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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 14, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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host: welcome back to "live from paris here code let's look at the headlines. violence -- "live from paris." let's look at the headlines. violence erupts on the streets .f sao paulo china defends firefighters after , massive explosion in tianjin fanning accusations that their actions made things worse.
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host: first, this hour, an historic day in havana. the united states has reopened its embassy in cuba more than 54 years after it shut its doors and after the two nations have restore diplomatic ties. the flag raising ceremony was led by john kerry, the first u.s. secretary of state to visit cuba in seven decades. stripes were raised by the same marines who lowered to the flag back in 1961. joins us thisent evening. this was a symbolic event, today. oneespondent: definitely led by a whole pride file -- high profile delegation.
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john kerry gave a speech from the u.s. embassy grounds in havana. he spoke in the native language, telling cubans that the roads to full reconciliation certainly remains long. he said they should not fear but great things are expected on this path to reestablishing diplomatic ties and working things out. john kerry even going so far to quote the revolutionary poets, .uban revolutionary poets lots of symbols and bilingual speeches in the presence of those symbolic marines there, who were the ones who had taken the american flag down over half a century ago.
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the american anthem played after the cuban anthem. i'll let was not quite enough to silence some of the -- all of that was not quite enough to silence some of the fierce waged on thisg ceremony. are still somere major stumbling blocks. the u.s. embargo remains in place. that will have to be lifted at the hands of congress. the biggest controversy surrounded the absence of dissidents. john kerry insisted his stuff was to meet with them later in the day but there was not -- his staff was to meet with him later was notay, but there enough space at the ceremony. for some.ot enough presidential candidates on the
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republican side said today was a travesty and not a victory for u.s. diplomacy. host: thank you very much for that report. and fries, famous around the world as an american classic . cuba is very first burger restaurant has served the dish 's first burger restaurant serves the dish to mark today's ceremony. american -- anll all-american experience in have company'svana, the first -- country's first ever burger joint opened its doors 24 hours ago. thecdonald's is always
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point of inspiration for all people to open up a fast food restaurant. .hat was our benchmark we went in that direction. that was our star product from the beginning. reporter: amongst the first who prefers tourist the human burger experience to the classic. >> i think people prefer the atmosphere in the neighborhood. it's better. it's not a commercial experience. it's a neighborhood experience. the burger is better quality. come with family and friends. it's better. reporter: the restaurant launch coincides with the opening of the u.s. embassy in the cuban capital as the two nations strive to remove hurdles on the way to normal relations. they are on hand to welcome
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their rival on what was once dubbed "the for bid and island dish for bid in -- forbidden island." shootings overnight in sao paulo and at least 19 people were killed on the streets. our correspondent has more details. bruce: all we know so far is that these killings took place over a two or three hours spree late yesterday evening in three of sao paulo,rbs a total of five different locations. dead.ple are seven injured. 26 people shot total. ae shootings took place in variety of ways. , a gunman opened fire in people on a bar. he asked if anyone there had a criminal record before opening fire on those who raised their
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hand. that's the image that was caught on the cctv camera that has been circulating on brazilian television. in another instance, a couple were gunned down leaving an ice cream parlor. , we don't know the cause for the shootings. the secretary of public security is investigating all options. one of the theories is that it's a revenge attack for the killing of two police officers in recent weeks in one of the three suburbs. sao paulo is a violent city. it does have a strong element of criminal gangs. in particular, there is a prominent drugrunning organization. is too early to say if it was police related or gang related. in brazil. douglas
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questions continue to swirl over what exactly caused massive explosions in the chinese port city of tianjin. firefighters initially poured water on the blaze at the chemical warehouse. experts say that move could have made the situation worse. the blast killed 56 people, including several firefighters, and injured hundreds of others. reporter: smoke continues to billow from the site of wednesday's port explosion in tianjin. on friday, another explosion, but nothing compared to the original blast. and analysis continue, officials say they are still not sure which chemicals were stored at the warehouse at the center of this incident. they defended the actions of first responders who deployed foam onther than
