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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 18, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching "france 24." i am aurore dupuis. these are our top stories. a failed attack has taken place in bangkok. explosive in the capital. know what has been injured, but it comes one day after a bomb went off near a shrine, killing at least 22 people. heavy rain falls, triggering fears that the water mixed with chemicals could release toxic gases and potentially spark new explosions at the chinese warehouse. to have a newlled superhero hand. the six-year-old boy is the
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first in france to get a prosthetic hand getting straight out of -- out of a 3-d printer. aurore: a man has thrown an explosive device from a bridge in central bangkok. thai authorities say the device landed in the water and that there were no injuries, but security forces are on high alert following yesterday posterity bombing near a shrine at a shopping mall in the capital. more than 20 people have been killed, including several foreigners. our correspondent is on the ground and tells us about the failed attacks. ofthere has been a lot police activity. we had a police helicopter coming overhead 45 minutes ago, landing there. they are current -- they are
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currently looking to see under the water what the device was. we are hearing from official sources that it was not a grenade but another improvised explosive device, perhaps similar to the large explosion that we saw last night that has left 22 people dead now. as far as we can tell, it is not an assumption to say that the two attacks are probably linked. it seems that the device did not manage to hit the water. there are a lot of pedestrians there. it is a busy intersection, and there is a main transport train port, as well as a busy popular area for tourists. at the moment, very lucky that the device was in the water rather than on the pedestrian walkway. say they arerities hunting down one suspect who was near then cctv camera shrine in the first attack
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yesterday. what do we know about him? ismail: there is a lot of talk here on local media that the man does not appear to be -- he seems to be a young man wearing a yellow t-shirt and shorts, dressed very casually. footage that has been released shows him walking in with a backpack, sitting down on a backpack,ing off his and then take a photo, then casually walk off. there is not much information on who he is. at the moment it seems the only lead police have to go on. it is not clear from those images perhaps what his motives could be, but there is a lot of discussion here that these two attacks are linked. there is a lot of emphasis being put on the fact that it could be related to the political
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troubles. there was a coup in 2014 just over a year ago, and there has been a muted response to that, a very heavy-handed government under the military since last year. many silenced, many political dissidents in the country. it could be a resurgence to try to shake the military will of the government here. but there is no evidence to go on so far. aurore: is male wolf reporting from bangkok. the rain is making it difficult for chinese authorities to secure the chemical warehouse that went up in flames last week. at least 114 people were killed and 57 others remain missing. our regional correspondent is covering the story for us. there are fears that the rain could trigger the release of toxic gases. what are chinese authorities doing to avoid that scenario? >> today marks the seventh day
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since the blast. basically several senior officials went to the site. found several hundred tons of -- when sodium cyanide is mixed with water, it not only creates a very toxic chemical, it could also cause more blasts. that is something that they are really concerned about, and obviously water makes it harder to contain the pollutant. authorities have built a massive dam around the area to contain the pollutant. the public remains very skeptical. the incident has triggered a lot of public anger. do investigators have a lead as to who or what is responsible for this? they do not have a
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clearly lead yet. the public is outraged. blame has been placed squarely on the government as well as the local company. they have a license to operate and store chemicals, but have also operated without a license. oute is news that came suspecting that the owner of the country is politically connected, but they have denied that suspicion as well. the vice mayor of tianjin was sacked today, officially put under investigation. he is the first official to be checked and investigated. he was arrested for, authority -- according to authorities, violations of discipline and the law. that is the term they use when they arrest corrupted officials.
