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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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announces new migrants measures, but eu states want to share the burden of asylum seekers. tensions are running high in hong kong. the bill will decide how the financial hub chooses its next leader. and the palestinian unity government is expected to relying -- to resign later today. that is according to president mahmoud abbas. we cross to our correspondent for the latest. also coming up this hour, we have got the story of a french mail-order firm that went
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bankrupt after 61 years in business. it is making a comeback as an online retailer. stephen carroll will have that as more. plus, the e3 in los angeles that is the electronic entertainment expo, while excite the next generation of gamers? ♪ well, we begin in france where the country has announced a new set of measures. this concerning its migrants community. the country is looking for how to better handle an influx of asylum-seekers. the number of people trying to cross the mediterranean to reach europe is growing at an alarming rate. so far, some 100,000 people have reached europe's chores
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this year. the eu states have failed to reach a deal on how to handle the crisis. for more on this, i am joined in the newsroom by our international affairs editor armen georgian. we have seen the eu states have failed to come together to reach a deal on a migrant plan. let's focus first on what we saw coming out of france today where the interior measurements minister announced new measures. we will take a look at what he announced yesterday. >> bolstering the measures we arty have in place, a plan that allows us to deal with the repercussions of an extremely serious international migrants crisis on friends -- on french soil. the government has an goal to reach a clear objective, respect the rights of migrants and the right of asylum, the right of the rules of our public because our republic is exactly that, the balance of rights and
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responsibilities that allows us to live together. mbalula that was -- molly: that was bernard cazenove. armen: he announced 4000 and places to house asylum-seekers by early 2016 by places we mean vets and reception centers were often you have migrants sharing a room with several vets, and that is on top of the 5000 places earmarked for refugees by the end of this year. in addition, 1500 places for people who are going to be removed from cans from makeshift camps. that is a total of 10,500 accommodation spots to be made available by early 2016. molly: that being said, the overriding major issue facing eu states this will not have a major impact on that ongoing situation, which for the moment the nations have upheld
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to reach agreement on. armen: if you take the figure of 1500 as i mentioned, that is really not going very far to meet the challenge at a european level when you consider that this year that has in a 20-fold increase in migrants trying to cross the mediterranean. now we have several months ahead of us of warmer weather, so a sea that is not too dangerous until early october, really. i think europe has two big problems. first, libya where chaos has given unrivaled opportunities to human smugglers for stop it is no quiz it is that the worst mass drownings have occurred this year off the libyan coast. second, the issue of asylum-seekers is toxic in european politics. that is what european countries are driving such a hard bargain over the system proposed by the european system. some countries are saying we have already taken in a lot of migrants and the quota system to take that into account, not just obvious factors like the size and population of the host country. molly: all right, armen
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thank you for that, armen georgian reporting. the palestinian president mahmud abbas made the announcement yesterday citing splits between his fatah faction and hamas, which controls the gaza strip. he says the two parties sought to heal seven years of bitter division. for more on this, we cross to our regional correspondent who joins me now from jerusalem. we saw yesterday moment abbas -- mahmoud abbas making the announcement. where do things stand at this point? correspondent: we are waiting to see what the government will do later today. it is a unity government. it does bring two fractious conflicted almost warring parties together, and they do not comfortably. fatah have been complaining that they do not have equal rights in
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the home-controlled gaza strip that they are giving greater rights to hamas than they are given in gaza, and the real issue of friction for president mahmoud abbas' party is there seems to be negotiations of a sort between hamas representatives and israel. perhaps even a cease-fire of sorts, a period of quiet in the gaza strip. fatah says it is the unity government's job to commit is negotiations, not hamas'. molly: irris, thank you for that irris makler reporting from jerusalem. the turkish president has died in the house rat the age of 90. -- has died in the hospital at the age of 90. it was president from 1993 until
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2000. he died early this morning and anchor. in yemen, a saudi half and led airstrike has struck a convoy of civilians. at least 31 people were killed in today's attack, which hit the outskirts of the southern port city of aden. the poor strikes began nearly three months ago. it comes as you and brokered peace talks and convene in geneva. the fighting has created major humanitarian crisis with 80% of the population nearly 20 million people, said to be in need of aid. and the dominican republic -- thousands of undocumented haitian immigrants and their descendents are rushing to register with authorities he for a set deadline. as wednesday is the last a people can submit papers under new rules to regularize their status or they will face deportation. we have more on the deadline
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that is nearly impossible to meet. reporter: waiting in line thousands of undocumented immigrants, mostly from haiti, our rest -- are racing to register with the american authorities before the wednesday evening deadline. next i came to try to get my papers. i have been here six days, but i can still not get documentation. >> we are sad because we cannot get documentation. many of us do not even know haiti, we do not know where we are going, but now they are trying to kick all of the haitians out of here. reporter: about half a million haitians live in the dominican republic and make up 90% of the country both the immigrants, but only 1/10 have legal status. the situation that is caused tensions between the two countries that share the island of hispaniola. last year, the dominican government suspended deportations after announcing not attend noncitizens would be able to gain legal residencies.
