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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 28, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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' he limits on their power. the u.s. president addressing the african union summit in ethiopia, warning that no one can be a leader for life. there's no difference between the islamic state and the kurdish pkk. they need to discuss the fight against syria. greece's former finance minister defends a covert plan to have greece tax system.
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this overshadows the negotiations as they seek a new bailout. first, obama told african leaders they must step down when their turn and. speak patent nclb, he said that no one could be president for life pointed to brandy's leader whose protesters dave and power -- whose attempts to stay in power sparked violence. >> i stand before you as a proud american. i also stand before you as the son of an african. >> this is how he introduced
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himself before the african union. the first time a sitting u.s. president addressed and 54 states. at the heart of his speech and assurance that the u.s. is committed to supporting africa in its fight against terrorist groups. >> s africa stands against terror and conflicts, what you do know that he had state stands with you. >> elsewhere, performing a balancing act between declarations of solidarity as the criticism of states that practice democracy's name without substance. obama called on the eu to pressure african leaders to stick to their mandates. >> under our constitution, i cannot run again.
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i actually think i am a pretty good president. i think if i ran, i could win. but i cannot. >> also high on his agenda corruption. speaking at length on the importance of further strengthening ties between africa and the rest of the world. >> nothing will unlock africa's economic potential more than ending the cancer of corruption. >> his words were often greeted with enthusiastic cheering from his audience can even if several african leaders on his observations uncomfortable. >> as he leaves africa, the youngest state is being torn apart by an ethic conflict that has now displaced over 2 million people. in south sudan, hundreds of children have been separated from their families. the united nations children's program is trying to reunite them with their parents love with it is this report that
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shows it is an uphill battle. >> reunited after year and a half apart. days ago these parents did not know whether their children were even alive. now unicef them together. -- brought them together. >> i am so happy to get myself back to life. thanks to those organizations. >> since the beginning of the war these children lived with other kids at the war camp. they had no idea their parents were only 236 kilometers away. living alone, even ones caretakers, was hard. >> we were in the camp when it was attacked. many people, including children were killed. the children book writing and looking for their parents. i decided to go and register them with the nonviolent peace force to see if they could be reunited with their parents. >> and took some time to find
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their parents, once unicef did, it started planning their trip. >> i'm really happy and do not know what to say to unicef. but god will reward and god will help others the way they have helped us. >> their friends were happy to see them go, because it meant that they too could someday find their own parents. flying is the only way to get to cobalt, the children to the blame for the first time, but the real exciting part was to fight their relatives. they have reunited 1500 children with their families. more than 7000 are still isolated. >> the course in libya have sent the son of a late leader to death. he faces the death penalty along with eight others for their role in suppressing protests against gadhafi's rule in 2011. his execution is by no means a
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minute. he is being held by a rebel group, and this group is choosing to hand him over. -- refusing to hand him over. >> found guilty and sentenced to death in absentia, he learned his fate the video link. the son of the late libyan leader was sentenced for suppressing peaceful protest against his father's regime. he was widely expected to be his father's successor, and was seen particularly in the west as a potential reformer having being educated in the u.k.. all that changed after the uprising against gadhafi which began at the very 2011. he became the chief spokesman for the regime, defying libyan enemies both international and domestic. >> we will not lose, we will
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win. i am not afraid. it is our country. we live here, we will die here. we will never surrender to those terrorists. the libyan agent is united now. we are so strong. >> and made him a price target for libyan rebels, and he was captured trying to flee the country. a month after his father's fall. he has since been held by a militia which is in turn reduce to hand over to the court which is administered by powers not recognized internationally. the other members or another dead or living in exile. >> to a rare emergency meeting of nato members now. turkey claims that territorial
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sovereignty is at risk from terrorist organizations across the border in syria. turkey once support in the fight against islamic state at the curtis separatist pkk. they say there is no difference between the two groups and nato said that it would stand in solidarity turkey. >> in the kurdish majority city there is a sense the local population is under attack on two fronts. from the islamic group and from the turkish government which has been arresting members of the greatest dan workers party of pkk after the group killed to turkish policeman. >> obviously what happened and the massacres is not a return to what we experience. it is unrest. >> i do not want ideas and actions that are unjust. it is in the apostles of organizing massacre -- in the