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it is fair to say we will see more officials perhaps getting in trouble in the coming days as a result of the blast. aurore: thank you very much for that update. tracey chang reporting from beijing. there are no drivers from the indonesia. in the plane went missing over the weekend with 54 people on board. the black boxes could understand the cause of the act that could help them understand the cause of the accident. rival camps in south sudan have not released -- have not reached a peace deal. the government and rebels failed to meet monday posterity i. the rebel leader says he signed an agreement, but president salva kiir has refused to do so, saying that he would review it within the next two weeks. the civil war has left thousands
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of people dead over the past year and a half, with both caps fighting along ethnic and tribal lines -- with both caps fighting along ethnic and tribal life -- s fighting along ethnic and tribal lines. >> in times of war, young and old men are called to war to defend the interests of their tribe. .t is part of a militia this 23-year-old fought alongside rebel soldiers when the violence first direct it. -- when the violence first erupted. >> when we heard of the fighting in juba, a group of us joined in the fight against the government. >> civilian involvement in the conflict is complicating the already troubled peace process. practically every young man is a member of the white army, and ready to pick up arms again. even if salva kiir and write much are sign it -- and riek
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machar sign an agreement, -- >> if salva kiir remains president, i will not accept that. i would rather continue fighting. hasouth sudan's civil war between themosities two largest ethnic groups in the country. clinic, more wounded civilians are slowly recovering. months toan take heal, but the mistrust and psychological trauma is another matter. they keep attacking us, and when they come, they take our cattle. it has been going on for so long, i do not see how it will end. on thernational pressure warring leaders to sign the peace deal is mounting, but with the priest process this was a peace process focused -- with
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the peace process focused on the political elites, it is difficult to see how this will help the south sudan population. aurore: let's bring in our guest , president of the african information club. thank you for being with us on "france 24." the civil war has been going on for 20 months now, and still no peace deal has been found. how do you see things unfold? >> south sudan is a very young state. free onlyindependent, four years ago in 2011, and now everyone is helping them during this time to gain independence. that does not mean that what they were fighting -- what they were fighting as the leader of his people, it has now been extended. toy just left khartoum
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become a free state when they were always a minority. they were always losing the political battle for leadership, and when political leaders do not find any issue, they use the basic instincts of the people as an instrument to gain the battle for leadership, and that is what is going on in southern sudan now. aurore: what can regional media do to improve the situation? : to them, already in khartoum, they are using the relations in the south sudan to give some help, military help to pats.f the the other countries are not able to do it. they are in a bad situation. they are in central africa, and it is very difficult today to know what is happening precisely.
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only political, only international pressure now on the two leaders can help decrease the pressure on the war. aurore: tell us more about the ethnic divisions between the two camps. what can be done to iron out there differences?lou louis: africa is divided into several parts where you can find the same people and the dose broke -- and the two brothers from the same country, you will still have those problems. but the same -- but the fact is we are not only a free nation, but a very united nation. before -- that is the challenge for those people today to reach. aurore: thank you very much for your analysis.
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france, a six-year-old boy was fitted with a prosthetic hand made from a 3-d printer. a first in the country. he was born without a right hand, but is now equipped with what he calls a super max hand that cost less than 50 euros to produce. >> he has been dreaming about it for months. on monday, he received his new hand. he puts it on, fastening the velcro straps, and there he goes , throwing a tennis ball like any other kid. [applause] he looked at the hands of his favorite superheroes. he said they are not me. i want to make my own super max hand and i can say that no one else has it. he lives in the southeast of france.
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he grew up without a right hand. when he was born, his parents decided not to fit him with an artificial limb, but the new device looks to change his life. >> what are you going to do, grab things? >> yes. >> do other kids have it? >> yes, i saw a video. >> what do they do with it? >> they grab things. >> what things? >> the table. >> you will be able to move those things, too. >> the artificial hand was created by a 3-d printer. the prosthesis was painted in his favorite covers and even has his initials printed on it. >> he can do what any other six-year-old boy does. now with his superhero hand, he does things with extra magical powers. >> he is not the first person in with thisbe printed
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kind of a hand. it can replace that it can be replaced as he continues to grow. aurore: here is a reminder of our top stories. a failed attack has taken place in bangkok. an explosive has landed in a river in the heart of the capital. no one has been injured, but it comes just a day after a bomb went off near a shrine, killing at least 22 people. on tianjin,alls creating fears that the water axis chemicals could release toxic gases and potentially create new explosions. is thrilled to have a new superhero hand. he is the first in france to get createdosthetic hand out of a 3-d printer. it is time for business news third stephen carroll is with me. we are going to start in china,
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because it has been another rough day on the market. steve got the shanghai -- stephen: the shanghai composite finished down over 6%. more than 1000 companies in shanghai fell to the maximum daily limit of 10%. the government possibility to manage the market. strict control of chinese shares lost more than one third of their value between june and july. there is no clear reason for today's market plunge. it is partly be earned to fears of the currency to devalue further. aurore: what about the rest of the markets? how are they doing? stephen: here in europe, it is not such a great day for shares. there are falling shares in
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china, mining companies in london. aurore: here in france, the ongoing dispute about pork prices. stephen: the government was forced to introduce minimum pricing for pork after farmers complained they were not earning enough to live on. but the price that has been set ,s being said to be too high and it is impossible to compete with foreign rivals. part of the problem is the frenchpaid farmers -- pig farms are generally smaller than elsewhere in europe. that makes their production costs higher. >> it is a fight, and to farmers in america, denmark, and germany. but in france, intensive farming is far from the norm. instead, such businesses are often small.