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they must prove they arrived in the country before 2011. anyone who has apply for legal residency before the deadline will be spared deportation but even for them, the road to full residency is still long. the menik authorities say of the 250,000 noncitizens who have -- dominican authorities to say of the 250,000 noncitizens have applied, only 1000 are eligible for a temporary permit, and as of last year, only 300 people have received permanent legal status. molly: a heated debate is underway in hong kong. the city's lawmakers are considering a controversial electoral reform bill. the legislation has sparked massive pro-democracy demonstrations, and protesters occupied the city's center for months. yuka royer has more. yuka: these protesters outside hong kong's par, debating a controversial electoral reform bill. >> i know the government was
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always lying. under this law, there will be no chance that we can vote for who we really want to be our chief executive. yuka: under the one country, two systems framework, hong kong has a high degree of autonomy and they promised direct elections for hong kong's chief executive and 2017, but the candidates must be preapproved by the central government. that announcement sparked mass protests. clashes between pro-and antigovernment demonstrators flooded the city with chaos. rallies have been largely peaceful this time although the city has been on high alert following the arrest monday of some 10 people suspected of making bombs. police say the suspects were linked to a radical political group born out of the pro-democracy movement. >> we do not tolerate any kind or any form of illegal
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activities, whether it is violent or nonviolent. yuka: in parliaments the bowing to vote down the electoral reform bill. the proposal needs 2/3 of the 70-seat house to pass. the pro-democracy manages to lock it, the chief executive will continue to be chosen by a committee rather than by voters directly. molly: now in the united states, it seems like each new day brings a new presidential candidate. on monday, jeb bush he would run for office. now it is donald trump. the flamboyant real estate mobile has launched his bid for the white house, and he joins the 11 other presidential hopefuls for the republican ticket. speaking in new york strong 's trump towers, he made the announcement with his typical flair. donald trump: i am using my own money, not the lobbyists not
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donors, i do not care. i am really rich. [cheers and applause] by the way, i'm not even saying that in a brag -- that is the kind of mindset, that is the kind of thinking you need for this country. i would repeal and replace the big lie obamacare. i will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that while, mark my words. nobody will be tougher on isis than donald trump. molly: that was donald trump announcing he was running for president of the united states. now we will cross to st. louis where the electronic and him and fell or e3, is in full swing. the giants of video gaming are on hand, and after years of clunky gear and graphics, the latest technology. correspondent: at this year's e3 convention, a small french corner among some of the top
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players including microsoft sony, and activision. 14 innovative companies and one school or under the label that hopes to take advantage of the e3 visibility to meet other videogame professionals and of course find investors. >> france has developed some big games, which are known worldwide. titles have been developed, and there are even some independent developers, such as the one made the white night game who is represented this year. >> -- each time to try to make the figures jump at the right moments, to go along. rasha: the most famous french studio is you but soft and they are very directly with a game console. this concept is called virtual reality and is set to improve
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the gamer's experience. it is super cool because it is a prototype, it will not be in the market until a few years. molly: that was rasha goel reporting from los angeles. swiss authorities say banks have reported suspicious activity in the bank of the world's governing football body. the 2018 and 2022 world cup bidding contest. the probe is huge and complex, but declining a target date, which includes mismanagement and money laundering. let's get a check of the headlines with rants announces -- when france announces new migrant laws. tensions are running high in hong kong as the city debates a controversial electoral reform, the bill to decide how the financial hub votes for its leader.
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in the palestinian unity government will resign later today according to president mahmoud abbas, however hamas rejects any lunar aderholt -- rejects any unilateral move. i'm joined in the newsroom by stephen carroll. you will start off with greece. stephen: warnings from the country's central bank, if they cannot reach an agreement over economic reforms, the consequences will be drastic. no deal will likely lead to a greek default, the country's exit from the eurozone, and likely the eurozone as well. this is over its latest debt crisis. international lenders talking for months now trying to secure the last 7 billion euros of its bailout loans. eurozone finance ministers only tomorrow to discuss the progress in those negotiations or lack thereof, but on that note at least the bank agrees it is somewhat optimistic thing there
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is only a little gap left between the two sides. but seattle with this impacting the markets -- let's see how that is impacting the markets. down is lunch time obviously worried about what is going to happen with greek. down .75%. one company bucking the trend is up over 1% in paris after the results. next to the paris air show airbus and boeing continues to heat up. boeing still in the lead at the end of day two at the end of tuesday, compared to just over 16 billion for airbus. that was likely due to the aircraft leasing company for 100 737's. more deals being announced today, but boeing still looks to be in the lead.