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the flames. a 19 or old firefighter was pulled from the rubble. was9-year-old firefighter pulled from the rubble. >> the search continues for those missing. firefighters have recovered another 12 people from the site. a total of 44 people have been saved. authorities say well over 6000 residents have been forced into temporary shelters. others have arrived in the city to trace loved ones. >> when a family member is missing, you get very worried. i have seen people from other parts of china come here to look for family. i want to help them. reporter: the condition of at least two dozen people is described as critical. companies are assessing damage. 1500 cars have been burned. host: for more on that story,
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the legislative director at greenpeace, usa. rick, thank you for being with .s here do we know what chemicals were present in the warehouse? there wereems like several chemicals, all of which fire ignition, even contact with water. they then can release toxic gases as well as explode, as we saw. in this kind of situation, and we have seen this in the u.s. ,nd other parts of the world , there isthe incident incomplete information. one of the things we are
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concerned with is that this is a , densely populated and industrial area. the question would be what other hazards, especially in terms of chemicals, may still be out there? our hearts go out to all the victims and families because as we saw, even firefighters lost their lives in this. a full investigation is truly needed to find the cause, but not just the trigger. but why were these chemicals used as opposed to safer processes, which we in the u.s. are attempting to move haslations the president promised which would actually require the use of safer processes and chemicals wherever feasible. we have communities that have grown up around dangerous , solities over time
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relocating them isn't necessarily a solution, as inley in such -- especially such a densely populated country. host: you were speaking about the firefighters. chinese authorities are facing questions over their actions in the immediate aftermath. what should or should not have then done? done?ng done -- been guest: there should have been more transparency, reporting on what is known about this, and may be what they need to find out and need help on, help maybe from the citizenry who know or even work in these facilities and could share important information about, for example, chemicalanother toxic storage nearby? it's a shipping area. oftentimes, very dangerous chemicals are ship. those can -- shipped. those can include chlorine gas,
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are many hazardous as other substances which could be lethal if triggered in an explosion. thank you for joining us. next, eurozone finance ministers gathered in brussels this friday for crucial talks on approving a third bailout deal for cash strapped greece. they have given the greenlight to that deal. european officials have recommended an immediate loan of 23 billion euros. leader alexis tsipras has pleaded with leaders to shut loans, saying it would put greece into a never ending crisis. after hours of tense debate, the greek parliament has given the green light to that bailout.
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athens will asher in tax hikes and top spending cuts in return for the rescue package. grexit fromvoid a > the eurozone. end, the greek parliament gave approval for a third bailout program. prime minister separates said it was necessary -- alexis tsipras said it was necessary. my decisionregret to compromise on a bailout deal when the alternative would have heroic suicide for the greek people. opposition accused the finance minister of making provocative comments ahead of the vote. officials criticized alexis
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tsipras, saying he broke the anti-a sturdy pledges he campaigned on. pledges heterity campaigned on. >> another bailout. government is this? no matter what the people vote for, fight for, or what the outcome of the referendum is, bailout it is. the x finance minister refused to support the bailout. greece is due to pay more than 3 million euros to the european central bank. the worstre seeing refugee crisis since world war ii. that's according to the eu migration commissioner, who added that the situation in greece is especially urgent.
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the contrary is set to receive further emergency funding and has the -- country is set to receive further emergency funding and has intensive thousands of arrivals in the alone.nth >> the continent has been caught off guard. it's facilities are at it breaking -- at a breaking point. facing theourselves worst refugee crisis since the second world war. itself struggling, fighting to deal with high influxes of people seeking refuge within our borders. hit, ag the hardest greek island close to turkey. >> this is something we often do in the municipality. we are collecting money, despite
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our limited resources. there are many people here who, emotion, they are helping these people, but they have nearly nothing to get these days. toa cruise liner has arrived serve as a place to process and accommodate some of the migrants. to have a life. everybody wants that. >> scenes like this are being seen in several places. in the serbian capital. meanwhile, the italian air force videos showing more boats crossing the mediterranean . there is a split among european leaders about how to deal with the crisis. some want to offer aid. others want more security to
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keep migrants out. south sudan has pulled out of talks to end an almost two-year split. there has been a wave of tit-for-tat ethnic violence in which tens of thousands of people lost their lives. time for a change of pace from transparent suitcases and lipsticko shoes with heels. something about these useless inventions have one them -- won them fans. craig's inventions we don't need. that's the slogan -- >> inventions we don't need. that's the slogan of the austrian museum devoted to nonsense.