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this farmer is going to expand his operation. he suggests that he puts 120 pigs on his farm. >> there is no minimum but there is a maximum that we are allowed, and i do not have the right to exceeded. whenever anything changes, we hope it will not change our staff too much. >> under french rolls, he will also need a lot more land. something he is not able to do on his current property. this lack of land and administrative headaches are among the reasons french pig farmers stay small. here there is an average of 200 on each farm compared with 560 in denmark and 1200 in spain. >> we have to move toward increasing the number of pigs because there are not enough farmers to increase in other ways. what the spanish do is
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not compatible with french culture. >> some have tried. this farm in northern france has 1000 cows. it has faced protests from campaigners since opening last year. hashen: the united states given shell final clearance to drill for oil in the arctic. they will start drilling off the coast of ask left -- of alaska. yt has been criticized bt environmental groups. petrobras is facing the largest american fine from american authorities. profits at the swiss chocolate risen 17% despite the
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high price of cocoa. these pictures are making me very hungry indeed. starbucks, in the trendy new york neighborhood of williamsburg, is getting an overhaul that not everybody is happy about. stephen: the starbucks has brooklyn andure in it will be serving wine and beer. 75 starbucks outlets are doing this as an effort to expand their offering and attract customers in the evening. but the plan for this particular branch launched last year, but local businesses complained it was going to take away business local bars. they did not get the license from the first application. one of the incentives is that they are going to serve brooklyn brewery beer.
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aurore: with those pictures, you're trying to make me even more hungry. stephen carroll, with the business news. and our very own florence villeminot has joined me in the studio for the press review. looking at headlines across the world, there is a lot of focus on the deadly bombing in bangkok. of: it is on the front page "the post" today. you can see the aftermath of the explosion, which took place at 6:55 p.m. you can see the photo at the shrine. you can see the bangkok post talking about the city bomb and inside there are eyewitness accounts. they recount the moment when the explosion hit. they said the ground shook like an earthquake. what our sources outside thailand saying?
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are focusingpapers on the significance of the shrine that was bombed. it calls it a sacred shrine, a magnet for tourists, and a target for hatred. that is on the front page of "the independent," where you can see the rescue workers helping the victims. the shrine was built in the 1950's and has quietly become one of bangkok's most sacred spaces, attracting hundreds of worshipers every day. the shrine has also been the site of several troubling "the independent" comes back on, including a hammer attack in 2006. the bomb was clearly placed there to create a maximum impact on tourists. aurore: stay with "the independent, co-because it is focusing on the impact of the thai economy. there is a very interesting piece that focuses on the fact that first of all, for many visitors, thailand lives up to
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the title of the land of smiles. it is a carefree destination that is cheap and safe, but as you can see in the title, thailand has another face, a country of political tension. up until now, foreigners have been left out of political turmoil in thailand, whether it is the insurgency in the south of the country or the sometimes violent demonstrations that can be held in the capital. yesterday's carnage at the heart of the capital was a game changer, according to the article. it is likely to affect tourism, threatening the likelihood of many thai people who rely on tourism, and it will probably intensive high -- it will probably intensify political instability. about thed what migrant crisis here in europe? flo: you can see this quote from the u.n. high commissioner for refugees. "germany is taking on too many refugees compared to the rest of
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europe are co-angela merkel has called on europe as a whole to take action. she says the crisis could become so serious that it could eclipse the grexit and the eurozone crisis we have been experiencing. aurore: "the wall street journal is code has an article about making the dangerous trip across the mediterranean sea. flo: it considers the fate of those who consider crossing and how it determines a class system based on money, ethnicity, and religion. all of this will determine what plays you can get on a boat and whether or not you can afford a life jacket red the origin often determines the fate not only with respect to human traffickers but also with european authorities. the article says it seems syrians often get better treatment. why is that? "the wall street journal" says according to the u.n., they have facie.s called prima who gets the worst treatment?
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african christian migrants. once they reach europe, they are often mistreated as well. it is focusing on human traffickers specifically. flo: if you look at the front page, it talks about a very lucrative business that is booming, and it focuses on the situation in calais, in northern france, where migrants are trying to get to england. the price on getting to england depends on the price you're willing to pay. it is an interesting article. there are three price categories. there is the high-end, save, and .uaranteed you will travel to england safety in a special motorcade for 6000 euros. you will be in a luxury car to get to england. the midrange option is the guarantee passage, which depends on the complicity of the drivers. that costs between 1500 euros.
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the third option is passage without the driver knowing. that will cause -- that will cost 500 euros per passenger. and then there is the costless option, which is that you can try. but you will risk your life. take a look finally at the editorial -- what is europe yak of this editorial calls for a global european policy that combines on one hand firmness on the outside to stop what is called fake refugees trying to take advantage of the
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man: this is a production of china central television america. mike: we share the planet with them, but what responsibility do we have to the many animal species out there? this week, conversations with animal rights crusaders who say we all need to take action before it's too late. i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it full frame.


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