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the paris air show is not just about the manufacturers of course but also the thousands of companies that supply them with parts and technology. 3-d printing is playing a larger role in billing aircraft. airbus revealed the more than 1000 parts of its a-350 had been used using a 3-d printer. i spoke with -- about the advantages of manufacturing for companies like airbus. >> the benefits is the wait compared to the cause, compared to the value of the part. you can build layer by layer, sunset of building a lot of material, you can build the inside with the structure, which is going to make it much lighter. so the benefit for the manufacturer will be the low conception of fuel. stephen: let's stay in france for our next story. a much loved brands disappear seven years ago but is making a comeback. it was a mail-order business
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that originally opened for teachers and their families to supply them with cheap goods. it lasted 61 years but closed back in 2008. now the firm has come back from bankruptcy with a new owner and an online focus. nick has the story. >> i remember when i came in 2009, it was all like this. reporter: shades order by catalog just the year before. the company had become too large to survive the financial crisis. >> it was created in 1947 for teachers to resupply. it was quality furniture historically but textiles, for es gras, and wine, i do not think it is the best. reporter: the owner did away with the old catalog system, keeping the firm exclusively online and hiring former staff. >> it is a different business to
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start up when thumbing is always happening. i knew it was right for me, and i wanted to be involved. reporter: however, a company is more than just a staff and he set up ties with camif's former suppliers, this time on production. >> about 80% of the old suppliers have taken us back. it does not happen from one day to the next. we had the first meeting with 300 people who had lost their money, it was not easy explaining i was starting up camif again. reporter: jacquillat's bet seems to have worked. he has found favor not just with suppliers the many of camif's old customers too offering a 7% discount for life. stephen: finally for me, amazon looking at a new way to deliver products to customers.
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according to the "wall street journal," amazon is considering paying ordinary people to deliver packages. the project is being internally called "on my way," and wood used local -- and would use local retail is to store packages. people can drop them off as they go about their daily business. the idea may not get off the ground, but it is in addition to amazon for the increased of cost of deliveries, that went up 31%. would you do amazon delivery? molly: i am not sure. on my way. not there yet, i will get there. stephen, thank you for the look at today's top business stories. it is time for a look now at today's press review. i'm joined in the studio by florence villeminot. what are we starting off with, flo? florence: egypt, somalia, upholding a death sentence for
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ousted president mohamed morsi. it is interesting to see how egyptian papers are reacting to the story. "al akbar" supports the death sentence for the "traitor president." the paper's great critical of those bringing up the issue of bill of rights. he says those people are defending criminals, terrorists and not take into consideration the rights of egyptians. another paper, this one is a saudi paper, which is more critical and warned education authorities that it is only going to -- warned ejection authorities that it is only going to fan the flames and will increase egypts -- warned egyptian authorities that it is only going to fan the flames and will increase egypt's problems.
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molly: let's go to the issue of race. florence: rachel dolezal, you can read about in the "new york times," she appeared on national television for the first time that she has become part of the debate on racial identity. what is interesting is she cannot really claim a hint of black ancestry, yet she keeps on saying, as you can see in this quote here, "i identify as black ," and that is what a lot of people see as a problem. over the course of the day, she also referred to herself as "transracial," and this term has drawn criticism. "the daily beast" today is critical of this, talking that are damaging transracial game, not only to appropriate blackness but also the rhetoric of transgender identity. what is more troubling to the "daily beast" is that she is getting away with it. she is initiated yet again a
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national debate about the meaning of racial identity. molly: searchingly it is very -- certainly it is very interesting. let's stay stateside. presidential. florence: and then there were 12. donald trump announcing he wants to run for president. what a spectacular speech he made yesterday at trump tower. you can read about it here also in "the daily beast" with memorable quotes, this one getting attention, "i am rich," so it was a festival of narcissism, that is what an article in the "washington post" said his announcement was a bragfest. the journal actually read the transcript, he uttered "i" 28 times, "me" 22 times, etc., 227 self references.
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another funny detail that is getting some attention is the fact that the entrance music that he chose 21 on stage yesterday. it was actually a neil young song his anthem "rockin' in the free world," and 1% of said about this -- that is neil young himself. what is interesting is the song, which dates 1989, is critical of the rich and how they do not care about the poor. neil young issued a statement saying "donald trump's use of the song is not approved," and he is a longtime supporter of bernie sanders who wants to run on the democratic ticket. molly: here in france, flo it is exam date. florence: that is right baccalaureate kicking off today. the subject of philosophy. each year when the baccalaureate rolls around, the same question pops up in the press, and you can see it here -- what if we got rid of the baccalaureate?
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so france's end of year exam. a lot of people want to get rid of it, it is very expensive, and people question how useful it is. this question has been around for over 100 years. according to a poll, a lot of people think the changes necessary. 60% of people in the poll today are in favor of a year-long assessment, not just one stressful exam at the end of the year. 48% of people are in favor of making the test harder. they say it is actually too easy these days to get your baccalaureate. molly: certainly a stressful time. i do not miss taking exams. i have to be honest. corsica in the spotlight. tell us why. florence: this story is getting a lot of attention in france today, a little town in corsica, the end of the or school celebration has been canceled. you can read about it here. why is that?
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the school actually received threats from parents of students who were really upset by a plan to get the students to sing "imagine," the very famous song by john lennon. why would they get upset about "imagine"? it is not a particularly offensive song. well, they wanted to get them to sing it in five lingwood does, including arabic. the school responding saying obviously those parents are not spent enough time in school. let's end on a lighter note in school. the first official french fry school is going to open its doors of course near belgium in a town called -- the article quotes the school of the director, it says?çqoq
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