to become a thing of the past. tough legislation makes it illegal to light up in public venues in the chinese capital, like offices hotels, bars, and train stations. outdoor areas near schools and hospitals will also become smoke-free. violators will be charged the equivalent of 30 euros, 15 times the bayern -- 15 times the fine under a current partial ban. for non-smokers, the legislation
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is a breath of fresh air. >> of course it influences our health, because secondhand smoke is damaging. it is best to stop smoking in public places. >> china has become a country of smokers, with a pack of cigarettes costing less than a euro. almost 300 million chinese people smoke, and lung people -- and lung cancer kills one million people each year. previous efforts to crack down have proven ineffective, in part because of regulations. >> there is no reason to think that a strong smoke-free law will not work well to change social norms. that is what we have seen all over the world when strong smoke-free norms have been adopted. >> thousands of officials need to make sure that businesses abide by the new rules.
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there is also an awareness campaign alerting the public to the dangers of lighting up. genie: we have stephen carroll with us here for business news. let's start with the turnaround plan at malaysia airlines. stephen: the company's new boss believes the airline is bankrupt, but he is hoping there will be -- they will be growing again by 2017. malaysia apostate investment fund took over the airline -- malaysia's investment fund of the state took over the airline last year. >> malaysia airlines is in dire straits. speaking for the first time since his appointment as new chief executive of the carrier christoph mueller announced drastic restructuring plans, in an attempt to keep the business afloat. analysts say the airline has been badly managed for years but
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was pushed to the brink last year by two of the worst aviation disasters of recent history. in march, 2014 flight mh370 disappeared with 239 passengers and crew aboard, and remains missing. four months later flight mh 17 was shot down over eastern ukraine in its own controlled by separatists. the plan for the airline includes slashing 6000 jobs from a workforce of 20,000, selling off surplus aircraft, and cutting down on unprofitable long-haul flights. christoph mueller, credited with accruing fortunes of other airlines, said the plan is to stop the bleeding in 2015 and started growing by 2017. but he knows the mammoth task ahead will not just be about streamlining the business that
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also about rebuilding trust in the beleaguered brand, which may not still carry the malaysia airlines name. genie: let's go to greece, which is facing another debt deadline this week. stephen: greece owes 300 million euros to the imf this friday. it is not clear whether it will be up to pay that money. alexis tsipras lashed out at greece's international creditors for their own cover rising -- to their own compromising positions. a conference cangela merkel was said to be constructive. there is still hope there will be a deal there. not too much on the european markets today. pretty flat, small gains on the markets here. in paris, earlier shares have been boosted by news from china. shares from shanghai rose 5% because of the manufacturing sector.
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genie: let's take a look now at ukraine. the imf has been giving its assessment of the state of that country's economy. stephen: the economy of ukraine has been hit by the war. there are signs of economic stability taking hold there. you can't -- ukraine's economy is projected to have shrunk by 9% this year. profits are continuing to rise with inflation due to hit 46% by the end of the year. this assessment comes as the ukrainian government is trying to negotiate a haircut on $23 million -- $23 billion of its debt. indy's minister says they will not be buying fighter jets from france. prime minister modi said he would buy 36 of the planes when he visited in april.
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prime minister manohar para carr says they are too expensive. intel is reported to be buying altera for $16 million. the purchase would be the biggest in intel's four to seven year history. one of the world has biggest advertising companies, wpp could be facing a shareholders revolt over the ceo's pay. there was an increase of 40%. two shareholder advisers have raised concerns. genie: we know that the race to the white house is heating up. that race, of course, in 2016 of next year. businesses in one key primary state are preparing for the influx of all the world's media. stephen: there is an awful lot of money that circulates around the united states, but one business in iowa has specially designed t-shirts.
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a company in des moines called ray gun has designed risha -- has designed t-shirts for journalists to buy. one there, "is there a bail of hay i can interview you next to?" genie: crazy it is. thank you so much, stephen carroll, for a look at business news. time now for the press review. we have nicholas rushworth with us on the set to talk us through the press. you are starting with a possible shift in russia ties with syria. nick: let's go to the saudi-banked london-based an era paper, which has the story -- "moscow changing tack in its relationship with bashar al-assad." the argument is that the syrian opposition is saying that
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russian military supplies have not been delivered to syria for the last three months. russia, it has reported, has transferred dozens of its officials back to moscow, away from syria. so that adds up to a major u-turn, doesn't it, if that were to be the case. the argument is that perhaps moscow and vladimir putin are trying to refocus toward the gulf states in economic ties with gulf states. the quote in that piece is "clear signs are emerging of a dramatic u-turn with moscow even beginning to consider a future without bashar al-assad in syria." genie: that report has been rejected by "the jerusalem post." >> yes, pretty much the opposite headline. it says that basically there is a stress test period going on between moscow and damascus, but russia still sees syria as for
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much a bulwark against the regional rise. the message is that ross will will only withdraw support for bashar al-assad when the russians are totally sure his regime has no chance of survival at all. the quote there for you is the pause in sunni media -- reports in sunni media have to be taken with a grain of salt. genie: there is still much to be set about the fifa corruption scandal. >> you can see the guardian, a paper with a very strong cartoon there of sepp blatter opening an envelope and says, "oops wrong envelope." he is very much tried and sentenced there. "the guardian" of the u.k. is
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saying that sepp blatter is in fact a champion in the world of football. the sportswriter there says that sepp blatter has worked to pull away from the european elites that used to run the game. and given opportunities to india, africa, asian countries that have normally in the past had a major role in foot wall. so a very sharp contrast in the press about sepp blatter, who is highly controversial. genie: indeed. we come back now to france. what is in the top story in the french press this monday? >> the french press is a monday morning bonanza with the party conference at the right of the political spectrum. the ump has been given the hump by the activists for the party. which nicholas sarkozy leads now. it says that he is really
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determined to take control as party leader this monday and tuesday. he is shaking up the teams in the party to make sure that his bid to be the presidential choice for the right wing now called the republicans, of course, that that will be accepted, and there will be a primary election in 2016 ahead of the 2017 race. let's turn to the front page of with the story. this is really about sarkozy taking -- we saw on saturday whistles and boos, whistles against his rival so french political life not ever boring and always a roller coaster ride. nicholas sarkozy is really beginning a new era, the quote in that piece there saying that it is day one for him.
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we also -- we always think that we have seen the last of him but he goes on, doesn't he. playing all his ponds and chess pieces in this political game. genie: thank you so much for that look at the president could i think i have seen the name of this party change at least three times since i have been in france. they are forever going off differently. thank you for coming in and telling us about the press briefing. if you want to get any more information about any of thesewwñwñwñwñmx#ó
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