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process of organizing and massacre. >> after the killing of the two policeman last week, turkish president says peace must taken back seat. >> is it not possible for us to continue the peace process with those that threaten our national unity and brotherhood? brotherhood comes about the piece process. this is paramount. >> the kurdish democratic party has accused him of trying to use the crisis for electoral gain. he is deliberately obstructed the pkk from disarming. >> is no intention of allowing it. i am saying very clearly brothers, citizens, everyone living in turkey, they have to know that the president of this
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country has stopped the disarmament of the pkk. >> later on tuesday a spokesman said that the peace process could continue if terrorist elements leave the country and the down their weapons. >> joining me now from turkey is our correspondent jasper. we just heard from the leader of the pro-kurdish hdp. his party did very well in the recent elections. now the president wants their members to restrict their communities so they can process it -- be prosecuted for links to terrorism. this is crackdown. >> this is more of a political attack than a serious move. the party does not have a seats in parliament to strip them of their immunity. if the ultra-right party him of the nhp were to vote with the ank party on a lesser like that
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they would have enough votes but he would still have to persuade the constitutional commission that would investigate the request. there was real evidence that the hdp members of parliament did have links to terrorism, and if there were such evidence for the state would have published it before now. about the of the hdp mps were not in parliament until the elections last month. so if there was evidence that they had been cooperating with terrorists they would have been prosecuted by now. this is basically an attack to put down the hdp tarring it with a brush of terrorism allegations. half of the people in this part of the country, the kurdish region, used to vote for the ank
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party, but it last month elections they changed and voted for the hdp. by alleging that the hdp is enter foods with terrorism, he can draw them back to his party. but every kurd i know says that will not happen, that he has lost the kurdish vote for good. >> thank you very much. now 2000 migrants attempted to enter the totals between france and the last night and a desperate bid the united kingdom. it is the breach of securities as the crisis began. they are stuck in the french ports, making increasingly risky attempt to cross the channel. a teenage boy was found in the channel after he tried to jump on a moving train. human rights watch have accused
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saudi arabia of workarounds after a bombing in yemen killed 65 siblings including 10 children. targeted the port city on friday. it struck a housing complex near a power plant. we have more. >> the residential compound of the our plant in southwest yemen, repeatedly bombarded on friday evening. the saudi coalition had scores of workers and their families. >> here in the housing five and there were seven bonds. bodies were taken out, pieces of hotties, heads and hands. >> human rights watch says there was no military positions in the area and called the raids a war crime. >> we were very shocked, we
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never expected they would target a residential area. full of children, women and workers. >> this building is residential for the employees of the steam power station. civilians. that is it. what else? airplane to the house for no reason. >> another temporary cease-fire was announced for medical aid and humanitarian assistance. the i-80 continues to around across the country. meanwhile, human rights watch has called on the council to thoroughly investigate the allegations that the coalition is violated the laws of war. >> the foreign policy cheese is in tehran. they are making sure a recently signed agreement is put in place weekly. her trip comes today's -- two days ahead of a trip.
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they are trying to resume ties and make the most of this long untapped market. >> she's the latest high-profile visitor to tehran. the eu foreign-policy chief and a key negotiator of the landmark nuclear deal, discussing its implementation. she says the agreement that will see iran scale back its program for the lifting of sanctions will pave the way for wider cooperation between iran and the west. >> europe and iran used to have very strong ties, not geographically but also economically. on this particular, i think it is important for me to stress that when sanctions will be lifted you can expect major attention from the u.n. investment business area. >> for its part, iran said it
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would uphold its process, and the mistrust gone. >> i have no concern that after the nuclear deal has gone to its legal stages, the islamic group of look of iran will be committed to what has agreed to do. >> since it was reached on july 14, many foreign businesses are scribbling to return to iran. they are teasing business opportunities and in a country long shot off by sanctions. france is set to visit on wednesday. they are not the only major powers jostling for their piece of the pie. well aware iran is home to some of the largest natural oil and gas reserves. >> ethics and standards in the house of lords police are
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searching the 69-year-old home after he was seen snorting cocaine. let's get an update on the business news. we are here talking about china. you're going to take a look at another volatile day on the stock get market. >> the shanghai composite was down as much as 4% on tuesday but it recouped some losses to close 1.7% lower in the end. the index losing eight in half percent during the session. the chinese government has introduced measures to stopped the plunge, they've also made it easier for investors to buy shares.