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catcher to cork , and injuries at parties plates for plugs. >> here is one of my favorite pieces. i wish i had it as a kid. doesn't taste good, you can take the plug out and the food disappears. >> other remarkable inventions, with a mirror to trick dieters into seeing two sausages when there is only one. the word nonsense also contains the word sense. the idea of the museum is onehow to put a smile people's faces. >> unlike its inventions, the museum is proving a success with over 100,000 visitors during the last 30 years. host: a quick check of the headlines.
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an historic day and have anna. the united states stars and stripes fly in cuba again as washington has reopened an embassy in havana 70 years after it -- 60 years after closed. firefighters its after massive explosions at a chemical packed warehouse in , fanning accusations that their actions made things worse. time now for the business news. you are starting out with the latest from brussels. reporter: that's right. eurozone finance ministers have just ended a meeting in brussels. they have a proved a bailout agreement for greece. approved a bailout agreement for greece. had signaled that greek debt is unsustainable and was calling for debt relief of some sort. some within the eurozone are against touch measures.
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aey prefer waiting until first review of the new deal is concluded in october. we will bring you the latest out of brussels as soon as we get it. we saw anemic levels of growth coming out of germany. europe's economic engine grew at 4.7% in the second quarter. economye, the flatlined. despite this, the french government is still confident of s.aching its target >> disappointing results in spite of favorable conditions. downuropean economy is 0.1% compared to the first quarter. a weaker euro, stimulus measures from the central bank and low oil prices were not enough to kickstart some of europe's a guest economies. france stagnated he between
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april and june, but it's prime it will still has faith exceed the growth market by the end of the year. >> we actually will go over this number and and to the year at an annual rate of 1.5%. at an annualar rate of 1.5%. >> other eurozone players underperformed as well. the third-biggest economy, italy, grew at a sluggish rate of 0.2 percent. the netherlands at 0.4 percent. the finnish economy contracted for the fourth consecutive quarter. germany is the main driver for growth in the eurozone. it's export sector remains healthy, even when facing the chinesee of a devalued currency. >> it means china can export worldwide at a cheaper rate. chinese products have been cheaper and goods from america
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will be more expensive in china. it is a handicap. >> germany's performance notwithstanding, forecast for growth in the eurozone this year revised.vised -- been >> let's get a check of the market action this friday. in the united dates, stocks trading higher this session -- united states, stocks trading higher this session. the dow jones currently up around .3%. the nasdaq and the s&p similarly up. second-quarter gdp data impacted european stocks at the close. all of the major indices ended the week in negative territory. index in athens was down over 1.5% at the close.
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let's get a check on some of the other business tories making headlines. -- stories making headlines. the flash crash trader is out on bail. wanted by the u.s. department of justice for wire fraud, commodities fraud, and market manipulation. he is accused of using an automated program to scoop the markets. dow jones to drop 1000 points in 2010. banks are accused of conspiring to manipulate foreign exchange rates. to pay $150ank is million of the total sum. recalling cars from -- volkswagen is recalling cars from the united states. several models are affected.
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the company wants to fix a problem that could prevent airbags from deploying. the german carmaker is currently reviewing if the issue exists in markets outside the united states. has roped in an nba superstar. adidas has been attempting to regain its foothold in the u.s. market, and the announcement is seen as a blow to nike. if you like sitting on long flights, emirates may soon have something for you. they will begin operating the world. flight in the from february, they will begin offering daily nonstop flights lasting 17 hours and 35 minutes, half an hour longer than the current longest offered by qantas, which
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goes from dallas to sydney in just under 17 hours. we will bring you the latest on the greek bailout which has been approved. host: think you very muchbsxñxñç
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08/14/15 08/14/15 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> more people will travel, the robie more exchange, more families will be reconnected. and hopefully, the government of cuba will itself make decisions that will begin to change things. amy: today the united states and -- john kerry is an havana presiding over the raising of the flag over the u.s. embassy in cuba for the first time in 54 years.


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