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for more i spoke earlier to the assistant professor at the board business school. he says the government is likely to continue its efforts to stop the route. >> what they should have done is that they have to liberalize the markets. this is the move of trading restrictions, and they await a from direct market interventions but we have not seen any benefit. i expect they will try to power up more interventions. i would not expect that to have any point of effect on the stock market i think the liquidity will drop. it is hard to protect because it is a chaotic market. i do not think it is a good place for the investors. >> you expect the government will step in further?
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that they will continue to try to stimulate the stocks and the market? >> yes. i think the government has no other measures to do now. they are somehow kidnapped by the whole market because if they still want to stabilize the market they have to carry on with these aggressive measures. there is no other way around it . >> we're going to move on now. full slack and sold more vehicles than any of its rivals in the first half of the year. the german carmaker overtook japan's toyota as the number one carmaker but there is still six months to go before the year is over. >> racing to the front of the pack. german carmaker volkswagen overtook rival toyota in the first half of what you 15. -- 2015.
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it is the first time they have clinched the first spot in automobile sales. coming out ahead of toyota and general motors. for the past three years the japanese carmaker has enjoyed its reign in first place, but sluggish demand at home and emerging markets are straining liveries. -- deliveries. while increased appetite has boost sales, it is solid on a china that is hitting hardest -- slowdown in china that has hit hardest. for eight decades in a row general motors led the pack. we will see how. i can the slow down in china and whether it remains in full position. >> let's also take a look at how
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markets elsewhere have been faring. the european markets seem to be forgetting all about china during tuesday's session. they ended the session i higher. they kept their eyes on mergers and acquisitions activity in europe. they are eyeing a bid for the british rival, they also jumped on the news that it is buying a new u.s. company. now to m&a activity. it is making its mark -- its presence felt in the united states. the dow jones industrial average currently up by one .2%, similar games there for the s&p 500. investors are otherwise keeping an eye on the federal reserve this is the federal reserve has started hud meeting as investors are looking for clues on when and how the fed may be hiking
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interest rates this year. it is a long-running story, that one, and investors are hoping for some clues when that eating wraps up on wednesday. let's bring you up to date on some other stories we are watching for you. he may no longer be the finance minister of greece but he has making headlines. he is a used -- has accused finance ministers of violating the country's sovereign carry. he is explaining why he drew up a covert plan to hack the greek taxes done. it was part of a contingency plan to set up a parallel banking system. he drew up this plan b on the order of alexis tsipras. >> even before the election victory, alexis tsipras wanted a solution to the liquidity crisis. that is according to his former finance minister. >> i assembled a very able team,
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a small team, it had to do, because it had to be kept me up to wraps -- completely under wraps for obvious reasons. >> he said they hacked the tax office, giving them access to the account numbers and wiles of every resident. >> we were planning to create surreptitiously, riserva crowns attached to every tax file number without telling everyone. >> they would hold credits for entities or individuals that old money by the greek government. they could be transferred between taxpayers to pay debts that they know each other. that would only harshly solved the liquidity problem. >> we did have a plan b, but the difficulty was to go from the five people who were planning it to the 1000 people that would have to implemented. i would have to receive more
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authorization, which never came. >> is parallel banking system which have been based on the euro, but if they had exited the eurozone, the drop of the head and could have been converted to the former currency, the drac hma. >> other stories making headlines. the british economy accelerated during the second quarter. it grew comparison to the first three months of the year in line with expectations. the all-important services sector es grow as manufacturing fell slightly. staying in the u.k., bp has warned that oil prices are set to remain low for a considerable time. they cannot with that assessment while posting a quarterly loss of six by $3 billion that was
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weighted down by $10.8 billion charge in relation to the gulf of mexico oil spill. disneyland paris is looking into unfair pricing. they are offering cheaper deals to french families than to british and german consumers, according to a preliminary assessment. british consumers pay 15% more than french consumers. disneyland paris rejects this criticism saying that its pricing is adapted to local conditions in each market. that is the business news. we will see how that pans out. >> an interesting one, for sure. >> i suppose we're lucky if that is the case. we can get access to those cheaper prices.
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>> i will see you there. do stay tuned for france 24 of next. find out what it means, and what it can tell us about what the first
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ia are mindful of ethiopia's history. it has been recently in which the constitution that was formed and elections put forward a democratically elected government. amy: months after ethiopia's


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